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inspireceAbout 6 years ago my life changed in a pretty big way. Being here now, I look at the droves of people with that curious feeling deep within them, that feeling that I had and still have. The feeling that is making us ask questions, search for deeper answers and that is illustrating to us that there has to be something more to the way we currently live.

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You can see the excitement in people when they are moved by information that feeds this curiosity and feeling deep down that something big is happening right now. The information and opportunity to change is out there, but it’s easy to hit the wall when you face the reality that it isn’t always easy to change in this world. I hope to address that today.

Throughout, I will share my experiences and intertwined within that will be what I feel are great pieces of advice for any of us going through their own journey of awakening their consciousness today.

Asking Big Questions

5 years ago I began asking some pretty big questions. This led to big answers. It was a time in my life when I had been in and out of college programs one after another. I could not last in any one of the 3 programs I tried year after year as it all felt un-meaningful and depressing to me. I hit what you could say was an all time low. As I sat across from a counselor I was seeing I faced the frightening reality that she may not be able to help me. I was depressed, had no idea what to do with my life and the world I once thought I knew was slowly unraveling before my eyes.

All my life I had been told that going to school, getting a job and making money was the right path. Unfortunately, that was not an option for me. No part of me could do that as something deep down knew it wasn’t right for me. “If school isn’t something you want to do, then leave. You can’t keep living your life for other people as it will only lead you to more suffering.” Those were the final words I got from my counselor before our sessions ended. They were all I needed to take the step in doing what I knew was right all along but didn’t have the guts to do. I left school for good and my depression ended almost immediately.

The Most Common Challenges of Awakening

  • Rejection and flack from others as well as the fear of judgement that goes with it
  • Having doubt about information
  • Feeling alone
  • Judging the world as it exists today
  • Blaming others for how our world is
  • Dealing with money

That choice opened a big door, that door was this website. In 2 days from now it will be 4 years since this website was created and became my passion. I do what I love to do and spending many hours on it flies by as if it were minutes. While CE was getting started I worked for a company doing IT as it was something that came fairly easy to me. Eventually I got to a point where I was completely at peace with my job and what I was creating here at CE. That’s when the next door opened for me and I was able to do what I loved full time. This is also when my choices, job, and beliefs were meeting the challenges of pursuing them in this reality.

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Things Are Backwards

I see it all the time, we start learning about consciousness, spirituality, meditation, conspiracies, how the financial system and government really work etc. As we learn these things we can go through a mixture of emotions. Sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes its frustrating. Sometimes we feel a great sense of relief.  Whatever the emotion is we certainly realize sooner or later that the way most of us view the world is completely backwards to the truth. It is in these moments that we begin sharing with people what we are learning. That’s when everything starts to get tough. Part of the inspiration behind writing this is to share what I have learned in my journey of going through all of this. It is my hope that anyone who reads this will get inspired to keep going and shifting their lives because giving into and not facing the challenges that come before us is not what our soul is here to do.

My work through CE raised a lot of feathers within my circle or friends, family and even those it was being shared out to on the internet. I felt what it feels like to have friends leave you behind, judge you, and talk behind your back. I have gone through the lectures from family about getting a real job and giving up my dream to change the world because it simply ‘will never happen.’

I have been ripped apart and torn to shreds by people online who feel challenged and angered by the information shared. I felt alone in doing this work as even those who I worked with at times were less committed than I was. I have felt it all and can say quite easily that it has only brought me to more peace in the end. People will challenge you because they love you and think they are supposed to.

People will challenge you because they are reading information that is a threat to what they believe. People will challenge you because you need it. In being challenged you learn about how much you care about how others perceive you. You learn how you perceive yourself and what insecurities you might have. You learn to detach from information and not have it represent who you are. In doing all of this you learn that peace is something inside of you and the more triggers you have within yourself that can pull you out of peace, the greater the chance that will happen on a regular basis.

It took time but I learned not to hold my ground in conversation but more so to remove triggers within myself that can make you upset, feel attacked, feel judged and so forth. It’s important not to identify with beliefs or even make them ‘ours,’ it is just information so let it stay that way.

When someone challenges you, they are only challenging the information you share. Don’t identify with that information and you won’t feel challenged.

Going Against The Norms

It is inevitable that you will be making choices that go against societal norms. People will judge you and attack you for this. Know that if this happens it’s never really about YOU. Sure, how you react is about you and it’s all you really need to focus on, but from the perspective of the person or people involved, it’s their own journey.

I have learned over the years that we get challenged by people because their mind and beliefs feels threatened. Don’t take it personally. It does not help us to feed our anger or judge them. Instead, we can do the one thing that is most important in these moments and that is looking at why it bothers us. Do we feel insecure? Do we doubt the information we are learning? Do we judge others and get angry at their journey? Ultimately, how does it help to create peace in our lives when we are in these stories? It does and it doesn’t. It only does because it’s an opportunity to acknowledge it and grow out of it. But if we find ourselves justifying our reactions and thoughts, we are only perpetuating the same problem.

Focus on you and how you react. Don’t look to blame others for where they are at in their journey. You can create peace and powerful change by focusing on you. Be change, don’t just know about it.

Peace May Not Always Be There

By 2012 in my journey I had learned a lot about how to keep peace in my life. This did not mean that it was always there. I am always learning and things are always changing, so I am always open to what can change. It was also at this time where I began to question why I was not being supported in my personal life financially by the work I did.

I was able to do what I did and another helped me through that, but it could be seen as the minimum to get by. By this time CE was a well established site, I had created 3 documentaries that reached more people and many people loved what was being done with CE. I began to feel like maybe I was doing something wrong, maybe I needed to change something about what we were doing with CE and maybe that would be the answer. I see this challenge as a very common theme for those awakening and working on sharing this type of content. Many of us, myself included, have gone through moments of frustration, confusion and anger about how difficult it is to make a living in a world that isn’t always ready for this material and nor do you want to charge people for it. This I can say was one of my biggest challenges to overcome.

I got to a point where I had to completely surrender to whatever was going to happen. I essentially threw in the cards and said whatever happens with CE, fine, so be it. If I can no longer go full time with it and it begins to falter, fine so be it. For 3 straight days I did not do anything related to my work. I sat back and just let things unfold. I completely surrendered any ideas of how things should be, what my life should look like and so on. I removed my doubts and disbelief in the fact that one cannot be supported while doing what they love. In that I learned the feeling of letting go of something we think we need to survive.

Within a matter of weeks everything changed. Money came from various unpredictable sources and suddenly I was being supported. Within a month CE was now generating an income that meant all of our content could still be free but those working to create it could be supported. Perhaps it was the collective timing, perhaps it was the complete surrendering, perhaps it was coincidence. Either way, the biggest lesson is to not judge how your life looks. Don’t have expectations or ideas of what it needs to look like. If you want to plan out some goals and ideas, go for it, they can be powerful and have worked wonders for me personally, just don’t become rigid with them. The moment you do is the moment you fall out of being fluid which is the true nature of who you are.

Whatever you are creating now you are projecting. Whether it is your beliefs projecting it or not having yet learned a lesson you require, you are creating your situation for a reason. Accept it, surrender to the idea of needing control and let things play out. It’s scary, but when you truly move forward with it things happen as they need to.

Moving onto the 4th anniversary since CE was created, I am happy to see how much has changed over the years. Not only with myself, but with the world as a whole. Being so deeply involved in everything that unfolds in this movement as humanity changes, it is so clear to see the massive progress that has been made. The team we have here has grown and we’ve come together to create powerful content through this vehicle designed to create a shift in the world. CE now reaches millions each month and that number reflects the consciousness shift that is touching the hearts and souls of everyone in the world. Our stories are all unique but we are all working for the same cause. It isn’t about personal gain or personal circumstance, it is bigger than each of us. All of this happens for the whole and that is probably one of the most powerful realizations I have had over the years.

Final Inspiration

I wanted to leave some final words that I hope will inspire. If you ever doubt whether or not things will change, know that they will and always are. If you ever doubt whether you have made the right choices, know that there are no wrong choices and everything you are experiencing is literally perfect for you. You can change it at any moment. If you fear what others think of you and worry about whether they are judging you, know that no matter what you do people will judge you for it. It is not to be taken personally, if it bothers you, ask yourself why it does and work to overcome the belief that makes you feel upset about their judgement.

If you feel alone in your journey, know that you are not alone and that there are many others out there who are doing the same as you but often don’t talk about it. You, at the deepest levels of you, know that you do not need the approval of others to feel whole and complete within yourself. You are already and always will be whole and complete. Feel it. Let go of your expectations and resistance to how things change. Plan, make choices and set goals if you like, but do not be rigid with them and always ask why you are setting that goal to begin with. Is it for your highest good? If you are having doubts, ask yourself what you feel deep down. Don’t let the state of the world, how it looks, how people are and how it functions make you change what you want to do deep down.

This is my TEDx talk I gave in 2014. It talks about my story and journey with CE and where I feel the world is headed.

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Alternative News

Are Human Clones Real? Music Star Says He’s A “Second Generation Clone”



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Recently, a popular rapper named Lil Buu claimed he is a clone who was cloned by a company called Clonaid. He ignited a debate, but the fact remains, human cloning has been a controversial topic for years, and it might have already been done.

  • Reflect On:

    Different types of cloning may exist, including the transferral of consciousness into another body. It could also have health benefits, but is it 'right?'

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the planet from working at CE for nearly a decade, it’s not to instantaneously dismiss a claim simply because it conflicts with what I currently believe. This has been a problem throughout history, in all fields, and it’s not a secret that intellectual authorities have pronounced their supremacy by simply ridiculing aspects of our reality that simply don’t fit within the framework of accepted knowledge.

We’ve come a long way, and we now live in a world where labelling something as a ‘conspiracy theory’ is actually harmful and detrimental to moving forward. 9/11 is perhaps the best example we know, despite the fact that the US government still sticks to their official story while practically all of America has now seen through the cracks and lies. Another great example would be Edward Snowden. Prior to his leaks, mass surveillance was considered a conspiracy theory. UFOs are another one that is no longer a debatable topic–UFOs exist, the extraterrestrial conversation is the one we are having now, along with other metaphysical realities.

Revelations continue to make their way into the mainstream, and when the ‘global elite’ ridicule them, or label them as false without explaining why or presenting any evidence, it just hurts their agenda even more. So while we as a collective have been ‘had’ on so many different topics in the past, it’s exciting that many more of us are becoming aware of this, and we are now reacting. We are in the midst of great change. In today’s day and age, it’s vital to keep an open mind, allow your belief systems to be challenged, as new information that is backed by evidence is hard to ignore. We have to come to terms with aspects of our reality and the human experience that don’t resonate with us, so we can begin to change the story.

Ready To Read About Cloning?

This is why it might be a good time for an article on cloning, to simply challenge you to observe your reaction to something you may not believe. What was once considered ‘crazy’ is no longer so in so many areas, and perhaps this is the trend we are seeing with regards to the idea of cloning. For those of you who don’t know, cloning on animals has been done and repeated in labs. Experts are also looking at cloning to re-generate new organs that could replace faulty ones. Multiple universities intend to produce cloned human embryos in order to derive stem cells for medical research on diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and other diseases.

‘Dolly the sheep’ made headlines when she became the first (that we heard about) mammal to be cloned from an adult cell. Prior to Dolly, several clones had been produced in the lab, including frogs, mice, and even cows. All of them had been cloned from the DNA from embryos. Scientists also recently cloned monkeys for the first time. So is it really hard to believe that it’s been done on humans?

UN Prohibits Human Cloning

Shortly after Dolly was cloned, the United Nations General Assembly gathered to create a declaration on human cloning, where Member states were called on to adopt all measures necessary to prohibit all forms of human cloning. 84 countries were in favour of the ban, 34 were against it, and 37 Member States chose not to vote at all. (source) It raises a number of philosophical questions, for sure, but how fitting was it for the UN to pose these sanctions during this time?

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Below is an excerpt from a Wikileaks document describing a meeting at the UN in 2008 with regards to human cloning, expressing that many countries believe “that any human cloning is unethical and an assault on human dignity, and transforms humans into commodities, devaluing human life and the relationship of human beings to each other.”

The document goes on to state,

An effort to ban reproductive human cloning, while being silent on “research” cloning, would suggest something less than total condemnation of all cloning and thus be inconsistent with the UNGA declaration. There can be no exception for “research” cloning, which would require the destruction of all cloned embryos: to attempt to justify it on the basis of potential benefits would take the ethically untenable position that human life can be created and destroyed for the convenience of others. And any effort to regulate “research” cloning would similarly be unacceptable since it would facilitate what the UNGA has already said should be banned.

So, as you can see, human cloning is a serious issue, and has been a serious issue for a while. For someone who has never heard of this type of thing, it might come as a shock that such discussions have taken place.

Lil Buu

This is why it caught my attention when celebrity/hip-hop artist “Lil Buu” gave an interview on Vlad TV stating that he is a second generation human clone who escaped from a cloning facility and that he was cloned by a company called Clonaid. According to him,

I was cloned by clonaid in Canada, my model number is 0112568…A lot of the memories from Clonaid were erased so that way the new gen can move forward with whatever new programming was made….They can remove a fragment of bone that’s located here (points to forehead, in between the eyes), and in this fragment of bone it stores all of your memories and consciousness, and with that, they can make a sufficient replica of yourself, a reproductive version of you including your memories, and you can be selective as to which ones you keep and don’t keep. This process has been around for quite some time.

This begs the question, is the same body required for the  transferal  of consciousness?

It’s interesting he mentions Canada because Wikileaks’ Julian Assange also confirmed this a few years ago. (source)

Clonaid actually made headline news all over the world when they announced they’d received a large donation to fun the cloning of a human child. Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, Ph.D. (scientific director of Clonaid) and a former chemist from Air Liquide were in charge of the operation, and for years the company was under regulatory suspicion and bombarded by media coverage. In 2001, she announced that a baby had been born, but following multiple lawsuits and controversy, no evidence of the human clone was provided, and mainstream media insinuated that the entire debacle had been a hoax. You can watch the press conference below when she decided to make the announcement.

Why would the Federal government, along with big governing bodies like the United Nations openly and publicly stress that human cloning is not allowed if it was not possible?

Here’s a statement from Bill Clinton during his presidency, regarding the establishments view on human cloning,

Our administration believes that there are loopholes that could allow the cloning of human beings….Therefore today I am issuing a directive that bans the use of any federal funds for any cloning of human beings.  Effective immedietley, no federal agency may support fund or undertake such activity. Of course a great deal of support and research in this area is supported by private funds, that is why I am urging the entire scientific and medical community, every foundation, every university, every industry that supports work in this area, to heed the federal governments example. I am asking for a volutary moratorum on the cloning of human beings…As we gain a fuller understanding of this technology…we must proceed with a conscious….(source)

The Raëliens

One thing used to ridicule Clonaid, who Kid Buu referred to as just one company, is the fact that they are headed up by what’s become known as a ‘cult.’ They’re called the Raëliens, and they believe that we are descendants of extraterrestrials, that we were created, in a sense, by intelligent extraterrestrials. They believe that Buddha, Jesus and many other similar figures are all messengers of this movement. Their purpose is to create awareness about the idea that if humans become peaceful enough, they will meet and be welcomed by these extraterrestrials. The Raëliens have had a long interest in human cloning for the purposes of extending human life.

This is no doubt interesting, especially if you are familiar with Collective Evolution. We’ve been creating awareness about UFOs and the extraterrestrial hypothesis since our inception. If you’d like to read our ET/UFO related articles, you can do so in the disclosure section of our website, here.

That being said, I’ven ever done any research on the Raëliens, and I don’t know much at all about them.

Ethical Questions

Obviously, there are moral issues and a number of questions to ask with regards to human cloning. The first thing on most people’s mind would be the question of, is it natural? Is it playing God? I don’t know, but what is natural? Perhaps it is in our nature to figure out how to extend and expand our material life. At the same time, I believe it’s important to have the recognition that we are talking about life and death at the material level, I do believe that the non-material aspect of ourselves (our soul) is something eternal.

The fact remains, this technology is out there and has been out there for a long time. It’s not uncommon to hear about new technology and developments fifty to a hundred years past their inception. New technologies are also subject to secrecy orders if the global elite decides to use them in any sort of way. All they have to do is justify it being a ‘national’ security issue and then they don’t have to tell anybody.

We don’t know much about cloning, the details, the possibilities, or how human consciousness and the human soul play a role. There are still many unanswered questions, but at the end of the day, it’s all about changing the human experience and exploring what we are capable of.  Perhaps we live in a world full of technologies that are far beyond what we can even comprehend? If these technologies can be brought out in order to benefit humanity, I’m all for them, but it’s really the intention and the consciousness behind that technology that determines if it’s at all necessary in any kind of way.

Clearly, there are still a lot of unanswered questions with regards to this, and that comes as a result of a lack of transparency. What also attracts me to this is the fact that the ‘powers that be’ seem to be sharply against it, and I doubt this is due to moral/ethical reasons. Does the release of cloning technology threaten the global control structure similar to the way free energy would? Are there powerful interests being threatened here? What are the implications of cloning?

Free Franco DeNicola Screening: The Shift In Consciousness

We interviewed Franco DeNicola about what is happening with the shift in consciousness. It turned out to be one of the deepest and most important information we pulled out within an interview.

We explored why things are moving a little more slowly with the shift at times, what is stopping certain solutions from coming forward and the important role we all play.

Watch the interview here.
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Boy or Girl – Baby Gender Selection Issues



Some parents have the possibility to opt for gender selection; however, being able to decide whether to have a baby boy or girl is a controversial issue.

Many couples expecting a baby do not think it’s a big issue whether they have a boy or a girl; however there are several medical, social, and personal reasons that could influence parents to recur to some form of gender selection.

Like many other controversial practices, the legality of gender selection, also known as sex selection, varies from country to country.

The Legality of Baby Gender Selection

The United States has perhaps some of the most relaxed laws regarding baby gender selection in the world. Most European countries and Australia, on the other hand, have bans on sex selection and only allow it for medical reasons. For example, if a parent is a carrier of a mutation or gene with more chances of manifesting itself in a certain gender, baby gender selection is valid. However, if parents simply wish to balance the ratio of boys and girls in their family, they are not allowed to recur to sex selection.

This has generated a form of medical tourism in which couples from countries where gender selection is illegal, like the UK, travel to the US in order to be able to choose whether to have a baby boy or girl.

On the other hand, sex selection is illegal in the two most populated countries on Earth, China and India. In these countries, baby gender selection has been performed clandestinely for many years and for reasons other than family balancing or avoiding genetic diseases. In these societies, having a baby boy is preferred mainly for cultural and economic reasons. Parents believe that boys have better chances of earning income and eventually support them when they reach an old age.

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Methods of Baby Gender Selection

There are two major types of gender selection methods: the first one is called sperm sorting, and involves separating X-chromosome sperm from Y-chromosome sperm by flow cytometry, a purification technique in which chromosomes are suspended in a stream of sperm and identified by an electronic detector before being separated. Intra-uterine insemination or in-vitro fertilization can then be performed with the enriched sperm. The success rates for this method vary from 80% to 93%.

The other method, called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, consists in generating several embryos through in-vitro fertilization, which are then genetically tested to determine a baby’s gender. The chosen embryos can then be implanted. This method has a success rate of almost 100%; however, it can be quite expensive, costing up to $15,000.

Issues Regarding Baby Gender Selection

While there are few objections against baby gender selection when it is performed for medical reasons, it has become a highly controversial issue when it is used for balancing the number of boys or girls in families. Some people raise the obvious ethical question of whether people who opt for gender selection are “playing God” by manipulating whether to have a baby boy or girl. Others believe that new parents will raise a baby more appropriately if he or she belongs to their preferred gender.

Gender Imbalance Caused by Baby Gender Selection

Gender selection has caused demographic concern in China and India since it has contributed to generate a gender imbalance in the populations of those countries. In some regions of China, for example, the sex ratio for newborns is 118:100, boys to girls. This phenomenon has in turn been associated with social problems such as an increase in violence and prostitution.

It seems like a logical solution for governments around the globe to legalize baby gender selection but to analyze the personal reasons why each couple intends to select a baby boy or girl. Gender selection for medical reasons should even be encouraged, since it could prevent serious genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis, Huntington’s disease, and Haemophilia A. Balancing the gender ratio of a family should be accepted if by doing this, a healthy family environment is created. On the other hand, China and India have shown that baby gender selection as a result of a bias towards a particular gender can not only create a gender imbalance in the population, but contribute to social problems as well.

Free Franco DeNicola Screening: The Shift In Consciousness

We interviewed Franco DeNicola about what is happening with the shift in consciousness. It turned out to be one of the deepest and most important information we pulled out within an interview.

We explored why things are moving a little more slowly with the shift at times, what is stopping certain solutions from coming forward and the important role we all play.

Watch the interview here.
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Have You Realized The Profundity Of Our True Nature?



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    In life, we typically move about, seeing all material for what we define it as. This makes things convenient in a way, but there is a profoundness to not only seeing beyond these definitions, but also tapping back into full potential.

  • Reflect On:

    Have you ever tried practicing the awareness that you are not your mind nor your body? Why do we identify so strongly with just our physical body, and is it time to begin to remember we are much more than that?

Who we really are has been staring us in the face the whole time.

Take a look at your body, but look at it from a completely impersonal perspective; free of any thought about it at all. Without labels like arms and legs; without any sense of ownership, just as it is. Look in the mirror at your face, your eyes, but look without the thinking mind. This body that you get to use and throw around the joint, is a product of the universe. Conditions were apparently perfect here on Earth for Humans to exist. A magnificent sculpture, carved from stardust, gases, cells, minerals, heat – one of the most complex arrangements of cells and energy you have ever laid your eyes upon.

There is no boundary to the human body; there is no “in here” and “out there.” The body is a constant flow of energy, never a stationary or permanent thing we could pin down. There is a constant flow of air coming in and out, molecules by our skin, bacteria breaking down food in our stomach, there is no boundary between the body and the environment. It’s like a river, never the same body of water in any two moments.

Then, how about all the stuff the body perceives. All the sounds, tastes, smells, visual images and so on. The human body makes the whole world we’re privy to. The brain selects a very narrow band of frequencies and constructs reality according to the bandwidth of what our senses relay for us. The visual spectrum is only a very narrow band, while other sentient beings select out different bands for their viewing pleasure. So reality as we know it, never exists objectively, only subjectively through the being that is observing it. Without an observer what does it exist as? Just a soup of frequencies I suppose.

I find this phenomenal! There are little reality bubbles existing wherever a sentient being is alive. Energy has coalesced into the form of a human being, a giraffe, an ant, a butterfly, a chameleon, an amoeba, and through these configurations, the universe is observing itself. It is having experiences with itself.

1619136_420984308034739_245289130_nSo essentially, the whole world that you exist in – the reality bubble that you spend your entire life in – is entirely made by the human body. Your human body. Everything, all of it. Look at the image your eyes are creating. Look at how immaculate, perfect and impeccably high the resolution is! Check out how infinite the colour palette is. Take another look in the mirror at the wonder of your eyes. Those things stuck in that head, those things that we call eyes are absolutely wondrous biological organs, composed of trillions of living cells; living in harmony, being fed by the fuel you place in your mouth. Those things are taking frequencies of energy, sending it at light speed to your brain, where trillions more cells convert it into a picture. WOW!

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And while I’m on that subject: have you ever wondered how electrical signals in the brain – how realistically an infinite amount of neurons in our brain – can create the conscious experience of sound out of electrical impulses? How does something biological turn electricity into the conscious experience of smell? Into the emotion of love, of anger?

So look around you. Look what you’re part of. You’re on a planet zooming through space at hundreds of kilometres per second, circling around in a gigantic galaxy. You’re amongst animals, forests, bodies of water, lightning, rain, drought, plants and soil. You’re amongst life! You’re seeing it unfold right before your eyes, seeing life in all its animation. I don’t see why it should seem like there’s anything else to do, other than admire what we’re amongst, and create.

Just as the bus motors down the street, so too does the galaxy arms revolve around its core. A child eats breakfast, while an asteroid erupts as it passes through an atmosphere. We are as much an expression of this universe as the plants and galaxies. This universe has arranged itself in such complex ways, in such exquisite patterns, so that it may know itself through our eyes. We have become an aperture for energy to know what it inherently is.

When we look deeper into our own nature, we find that things are even more extraordinary than what exists in the physical realm of bodies, animals, plants and stars.

There is this notion of separation in our society, where we exist separately from the outside world of other stuff. We are separate from the table, our house, other people and the whole cosmos. We feel this too, because we feel that we are the human body, or the thinker somewhere in the head. But this notion is learnt, cultivated, but not all cultures prescribe to this way of being at all.

The whole world is consciousness; it all exists within, not out there somewhere. This is the worldview slowly being ushered in by quantum mechanics and eastern traditions. They’ve arrived now at the same point, but there is obvious resistance because the old system composed of survival-of-the-fittest, authority, institutions and competition rely on our illusory separateness for vitality.

Consciousness is the way in which biological functions of firing neurons in the brain are turned into a conscious experience. Consciousness is something transcendent of the physical world, and is therefore never affected by the  realm of form. It is so perfect and complete already, not needing fulfillment or healing in any way.

The thing is, most of us don’t feel this way though. We still feel separate, small, incomplete and not an integrated part of the whole. We still feel like we are locked up inside a head looking out at separate stuff. But there are ways in which consciousness can shift and identify with something much deeper. The first step is usually quieting the mind through meditation. Our thoughts have run rampant, and we’ve taken this incessant internal monologue to be who we are. But if you do one session of meditation, you’ll see that the mind comes in all by itself, starts up fantasies, conversations, judgments and memories all by itself, while you are trying to focus on your breath. While you’re trying to be silent, the mind has other ideas. Meditation shows us we aren’t the thinker at all; it shows us that we are the witnessing presence OF thought.

A thought is as much a sensation as the taste of ice cream is; we’ve just placed too much emphasis and belief in thought. So rather than identifying consciousness with something superimposed upon it (the mind, the “small self”, the ego) we can shine the light back in on itself via techniques like meditation, and identify as pure consciousness itself. We become not only the witnesser of all sensation, but we merge with it, just as we did with the mind. The feeling of self shifts from the mind with all its thoughts and ideas about the world, to sensation. And sensation is essentially the universe! You become the whole universe.

Free Franco DeNicola Screening: The Shift In Consciousness

We interviewed Franco DeNicola about what is happening with the shift in consciousness. It turned out to be one of the deepest and most important information we pulled out within an interview.

We explored why things are moving a little more slowly with the shift at times, what is stopping certain solutions from coming forward and the important role we all play.

Watch the interview here.
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