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In Transparency – How CE’s Business Model Works

Hi, my name is Joe Martino, I’m the founder of Collective Evolution and my goal is to help inspire shifts in individuals’ consciousness which will help shift the entire world. This is why we do what we do here at CE.

I’ve been wanting to share this information about how our conscious business functions for years, finally, here it is.

First off, I’m a real person, with a heart and soul like the rest of us. My journey began via a shift in my life that made me want to help shift consciousness on this planet and make the world a better place. We’re not a huge corporation that has hundreds of people working here. We’re a small family of 10 people who fully love what we do and do it with heart. That’s the truth.

Since the very beginning of CE, we’ve always put all our content out for free. I spent all the money I had to start and keep CE going in the early years. Even when we made our documentaries, we released them using the freemium model which meant millions of people could access and share this information for free to everyone. Our goal has always been to shift consciousness and get the word & truth out as far as we can.

But we, like everyone, require money to do what we do, so how do we make money?

At CE we have a number of different ways we generate the funds needed to do what we do. In the beginning it was all donation based. This was because for a while, it was just one or sometimes two people doing the work. But after a couple years, this changed and more people began to get involved. We started to write multiple pieces of content every single day and our audience began to grow, which grew our need for more help too.

The first thing we did was monetize our website views via banner advertising. As viewers saw or clicked on ads, we made money to help support our work. But this left us a little concerned as sometimes ads came up we didn’t want on our platform. So within just a couple of months of monetizing, we committed to keeping our ads as clean as we possibly could. We began to tell Google, Tribalfusion and, companies whose ad services we use, that we would only accept certain ads from certain companies. While this lowered our revenue, we felt better about things. But, this didn’t mean all ads were totally aligned with us, but it was the best we could do while still doing the work we’re doing. This model we still use today.

The second thing we did was to create a store that would sell products we believed in. Things like DVD copies of our films, CE t-shirts and consumable products we liked. This helped us generate a bit more revenue but nothing substantial. Right now, we are working to re-organize our store and create a product line we have full control of in terms of ingredients, quality and mission.

The third thing we began to do was work with other companies whose products or services we believe in and help them get their products in front of people who may like them too. This is called affiliate advertising and sponsored content. Of course, we would speak with every company before hand, understand their model, products and how they work and make sure we believed in it. Similar to our advertising model, we have chosen not to promote many highly profitable offers simply because we don’t believe in their products. Thus, we can trust that what we put out actually provides value to our readers.

The fourth thing we began doing was to take our work to a whole new level and begin creating a platform full of thoughtful and meaningful masterclasses and courses that will help people create a deep shift in consciousness within themselves. Not only that, this platform comes with access to a community, all of our extended news content, interviews and more. Our goal was to truly provide value in something we’re highly connected to and passionate about, all while giving us the chance to fund our work and make an impact.

Because of these efforts in monetizing our work to keep expanding and bringing conscious media and learning content to the world, we have had our content viewed over 1.5 billion times in the last 8 years. Effectively helping to make change in millions of people. This is our goal and mission.

I said it above and I will say it again, I’m a real guy with heart and a passion to make a difference. We have always maintained integrity as a top priority and although we may have made small mistakes here and there as we realized some people or companies weren’t acting within that same integrity, we always worked to make it right by not working with those people in the future.

Until money isn’t needed on this planet, we will continue to integrally and ethically make it while doing good with it just as we always have. We certainly know in our hearts that this is the way to go.

Thanks for supporting CE and helping to make true lasting consciousness shifts more common in our world.

Key Notes:

We received a donation of $5000 towards producing our second documentary The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience

We received a donation of $20,000 towards producing our third documentary The Collective Evolution III: The Shift.

We raised $78,000 via a crowdfunding campaign in 2016 to help fund our expansion into CE News.

Our current monthly costs to run Collective Evolution are around $50,000. This includes things like staff, technology costs, necessary services, office rent, insurance etc. (As of Oct 2017)

We are working to build further revenue for things like advertising to expand our audience, increase staff, produce another documentary film, give back programs and so much more.

With all that said, know that when you visit our website and share are content you are supporting us to continue. Any products or offers that resonate with you tat you choose to engage with also supports our work. By becoming a member of our Explore Lounge you are supporting our work too.

Thanks once again for all of your support all of these years and we look forward to bringing forth the incredible things we have coming up.

Joe Martino

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UPDATE: YouTube has demonetized our channel for no apparent reason.

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