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    I thought the first film was awesome! However, the second and third got progressively worse, in my mind. It seemed to be moving in a direction that wanted to produce a homogeneous way of life, and they didn’t even touch gun control….but it sure seems like it would be banned in a society like that. Government is the biggest threat to freedom, and even though I do support the ecological standpoints in it, I have little trust for the government. Be wary of who it is that is going to rubber stamp your children to adopt a hive like mentality in a world view. If you haven’t, then look up Agenda 21. After looking it over, think about the war on terrorism and gun control…and how there may be a relation there. Also, for extra credit, go to Wikipedia and read about Eugenics and Transhumanism. Once you research those topics, or if you already have, I’d love to have a discussion with ya’.



    My girlfriends the same but once you see the fact that the twin towers were so clearly a controlled demolition including building 7 and no one is reporting it in the news it really does make you question everything the television and media in general is telling you. I’ve been in the predicament for years now wondering what it means, how can a person live in a society that is based on lies with people who would probably wake up if they saw zeitgeist or any of the other documentaries on a TV channel but because it’s on the internet it’s not true.

    All I can say is it’s better to be awake than asleep but be careful what you start believing. Some other stuff I’ve come across since watching it

    Santos Bonacci Astrotheology on youtube is quite interesting and it seems to be what the first part of zeitgeist was going on about

    Zero an investigation in to 911 is probably the best documentary I’ve seen about 911 (and I’ve watched a few)

    911 press for truth is another good movie that shows a different side with the relatives trying to find answers from the government

    Kimatica which you’ll also find on youtube gives you a sort of spiritual side to 911 from what I can remember so it may be worth a watch.

    William cooper also seems to talk sense, but basically there is a lot of information out there and if you’re meant to find it you will. My advice is not to try and convince anyone else just take a look yourself and see where it takes you and don’t dismiss anyone until you’ve heard what they have to say.



    A confession of an economic hit man is another good one to watch, it basically explains how capitalism works which is why 911 was carried out as far as I can tell. It probably would have worked without so much blowback if they hadn’t gotten greedy and demolished the buildings for the insurance money etc.

    Thinking about it I’m not sure if Kimatica is such a good one as it basically tells you not to worry and look inside yourself instead of worrying about what’s happening in the world but I’m not convinced that this approach isn’t disinformation to stop people from acting up and demanding that something is done about this type of deceitful situation.

    I only think it may be disinformation because there are a lot of youtube movies that talk about holographic planes and missiles which are a step too far and just distract from the main facts so there are obviously people out there trying to introduce different theories in order to dismiss all of them by putting them all in the same boat.

    If you watch the BBC conspiracy files 911 ten years on where they take ‘conspiracy theorists’ to New York and try to explain away their theories, it really becomes obvious how the main stream avoid all of the important points and pick out the crap they can gloss over. (watch zero an investigation into 911 first)

    Personally I wouldn’t rate zeitgeist after watching other documentaries but the first one was definitely helpful in waking me up a bit, not so sure about the follow up but that could be because I really wanted it to blow my socks off and it didn’t. I have also heard very bad reviews of thrive basically calling it disinformation that’s trying to lead you down the wrong path so I didn’t watch it.

    If you want to watch a movie about the banking system I’d recomend the money masters but it’s about 3 hours long.



    You are all beautiful people, i love reading your comments, I have learned so much from you all and watched everything that has been recommended, and/or am in the process of it. I have moved on now and can see a lot clearer, its like one day you just wake up and start to question things, think different, stop worrying so much about the silly things. I have totally found a new lease in life so to speak, and this website is so good to be able to read info and speak with like minded people, as you are aware, most people think we are crazy :-) i tend to keep my opinions to myself nowadays and just smile, I dont tend to watch tele much anymore, the important stuff tends to filter through and i take in only what i feel is worthy and believe only what i choose but always with an open mind.

    I love you all, thank you.



    Hi Gill,

    While Zeigeist is an eye opener into the corruption in our world and Thrive sets the stage for a beautiful future but goes into too much about this controversial free energy, I’d like to recommend two documentaries. These movies to me felt more objective and I rather liked the way Tom Shadyac gets valuable opinions from renowned people around the world.

    The first movie is called “I Am”. http://iamthedoc.com/

    The other is “Connected” from. http://connectedthefilm.com/

    Both are very uplifting and will help in changing our global perspective. I think the entire ‘cooperation’ philosophy was analyzed in a pretty objective manner and supported by some simple but profound evidence. I feel like the conscious shift is happening already and we are just in the transition phase. We are going in and out of a paradigm shift all the time but we are entering an even larger one right now as the world begins to turn on its head. May our loving individualism lead to prosperity and freedom and peace for all. Cooperation is the most efficient form of progress, even Einstein has a quote on that. The aspect from connected about how we are all connected as well will help enrich your perspective and aid in realizing what many are already waking up to. The future is here and now. The change is coming, we just need the 51%. 😉



    FEAR is what keeps most people inside the box. Watch all the documentaries and form your own opinion.
    Critical thinking is what we need today, not institutionalized thinking. We live in very uncertain times, stay alert,
    stay awake and enlightened, ask for spiritual guidance and love your neighbor as yourself, pray for peace,
    but carry a big stick….



    “these poeple miss the point that what we learn from such people is so much more important than their own personal directions.”

    Munter Music, … yes I agree. I’ve felt that for a while. It seems obvious to me that if something is true, it doesn’t matter in a way who said it, it’s still true. And anyone who brings the truth is moving us forward. No one presents everything, everyone has a bias one way or another, because life is like that. But you don’t have to agree with a person on everything to recognize the value of what they say. David Icke for example is brilliant, has presented a lot truth, but also believes a lot of stuff I don’t believe.



    Take shrooms to make your mindfuck complete. Then start rebuilding your own reality, step by step. I’m only a small way down the road, but passion and time are on my side.



    We are all ONE!

    Hope we all form a collective consciousness to help usher a new age of enlightenment and to prevent a progression trap that many civilizations before us could not escape!

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