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inspireceAbout 6 years ago my life changed in a pretty big way. Being here now, I look at the droves of people with that curious feeling deep within them, that feeling that I had and still have. The feeling that is making us ask questions, search for deeper answers and that is illustrating to us that there has to be something more to the way we currently live.

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You can see the excitement in people when they are moved by information that feeds this curiosity and feeling deep down that something big is happening right now. The information and opportunity to change is out there, but it’s easy to hit the wall when you face the reality that it isn’t always easy to change in this world. I hope to address that today.

Throughout, I will share my experiences and intertwined within that will be what I feel are great pieces of advice for any of us going through their own journey of awakening their consciousness today.

Asking Big Questions

5 years ago I began asking some pretty big questions. This led to big answers. It was a time in my life when I had been in and out of college programs one after another. I could not last in any one of the 3 programs I tried year after year as it all felt un-meaningful and depressing to me. I hit what you could say was an all time low. As I sat across from a counselor I was seeing I faced the frightening reality that she may not be able to help me. I was depressed, had no idea what to do with my life and the world I once thought I knew was slowly unraveling before my eyes.

All my life I had been told that going to school, getting a job and making money was the right path. Unfortunately, that was not an option for me. No part of me could do that as something deep down knew it wasn’t right for me. “If school isn’t something you want to do, then leave. You can’t keep living your life for other people as it will only lead you to more suffering.” Those were the final words I got from my counselor before our sessions ended. They were all I needed to take the step in doing what I knew was right all along but didn’t have the guts to do. I left school for good and my depression ended almost immediately.

The Most Common Challenges of Awakening

  • Rejection and flack from others as well as the fear of judgement that goes with it
  • Having doubt about information
  • Feeling alone
  • Judging the world as it exists today
  • Blaming others for how our world is
  • Dealing with money

That choice opened a big door, that door was this website. In 2 days from now it will be 4 years since this website was created and became my passion. I do what I love to do and spending many hours on it flies by as if it were minutes. While CE was getting started I worked for a company doing IT as it was something that came fairly easy to me. Eventually I got to a point where I was completely at peace with my job and what I was creating here at CE. That’s when the next door opened for me and I was able to do what I loved full time. This is also when my choices, job, and beliefs were meeting the challenges of pursuing them in this reality.

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Things Are Backwards

I see it all the time, we start learning about consciousness, spirituality, meditation, conspiracies, how the financial system and government really work etc. As we learn these things we can go through a mixture of emotions. Sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes its frustrating. Sometimes we feel a great sense of relief.  Whatever the emotion is we certainly realize sooner or later that the way most of us view the world is completely backwards to the truth. It is in these moments that we begin sharing with people what we are learning. That’s when everything starts to get tough. Part of the inspiration behind writing this is to share what I have learned in my journey of going through all of this. It is my hope that anyone who reads this will get inspired to keep going and shifting their lives because giving into and not facing the challenges that come before us is not what our soul is here to do.

My work through CE raised a lot of feathers within my circle or friends, family and even those it was being shared out to on the internet. I felt what it feels like to have friends leave you behind, judge you, and talk behind your back. I have gone through the lectures from family about getting a real job and giving up my dream to change the world because it simply ‘will never happen.’

I have been ripped apart and torn to shreds by people online who feel challenged and angered by the information shared. I felt alone in doing this work as even those who I worked with at times were less committed than I was. I have felt it all and can say quite easily that it has only brought me to more peace in the end. People will challenge you because they love you and think they are supposed to.

People will challenge you because they are reading information that is a threat to what they believe. People will challenge you because you need it. In being challenged you learn about how much you care about how others perceive you. You learn how you perceive yourself and what insecurities you might have. You learn to detach from information and not have it represent who you are. In doing all of this you learn that peace is something inside of you and the more triggers you have within yourself that can pull you out of peace, the greater the chance that will happen on a regular basis.

It took time but I learned not to hold my ground in conversation but more so to remove triggers within myself that can make you upset, feel attacked, feel judged and so forth. It’s important not to identify with beliefs or even make them ‘ours,’ it is just information so let it stay that way.

When someone challenges you, they are only challenging the information you share. Don’t identify with that information and you won’t feel challenged.

Going Against The Norms

It is inevitable that you will be making choices that go against societal norms. People will judge you and attack you for this. Know that if this happens it’s never really about YOU. Sure, how you react is about you and it’s all you really need to focus on, but from the perspective of the person or people involved, it’s their own journey.

I have learned over the years that we get challenged by people because their mind and beliefs feels threatened. Don’t take it personally. It does not help us to feed our anger or judge them. Instead, we can do the one thing that is most important in these moments and that is looking at why it bothers us. Do we feel insecure? Do we doubt the information we are learning? Do we judge others and get angry at their journey? Ultimately, how does it help to create peace in our lives when we are in these stories? It does and it doesn’t. It only does because it’s an opportunity to acknowledge it and grow out of it. But if we find ourselves justifying our reactions and thoughts, we are only perpetuating the same problem.

Focus on you and how you react. Don’t look to blame others for where they are at in their journey. You can create peace and powerful change by focusing on you. Be change, don’t just know about it.

Peace May Not Always Be There

By 2012 in my journey I had learned a lot about how to keep peace in my life. This did not mean that it was always there. I am always learning and things are always changing, so I am always open to what can change. It was also at this time where I began to question why I was not being supported in my personal life financially by the work I did.

I was able to do what I did and another helped me through that, but it could be seen as the minimum to get by. By this time CE was a well established site, I had created 3 documentaries that reached more people and many people loved what was being done with CE. I began to feel like maybe I was doing something wrong, maybe I needed to change something about what we were doing with CE and maybe that would be the answer. I see this challenge as a very common theme for those awakening and working on sharing this type of content. Many of us, myself included, have gone through moments of frustration, confusion and anger about how difficult it is to make a living in a world that isn’t always ready for this material and nor do you want to charge people for it. This I can say was one of my biggest challenges to overcome.

I got to a point where I had to completely surrender to whatever was going to happen. I essentially threw in the cards and said whatever happens with CE, fine, so be it. If I can no longer go full time with it and it begins to falter, fine so be it. For 3 straight days I did not do anything related to my work. I sat back and just let things unfold. I completely surrendered any ideas of how things should be, what my life should look like and so on. I removed my doubts and disbelief in the fact that one cannot be supported while doing what they love. In that I learned the feeling of letting go of something we think we need to survive.

Within a matter of weeks everything changed. Money came from various unpredictable sources and suddenly I was being supported. Within a month CE was now generating an income that meant all of our content could still be free but those working to create it could be supported. Perhaps it was the collective timing, perhaps it was the complete surrendering, perhaps it was coincidence. Either way, the biggest lesson is to not judge how your life looks. Don’t have expectations or ideas of what it needs to look like. If you want to plan out some goals and ideas, go for it, they can be powerful and have worked wonders for me personally, just don’t become rigid with them. The moment you do is the moment you fall out of being fluid which is the true nature of who you are.

Whatever you are creating now you are projecting. Whether it is your beliefs projecting it or not having yet learned a lesson you require, you are creating your situation for a reason. Accept it, surrender to the idea of needing control and let things play out. It’s scary, but when you truly move forward with it things happen as they need to.

Moving onto the 4th anniversary since CE was created, I am happy to see how much has changed over the years. Not only with myself, but with the world as a whole. Being so deeply involved in everything that unfolds in this movement as humanity changes, it is so clear to see the massive progress that has been made. The team we have here has grown and we’ve come together to create powerful content through this vehicle designed to create a shift in the world. CE now reaches millions each month and that number reflects the consciousness shift that is touching the hearts and souls of everyone in the world. Our stories are all unique but we are all working for the same cause. It isn’t about personal gain or personal circumstance, it is bigger than each of us. All of this happens for the whole and that is probably one of the most powerful realizations I have had over the years.

Final Inspiration

I wanted to leave some final words that I hope will inspire. If you ever doubt whether or not things will change, know that they will and always are. If you ever doubt whether you have made the right choices, know that there are no wrong choices and everything you are experiencing is literally perfect for you. You can change it at any moment. If you fear what others think of you and worry about whether they are judging you, know that no matter what you do people will judge you for it. It is not to be taken personally, if it bothers you, ask yourself why it does and work to overcome the belief that makes you feel upset about their judgement.

If you feel alone in your journey, know that you are not alone and that there are many others out there who are doing the same as you but often don’t talk about it. You, at the deepest levels of you, know that you do not need the approval of others to feel whole and complete within yourself. You are already and always will be whole and complete. Feel it. Let go of your expectations and resistance to how things change. Plan, make choices and set goals if you like, but do not be rigid with them and always ask why you are setting that goal to begin with. Is it for your highest good? If you are having doubts, ask yourself what you feel deep down. Don’t let the state of the world, how it looks, how people are and how it functions make you change what you want to do deep down.

This is my TEDx talk I gave in 2014. It talks about my story and journey with CE and where I feel the world is headed.

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If You Do One Thing At Christmas Make It This: Acts Of Kindness



Gentleness and kindness will make our homes a paradise upon earth. C. A. Bartol

As we enter into the ‘silly season’ I felt inspired to write about what I wish Christmas could mean for everyone.

In a world where we have so much focus on material goods, (and never is this more obvious than at Christmas time)  I think its time to touch on something that is far more important.

And that is, have you ever thought about what exactly the true meaning of Christmas might be? What do you think it is?  Being with family and friends? Eating a lot of good food or going away somewhere nice?  Yes it can be all of that, but for me, it is more about giving.

Not the giving of expensive presents to family members and friends, but instead, giving to those that need it most.

Yes, I know that is a cliche, but its a valid one, and it is so very important right now.

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Only We Will Make The Changes Needed

Looking at the state of the world, with all of it’s chaos, more and more people are suffering.  Homelessness is reaching unprecedented levels in many ‘first world’ countries, there are more than 114,000 people living on the streets alone in California (with likely even more since those terrifying fires a few weeks ago), and in the UK, it has recently been reported that 1 in 200 people are homeless.   Hungary have recently declared that homelessness is a crime.

We are countries with access to enormous wealth, yet our governments are cutting funding for important programs to look after our most vulnerable people.

A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men. Thomas Carlyle

Seeing that this has become a global problem, and one that is not improving,  it has become clearer to me, that only WE can really make the differences needed now.  It truly sits on our shoulders as individuals to make more of a conscious effort to help those around us.

We have to stop waiting for others to sweep in and make these changes, we have to help do it ourselves.

I know, many may say ‘I am struggling myself to survive’ or ‘ I don’t have any spare money’, but kindness to others can be totally free.

For inspiration, please watch this beautiful and touching clip below that really lets you feel the power of kindness.  I am sure that even by watching this clip, many of you will be inspired now to go and do something for someone in need.  I was inspired to write this article after viewing this clip and I know it will create a domino effect!

You know, it’s not actually that hard to be kind.  You just have to have your mind ready to see an opportunity for being helpful to someone else.

Being kind to others, is actually a gift to yourself, the joy you feel in your heart when you do something nice and thoughtful for others, is a truly amazing feeling. It literally gives your heart a big happy bursting feeling. It feels like real love.

Science Shows Kindness Is Good For You

There actually is scientific evidence that being kind is very good for your own health, and for the other people who experience your kindness.  Kindness can also create a domino effect, and your act alone could end up helping many people, perhaps hundreds of event thousands.

Giving beats any short lived feeling you get from buying something material when you know that you have made a difference to someone else, especially when it helps them when they are at their lowest point.

If I have spare change in my bag, I do try and give to homeless people, (or instead buy them a meal) and despite that some will say ‘we shouldn’t encourage it’ I feel this is very unfair, as we never know their back story and how they ended up on the streets.

I think many of us turn our backs on them (like I used to) because if we really thought about it, we are probably petrified that we could end up like that.  For this reason alone, if you can, give, because would you not hope that people would help you if you were in the same position?

A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money. John Ruskin

Kindness unites people like nothing else can and it is what we desperately need to bring our fractured societies back together.   With so much division between us now, what can heal this is our acts of kindness.

Everyone Matters

Every single person wants to feel that they matter, it’s embedded into our consciousness.  When a stranger does something kind for someone they don’t know it is even more special, because it was their way of saying ‘I see you, I don’t know you, but I care and you matter to me’

I have had many people be kind to me, in times of severe depression, where I nearly ended my life, I always had people show me that I mattered to them and not to give up.

I know this is what got me through those very dark times.  Their acts of kindness, made me realise I wasn’t worthless or truly alone, which brought me to be here today.

I am very lucky now to have this opportunity here at Collective Evolution to now be able to share important things with millions of readers around the world.

Who Will Benefit From Your Own Ripple Effects?

What if no one had of been kind to me when I was so low and in a desperate place? Would I not be here today? I really believe no, that I wouldn’t be.  We all are capable of creating positive ripple effects that can literally go around the world.

This is the power we all have, that you have, to impact someone else’s life positively, and maybe even many other peoples lives.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop

Kindness comes in so many forms, and we are all capable of doing many of them.  You just have to open your heart and want to make the effort to do it.

I hope this Christmas you experience kindness in action, and could maybe even consider making a pact to continue this long after the festive season is over.

Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again. Og Mandino

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Alternative News

David Icke Explains Why It’s A Shame That George H. W. Bush Wasn’t Interrogated Before He Died



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    With the passing of George H. W. Bush, yet another bloodline family member moves on without having to account to the public for his crimes against humanity.

  • Reflect On:

    What is the value of coming to a full understanding of the dark and horrific crimes perpetrated by ruling bloodline family members like George H. W. Bush? What role do they play in our collective evolution?

In the wake of the passing of former President George H. W. Bush, and the reverence and solemnity that pervaded his state funeral, I was struck with a particularly paradoxical emotion. On one hand, I fully endorse the tradition of reliving the highest points of achievement of someone who had just passed away, and imbuing the totality of their life with grand purpose and meaning, as I myself was happy to do in writing my own father’s eulogy. On the other hand, I cannot fully escape the regret I feel that another bloodline family member who has perpetrated great and horrific crimes against humanity has moved on without having to make himself accountable to the world, and in the process reveal the means and motives of the bloodline family rule of the planet to enable humanity to fully liberate itself from it.

Certainly, when I enter into my ‘higher self’ perspective, I understand that acceptance and forgiveness of all past misdeeds is essential for healing and moving forward. But healing and moving forward also require knowing the truth and having it acknowledged, so we know exactly what it is we are forgiving. Otherwise the anger and despair are likely to simply be buried. The incongruity between the lavish honor and praise ubiquitously delivered through mainstream media and the harrowing accounts I’ve heard and read about George H. W. Bush’s cruel Satanic practices drew me to this video interview clip with David Icke, where he explains that there are a number of reasons why we need to look at and expose the practices of the man he calls ‘Father Bush’.

Father Bush High Up The Ladder

David Icke puts George H. W. Bush, who died at age 94, in a category with others high up in the ranks of the ruling bloodline families, aligned with their darkest practices, such as drinking the adrenalized blood of tortured children to lengthen their own lives:

These people always seem to live long lives, don’t they, the Kissingers, and the Father Bushes, and the David Rockefellers, and the Queen Mother in England, who lived to a hundred and two, and the Queen of England, now, is well of age, because they’re not given the same treatment, health treatment, the rest of us get, one of the bloody reasons, and also the other things that they do which is very dark, satanic, and to do with the energy of children.

More on the treatment of children later. But important to note that G. H. W. Bush’s testimony would have been invaluable because he was higher up the bloodline rank than most other high profile public servants who belong to this group, like Barack Obama or his son George W. Bush. In fact, David Wilcock recounts a story he heard from multiple sources that when Barack Obama had been sworn into office, he had a meeting with all the past presidents, and then a private 30 minute sit-down with Father Bush, who called him a ‘nigger’ and warned him that he was to follow what the ruling elite told him to do or else his wife and daughters would be brutally raped and killed.

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George H. W. Bush seemed to be a kingpin in the Deep State and publicly made great strides in advancing the New World Order agenda, actually being the one who popularized the phrase, while privately pulling important strings to advance the Deep State agenda, like helping to align the CIA with the globalist plan during his time as CIA Director and having a hand early on in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. David Icke says he would have liked to interrogate Bush not only for his political role in trying to enslave humanity as a whole, but perhaps more importantly for his dark, hidden practices as well.

Father George Bush is such a classic purveyor of this madness, this insanity that they want to impose on the world, and as presidents go, he’s a bit higher up the ladder, than say his son, or some of the others, and I would want to confront him with, not just questions about his role through the years in so many things, because coming from a bloodline family, he would have been brought, from birth, he would be developed to be in the positions that he was in, head of the CIA, and vice-president, president and all these other things that he was involved in.

But there’s another area of Father George Bush, which is something that a lot of conspiracy research doesn’t cover, but really needs to, and that is pedophilia. It’s a deep rabbit hole, but when you connect the dots, you can explain why the ratio of pedophiles to positions of power, especially in the higher levels, is fantastic compared with the ratio of pedophiles in the general population.

The Torture Of Children

In the video interview David Icke does not go too much into the evidence regarding the crimes of Bush Sr., which he says is discussed in much greater detail in his books and full lectures,  though he does point out that he has had firsthand witness testimony of what Bush Sr. has done:

This man, father George Bush, has not just been responsible for the most unspeakable, grotesque, unimaginable sexual abuse and torture of children, using various electromagnetic technologies and such that cause enormous pain for the kids who are tortured, this guy’s been responsible for the deaths of goodness knows how many children. And I’ve met some of the adults that he abused as children and survived, and they are absolutely scrambled mentally, emotionally, and physically, because of the horrors that this man put them through.

Now there’s a number of reasons, Luke, why we need to look at this, and expose this, first of all to stop the kids having this done to them, but also to let people to see into the minds and the mentality of those who are behind this global conspiracy.

Lack of Empathy

Icke goes on to discuss how the reason one would want to interrogate Bush is to come to understand why members of the elite ruling bloodline families behave the way they do. And the key point is to understand their complete lack of empathy. Icke says ‘there is something about their genetics which has deleted empathy. It’s deleted the ability to feel the consequences, for others, of your actions.’

Because our own empathy is so central to our understanding of human life, it is not surprising that many good, kind, well-adjusted people simply cannot fathom that there are people in high places putting children through excruciating torture through sexual abuse as well as ritual sacrifice. And because so many cannot fathom it, and might not be willing to even consider it, exposing it has been a slow, piecemeal process while these practices continue to happen in our world.

If we can imagine that from birth, members of these bloodline families are themselves put through ritual abuse and mind-control processes from when they are very young to completely sever their empathy for other human beings, and essentially live in a state of dissociative fear where their only satisfaction is personal power, wealth, and control over others, then it becomes possible to come to grips with what is really going on at the highest levels of power in the world.

While George H. W. Bush is no longer around to reveal the tale of his transgressions, there is still a multitude of opportunities for us to uncover not only the extent of his crimes, but the big picture they help to reveal about bloodline family rule on our planet.

The Takeaway

Difficult as it is to go through, the truth about how the ruling elite controls and manipulates humanity through its deception and dark practices is an essential step in our awakening. It’s important for us to break through our own fear and loathing and come to understand the nature of having been ruled by non-empathetic psychopaths who have been programmed to look and seem ‘normal’ on the outside. We need to stop projecting our own humanity onto them because all vestiges of humanity has been drummed out of them.

Condemning them and getting angry may very well be a stage many of us need to go through, but eventually we will need to recognize them as victims themselves and forgive them. While they might not be aware of it during their lives, they are still a part of the human family and ultimately they chose to play these dark roles in service to human evolution.

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The demand for Collective Evolution's content is bigger than ever, except ad agencies and social media keep cutting our revenues. This is making it hard for us to continue.

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The Top Reasons Why We Resist Change & How To Stop



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    We resist change for many reasons, but ultimately, this comes down to our core. We want to hold onto belief systems, being right, stories that protect our egos. Alternatively, we may fear the unknown, but what is that fear?

  • Reflect On:

    Why do you feel the way you do about certain changes in your life? Must you feel this way? Why do some people embrace change better than others? Is it perhaps they give less power to the stories of their mind?

Our world is full of change right now, and for good reason! Deep down we know and feel that something is a bit ‘stale,’ and we’re following that feeling with outward projections of emotions about our system, politics, what others do, our jobs – quite frankly, many of us are feeling frustrated with how things are.

But do you ever notice yourself resisting events happening in your life? We all go through many different experiences, this article is not to say we cannot make changes and choose to avoid un-favorable experiences entirely, it is simply to say, sometimes we can find ourselves being very resistant to changes that are going on in our lives, and this causes a lot of suffering and ‘stuckness.’

From positive to negative, pain to happiness, laughter to suffering, we must always remember that these are all just experiences. They are part of what allows us to grow and move towards a greater awareness within our soul and life experience.

As tough experiences happen, whether it be a breakup, a lost job, having to move to a new place, not having enough finances, finishing something that can be challenging etc, we generally have two choices. We can choose the route of remaining upset and resisting the whole process, making it very difficult to learn from as we inevitably get stuck in judging what is happening. Or we can choose to accept it for the time being as something that is in our path, a certain temporary barrier if you will, and see what we can gain from it in terms of growth. As we react to the situations, observe the thoughts and emotions that present themselves. ‘Why am I so upset about a lost job?” “Why am I so worried about change?” “What do these changes represent to me that make me feel upset?” “Why am I trying to control the experience so heavily?”

Why We Resist Change – The Core Truth

Now it might be easy to say that these are all natural feelings anyone would feel when going through these experiences because they are ‘human nature,’ but this would not be true, simply because these reactions are learned behaviours we get from how we have been taught to react to certain experiences. It is not an innate knowing from our soul for us to be upset and freak out when we lose a job for example. Some of us react and some of us don’t. These reactions are typically fueled by our own patterns, triggers, belief systems, fears, and can be further fueled by collective consciousness. This is why we resist change, plain and simple. We are protecting or running from the various aspects of ourselves listed above that keep us confined in our minds, re-playing the same reactions and experiences over and over.

Some people will suggest that some of us embrace change better than others, the simple answer to why that is is that some of us don’t give as much power to our minds stories. That’s truly all it is at its core. Not resisting change comes down to letting go of the mind’s stories about everything you do or are about to do.

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We are very much in control of how we feel during inevitable changes and challenges as we can choose to disempower the suffering that we often dive into. The truth is, we can feel peace in many of these circumstances, we simply need to remain conscious, aware and reflective as the events play out, and pay attention to what might be pulling us out of peace. We can, of course, FEEL what is first expressed, sit with it and truly understand it, but how long we sit with this is up to us, and is not the fault of the experience.

Resisting change is sometimes like trying to swim against the current. Sometimes we do not always see the perfection in what might be playing out so we try hard to keep it all in place i.e. we resist! Think about letting go of the need to control and instead let things go and flow as they need to. In most cases, we find that things are never as bad as we often assume they will be, and in the end, we feel great for having experienced it all.

How We Can Stop Resisting Change

So next time we find ourselves resisting, remember to try out these steps:

1. Pause for a moment in the situation
2. Observe your current emotions, sit with them if you must. Taking the time to slow down and understand what is going on within you will give you clarity so you aren’t simply saying “I’m mad” but instead are able to say “I’m mad because I’m feeling insecure or disempowered or disrespected etc”
3. Reflect on why these things truly bother you. As you understand what the emotions or triggers are that are coming up you will see what power you give to them and why.
4. Let go of what you are trying to control or avoid (keeping yourself out of danger of course)
5. Choose to take the situation moment by moment without judging it
6. Write down how you feel if it helps, likewise, you can talk to someone.

Helpful questions:

Why am I afraid of what’s to come? What are all the possible reasons that come up in my mind?

What do I feel is going to happen that I’m so worried about? Will it affect how people perceive me? My financial stability? Where do these stories even come from? Society? My friends? Parents?

The Takeaway

The bottom line is, when you notice yourself going back to the same frustrations, judgements, anger, blame, fear, worry, or anxiety about something, you know there is something there that’s triggering you, and it’s within you. The only way to peace and moving beyond that suffering is through processing the emotions and letting go of the belief systems, patterns of ideas in your mind that are causing such reactions.

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