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CE List: Movies With Truth or Consciousness



One the most widely appreciated forms of entertainment is undoubtedly the realm of film and television. Pretty well all of us have seen a number of films and TV shows that have made us either laugh, cry, cheer or even at times leave us contemplating why it was ever made. An element that is not that common in film is to find bits of truth or consciousness, and that’s why we at Collective Evolution have put together a list of some of the films we could think of that could offer you a bit more than simple entertainment. We have also listed a bit (not all) of the truth/ consciousness to look out for when watching the film.

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Peaceful Warrior
Gives a great look at the importance of living in the now, and sheds light on the role that the mind can play in clouding your inner guidance. Shows the limitless potential we all carry, while emphasizing that there is more to life than just what we have and what we chase in the form of materials and success. Based on the true story of Dan Millman.

The Matrix
Gives a great representation of exactly what we are to the Elite of the world –batteries. We fuel their entire matrix and designed system. Perhaps even more profound is how this film reveals what it is like to awaken and step out of The Matrix into the real world. Only the minds stories and your ego are what limit you.

What would happen if your government created a medication that stopped you from feeling? This is what is explored in this film and it eerily is accurate to our world and how we have become drones to the system simply going to work and doing tasks not ever feeling what is outside of it. What happens when one breaks free?

Lord of War
Sheds light on the truth behind the arms industry, showing the government’s prominent role in the distribution and sale of weapons. Shows how the government covers up this distribution and uses it to further promote violence and fear throughout the world.

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They Live
A very accurate depiction of the Extraterrestrial presence that is ruling our planet. They Live sheds light on how a secret group of reptilian ET’s are at the top of our elite and are creating a frequency on the planet that keeps us all blind from the truth and from seeing who they truly are. It also sheds light on much of the control the Elite has over various structures.

V for Vendetta
Shows some of the corruption in the various levels of government, and how we are kept hidden from the truth. Ultimately also gives glimpses of the intention behind the New World Order, and how all it takes is a collective awakening and refusal to abide to bring an end to their power and control.

Eyes Wide Shut
A look into what Illuminati and masonic rituals are like. This film was modeled after real events. Kubrick’s goal in this film was to expose what was happening with the Elite in this world. Kubrick was apparently killed for the release of this film shortly after approving the final cut that was released in theatres.

La Belle Verte / Beautiful Green
Shows the interconnectedness we all share, and how far off the human experience on earth has drifted from that. Focuses on the simplicity and peace that inherently comes from a planet based on love and oneness.

Fight Club
At the end it shows how the complete collapse of the financial and debt structures in place. Which is part of what will be required to shift the consciousness of the planet.  Also shows the role the mind can play, and how easily it can mask itself as our true and only experience.

An awesome movie with a lot of truth in it that is often not seen in film. This movie breaks down what the Ego truly is and how it plays a role in enslaving us. It very accurately depicts the role of the ego and how powerful it can be in this experience. All of this is done with a great story anyone would enjoy.

Shows the government’s ability and desire to easily re-write history and ultimately control everything that we say, think and feel. Also uses a reversal of freedom and love-based words to enforce a heavily controlled reality, where power rests in the hands of few. Also shows how fear alone is enough to keep people not only supporting but in promotion of the system that keeps them enslaved.

Conversations With God
Shows the relationship and connectedness we all have with our inner guidance/ higher self. Also gives a framework for how life naturally falls into place when connected, and how the mind can play a definitive role in disconnecting us from it.

Shows the enslavement of the masses for the benefit of the few, and the desired separation that exists between the two classes. So much so that the enslaved have no understanding of what they are up keeping, and the benefactors have no appreciation or connectedness to those that they benefit from.

Blood Diamond
Sheds light on the corruption and hardship incurred in certain parts of the world to provide unnecessary luxuries to those in the developed world.  Also shows how this truth is controlled and hidden from those who keep the industry intact through praise and value.

A film involving consciousness and how we are all connected as one to each other,  the planet and the animal kingdom. Avatar also has a striking resemblance to the actual reptilian take over of earth. In the films case humans create a hybrid body to mingle and manipulate the Na’vi race much like what has happened here on earth.

The Wizard of Oz
Shows one of the control systems most heavily utilized tactics, which is to blow their control and power out of proportion. Making them seem larger and more powerful then they truly are (the small wizard behind the curtain).

This is a story of a “drop in” which is an Extraterrestrial who takes on a human physicality to have an experience on earth. Prote, the main character, has come from his planet and into a human body to observe and take back information about the experience of earth.

Fire In The Sky
This film is based on a true story of an alien abduction. Not much more needs to be said other than, it’s a true story and many cases like this exist.

Mr. Destiny
A comedic and light-hearted film that introduces the idea of timelines, ultimately showing that as unpleasant as one’s current reality may seem, it is always that which is best for soul growth and experience.

A Scanner Darkly
Featuring some cameo appearances by Alex Jones, this film dives into the drug world and how the government and the very people appointed to stop drug use and sales get caught up in the scene and are often the suppliers.

This film has some great bits of truth in it that involve ETs and light beings who are choosing to assist various individuals in an apocalyptic time with rebuilding a new life on another planet. This was a potential scenario that had dissolved in reality.

Ambition to Meaning: Finding Your Life’s Purposes
This is a film made by Dr. Wayne Dyer and is based on some of his books. It is a great depiction of 3 different stories that all intertwine with one another. This film is geared towards spreading the message of shifting ones consciousness to create a new and more expanded life.

What Dreams May Come
Sheds light on the fact that we can sometimes create what appears as a periodic afterlife for ourselves based on what we believed while living. We remain in this afterlife until we figure our how to move beyond it and reincarnate again.

Waking Life
Are dreams as real as reality? The film looks at dreams and how they can be as real and full of growth as “real life” is.  This is a good one to reflect upon as it allows us to raise many questions within ourselves about life, the universe and how it all ties together.

Giant Leap
What About Me?
The Fountain
The Lovely Bones
The Knowing
The Tree of Life
Into the Wild
Star Wars
Solaris (Russian Original)
Run Lola Run
Blade Runner
Ghost in the Shell 1 & 2
12 Monkeys
The Wall
The Constant Gardener
The Truman Show
The Terminator
Joe Versus the Volcano
Groundhog Day
The Golden Compass
The 13th Floor
Dark City
The Celestine Prophecy
American Beauty
A Beautiful Mind
The Five People You Meet In Heaven
Sa Som i Himmelen
Paths of Glory
Grave of the Fireflies
Princess Mononoke
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The President’s Analyst
The Man From Earth
The Awakening
Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
Requiem for a Dream
Vanilla Sky
The DaVinci Code
A Clockwork Orange
Living Luminaries
Pay It Forward
La Vita e Bella
You Can Heal Your Life
The Secret
What the Bleep Do We Really Know
Donnie Darko
Big Fish
The Shawshank Redemption
Dead Poet’s Society
Sin City
Jeff Who Lives At Home
Cloud Atlas
Simon Birch
What Dreams May Come
Fern Gully
The Lorax
Dark Crystal
The Man Who Planted Trees
Brother Sun, Sister Moon
The Emerald Forst
Little Buddha
Being There
Harold & Maud
Machine Gun Preacher
The Guitar

Know any other ones that we missed? Please be sure to add them as a comment to this article! 

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Woody Harrelson Shares A Powerful Video: ‘Thoughts From Within’ He Calls It



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Woody Harrelson shares some spoken word with a deep message.

  • Reflect On:

    How do you view our current world? Does it truly resonate with you? Is it something you want to support? If you could put your energy into a world of thriving abundance, would you? Then why so much energy into the way things are?

I sit here today having been reminded of a Woody Harrelson video after watching a movie he acted in. I recalled the first time I saw this video. It was one of the first realizations I had, about 9 years ago, that many celebrities also go through life with trials and tribulations of the average person. Perhaps not in all ways, but certainly in many. This is an obvious thought of course, but sometimes not all that common.

When I saw this video, I remember thinking, wow, I love what he is sharing, and coming from his place of influence this truly has a powerful message. This is an awesome video made by Woody Harrelson sharing some powerful thoughts from within.

In the video Woddy lays out a spoken word masterpiece that touches on all of the main aspects of our current society. If you truly take the time to listen, there is much to reflect on. And of course, there is an inspiring side of it all too.

This one is a bit of a throw back, but it’s a good one. Enjoy it!

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Josh Radnor From How I Met Your Mother Just Started A Conscious Band with Ben Lee



You might be here because you are a fan of the hit TV show, How I Met Your Mother, or maybe you have fond memories of blasting “Catch My Disease” in your car on a hot summer day. Whatever the reason may be, you are about to discover a lesser-known side to actor-writer-director Josh Radnor and Australian singer-songwriter Ben Lee—who now form the musical duo Radnor & Lee.

In this very first episode of Uplifted Life’s new Redefining Success Podcast, Kosta Stoyanoff and I had the privilege of having a conversation with both of them over Skype only a few days before they left for their Brazil tour. We talked about their new musical venture, the effects of having achieved success and fame at a young age, what true success ought to be, spirituality, meditation, self-development and more! Playing the hosts was definitely out of our comfort zones, but we are glad we did it and were able to extract some valuable insights from these two amazing human beings.

There is a rumor circulating that they are a religious born again band because they don’t shy away from using words like word God in their lyrics. The truth is that they do not subscribe to any particular label and are simply fascinated by life’s bigger questions. In our 30-minute conversation with them, we found them to be incredibly grounded, intelligent and wise individuals who simply strive to get back to the basics of what really matters in life and care about becoming the best and most compassionate version of themselves. It was awesome to chat with two public figures who choose to use their influence to spread a positive and conscious message through their art!

Our intention with the Redefining Success Podcast is to collect gems of wisdom from individuals who see beyond our culture’s materialistic idea of success and have discovered a more fulfilling, whole and healthy view of what it means to lead a truly successful life. We believe that doing our part in helping rewrite the cultural story surrounding success can inspire a positive change in how we lead our lives—from our relationships to the way we do business.

Like Uplifted Life for more uplifting content and stay tuned for more episodes!

Hope you enjoy the conversation and make sure to share it to inspire others!

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The Oldest Song In The World – A Sumerian Hymn Written 3500 Years Ago (Listen)



Music is a very special gift that people from all around the world, from various cultures and from every socio-economic class, enjoy. Human beings have been creating and listening to music for thousands of years, it is almost an essential part of our being.

Music has the power to evoke powerful emotions, it can lift us out of a bad mood and put a smile on our face, give us the energy and encouragement we need to get that workout done and more. We connect over music, we make music together, we meditate and zone out to music, and we even ‘trip out’ to music. What would our lives be like without music? Most likely Rather dull , and it seems as though  the ancients felt the same way.

Below is a video of a hymn that is said to have been written thousands of years ago, it may even be the oldest song in the world. This version is played using computerized tones, but if you can, imagine it being played on stringed instruments. Either way, it still has a joyous and almost comical feel to it, check it out.

Is this something you could jam to? Or at least is this something you could imagine your greatest ancestors rocking out to? Regardless of how you feel about the song, it’s pretty awesome that we actually have the equivalent to sheet music that was turned into a potential soundtrack for the ancient times. Essentially, this gives us the ability to glimpse into the past, an opportunity we may not have otherwise received. Sometimes what is put into words isn’t as powerful to our senses as actually hearing the same song that our ancestors may have listened to.

Here’s A Little History

In 1972, after 15 years of research, Professor of Assyriology from the University of California, Anne Kilner, was able to transcribe one of the oldest known pieces of music notation in the world. The music was inscribed on clay tablets that contained signs of the “Hurrian” language. These tablets had been excavated in the early 1950’s from the Syrian city of ancient Ugarit – now known as Ras Sharma. One of the tablets contained both words and music and has now come to be known as the oldest preserved music notation in the world.

Kilmer was able to transcribe this piece of music into a modern music notation, other people have also attempted to transcribe this music and the interpretations tend to differ a little bit. The tablets date back to around 1400 B.C. The music is a hymn to the moon God’s wife, Nikal. The tablets also happened to contain instructions for a singer as well as a harpist and how to properly tune the harp.

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