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    I have just watched this, I have also watched Thrive, and i loved Zeitgeist the most but on saying that both delt with the same subject matter in a round about way. I am so blown away by both movies, that my husband looks like he wants to divorce me. Am i the only person that can see the truth in this and be totally shocked and saddened yet at the same time enlightened by the whole thing.

    Has anybody else watched and opinions please, i would hate to think im under mind control lol :-)




    No honey, you’re not under mind control! It’s actually the very opposite…you are finally seeing things as they truly are. Any “movement” or “organization” that wants you to join them and believe in their theories won’t be as free and research-friendly as these organizations are. They aren’t out to recruit new members unless you really want to join! Lol. They WANT you to read and research and learn and open your mind to new things and question what you already think you know versus what you might learn along the way. Enjoy the openness and keep reading!



    Not everything they present is 100% true and a lot of it is coincidental, etc. But as HeatherWhite3 said it is meant to get you to question all the force fed stuff you hear all the time. Question and research. Though they question the norm and have compelling evidence no movie you watch or article you read (especially online) should be ingrained as 100% truth. Always question. You don’t have to be a freak about it either, but questioning the norm isn’t a bad thing. Grain of salt, don’t forget to take it. Also unless you have unlimited time to devote to this stuff you won’t even be able to scratch the surface.



    ok thank you to both, at the moment my mind is totally blown, i started with wattles in 2011 and that made me happy, then i discovered Repeatlesness by Joe Marshalla which is just so brilliant it led me to quantum physics, and then to the holographic universe and then the secret. The latter is when things went pear shaped lol. I have since watched zeitgesit and thrive and many many more and now sitting thinking about what the hell do, i start to think outside the box without the mind interupting, i think i can do that or at least know the difference, then tonight i look at a UK £10 note and see a mirror with a distorted image on the back. this is so much of what i have seen in conspiricy theory, im shocked information overload,i am so amazed,astounded, shocked, i just dont know anymore its all just a jumble.

    To put this is human terms i dont know what to do!!!!!! help!




    yes, feel better this morning, gonna stop watching conspiricy theories lol :-)



    Again it is really hard to watch and get into this kind of thing….. You start to see the world in a totally different light and no matter what you tell people (backed up by research) they will always kind of look at you in kind of a goofy light. Do your thing and if you decide to be passionate about it you kind of have to go all out because most people are going to snub you.



    This is not a conspiracy theory (x but you might find it intriguing..

    Give it a look, it’s relatively short.



    Hello Gill, have watched Thrive and it seems to have been as well researched as something like this can be researched.The issue of banks controlling virtually everything is beyond doubt now. Many years ago David Icke spoke about how banks simply created money out of nothing and then loaned this to you with interest. I was sceptical then but have subsequently read too many other corroborating reports. This along with how the world is being held to ransom by the oil and pharmacautical companies is now beyond doubt. Haven’t seen Zeitgeist though.



    Hi Gill, Movies like Zeitgeist and Thrive are important in creating awareness of what is really going on in the world but if you are not centered as a being then the information triggers fear and resentment, keeps you focused on the external and enforces the perception that we are all separate and fighting each other for survival.
    On the surface this may appear real but the truth is much deeper and can only be found in you.
    There is a purpose to everything that is happening, even the manipulation and control of the masses that you see in Zeitgeist and Thrive. The only way to really free yourself from the system is to conquer your mind, to free yourself from the control and fear that is within you and to connect to the truth of what you are. Watch movies like KYMATICA or WHAT THE BLEEP – DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE ( try find the extended version as well).
    It is all about you. To save the world one need only look inward….



    A very big thank you to you all, and especially vincent cubitt, I have watched all recommendation and absolutley have to say that What the bleep-down the rabbit hole is just what i needed.

    Back to Reality :-) thank you for helping




    Hi Gill, I am glad you enjoyed the movies. One of the things I love about the internet is that it mimics the energetic network that we are all part of and it makes it possible for us to reach out and connect with one another in a conscious way. In this world which seems so random and chaotic it is our connection with one another which helps us to develop our awareness of self and the natural process by which we all evolve. Live in truth and take the journey inward and if ever you feel like you have lost sight of the path simply put the question out there and the information will find you to help illuminate the way.




    You are not wrong by being influenced watching the movie, and it only shows you have an open mind and space to accept new thoughts. Although the movie represents a perspective of a person or some, that doesn’t make everything they present as truth is the whole truth. Saying that, you should not block yourself from such films or any other genre of documentaries because some reality in them could fit with your way of thinking and complete the pieces of a full picture to certain issues you are trying to figure out. It is not right to believe everything nor ignore everything else comes from another source.


    Joe Martino

    Was an influential film for me when I first came into this information years ago. Great part of my journey but feel it was only a stepping stone onto more info about consciousness and shifting our way of seeing the world. Appreciate all this fim has done over the years.



    Hey, Gill,

    These movies arent brainwashing, they’re enlightening. they DO make one view the world from a new perspective. I’ve seen both of the above mentioned movies, as well as The Venus Project’s: Paradise or Oblivion documentary. And I’ve been feeling rather ‘outside the box’ ever since.


    Munter Music

    I do find Zeitgeist 2 – “Addendum” and 3 – “Moving Forward” more significant to me, being more in the direction of solutions. I think it’s a bit sad that Fresco decided to split from the Zeitgeist Movement, more division is not what we need. But I’ve noticed people saying things about people like Peter Joseph, Jacque Fresco and even eg. Alex Jones, like they’re sell-outs, double agents, blah blah…, these poeple miss the point that what we learn from such people is so much more important than their own personal directions. As long as we can drop fear from the scenario, they have sparked thought in so many people who will now take the information in their own directions and the bulk of us will take it in the pure heart direction of awakening and bringing about a better way of life for all. It’s all pretty positive!

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