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What is Really Going On – Oil Spill in the Gulf



The Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster- What took place, Why, Who was responsible and the long term Economical and Ecological Implications.

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Many opinions and theories have come out due to the natural oil spill disaster. Our Government has in all actuality stayed quiet muffled about the incident and the Media has kept news of it scrambled and with many holes along the way. Why has this taken place? Well I hope to answer that or at the very least give you the insight of what I have uncovered through research of facts as well as bringing my knowledge and experience to help put together what everyone needs to know.

Some would say this was due to lack of safety inspections and the neglect of the big oil industry. Some would say it was the result of a “Terrorist” attack or the act of war by North Korea. Others might tell you it was an inside job for monetary gain. Some will also say it was done as part of the Global Elite agenda for depopulation. Another theory you might here is that it is simply a matter of firming the grip on societal control. I am here to tell you that in a way these statements are all correct.

To explain everything I am going to cover would take a lot more words than I am going to use and at some point if needed I will explain on record further with all of you each point and concern I am about to explain. So let’s begin with the time line.

First of all here is an article of the timeline of events since day one. Now after you have reviewed the timeline let’s fill in the gaps of the first day and even prior to the disaster happening. 20 hours prior to the explosion the company Halliburton which is owned by famous war criminal Dick Cheney was on the rig to do some maintenance and support cement work on the drilling. I find this interesting due to the similarity with the “security” company and maintenance
that had occurred in the World Trade Center just before the “attack” when for 8 hours surveillance cameras were shut off.

Next we have the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on the oil rig 2 hours before the explosion doing a surprise inspection. Now this can happen. The BLM is authorized to do surprise inspections on any facility on Federal land or in US operated waters. However there seems to be a bit of questioning as far as proper identification of the entire inspection team plus to have this occur 2 hours prior just doesn’t sit well with me. What were they really doing there and how come the BLM hasn’t made any official statements? Don’t you think that if they were doing a safety inspection one VERY important thing they might want to check are the mandatory safety blow-back Valves that prevent something like this from occurring? The truth is that that wouldn’t have mattered anyway because an oil rig worker who has remained anonymous has stated that the blow-back valves were the wrong kind for the rigs requirements. Now who knows how long it will be before we find out for sure since all the surviving oil rig workers are on a gag-order by BP, which they were all forced to sign.

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One other interesting fact I need to add is that these offshore oil rigs are set up with an emergency alarm system that notifies all proper response teams like the US Coast Guard. The only way proper emergency notification could not have happened would be either due to faulty equipment that wasn’t properly inspected or the equipment itself was disabled. At this point it could go either way. But here’s the REALLY interesting part most media neglects to say. “A crew member from an oil platform that sank off the Louisiana coast Thursday reported an initial explosion three hours before the rig went up in flames in a second, larger explosion, the Coast Guard said.” Refer to this article- Now what I want to know is how the hell does there become a 3 hour gap between first and second explosion. If I was on the demolition team I suppose I would want time to get away and for the accelerate to take it’s course for optimum damage. Is that farfetched? Not really considering the details in planning this obviously had.

Now most of you are aware of the rest of the timeline that is full of mistakes, overlooking details and just plane diversion of the truth. So let’s breakdown some key points.

I spoke of Haliburton and BLM and there involvement so let’s now talk about the other key players.

Transocean is a global company that builds Oil Rigs and guess what? They built Deep Horizon. See for yourself –
Now this global company has been in the business for a long time yet this is the product they put out? If Toyota has a faulty floor mat and years later they have a recall because of a few auto accidents as a result of that floor mat Toyota is held responsible, yet Transocean is just about in the shadows and even said they are putting a cap on how much money they will spend on clean-up. Hey Transocean how about those “faulty” blow-back valves?

Starting to see this rabbit hole goes deep?

British Petroleum has done some foolish stuff in the past. Let’s have a look- This oil disaster though is by far the worst and so far here has been their ideas and attempts to contain the oil. They made an attempt to cover it with a 4 story containment metal box which failed. Then they had some “top scientists” come up with the idea to plug the hole (if you didn’t know there are actually 5 separate leaks) with golf balls, rubber tires and rope. Excuse me? Did someone forget to remind them that 100,000 barrels of oil that is spewing out everyday? With that kind of pressure behind it that idea of theirs is just plane stupid. These oil companies are also suppose to have onshore emergency backup plans and equipment. Yet BP seemed to almost sit on their thumbs for quite a while before taking pathetic action. Then they went from stupid to insanity. Here’s why I say that.

British Petroleum own a company called NALCO That company makes COREXIT. COREXIT is a highly toxic oil dispersant that even as you read this is being flooded onto the Gulf via ship, plane and even on shore through high pressure hoses. Here’s a little fact about COREXIT- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has pre-approved both for such emergencies. The effectiveness of Corexit EC9500A is rated as 55 percent, and the effectiveness of Corexit EC9527A is rated as 63 percent, according to the EPA. That ranks them behind 12 other dispersants (out of 18) that the agency has determined do a better job dispersing oil while protecting marine life.
As for toxicity, the EPA rates both products as either comparable in toxicity or 10 to 20 times more toxic than the 12 others on the list. This week, BP chief executive Tony Hayward told The Guardian newspaper that the amount was “tiny in relation to the total water volume” in the Gulf.
Reliance on dispersants, especially in response to a disaster on par with the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska is understandable, say environmental groups. What they don’t understand is why marine ecosystems are being sacrificed to save coastal habitats, a trade-off that wouldn’t be an issue if there were less toxic solutions.

So in all actuality this dispersant is causing more wide spread harm to the Gulf than the oil itself at the moment. Plus the fact that in 1967 an oil spill happened off the southern California coast. Do you know what was used primarily to clean it up? Hay, straw and Kentucky Bluegrass. Sound familiar to anyone? Yet we won’t see that being payed for because BP is making profit off the dispersant.
So now you know most of the players in this disaster, but there are a couple more. I can only speculate due to the disappointing behavior of Obama that he himself is either aware of the REAL truth behind this or he himself is under gag order. Consider this before you side with Obama that perhaps he has no choice but to stay quiet. He may very well be aware and this is why. He may deny it but I have found enough to convince me that BP gave Obama more campaign money than any other single politician they have given to in 20 years which in that 20 year time BP has given $3.5 million. Plus let’s not forget the $15.9 million they gave just last year to influence the Energy policy.

Could this be why since the disaster occurred 27 waivers of inspection have been authorized by our Government to offshore rigs in the Gulf? So even with all of this our so called government does this!

This little known fact may come to a surprise to you all as well. As many of you know Goldman Sachs has been under hot financial pressure by really the same guys in the same club. So to “fix” their problem they decided to bet against oil rig Deep Horizon. This took place only a few days prior and that bet was from what I was told by a source $134 million. May not sound like a lot but put it this way. It’s like a reverse bid on the stock market. If a product fails you actually make money. Bets like this can make 10 times the amount and more. My guess Goldman Sachs is cashing in.

Now you know a brief description of the the key players and time line. I could get into more of it but it’s a lot to write at this time. I will explain in further detail after my next wave of investigation.

So let’s move on to the next issue with this disaster. With every great disaster comes change and the birth of new policies and even government agencies. This has taken place for a long time but let’s go fairly current. 9/11 was the birth of the Department of Homeland Defense, Transportation Security Administration and the PATRIOT Act. Hurricane Katrina gave FEMA far more involvement in Civil emergency response and was really the final launch pad for certain facilities with many coffins on standby. That brings us to the Deep Horizon oil rig disaster. The Obama Administration suddenly out of nowhere pops out a 2000 page document (which I am trying to get a copy of) that states the creation of 2 new policing agencies, one to police offshore oil rigs and the other to handle matters right alongside the oil companies. So apparently what we had before wasn’t good enough?!

This is all coming down to some very serious issues for us all. Like I said to some of you about this disaster it will effect more lives than Pearl harbor and 9/11 combined AND will also damage plants, marine life, birds, humans, plants, crops and even drinking water. Is that a bit farfetched? Think again my friends. Let me explain the following.

Marine life- the Gulf and the rest of the Worlds oceans have 3 main sources of food that is the very foundation for the Marine Life food chain. I am talking about Phytoplankton, Plankton and Krill.
Phytoplankton are a major food source for anemones, coral and more of the seabed life. Phytoplankton depends on growing and multiplying by Photosynthesis. Between the ever growing oil sheen and the underwater oil plume this Phytoplankton will die on a large scale do to a lack of essential sunlight.
Krill and Plankton are a vital food source as well for everything from Shrimp to Whales and many in-between are effected by the loss of them. In fact for the first time in quite a while grey whales are being seen in parts of the Atlantic ocean thought to be void of them. This poses another problem which is that whales who normally make the Atlantic their home now have to compete which in turn will decrease the amount of food for them.
We have already seen dolphins washing up on shore dieing from toxins, suffocation and a lack of food. In case you didn’t know dolphins and whales each have a purpose being on this planet and if that balance gets tampered with we are in for a world of trouble. I promise you that.
Now let’s look at the oil itself. First of all we have 5 holes the oil is spewing from at a massive rate. This is causing massive under pressure below the seabed. Erosion is happening but we don’t know how fast. Plus with massive amounts of methane crystals forming which isn’t a good thing either we are looking at a potential volcanic type eruption. Once that happens the Gulf will indeed turn black killing everything in it. Currently we are dealing with this new problem of the thick crude oil, plume that has formed beneath the water surface and is making its way to the Gulf northern currents. This means if it gets caught up in it we will see it round Florida and make it’s way up the eastern seaboard.
When crude oil floats on the surface of seawater something takes place. It begins to emulsify. That basically means it becomes like a sea foam except with oil. Here’s the danger with that. We are going to be reaching hurricane season before we know it in the Caribbean and I know how they work so imagine this. I must remind you this is the worst case scenario. Hurricanes pick up water on the surface of the ocean. This emulsified oil will be picked up. This means islands and even coastal towns in the US will get engulfed with this oil. Look outside right now and imagine every tree, car, building, fountain and everything else covered in a light layer of this oil. It is possible. Not to mention the issue of this dispersant they are using which is highly toxic as well. Then this poses the problem of acid rain. COREXIT and crude oil mixed in rain water is what could happen.
Besides the obvious of the massive amounts of jobs being lost, increase in seafood, most likely a bump up in taxes and gas going up here is another issue we need to consider.

Drinking water and coastal food crops. I spent a lot of years on ships and know how water purifications work very well. First we have what is called an Oil Water Separator. This is to separate oil out of bilge water. It works well but not 100%. In fact in US Coast Guard and EPA regulations a certain thousands part per million is allowed in the water when being discharged overboard. Evaporators and ROs (Reverse Osmosis) which are used to make seawater into drinking water have difficulties when dealing with oil. Unless our government REALLY picks up the pace on this disaster and cleanup we are looking at yet another huge problem. Once the oil and dispersants reach the shores, inner bays and even rivers where there are pumping stations to plants that purify water for drinking and watering food crops we are looking at contamination. I know this sounds horrible but it’s the absolute truth my friends. Make no mistake the worst is yet to come. It has already been predicted that if this oil disaster is not contained 100% soon it could have an adverse effect on 1/3 of our worlds oceans and if that happens guess what is next.

I have discussed a lot in this statement and to be honest I could discuss a lot more but quite simply I am mentally exhausted. However this needed to be said to all of you. This by no means was meant to cause panic but simply to put things in a better perspective so you all know what steps we need to take to fight this and go after who is truly at fault. You are all in my thoughts and protection.

Thank you.

Aaron McCollom


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Ex-Model Who Attempted To Reveal Berlusconi’s Satanic Practices Dies From Painful Radioactive Poisoning



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    An ex-model who was set to testify against Silvio Berlusconi in a bribery case and also was preparing to release a book alleging Berlusconi's Satanic practices died from what is currently believed to be “murder by radioactive poisoning.”

  • Reflect On:

    As difficult as it is for many to fathom, is it perhaps necessary for us to acknowledge and confront the growing revelations of dark practices on the part of the global elite for the purposes of our own evolution?

There are many people who don’t believe that the world’s elite have been religiously conducting Satanic practices in the bowels of their mansions and other private hideaways throughout history. Those doubters argue that if such a thing was happening, there would be no way they would have been able to keep it a secret all this time.

Not that it’s a ‘secret’ any more to those truth-seekers who are open to this perception-bending reality. But let’s put aside the fact that at CE we have brought in several compelling testimonies about the practice of Satanic ritual abuse among the world’s ruling elite, not the least of which is the testimony of Anneke Lucas that is described in the article ‘Survivor Of Elite Child Sex Slavery Discloses Her Incredible Escape & Her Healing Journey‘ and captured in our 4-hour interview with Anneke on CETV.

The case of Imane Fadil, a Moroccan ex-model who claimed to have witnessed “demonic rituals” at Silvio Berlusconi’s mansion, might shed some light on how these activities have been kept secret for so long, and why some people are still able to maintain plausible deniability about their existence.

‘I Met The Devil’

Fadil, whose testimony in 2013 helped to convict ex-Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi of “child prostitution,” had volunteered to be a witness in a related investigation against Berlusconi that is still ongoing. This investigation alleges that Berlusconi bribed 18 girls that participated in his sexually provocative home parties to “speak positively” about Berlusconi.

She was also looking for a publisher that was “courageous enough” to print a book she was completing entitled I Met the Devil, a tell-all book about events surrounding Burlosconi’s conviction (dubbed Rubygate) as well as an exposé of his dark secrets. An excerpt of the book discussing an experience she had during a party at Berlusconi’s mansion was published in the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano:

She saw the girls in a sort of circle, with Berlusconi at the center as a pivot: A kind of adoration, with some nude, others half-naked, and others disguised, wandering through the underground living room. It was then that Imane found courage and went to Berlusconi to tell him that she wanted to go home. But Silvio told her to wait.

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In the basement, Imane saw what she called a sort of brothel with naked girls and half-naked in the pool. There were also minors who perhaps did not realize what was happening.

“The virgin maiden arrived,” Imane repeated with horror. They were announcing the very young “selection” for that evening.–from Il Fatto Quotidiano, Imane Fadil, il suo libro mai pubblicato: “Io, in quel bordello sotterraneo”, translation from Italian provided in this Vigilant Citizen article.


But she never got to reveal her full story. Imane Fadil died in a hospital room in Milan on March 1st after a month of agony. Media sources reported her death only 15 days after the fact, mostly because authorities announced the opening of a homicide investigation. Indeed, the cause of Fadil’s death is currently believed to be “murder by radioactive poisoning.” On the day of her death, the Judicial Authority seized Fadil’s body and the entirety of her medical records. Prosecutors also seized the draft of her book. Here is a further explanation from the same Vigilant Citizen article:

Fadil died on March 1st after a long period of agony as her vital functions progressively shut down. She experienced her first symptoms on January 29th. She was then hospitalized for nearly a month where she underwent a long series of tests as doctors were looking for the cause of her pain. During this time, Fadil told her brother and lawyer that she feared she had been poisoned.

After her death, it was revealed that she was probably poisoned by a “very strange” cocktail of radioactive elements that caused the progressive deterioration of her internal organs. These elements are not freely available to the general public.

This ANSA article gives greater details from prosecutor Francesco Greco as to the heavy metals found in Fadil’s body that inevitably led to her death:

Greco said that tests on biological liquids had shown above-normal levels of antimony and cadmium, and the prosecutors were awaiting definitive autopsy results. The antimony levels were almost three times normal and the cadmium was almost seven times higher than the normal range, Greco said. Partial results from a test have also confirmed the presence of radioactive elements in her body.

The difficulty the general public has in accessing these heavy metals leads to the conclusion that not only was this poisoning a clearly planned-out and intentional act by the powerful and well-connected, but that the particularly painful form of death that it brings about is likely a message to all other would-be whistleblowers to stay silent or suffer similarly gruesome consequences.

The Strength Of Her Convictions

There is currently no direct proof that Berlusconi ordered the poisoning of Imane Fadil. But as many who have brushed with these Satanic practices will tell you, these dark practices are among the most heavily-guarded secrets of the world’s elite, and they will stop at nothing in an attempt to keep them hidden from public view. As you can see in the interview below, people who are first introduced to this world only get to see and know more about these practices the more deeply they get involved in them and therefore become compromised. Those who are not tainted and make the effort to piece together and reveal what they have seen regarding signs of Satanic practice are not believed, slandered, threatened, and marginalized. Few have the stomach to pursue this lonely crusade.

Imane Fadil appears to be one of those rare people who not only resisted the temptation to compromise herself to get what she wanted, but seemed to be willing to risk her own safety and reputation to reveal practices she considered to be wrong. It is perhaps the strength of her convictions, and the ongoing threat they posed to a rich and powerful man like Berlusconi, that actually led to her being poisoned.

Berlusconi’s statement that came after news of Fadil’s death is curious: “It is always sad when a young person dies. However, I never met her this person.” This kind of denial, regarding someone he actually was known to have invited to his house party and was also a key witness in a conviction against him, suggests that Berlusconi is of the mind that with enough denial, enough money thrown at people, and enough people in high places to ultimately protect him, he will never have to pay for the crimes he has committed.

Certainly, the way things have worked out for him in the past bears this out. However, times are changing, and we may yet come to know what Imane Fadil was attempting to reveal about Berlusconi.

Fadil’s Last Interview

Fadil’s last known interview, given to the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano on April 2018, confirms some of the details about Fadil’s belief that Berlusconi’s “Bunga Bunga” parties, billed as a burlesque show, was just the outer layer of more Satanic practices that went on. It also shows how someone who was not yet tainted by these practices does not get to see them, but is left to deduce what is going on by observation and, in this case, in trusting her highly intuitive perception.

Imane Fadil, a model of Moroccan origin, was just over 25 years old when she was invited for the first time to Arcore, the home of Berlusconi, in 2011. She participated in eight “elegant dinners” and during some of these, according to her, she saw everything: The girls, the stripteases, and the “Bunga Bunga” parties. She then stopped attending and went to the public prosecutor’s office to reveal everything she had seen, complete with names and surnames. The result? Photographers, interviews, headlines, lawsuits. Today, Imane is 33 years old and she is about to finish a book that will reveal everything you need to know about Berlusconi.

Today, after a few years, how do you remember that whole affair?
It was a devastating thing, impossible to describe. At first I was alone against everyone, nobody believed my version.

What did everyone think?
That I was telling those things because I wanted money and success.

And how was it?
I used to go to Arcore because I hoped it would be enough to get into that circle and get a job (in television). Then, I understood what was truly happening and I spoke up.

Were you defamed at that time?
Yes, by all. The first was Emilio Fede. But then I sued him and they condemned him, now there’s the appeal. He also sued me, but his case was dismissed because I said the truth and he didn’t.


Your ugliest memory?
The last night I went there, there were all these naked girls dancing. One of them was laying on the ground and was wearing only a loincloth and she was shaking desperately, staring at me. Her eyes seemed to say: “Don’t judge me, help me!” A terrifying memory.

Have you ever witnessed explicit scenes?
No, I did not.

And who told you this happened?
Well, the last night a girl came to me and told me: “Look, to get something you have to do something more.” And I understood everything. Until that moment I had hoped I would never be asked for such a thing.

Now you are writing a book. Why?
Because I want to tell everything. This is not limited to a powerful man who had girls. There is much more to this story, much more serious things.

It’s not easy to tell, it will be the first time I do it. But the time has come.

Please go ahead.
This gentleman is part of a sect that invokes the devil. Yes, I know I’m saying something strong, but it is true. And many others know this.

They know what?
That continuous obscenities happened in that house. A sort of sect, made up of only women, dozens and dozens of complicit females.

Did you see these rituals?
Let’s say I have many clues. In that room where Bunga Bunga was held there was a small room with clothes, all the same, like tunics, about twenty or thirty. What were they for? And then there was another small underground room with a swimming pool, with another room next to it, totally dark, without any light. An underground pool and a room without lights? Why?

Weak clues. It could be a relaxation area. Is it a fact that you have not seen any actual Satanic rituals or anything like that?
Look, I’ve seen worse. Things that are difficult to explain briefly.

Please try.
I saw strange, sinister presences. I’ve been a psychic since I was a child due to my father being was sanctified. And I tell you that, in that house, there are disturbing presences. There’s evil in there, I’ve seen it, there’s Lucifer.

Do you know that saying such things could be perceived as crazy?
Of course I know, but I don’t care what people will say. I never said anything because I had no evidence. Now I have it.

Do you have proof? Please show it.
No, not yet, I’ll do it later. I just have to finish this book. And then the world will know.

Il Fatto Quotidiano, Imane Fadil: “Le notti di Bunga Bunga a casa di Berlusconi. Ad Arcore una setta di Satana con tuniche e riti” (translation from Italian provided by the same Vigilant Citizen article)

The Takeaway

We are entering a time in our history in which all that has been dark and hidden for centuries, even millennia, is coming to the surface. This is coinciding with the surfacing of our own dark, hidden feelings that we inevitably need to confront. Let’s not resist this crucial stage in our awakening process, and be open to these difficult revelations both inwardly and outwardly. That way, the courageous efforts of people like Imane Fadil are not in vain.

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Extraterrestrial Contactee Explains The ‘Testing’ She Experienced & What The Beings Looked Like



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Susan Manewech describes her experience with extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings as a child and how they tested her to find out what her empathy levels were.

  • Reflect On:

    How does the reality of ET life or life beyond human beings change your understanding of our reality? How much have you looked into the credible studies and accounts surrounding this field of research?

Whether it’s a Princeton physics professor like Dr. Brian O’Leary telling the world that “there is abundant evidence that we are being contacted,” or Victor Marchetti, former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, stating that “we have, indeed, been contacted — perhaps even visited — by extraterrestrial beings,” (Second Look, Volume 1, No 7, Washington, DC , May, 1979) the fact that we are being and have been visited by intelligent beings from other worlds and dimensions is no longer taboo.  This comes as a result of the collective, innate yearning to search for information on the topic as well as the thousands of credible testimonies from high-ranking military figures, astronauts, scientists, and others who have been in the position to ‘know.’

The existence of UFOs has been verified thanks to video footage, photos, electrooptical data (like radar trackings), government documents, and the testimonies from a number of government officials and people around the world, all of which compliment the following testimony. Personally, my three favourite pictures come from the L.A. Times in 1942, the Canadian Air Force in 1956, and from longtime NASA scientist, Norman Bergrun, who disclosed a picture taken by Voyager in 1980. There are many to choose from.

Although the UFO phenomenon is no longer taboo, the topic of ET contact and the idea that many people on Earth have experienced it still is, and there is little effort being done regarding mainstream UFO disclosure. Louis Elizondo, the former Pentagon official who exposed one of the Pentagon’s UFO tracking programs (AATIP), along with other members of the intelligence community and Tom Delonge, have stated that they’ve purposely stayed away from the ‘extraterrestrial question’ and who is behind the wheel of these crafts because it’s such a controversial subject.

It’s time to start talking about that. For years, governments have been desperate to find out more information, and there is a good chance that the citizenry might have more knowledge than our governments. After all, when have governments ever been fully trusted by the people? Paul Hellyer, former Canadian defence minister, once said that their protocol is to shoot first and ask questions later. There are also documents that clearly show how desperate they are to get their hands on these technologies and figure out how they work. You can access those and read more about it here.

As far as abductees go, many people are forcefully taken, and others are not. The ones who are not forcefully removed from their surroundings are commonly referred to as ‘contactees’ within the UFO community. Many abductees have been hypnotically regressed because they cannot remember their experiences. Not long ago, I wrote an article about David Jacobs, a retired university professor, and Young-Hae Chi, a professor from the University of Oxford, who have both hypnotically regressed people claiming to have had ET abduction experiences. You can read that article here. Thousands of people all share similar stories, and the consistencies of these experiences, according to them and many others, is “mind-boggling,” as Jacobs said.

The gist from these encounters, overall, is the idea that our planet needs change. That we have to start taking care of our environment, and that some extraterrestrial groups might be concerned with the overall wellbeing of the human race and planet Earth. It’s a comforting thought, but not all researchers in the field share the same sentiment, although most do based on my research. Delores Cannon is another individual who has been hypnotically regressing people for years, and she’s shared that many souls have come here to help change the world.

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Susan Manewech, President of the New Energy Movement, a group that is trying to facilitate positive and necessary change on Earth, is one of thousands of contactees. She is, I would say, an ‘abductee.’ She was taken from her environment and placed on board what seemed to be an extraterrestrial or extradimensional craft.

In an interview we conducted with her on CETV, she described one experience at the age of five years old, something her sister vaguely remembers even though she was in the room with her. It was approximately 2:30 in the morning, and there was a ‘ship’ outside their house. They were awe struck, and it’s something Susan felt that she intuitively already knew would happen, as if she was waiting for them.

In a previous article, I share how she remembers what happened prior to birth and incarnating into the womb, explaining that each human has a soul and our souls came here for different reasons. This is an interesting belief, which has been expressed for thousands of years. Why don’t we all remember? Well, Socrates preached that, although our soul has knowledge prior to birth, once it incarnates into the body it forgets (Meno). Susan remembers, and so do many other children who can actually remember their past lives.

She goes on to explain how she remembers moving through the wall, levitating, and being taken onto the ship. She was excited to reconnect to those she knew before she was born. She explains how “it’s part of the process, it’s part of the to-do being here,” and she says there was testing that was done. She remembers some sort of testing on her central nervous system to measure her empathy. They were examining her and the being next to her, but the other being was distraught and they wanted to see if they could feel what that other being was feeling.

Below is a brief clip from the interview of her describing what they looked like. As mentioned this is just a piece of a 71 minute interview where Susan goes into her entire experience as well as exploring the extensive research published on the topic. You can watch the full interview here.

The Takeaway

With UFOs, it took some time for the topic to exit the taboo area and receive more attention. Sure, there are powerful people with interests that are threatened by the UFO subject. Secrecy is kept for multiple reasons, and one of them is the fact that open disclosure of UFOs means open disclosure of its technology and how that would negatively affect our oil-based economy. The idea that extraterrestrials are behind the wheel also threatens a lot of control structures and human belief systems that hold us back from moving forward together as a human race. We still have a long way to go, but it’s time to start asking the deeper questions now as we once did with UFOs. But this time, we need to figure out who is behind the wheel, why they’re here, and what their intentions are. There is no better way to do that than to give an ear to people who are coming out and sharing their stories.

This particular encounter is very interesting, because empathy, thinking about others, caring for others is a vital and key component of love, which will transform our world.

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4 Children & 2 Teachers Diagnosed With Cancer: Parents Blame The Cell Tower On Campus



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    After four students and two teachers of Weston Elementary School in Ripon, California were diagnosed with cancer within years, parents and students alike are protesting to force the school to remove a Sprint cell phone tower.

  • Reflect On:

    With all of the science clearly showing cause for concern, and multiple countries banning these towers within close proximity to schools, why doesn't North America follow suit? Why don't these technologies go through appropriate safety testing?

Parents in California are requesting that a cell tower located on the campus of their children’s elementary school be removed. This comes after four students and two teachers were diagnosed with brain cancer in just three years, although the tower has been there longer than that. Some students at the school have already left as a result of the spike in cancer cases and recently, 200 parents attended a school board meeting demanding action. It’s a kindergarten through eighth-grade school that has approximately 400 students.

The School Board has said that tests on the cell tower showed that it’s well within safety standards, begging the questions: What are our safety standards, and are they good enough? Has this technology even been through proper safety testing? It’s important to keep in mind that there is no direct way to prove that this cell tower on campus actually caused these cancer cases, but we can prove that there is sufficient evidence showing that they are and can be very harmful.

The truth is that cell towers and cell antennae mounted on buildings have radio frequency emissions. The closer you are to the antennae, the more radio frequency radiation you are exposed to. Cell tower radiation exposure is different than cell phone exposure in that a cell phone to the head focuses an extremely high amount of radiation to a specific brain region. Cell tower emissions are at lower levels than cell phones. However, with cell tower exposure, the exposure is non- stop day and night and full body exposure.

A significant body of peer-reviewed research has found harmful effects from cell tower radiation. Read the peer-reviewed research here. 

RT points out:

“We had a doctor tell us that it’s 100 percent environmental, the kind of tumor that he has,” said Ferrulli to CBS Sacramento, and added that an inspection of the tower arranged by parents showed much higher readings than the RUSD-hired engineers found in 2018.

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The school district, who reportedly receives $2,000 per month for the tower, has said while they empathize with families, they have no out clause in their 25-year lease contract with Spirit – the company that owns the tower – meaning both the school district and Spirit will have to mutually agree on a relocation. (source)

This isn’t the only case like this. We recently published an article regarding a cell tower installation on a fire station, whereby the firefighters were all found to have abnormal brain chemistry.

Fire Captain / Union President at Los Angeles County Fire Fighters Dave Gilotte, who is also a 25-year veteran fire fighter, gave his testimony at the Los Angeles California Board of Supervisors meeting in 2016.  In fact, it’s important to note that firefighter groups in the United States have long opposed cell towers on their stations. Not only that, but in California, they have been able to be exempt from the forced placement of towers on their stations because of the strong opposition they have due to health concerns from the radiation. (You can read more about this story here).

This wasn’t even a 5G tower, which is what we are heading toward next.

Dr. Gunnar Heuser lead brain studies on firefighters following a cell tower installation on their fire station and found that their brains were all abnormal. His SPECT brain study in 2004 focused on firefighters who complained of neurological problems following a cell tower installation at their fire station beforehand. The symptoms they experienced were: headaches, memory problems, sleeping problems, depression, and anxiety.  Dr. Heuser published a study recently on fMRI showing abnormalities in EHS similar to brain injury. Original study published in July 2017, without the controls, full textCorrigendum to the study, which includes fMRI scans of the controls (non- EHS)

Letters From Doctors Regarding Cell Tower Installations Near Schools

There are countless letters from doctors regarding concerns about this type of technology near youngsters. These letters in combination with all of the published peer-reviewed research, some of which is linked above (another great place to access this information is the Environmental Health Trust), make it clear that we need to talk about this more and question our federal health regulatory agencies and ask them why appropriate safety testing of this technology has not been done.

You can view some of these letters HERE.

Furthermore, it’s important to mention that multiple countries have now completely banned Wifi and cell phones around schools, young children and fetuses.  Take France for example, they passed a law in 2015 banning WiFi from all nursery schools. In addition to that, the law states that Wifi must be turned off in all elementary schools when it’s not in use. A wired connection, if possible, is preferred. When it comes to cell phones in France, all advertisements must recommend headsets to reduce the phone’s radiation exposure to the brain. Furthermore, advertisements directing cell phone use towards young children are banned. It’s not just a concern for children, as the French National Library along with several other universities and establishments have completely removed all Wifi networks. It’s also banned in many municipal buildings. You can read more about that here.

The issue is that the levels of electromagnetic radiation in our environment far exceed what the natural levels were when we weren’t as technologically developed. It comes in various forms from multiple sources, and this is the main issue. We’ve covered this topic in depth in multiple articles, and you can access those and more information in the articles listed below:

5G Is The “Stupidest Idea In The History of the World.” – Washington State Biochemistry/Medical Science Prof

Veteran MD Sharon Goldberg Drops Bombshell At Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing

“5G: The Most Censored Story Of 2018” – Journalist Masterfully Educates Houston City Council

EMF Frequencies Used For Crowd Control Weapons Form The Foundation of 5G Network

UK Primary School Walks Out Over Dangers Associated With WiFi & Cell Tower Radiation

Multiple Countries Ban Wifi & Cell Phones Around Schools, Young Children & Fetuses

World’s Largest Study On Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link

The Takeaway

The takeaway here is that you can do something about this. You can have a wired connection at home, you can unplug and shut off your EMF emitting devices (like your cell phone, computer, TV, etc). You can buy EMF protective clothing and paint, you can use the mind-body connection to help mitigate any effects, and you can live a healthy life style with good food and exercise.

It’s actually quite remarkable to see just how much awareness on this topic has hit people. Much of the global citizenry are clearly awake, and soon enough North America will follow measures taken by other countries mentioned above.

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The demand for Collective Evolution's content is bigger than ever, except ad agencies and social media keep cutting our revenues. This is making it hard for us to continue.

In order to stay truly independent, we need your help. We are not going to put up paywalls on this website, as we want to get our info out far and wide. For as little as $3 a month, you can help keep CE alive!



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