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Why So Much Information? UFOs and Media, Extraterrestrials and Earth



September 2011 is here. Over the past few years many different human made systems have shown a lot of instability. Conflict, environmental, social, political and economic turmoil is happening. Within each one of these different aspects of  life on earth,  lies a hidden agenda and suppressed truth. Many new revealings over the past decade have been responsible for slowly creating a new paradigm of thought. One topic of high interest within people is the search for extraterrestrial life. Truth is, we are not alone in the universe, and we have never been alone in the universe. All of the information that continues to to surface is a good indicator to show that we really didn’t need it, we knew  all along, didn’t we? It ‘s also a good indicator of the shift in consciousness the planet is currently experiencing. More and more things are presenting themselves worldwide in order for us to wake up to who and what we really are, the soul that lies within. The power of love that we all hold within us has so much potential for all of us to re-create our own reality, and have a whole new experience. Many people on the planet are finding themselves naturally detaching from materialistic things. Humans have been told what to do for so long, their thoughts have been manipulated to the point where we became drones, robots, living in a prison we cannot see. Unaware of this, we are sure to be unaware of the ‘magic’ that lies outside the box. Our thoughts are a result of the program we live in. Human beings live in a state of fear, they fear judgment, they fear not achieving their goals, they fear what others think of them and if they ‘fit in’. When will we ask our selves what exactly are we trying to ‘fit’ into and why do we give it so much importance. Truth is, it’s all good, life’s no big deal, and neither are your problems. Problems are just illusions of the mind, they really do not exist. Everything is an experience. The decisions you make in your life are for yourself, you have a choice, you can let go of all the prisons the mind can place on itself or you can hang on.  Once you let go, there is nothing that can exist but love. As more and more people let go of mental concepts that are not serving the higher self, the more we step into to our new reality, our new experience here on planet earth. With a new experience, comes a greater understanding about the nature of reality.

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But let’s look at it deeper. Mainstream media has always been one method used as a tool to manipulate the minds and consciousness of the human population. When did humanity stop asking questions? To question the information we are given in a critical way is a healthy thing to do. So let’s take a look at what kind of questions we should be asking given the information presented to us.


For the past few years, three letter agencies have made some of their UFO files public. The United States has still to act, but the NSA, CIA, and FBI have all made files available for public viewing. Furthermore, dozens of government’s have made their files open for public viewing. Major news stations (brainwash central) have been covering this topic heavily recently and continue to do so. The goal here is a mainstream presentation saying yes, UFOs are real. Unfortunately, they omit any significant/real information about the topic itself. Further transparency of the UFO topic has not only been felt with the release of previously classified documents, but with high level officials  going on the record to share their experiences within the military industrial complex. Bottom line, an overwhelming amount of evidence exists to give credence to the reality of UFOs. No gain can be made by trying to prove this reality to others, and this can be a good lesson in itself. Those who are inclined and supposed to stumble upon the information they have, have done so for a purpose.  A part of the population will simply have trouble making the transition to this reality, and some may have already chosen to not be a part of it. Truth is, the reality of extraterrestrials is a small stepping stone to a much larger/grander picture. Who are these beings? Where do they come from? Why do they continue to display their craft here and there, What is going on?

Broadcast’s usually do their best to not go into the meaning of this reality, and they encourage a fear perspective. They are presenting this information, knowing that a certain stigma behind the subject may exist. This is one way to look at it. But the truth is, so many souls on the planet are now awakening to the truth and meaning behind the extraterrestrial reality, that any type of manipulation of the elite via media and fear mongering would be useless.

This is a quote taken from a recent airing on CNN regarding UFOs. The anchor asks if this is a National Security Issue. UFOs are not a national security issue. “National Security” is a title that  is used to cover up the real reason why trillions of dollars are pumped into the department of defense, it is all a lie.  Media and documentation release are hoped to be taken with a fear perspective by those that have been manipulating our reality. No extraterrestrials are going to invade us, kill us and take over our resources. Manipulation has already been occurring, and the resource has already been us. We have been kept in the dark, and a lack of information and light has made us easy to control. The state of the planet has been one of greed, fear and human beings controlled by the  ego mind. Certain entities have fed off of this for a long time, and they are currently experiencing the demise of what they have worked to put together.

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This was Nick Pope’s response to a question, he is the former head of the British Government’s UFO investigative unit, which allowed him access to some information regarding unidentified flying objects.

It is not easy to be put in front of a camera, discussing a topic in which the media tries to control human perception towards the topic. (UFOs).


“There’s something in your airspace, you need to know what it is. No government can

really go public and say, there are things in our skies, we don’t know what they are,

pilots chase them sometimes but can’t catch them. There are near misses with these

things and commercial aircraft which has happened on numerous occasions. It would

be an omission that we had lost control of our own airspace” (4:44)

“We or at least some of us interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first

and ask questions after. It is ironic that the US should be fighting monstrously

expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, illegibly to bring democracy to those

two countries, when it itself can no longer claim to be called a democracy when

trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on which

both the congress and the commander in chief have been kept deliberately in the

dark” – Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Minister of National Defense


Statements regarding UFOs are available everywhere from high ranking officials. Even military personal, a number of generals and political figures. For a few more quotes you can check out this article.

The Good/Bad Extraterrestrial Argument

Many individuals have latched onto the extraterrestrial reality, and within this truth movement a lot of disinformation can present itself. With an abundance of information available, it is most import to go within, find your heart space and really allow yourself to feel what information resonates with you, and what information doesn’t. What we call the universe is one giant playground for souls. Extraterrestrials are us, the same thing, the same soul that generated from the same source. We are all connected, we are all a part of each other, we are all one, we are all us. The awakening and realization of this fact is not just happening to planet earth, it is happening all over the universe. Extraterrestrials are all souls that are having what we call a ‘physical’ experience. Sure, some may not have the best intentions, and some may differ greatly in that respect from one another. The point is, that we are all the same, and we are all love, even if we, or some other beings don’t know it yet. Different beings operate at different frequencies, and therefore are having different experiences. Good and bad are just concepts made up by the mind, they really don’t exist, no judgment.  If we allow ourselves to go beyond UFOs and into the extraterrestrial reality, we can go into the millions of reported contact experiences that humans share with extraterrestrials. This, along with the rise in UFO sightings being reported continue to increase.

Humanity has been manipulated via a prison we cannot see, at the same time, humanity also has assistance via other happenings we cannot see. But the main point is, that we are all one, that we are the ones that will change things, we are the ones that have to change ourselves. We are responsible for everything we create. Look within, and find your inner peace, go with the flow and just be yourself.

The more we change within, the more we attract those who exist at a different frequency. As a collective, as the shift to inner peace in individuals continues, and our current ‘system’ we are experiencing dissolves, we come closer to “disclosure” As we all realize what we all are, ONE. As we unite in peace/love, new doors and experiences are available for us. As we awaken to what has/is really happened/happening on our planet, we remove the dark/fear experience and transition to a light/love experience. We have the ability to create our reality, we have the opportunity to raise our frequency to match the reality we want to experience. The extraterrestrial reality is one that has presented itself  to assist us in our quest to a more peaceful state, A peaceful being within helps develop a peaceful existence without. Everything is energy, (Einstein), energy can change form. Our bodies are transforming, and to assist with this transformation and transfiguration of our DNA and physical structure we can do a variety of things. Home grown organic food is best. In today’s world this is difficult and pricy, so do your best to stay light so your body can absorb the energy it needs too. Use your imagination when you are drinking water, in your state of gratitude and love, take in the water, give your thought to it, give your love to it and energize it as it goes into you. Sun gaze, your body houses your soul, when you take care of your vehicle it can be most beneficial in ways that we might not even be aware of to the higher self. What is most important is that you are at peace with what you are putting into your body. Meditation and relaxation is important. Meditation is sometimes misunderstood, meditation is simply dissolving the mind from thought. This is happening naturally in many people, who are returning to their most natural state, almost a thoughtless type of existence as we are preparing ourselves to experience something new, a state of complete inner peace, and aligning our selves to our true purpose.  Meditation can occur at any time, whilst you are doing anything.  It is important to stay in love, to stay in balance and this in turn helps our mother earth as she is also going through a dimensional shift. Opportunities in your life to transcend your ego present themselves all the time. Opportunities and challenges for you to enter a state of inner peace despite what is happening in your life are always there. It is important to catch these moments, be aware of these moments and learn from these amazing opportunities. You can also look at your reactions, are you reacting from you ego? Are you reacting from a balanced, inner peace state?

“In a state of inner peace, nothing can harm you”

Everything we give so much value too, money, jobs, material consumption, where we will live, how we will survive is really not important or useful at all. They are just concepts the mind makes up that occupies us so much to the point where we don’t even stop and realize what is happening around is. It no longer serves what we are trying to achieve. Our belief structures, educational institutions, financial structure and more are all tools used to experience,and move on. These limiting structures provide no growth for us except as an awakening tool to move on and experience a type of growth that we could not have perceived without the experience of life on earth.


Much Love <3


Free Franco DeNicola Screening: The Shift In Consciousness

We interviewed Franco DeNicola about what is happening with the shift in consciousness. It turned out to be one of the deepest and most important information we pulled out within an interview.

We explored why things are moving a little more slowly with the shift at times, what is stopping certain solutions from coming forward and the important role we all play.

Watch the interview here.
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Are Human Clones Real? Music Star Says He’s A “Second Generation Clone”



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Recently, a popular rapper named Lil Buu claimed he is a clone who was cloned by a company called Clonaid. He ignited a debate, but the fact remains, human cloning has been a controversial topic for years, and it might have already been done.

  • Reflect On:

    Different types of cloning may exist, including the transferral of consciousness into another body. It could also have health benefits, but is it 'right?'

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the planet from working at CE for nearly a decade, it’s not to instantaneously dismiss a claim simply because it conflicts with what I currently believe. This has been a problem throughout history, in all fields, and it’s not a secret that intellectual authorities have pronounced their supremacy by simply ridiculing aspects of our reality that simply don’t fit within the framework of accepted knowledge.

We’ve come a long way, and we now live in a world where labelling something as a ‘conspiracy theory’ is actually harmful and detrimental to moving forward. 9/11 is perhaps the best example we know, despite the fact that the US government still sticks to their official story while practically all of America has now seen through the cracks and lies. Another great example would be Edward Snowden. Prior to his leaks, mass surveillance was considered a conspiracy theory. UFOs are another one that is no longer a debatable topic–UFOs exist, the extraterrestrial conversation is the one we are having now, along with other metaphysical realities.

Revelations continue to make their way into the mainstream, and when the ‘global elite’ ridicule them, or label them as false without explaining why or presenting any evidence, it just hurts their agenda even more. So while we as a collective have been ‘had’ on so many different topics in the past, it’s exciting that many more of us are becoming aware of this, and we are now reacting. We are in the midst of great change. In today’s day and age, it’s vital to keep an open mind, allow your belief systems to be challenged, as new information that is backed by evidence is hard to ignore. We have to come to terms with aspects of our reality and the human experience that don’t resonate with us, so we can begin to change the story.

Ready To Read About Cloning?

This is why it might be a good time for an article on cloning, to simply challenge you to observe your reaction to something you may not believe. What was once considered ‘crazy’ is no longer so in so many areas, and perhaps this is the trend we are seeing with regards to the idea of cloning. For those of you who don’t know, cloning on animals has been done and repeated in labs. Experts are also looking at cloning to re-generate new organs that could replace faulty ones. Multiple universities intend to produce cloned human embryos in order to derive stem cells for medical research on diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and other diseases.

‘Dolly the sheep’ made headlines when she became the first (that we heard about) mammal to be cloned from an adult cell. Prior to Dolly, several clones had been produced in the lab, including frogs, mice, and even cows. All of them had been cloned from the DNA from embryos. Scientists also recently cloned monkeys for the first time. So is it really hard to believe that it’s been done on humans?

UN Prohibits Human Cloning

Shortly after Dolly was cloned, the United Nations General Assembly gathered to create a declaration on human cloning, where Member states were called on to adopt all measures necessary to prohibit all forms of human cloning. 84 countries were in favour of the ban, 34 were against it, and 37 Member States chose not to vote at all. (source) It raises a number of philosophical questions, for sure, but how fitting was it for the UN to pose these sanctions during this time?

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Below is an excerpt from a Wikileaks document describing a meeting at the UN in 2008 with regards to human cloning, expressing that many countries believe “that any human cloning is unethical and an assault on human dignity, and transforms humans into commodities, devaluing human life and the relationship of human beings to each other.”

The document goes on to state,

An effort to ban reproductive human cloning, while being silent on “research” cloning, would suggest something less than total condemnation of all cloning and thus be inconsistent with the UNGA declaration. There can be no exception for “research” cloning, which would require the destruction of all cloned embryos: to attempt to justify it on the basis of potential benefits would take the ethically untenable position that human life can be created and destroyed for the convenience of others. And any effort to regulate “research” cloning would similarly be unacceptable since it would facilitate what the UNGA has already said should be banned.

So, as you can see, human cloning is a serious issue, and has been a serious issue for a while. For someone who has never heard of this type of thing, it might come as a shock that such discussions have taken place.

Lil Buu

This is why it caught my attention when celebrity/hip-hop artist “Lil Buu” gave an interview on Vlad TV stating that he is a second generation human clone who escaped from a cloning facility and that he was cloned by a company called Clonaid. According to him,

I was cloned by clonaid in Canada, my model number is 0112568…A lot of the memories from Clonaid were erased so that way the new gen can move forward with whatever new programming was made….They can remove a fragment of bone that’s located here (points to forehead, in between the eyes), and in this fragment of bone it stores all of your memories and consciousness, and with that, they can make a sufficient replica of yourself, a reproductive version of you including your memories, and you can be selective as to which ones you keep and don’t keep. This process has been around for quite some time.

This begs the question, is the same body required for the  transferal  of consciousness?

It’s interesting he mentions Canada because Wikileaks’ Julian Assange also confirmed this a few years ago. (source)

Clonaid actually made headline news all over the world when they announced they’d received a large donation to fun the cloning of a human child. Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, Ph.D. (scientific director of Clonaid) and a former chemist from Air Liquide were in charge of the operation, and for years the company was under regulatory suspicion and bombarded by media coverage. In 2001, she announced that a baby had been born, but following multiple lawsuits and controversy, no evidence of the human clone was provided, and mainstream media insinuated that the entire debacle had been a hoax. You can watch the press conference below when she decided to make the announcement.

Why would the Federal government, along with big governing bodies like the United Nations openly and publicly stress that human cloning is not allowed if it was not possible?

Here’s a statement from Bill Clinton during his presidency, regarding the establishments view on human cloning,

Our administration believes that there are loopholes that could allow the cloning of human beings….Therefore today I am issuing a directive that bans the use of any federal funds for any cloning of human beings.  Effective immedietley, no federal agency may support fund or undertake such activity. Of course a great deal of support and research in this area is supported by private funds, that is why I am urging the entire scientific and medical community, every foundation, every university, every industry that supports work in this area, to heed the federal governments example. I am asking for a volutary moratorum on the cloning of human beings…As we gain a fuller understanding of this technology…we must proceed with a conscious….(source)

The Raëliens

One thing used to ridicule Clonaid, who Kid Buu referred to as just one company, is the fact that they are headed up by what’s become known as a ‘cult.’ They’re called the Raëliens, and they believe that we are descendants of extraterrestrials, that we were created, in a sense, by intelligent extraterrestrials. They believe that Buddha, Jesus and many other similar figures are all messengers of this movement. Their purpose is to create awareness about the idea that if humans become peaceful enough, they will meet and be welcomed by these extraterrestrials. The Raëliens have had a long interest in human cloning for the purposes of extending human life.

This is no doubt interesting, especially if you are familiar with Collective Evolution. We’ve been creating awareness about UFOs and the extraterrestrial hypothesis since our inception. If you’d like to read our ET/UFO related articles, you can do so in the disclosure section of our website, here.

That being said, I’ven ever done any research on the Raëliens, and I don’t know much at all about them.

Ethical Questions

Obviously, there are moral issues and a number of questions to ask with regards to human cloning. The first thing on most people’s mind would be the question of, is it natural? Is it playing God? I don’t know, but what is natural? Perhaps it is in our nature to figure out how to extend and expand our material life. At the same time, I believe it’s important to have the recognition that we are talking about life and death at the material level, I do believe that the non-material aspect of ourselves (our soul) is something eternal.

The fact remains, this technology is out there and has been out there for a long time. It’s not uncommon to hear about new technology and developments fifty to a hundred years past their inception. New technologies are also subject to secrecy orders if the global elite decides to use them in any sort of way. All they have to do is justify it being a ‘national’ security issue and then they don’t have to tell anybody.

We don’t know much about cloning, the details, the possibilities, or how human consciousness and the human soul play a role. There are still many unanswered questions, but at the end of the day, it’s all about changing the human experience and exploring what we are capable of.  Perhaps we live in a world full of technologies that are far beyond what we can even comprehend? If these technologies can be brought out in order to benefit humanity, I’m all for them, but it’s really the intention and the consciousness behind that technology that determines if it’s at all necessary in any kind of way.

Clearly, there are still a lot of unanswered questions with regards to this, and that comes as a result of a lack of transparency. What also attracts me to this is the fact that the ‘powers that be’ seem to be sharply against it, and I doubt this is due to moral/ethical reasons. Does the release of cloning technology threaten the global control structure similar to the way free energy would? Are there powerful interests being threatened here? What are the implications of cloning?

Free Franco DeNicola Screening: The Shift In Consciousness

We interviewed Franco DeNicola about what is happening with the shift in consciousness. It turned out to be one of the deepest and most important information we pulled out within an interview.

We explored why things are moving a little more slowly with the shift at times, what is stopping certain solutions from coming forward and the important role we all play.

Watch the interview here.
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Former CIA Officer & ITNJ Chief Counsel Shares Reality Of Elite Child Trafficking



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Child trafficking goes far beyond the sexual abuse of children. As Robert David Steele explains, it deals with torture, ritual abuse, organ harvesting and much more. It's a big issue that needs more awareness, and the ITNJ is taking action.

  • Reflect On:

    How did we get to the point where our 'leaders' in the most powerful positions are involved in such things? Is it appropriate to continue having them occupy high-ranking positions? Should we be supporting them? Processing our emotions is key.

Robert David Steele is a former Marine, CIA case officer and the co-founder of the US Marine Corps Intelligence Activity. His mission has been to spread the use of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and he’s written a number of handbooks on OSINT for NATO, the DIA and US Special Operations Forces.

He has been working in these fields for decades, and definitely knows a thing or two about what’s going on at the deepest levels of government and the military industrial complex. These are the people we have to start listening to for truth. He won’t get an interview on CNN, that’s for sure.

Lately, he’s been one of several credible people from ‘within’ creating awareness and speaking out about issues that mainstream media continues to ignore, who sometimes goes as far to label as a ‘conspiracy theory,’ no matter how much evidence sits behind the claims. One of these issues is child trafficking and abuse, a topic that’s gained a lot of attention since the 2016 American election as high ranking members of the global elite have been implicated in such activity, and have been implicated in such activity for a very long time.

Only now are we seeing it creep up into the mainstream narrative, despite the fact that they continually try and shut it down. Why? Because the owners and shareholders of these networks have been implicated in the activity discussed in this article.

Beyond Simple Abuse

In the video below, Robert gives a very brief outline of the issue, and how child trafficking goes far beyond the abuse of children. It goes into organ harvesting, children being bred for ritual abuse, born without a birth certificate, tortured, enslaved, mind-controlled and a much more.

Again, this information is hitting the mainstream like it never has before, one example would be the fact that an NBC news report implicated Hillary Clinton in covering up a massive pedophile ring in the heart of the State Department, another would be multiple ex-high ranking political officials claiming that both the Clinton’s engage in sex with minors, pointing towards their close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein (who also has Royal Family connections).

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Epstein is now a registered sex offender. When it comes to the Vatican, there are always disturbing acts going on. Right now, the Pope’s right-hand man, George Pell, is in court for sexual assault, and a massive pedophile ring has been exposed where hundreds of boys were tortured and sexually abused, Pope Benedict’s brother was at the forefront of that controversy.

As far as the military industrial complex goes, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney grilled Donald Rumsfeld on DynCorp about a private military contractor with ties to the trafficking of women and children. Years later, a top U.S. General who was the liaison between DynCorp and the U.S. Military was implicated in the sexual assault of teenaged girls. The list goes on and on, and it’s a long one. Oh yeah, let’s not forget about PizzaGate…

Individuals from within governments like former U.S. State Department official, Steve Pieczeni, have also been very outspoken on the subject of elite pedophile rings, and who is involved.

As Steele mentions below, ‘powerful’ organizations, like intelligence agencies for example, are not all ‘bad.’ He claims that they are filled with 90 percent good people, with good hearts and good intentions, and that the 10 percent that controls these areas are wrapped up in in-humane activity, like child trafficking.

Give the video below a listen to learn more, and you can check out more testimony from the International Tribunal on Natural Justice from others like Robert, police officers, MK Ultra survivors and many more who have knowledge of such activity.

Why Are We Learning About This?

This information can seem ‘dark’ and ‘grim,’ but how are we helping the situation if we completely ignore it and pretend it isn’t happening? It’s one thing to present this information with great judgment and anger, pushing us into a state of being and emotion that keeps us locked into lower frequencies, but it’s another thing all together to present it as  neutral facts that we can become aware of so we can begin to make way for more survivors, whistleblowers and witnesses come forward to share their testimony.

When this happens, action starts to take place, like what we are seeing at the ITNJ. So, if you want to know what to do with this information, share it, and help be the voice for those who still don’t have one. Process any emotions that come from learning this information. This is how we will move through the states of consciousness that project a world that keeps this type of stuff occurring. Evolving beyond the need for it, is often about switching our perspective about it and processing the emotions.

Free Franco DeNicola Screening: The Shift In Consciousness

We interviewed Franco DeNicola about what is happening with the shift in consciousness. It turned out to be one of the deepest and most important information we pulled out within an interview.

We explored why things are moving a little more slowly with the shift at times, what is stopping certain solutions from coming forward and the important role we all play.

Watch the interview here.
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Aerospace Insider on Aliens: ‘We Don’t Have To Go Anywhere To Find Them, They’re Already Here’



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Robert Bigelow, founder of the Bigelow Aerospace Corporation lets the world know that he has knowledge that we are not alone, and that we are currently being visited by intelligent extraterrestrials.

  • Reflect On:

    Bigelow is just one person, but he is joined by hundreds of others with impressive credentials. These people have been telling the world that we are not alone for years, in a very serious manner. Why do you think this is considered a 'conspiracy?'

“We have, indeed, been contacted – perhaps even visited – by extraterrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public.” – Victor Marchetti, former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (Second Look, Volume 1, No 7, Washington, DC, May 1979)

If you’re paying attention to what’s happening in the world, it’s OK if you feel like Alice in Wonderland. For years humanity has become comfortable with their enslavement, prior to today, a large portion of the population was content with the human experience, simply entering into the system, trying to put food on the table and chase higher ‘material’ status, among other things, without ever questioning what is really happening. All of us have been engulfed in our own lives when the world is calling for us to be concerned about others.

Today, it’s a different story. There’s a massive shift in consciousness that’s occurring, and part of that shift is questioning the human experience and the systems we’ve chosen to surround ourselves with. Revelations are now coming forth in all areas that surround every aspect of human life; health and finance, to education, politics, entertainment etc… It’s quite clear that our world is not what we’ve all been presented with, and that there are aspects of reality that we should really start paying attention to if we want to grow, move forward, and break out of the cycle we currently find ourselves in. We can’t change our world if we continue to do the same things over and over again without questioning what’s happening, and why it’s happening. There are people in all fields coming forth to ‘blow the whistle,’ and witness testimony is backed up by credible evidence, which gives these whistle-blowers confidence to come forward and say what they say. Edward Snowden is one of many great examples, prior to him, mass surveillance was considered another ‘conspiracy theory.’

One big revelation hitting the mainstream right now is the fact that we are not alone, and that intelligent extraterrestrial life-forms have been visiting our planet for a long time, and still do. As unbelievable as this may sound, it comes from the highest ranking military personnel, academicians, intelligence agents, politicians, and private contractors from within the military industrial complex. There are hundreds of these people who keep telling the world that we are being visited and that governments around the world have had evidence that some of these ‘UFOs’ are indeed extraterrestrial.

“Yes, it’s both. It’s both literally, physically happening to a degree; and it’s also some kind of psychological, spiritual experience occurring and originating perhaps in another dimension. And so the phenomenon stretches us, or it asks us to stretch to open to realities that are not simply the literal physical world, but to extend to the possibility that there are other unseen realities from which our consciousness, our, if you will, learning processes over the past several hundred years have closed us off.”
– Dr. John E. Mack, a Harvard University psychologist and Pulitzer prize winner (source)

The Credibility of These Sources

The sources are the most credible in the world, the only issue is, the topic. No matter how much evidence for a given phenomenon, and no matter how obvious its reality, if it goes against the human mind and what we are willing to accept, it is usually ignored or greeted with ridicule. We see the same thing with science, which has largely become dogma, the downright denial of parapsychology (telepathy, healing at a distance, etc) when it has more statistically significant results than the science used to approve most of our drugs (source). It’s called cognitive dissonance… We believe what we choose to believe, and humanity is currently in the process of shedding some belief systems in order to accept new realities that once did not fit the frame, and thus were ignored and ridiculed.

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One of the latest ‘whistle-blowers’ to speak openly about their knowledge about extraterrestrial visitation is Robert Bigelow, founder of the Bigelow Aerospace Corporation. Bigelow has done work for multiple international space agencies and is currently in agreements with multiple nations to build space habitats and space stations.

Before we get to his comments, it’s important to let the reader know what type of circles Bigelow is currently ‘in’ with regards to space and the extraterrestrial/UFO question in general. Bigelow’s comments were made approximately a year ago now, but not a lot of information was given as to the type of connections this person has, if it isn’t already obvious as being one of the leading aerospace contractors in the world…

Towards the end of last year, an article titled “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O Program” put to rest the question of whether or not UFOs are real. CEO Tom Delonge, along with several other people, including a recently retired director of Lockheed Aerospace, Steve Justice, a Department of Defense Scientist, Hal Puthoff, a senior intelligence officer from the CIA, Jim Semivan, a Director of National Intelligence, Louis Elizondo, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Clinton and Bush Administrations, Christopher Mellon, and many more are all releasing official video footage and electro-optical data (radar trackings, returns) and letting the world know that these things (UFOs) are real.

I go into more detail regarding the latest updates in an article I published previously:

The US Government Just Admitted To Recovering Materials From UFOs – Here Are The Latest Updates

Multiple people from within this new initiative have expressed that they believe there is an extraterrestrial intelligence behind the operation of some of this craft.

This movement brought to light the Pentagon’s UFO program (AATIP) for aerial threats, one program out of what could be many, according to Hal Puthoff. You can view the entire team and their credentials here.

The main hub for all of this recent and future ‘official mainstream’ UFO disclosure is the To The Stars Academy, it’s the organization that’s releasing all of this information.

Where does Bigelow come in? Well, as the New York Times article points out:

The shadowy program – parts of it remain classified – began in 2007, and initially it was largely funded at the request of Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who was the Senate majority leader at the time and who has long had an interest in space phenomena. Most of the money went to an aerospace research company run by a billionaire entrepreneur and longtime friend of Mr. Reid’s, Robert Bigelow, who is currently working with NASA to produce expandable craft for humans to use in space.

Bigelow is part of the team at To The Stars Academy, and here’s what he had to say about extraterrestrials,

“I am absolutely convinced, that’s all there is to it. There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence.”

He also stated that we “don’t have to go anywhere” to find extraterrestrial life, that we can find it here on Earth, implying that they’re already here, walking among us, and based on my research, are already working with multiple governments.

How many races are we talking about? Perhaps hundreds, maybe even thousands of races have been catalogued by our governments worldwide.

For decades, as General Carlos Cavero told the world in 1979, “everything has been in a process of investigation both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world.” On a global scale, “the nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon” and there is “an international exchange of data.” (Via Richard Donal’s UFOs for the 21st Century Mind)

A couple of years ago, longtime Bigelow Aerospace executive Mike Gold, who’s now director of Washington operations for Space Systems Loral, was asked about how Bigelow Aerospace’s’ involvement with UFOs.

He gave an intriguing answer, with some interesting expressions on his face. He mentions how he finds the subjects matter “very interesting,” and also mentions a congressional hearing where scientists emphasized that the universe is teeming with life. He goes on to state that he “cannot comment” on what Bigelow Aerospace does with UFO reports, but glad that “somebody is taking the reports because these are important issues that deserves serious attention.”  (source)

Clearly, we now know that this is the case!

“An extraterrestrial influence is investigating our planet. Something is monitoring the planet and they are monitoring it very cautiously.” —  2008 Presidential Candidate, Mike Gravel (source)(source)

Free Franco DeNicola Screening: The Shift In Consciousness

We interviewed Franco DeNicola about what is happening with the shift in consciousness. It turned out to be one of the deepest and most important information we pulled out within an interview.

We explored why things are moving a little more slowly with the shift at times, what is stopping certain solutions from coming forward and the important role we all play.

Watch the interview here.
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