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Collective Evolution is an independent news and media organization where people interested in elevating their consciousness, natural health, personal development, alternative news, and creating a better world come to catch up on what’s the latest. We author original and consciousness expanding articles, editorials and videos that encourage and empower readers to begin making change in their own lives.

We are currently looking for a couple of writers to submit content somewhat regularly. Please read the guidelines below.

PLEASE NOTE: we literally receive hundreds of applications and it is difficult for us to respond to all. Be assured that we will respond to you if we would like to begin working together. We very much appreciate you taking the time to submit.

Writer Guidelines

  • Writer Profile: It’s very important to us that our writers are passionate about what they are writing about. We are looking for diligent individuals who are open to stepping outside of the box and who are reliable. Having an eye for trending or viral content is also a huge plus! Having previous experience is great, but not 100% necessary.
  • Original Content: CE isn’t a re-posting site like most others. We focus on creating original content or original spins on content so that it has something more to offer our readers. We generally don’t accept exact posts that have been posted elsewhere unless it is your personal blog.
  • What We Are Looking For:  We are looking for news stories, health, personal development, exercise and food related content. We are also into lists, science & technology content and anything else that is great to develop the mind, body and soul. Stuff that is buzz worthy and has the chance to reach many is also important. We try to avoid blogs and personal anecdotes as well as content that doesn’t fit into our content strategy. If something isn’t forward thinking or conscious in some way, it probably isn’t a good fit.
  • Word count: We don’t focus on minimums but we prefer that posts don’t go over 1000 words. Posts that typically run between 350-800 words are best for readers. Videos or image based articles are a little different.
  • Tone: The one thing CE focuses on most is tone and we are known for it. We stay neutral, non-judgmental and take a fairly optimistic view on everything so as to promote a great vibe. Content that is written in inclusive and accessible ways is important to us. If you like, have a look around the site to get an idea of how we write. One of the biggest things, remember to write for a wide audience, don’t worry about trying to sound overly scholarly as many find this content much more difficult to read. Personality is OK.


  • Process: Since we cannot compensate contributors right away we typically run a 2 month intern period. Following the period if we feel things are a good fit, we begin working through a method of compensation. In the meantime, we allow writers to build their online portfolio and promote their website on their posts. Collective Evolution reaches millions of targeted people, making it a great resource to promote your own work. Many of our writers currently have been offered writing positions by other companies and websites and have connected their work with amazing people by writing for CE.
  • Editing: We have an editing process here at CE where posts are edited, checked for accuracy and then final touches are put on the article for titling, imaging and look on the website. In the process, if we feel the tone or information needs to be adjusted to fit our content strategy, we will let you know and work together to make it happen.


  • Once your posts go live, please share with your friends: Via Facebook, Twitter, your website, email, or any other social media platform. Posts are seen most when they are shared across multiple forms of social media. If posts do exceptionally well, we are able to feature the article further and offer a compensation bonus.
  • By submitting to Collective Evolution you acknowledge: That your work will not be used in any obscene manner and any form of editing or adjustments that might occur through our team are okay and will be accepted by you before we post.

How to Submit

  • Please submit some links to previously written content and a bit about yourself as a writer to contact@collective-evolution.com

1. You help change people’s lives & the world

We get emails everyday from  our community talking about how happy they are with the content they have access to at CE and what it has done for their lives. Whether it’s information, self-help, health tips or a new perspective, it all has the power to really impact people’s lives. Writing for Collective Evolution gets your thoughts and passions out to millions of people all eager to hear about it and join the discussion.

2. You reach a global audience

Once your piece goes up, not only do we do our best to get it out to a global audience but you can push out the content as well and from there it can exponentially grow through social media. We have a network of millions from around the world and it’s growing every month! Content is always available in the archives of our site so people are coming across it even well after it is originally published.

3. You will learn a lot

By writing content that fits our philosophy you will likely learn a lot about things that can impact your own life in a big way whether it be health related or personal development. By immersing yourself into this type of stuff, it helps to get you surrounded with information promoting a healthy lifestyle for both the body and psyche.

4. You can connect with like minds

When you put your content out there, you have the option to connect with like minds. Many of our writers have connected via email and social media after getting emails from readers who truly appreciated content or who wanted to know more about taking it to the next step. Of course, if you wish to stay anonymous, that is always an option as well.

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