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Why The Financial “Industry” Can Be A Bad Idea – And How To See Through The Maze




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After my mother died, I inherited a nest egg that was the result of my father’s hard work over 30 years, which put me in the position of being approached by a series of “financial advisors.” They invariably promised to help me “invest” this money wisely. Fortunately my father had been both an economist and treasurer of a large travel agency, so he had provided me with a sound financial philosophy, solid practices and a healthy distrust for both Wall Street and investment “experts.” He had also retired successfully in saner economic times.

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When he stopped working full-time banks were paying above 6% interest on savings. When I inherited his life savings, a return like this would have enabled me to live quite comfortably, especially since I was able to earn money as a tech and business writer. But many of my friends were “day trading” and the stock market was hot so I began to get visions of the high life.  Since I was in the high tech arena I tried to leverage what I thought was my insight into some quick gains, with very mixed results.

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So I sought out the help of some “experts,” bearing in my mind many of my father’s principles:  minimize risk, save money, and don’t buy in “installments” (credit).

So – only one of the following men was a “brilliant economist” (the one on the right, my father)
— the other was the Fed Chief that deregulated the markets.

twomenGetting involved in the “financial world,” what I found was an “industry” that had more confusing jargon than even the technology world in which I worked —and an agreed upon set of rules and agreements. One of these was that over the “long term” stocks would outperform bonds, real estate and simple savings (which were seen as sucker accounts) and that this was a “proven fact.”

The problem was, of course, that no one knew exactly what the long term was; if you were 30 years old you could be realistically expectant that you might have a long term perspective until you were maybe 60 –but of course even this wasn’t guaranteed –you could drop dead at anytime.

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After buying a few stocks and losing my ass, I soon discovered that “the long term” was really a euphemism for “hoping the shit would recover.”

Still financial advisors tried to convince me of “known truths” like:

  • The need to set financial goals
  • The need to diversify
  • The wonders of asset allocation

They did not appreciate that my father had impressed upon me the need to see the stock market as a giant craps table –and the longer you risked your money,  the more likely you were to lose.

There was only one goal for me which I expressed thusly:  “My goal is to make the most money in the shortest time with no loss of principal.” But financial experts were not particularly impressed with this concept. They tried to explain that “financial goals” were dependent on “time horizons,” “risk tolerance” and similar terms that I thought were pure bullshit.

expertsFinally I bought into some of this when a friend recommended a seasoned broker at Smith-Barney in Boston, who shifted me over to her assistant who promised to make money for me with “solid companies” and he put together a portfolio of blue chips. One of these was Microsoft, which soon faced a very serious anti-trust judgment in European courts.  I mentioned this to my expert who told me not to worry because I had a financial profile that kept me in my stocks for “the long term.” I tried to argue that Microsoft might lose quite a bit of its value the following week, and I wanted to sell my shares and maybe buy them back cheaper, but he assured me that this went against my profile.

I listened to his malarkey for about an hour, tried to use common sense, and finally hung up with the idea that maybe, just maybe, the nonsense he had spewed was right and I was wrong. Sure enough Microsoft went from $80 a share to $30 over the next month, and it just recovered slightly recently (20 years later).  I lost enough in value that I quit that expert and left Smith-Barney.

In comparison with this brilliant approach, my father was a believer in something called “compound interest.”  This means actually putting away money you earned  and letting it grow according to the following system:


He also believed in another principle:  “Don’t Buy Shit You Can’t Afford.” This meant that I was the last kid I knew to have a color television in the living room, but I also never knew a day when my family was ever in debt.

After college I could not believe how my friends recklessly ran up credit card bills and later got involved in complicated real estate deals that put them in hot water. I never got rich but I always made the rent and lived well. Then when I inherited my father’s hard earned savings, and got burned a few more times in the “financial markets,” I bought a condo and kept working. I didn’t pay much attention when Congress passed “financial deregulation” or the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999, until I witnessed the real estate bubble, and near financial collapse of 2008, and the credit default swaps and massive debts and bailouts of “financial institutions.”

While many people suffered terribly, my main clue to what had actually happened was that banks suddenly didn’t need to pay any interest to savers.  Where my father had earned 6% compound interest on his savings, I suddenly could earn nothing in the bank. The reason for this was the “financial stimulus” – or the printing of completely worthless currency. This was the inevitable result of decades of fraudulent activity, and a transition from using “capital” as a way to create real wealth and value to simply a way of multiplying phony electronic “currency” on a computer screen.

And of course through such “deregulation,” the banks had effectively become casinos –now merged and partnered with investment brokers and insurance companies – they traded complex and risky “instruments” like derivatives and were “too big to fail.”  But of course they did fail –and were bailed out again and again with more funny money.

And now, suddenly when I again tried to avail myself of the wisdom of financial experts, I was “advised” that I had to take “reasonable risk” to earn a return and not deplete my savings. But I was approaching “retirement” – mainly because no one wanted to hire an old fart like me anymore -so now I was anxiously looking for passive income.

At this point, when I was asked for my goals I simply said, “to not end up on the street when my money runs out.”  Another way to put this was that I no longer had a “long term” time horizon. A friend of mine, in his 80’s had bought into the “long term” myth as well.  Unfortunately his “long term” ended in 2008 and he lost all of the gains his “expert advisors” had accumulated. He sold at major losses, terrified and to avoid losing more, and of course his holdings would have recovered eventually, but he needed safety and was screwed.

The question for me was a bit more palatable.  Having finally gotten through the acute anxiety of thinking the entire financial system would surely collapse, after amassing $3 trillion in debt that could never be paid back (and it was still printing worthless money), I decided to concentrate on the present moment, rather than the long term.

I listened to Eckhart Tolle, and my friend Michael Jeffreys, and realized that in “the present moment” I was fine.

But I wanted to understand how this “financial system” really operated so that I would not be victimized and sought out by other “advisors.”  I figured maybe someone had an answer for my situation that I had failed to discover. One advisor my own age admitted that I was screwed if I wanted a safe return that I could actually live on; “reasonable risk” even in bonds meant that I had to accept the potential loss of as much as 20% of my principal at any time in the future due to an unexpected event.

My alternative was inflation and running out of money when I was drooling in a nursing home. And as I explained to women who wanted me to take them to Paris or Hawaii, I was not rich but I was solvent. I could take them to Paris or Hawaii if I died in 10 years, but if I lived another 20 (I’m 65) I needed to save a bit more, and if I lived as long as my dad (86) they were out of luck –I needed my cash.

I went back into the stock market, looked at bonds, options, ETFs and other strategies, and took what I called limited and prudent risk. My discussions with financial “advisors” became a bit more heated. When I had “misunderstandings,” meaning that they didn’t tell me the truth about how bonds or options worked, I got very angry and moved my money to other institutions. More often than not they could not understand my displeasure and unwillingness to play their game –which again was like a giant craps table where the longer you keep the money on the numbers the more likely you are to get wiped. Just as a “7” will inevitably occur in craps, so too will a “correction” occur in the stock market.

The other obvious truth is that the market is completely rigged in favor of those who can afford inside information. 60 minutes just did another piece about how electronic traders “front load” transactions, seeing what retail investors are looking to buy and purchasing shares ahead of them, thereby raising the price, and then selling them back to the investors at a profit. WATCH IT HERE

These “professionals” are called “market makers.”  Seriously?  They are criminals. This does not take into account the other criminals called “insider traders” or as another 60 minutes piece referred to them, “researchers.”

So I have a new strategy.  I go at it alone and I believe in guerilla economics. I follow the momentum of the herd, buy and sell quickly, take my profits and then when I have enough I wait. I try not to get caught in the “undertow” of a “correction” or panic, which happens regularly. I read rumors about earnings and cautiously take advantage of any edge that I can get, knowing that most market commentary is false and misleading, I then just act accordingly.

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New Moon In Taurus: Steady & Serene





8 minute read

Before you begin...

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Take a moment and breathe. Place your hand over your chest area, near your heart. Breathe slowly into the area for about a minute, focusing on a sense of ease entering your mind and body. Click here to learn why we suggest this.

We are having a New Moon in Taurus on May 11th in most of the world and in the morning hours of the 12th everywhere east of the Middle East. This is initiating a 29.5 day lunar cycle and new wave of energy for the coming month; however, the astrological configurations mentioned throughout this article will be more prominent over the following two weeks.

We are approaching eclipse season as we are having Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius in this same Lunar Cycle, a few weeks after this New Moon. This will be followed by a Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th. Eclipses can reflect shifts and evolutionary developments pertaining to the sign it is in and in the specific areas of our lives based on our individual astrological blueprints.

The effects of eclipses don’t always fully play out when they are occurring although you may experience things connected to them on these dates or in the weeks before and after. In this case Mercury will also be going retrograde in Gemini at the end of May which is the same sign as one of the eclipses. This can also highlight significant adjustments and shifts pertaining to Gemini energy playing out in the period between late May to mid-July. I will be writing separate articles on these Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde, you can join my mailing list here to ensure that you receive them.

New Moon In Taurus

Although Taurus season began on April 19th/20th, this New Moon emphasizes its energy even more so. Ruled by Venus, it is associated with values, sensuality, beauty, worth, money, possessions, food, and pleasures of life. As an Earth sign, it is practical, realistic, and very much invested in the physical world.

Taurus is one of four fixed signs with the others being Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, which are all the middle signs of each quarterly season. However, being an Earth Fixed sign, it is as fixed as it gets. It is slow, steady, solid, grounded, routine oriented, and thorough.

Taurus is also associated with nature and it is very fitting and reflective for Earth Day to occur during this time. It is the second sign of the zodiac and therefore is more self-oriented as is all the earlier signs. Negatively, Taurus can be too rigid, lazy, habitual, overly self-indulgent, greedy, possessive, stubborn, materialistic, and very slow.

New Moon Sextile Neptune, Trine Pluto, & Square Jupiter

This New Moon is in a tight sextile with Neptune in Pisces. Although this isn’t a very strong type of aspect, this brings an energy that can be spiritual, compassionate, creative, and soothing. It can trigger intuition and inspiration. With the Taurus influence, it can be a ‘chilled out’ combination. This energy will be more present from the New Moon until May 13th.

The New Moon is also in a trine with Pluto in Capricorn which will be strongest on May 16th/17th. We may feel more determined, strategic, or resourceful. Some people may feel empowered or experience financial benefits. This can also be good for uncovering things, making positive changes, and emphasizing what’s important and real.

The furthest applying aspect to this New Moon is a square with Jupiter which will be strongest from May 19th-21st (and somewhat on the 22nd in the countries furthest East). Although this can feel expansive, we can more easily overextend ourselves, get scattered, have blind spots, and be excessive. However if we stay focused and cautious, this energy can be great for learning and education.

Mars Sextile Uranus & Square Chiron, Mercury Trine Saturn

Mars in Cancer is in a very tight sextile with Uranus and square with Chiron at the time of this New Moon. This can be good for applying ourselves in a new, unusual, experimental, stimulating, progressive, technological, rebellious, healing, or liberating way. Issues or conflicts around blockages, wounds, negative patterns, anger, sexuality, or holism can come up.

On May 12th/13th, Mercury in Gemini will be in an exact trine with Saturn in Aquarius. This is good for practical, disciplined, and realistic thinking. Discussions or thoughts may involve long term goals, commitments, or what we are building towards. This can also reflect putting things or structures in place that involve communication or delivery of information.

Jupiter Going Into Pisces, Mercury Entering Pre-Retrograde Shadow Period

Jupiter had recently gone into Aquarius in December and has been quickly making its way towards entering Pisces on May 13th/14th. It later returns to Aquarius this summer after it goes retrograde, and then re-enters Pisces late December of this year. We are going to be getting a taste of Jupiter in Pisces until July 28th, yet will still be somewhat of a mix of Pisces/Aquarius until the end of the year.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, learning, beliefs, exploration, travel, abundance and therefore it will affect Piscean areas and qualities in those ways. Pisces is associated with spirituality, mysticism, retreats, compassion, energy healing, psychedelics, dreams, creativity, divine inspiration, imagination, idealism, and psychic abilities. It is also associated with escapism, intoxication, delusion, disease, and lack of boundaries. Jupiter can have an excessive effect as well when it comes to these Piscean expressions.

Pisces is one of Jupiter’s homes as it is the traditional ruler of this sign. It gets to express itself in ways that it wants to and is more free and limitless in the eternal sign of Pisces. Since late 2019 Jupiter has been in Saturn ruled signs with Saturn also present which has been very restricting for a boundless planet.

This will be a big shift for Jupiter, but keep in mind that this is a just taste. It will still be returning to Aquarius which is traditionally Saturn ruled with Saturn also present there. From now until the end of the year it will be like Jupiter is having one foot in each sign, however, once it re-enters Pisces in late December, it will be more free from the restrictive Saturnian domain.

Mercury is going retrograde at the end of the month and will be entering its pre-retrograde shadow phase on May 14th/15th. It entered Gemini, the sign it will be retrograde in, on May 4th/5th. Some of the things that have been coming up recently, and especially after mid-May, will contribute to a process of adjustments and shifts that will occur in June and July.

As we get closer towards the end of May, Mercury will be slowing down and the complications that Mercury retrograde is known for can occur before it actually changes motion. I will be writing a separate article on this, join my mailing list here to ensure that you receive it.

Taurus Ruler Venus Conjunct North Node, Sextile Chiron, & Trine Saturn

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is moving towards a conjunction with the Lunar North Node in Gemini and a sextile with Chiron which will be exact from May 17th-18th. New relations, or developments around past relations, could have a fated quality that can bring growth and help us to move forward in a better or constructive way.

Our perception or approach to Venus ruled areas, such as relationships, values, finances, art, may evolve in a helpful manner. It can also reflect healing, expressions of wholeness, bridging, integration, or solutions around Venus areas or connected to communication with others.

Following this aspect, Venus will then be in a trine with Saturn which is exact on May 19th/20th, but may be felt in the days prior as well. This can reflect commitments, practical approaches, discipline, structure, constructive efforts,  or some sort of stabilization pertaining to friends, lovers, financial matters, artistic endeavours, or things that are aesthetically related.

Making Intentions & Things To Consider

Is there anything that you are currently doing that requires you to be more practical or thorough? Do you need to incorporate some sort of routine or structure? Are there aspects of your diet that you need to change? Is there anything that you’d like to experiment or take new approaches with? How can you be more proactive when it comes to healing or addressing personal blockages? How can you make your life more beautiful? Are you spending enough time in nature? What ways do you feel are best for you to grow spiritually?

These are just some examples of what to consider or focus your intentions on at this time. However, it is good to reflect on anything else that is coming up for you. It is generally best to make any intentions within the first 24 hours following a New Moon. The exact moment it will occur is 7:00pm Universal Time on May 11th. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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Alternative News

Melinda Gates Was Concerned About Her Husband’s Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein, WSJ Reveals





CE Staff Writer 7 minute read

In Brief

  • The Facts:

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that one possible reason for the divorce of Bill and Melinda gates may be due to his supposed relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

  • Reflect On:

    Did you know that elite child sex trafficking may be a real issue among certain circles? We are bringing attention to this recent story to bring awareness to this fact.

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What Happened: Bill and Melinda Gates recently announced that they will be divorcing. They haven’t revealed the specific reason for their divorce, but the Wall Street Journal has reported that one source of concern for Ms. Gates “was her husband’s dealing with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, according to the people and a former employee of their charity, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Ms. Gate’s concern about the relationship dated as far back as 2013, the former employee said.”

Business Insider explains:

Sources told The Daily Beast last week that Bill Gates’ willingness to meet as early as 2011 with Epstein — who by then had already pleaded guilty to soliciting an underage girl in 2008 — “still haunts” Melinda Gates. According to the outlet, the couple met with Epstein in New York City at his Upper East Side mansion in September 2013. Sources told The Daily Beast that soon after the meeting, Melinda Gates told friends of her discomfort during the encounter. Several people close to the couple reportedly said she was “furious” over her husband’s relationship with Epstein. Bill Gates told The Journal in 2019 that he was not friends with Epstein. Documents reviewed by The Journal say that after The New York Times first reported in October 2019 that Bill Gates had met more than once with Epstein, Melinda Gates called her advisors multiple times.

According to the National Post, days before Epstein died in a New York Prison he named venture capitalist Boris Nikolic as a backup executor of his will. Nikolic had worked as a science advisor to Bill Gates. The Post goes on to mention that in an emailed statement at the time, “Nikolic told Bloomberg that Epstein had not consulted him about the will and that he had no intention to fulfill the duties.”

Nikolic is seen in the picture above on the left side of Gates. The others, from the left are, at the time, a senior JP Morgan executive James E. Staley, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, Mr. Epstein and of course Bill Gates.

This is the only other connection between Gates and Epstein that seems to exist. Gates met with Epstein in 2011, 2013 and 2018 it appears although no information as to why is available. Rumours related to philanthropy seem to be the reason but again, these meetings had occurred after Epstein was a convicted sex offender.

In 2014, multiple media outlets reported that police arrested  a Seattle man at the Gates’ mansion for allegedly collecting more than 6,000 child rape photos. Rick Allen Jones, reportedly employed as an engineer at the Gates’ home, is also accused of trading pornography images via Gmail. None of the activity Jones was involved in occurred at the Gates’ residence except for his arrest.

Why This Is Important: It’s no doubt odd that Bill Gates would meet with Epstein multiple times, especially after he was convicted as a sex offender. Perhaps these meetings were the only ones made public and there were more we don’t know about? Who really knows, we will probably never get the truth as to why they had this kind of relationship, if you can even call it that. We’ve seen the same thing with Prince Andrew, except Bill Gates doesn’t have any sexual offence accusations against him like Andrew does.

 Last year the former CEO of Reddit, Ellen K. Pao, tweeted that Ghislaine Maxwell “was at the Kleiner holiday party in 2011” but she “had no desire to meet her much less have a photo taken with her. We knew about her supplying underage girls for sex, but I guess that was fine with the “cool” people who managed the tightly controlled guest list.” After the tweet, Pao removed it and then made her profile private.

Maxwell, Epstein’s close associate is now on trial facing multiple sex offences and child sex trafficking charges, just like Epstein. It’s concerning that many people  seemed to be well aware of Epstein’s activities yet nobody really went public.

The Epstein saga, and all of the strange connections that go along with it are important because it highlights a very real problem that doesn’t seem to receive enough attention within the mainstream, and that’s the issue of supposed elite level child sex trafficking.

These kinds of rumours are quite prevalent among high ranking people, as a paper published in European Psychiatry details:

Research eventually led to the Franklin scandal that broke in 1989 when hundreds of children were apparently flown around the US to be abused by high ranking ‘Establishment’ members. Former state senator John W DeCamp, cited as one of the most effective legislators in Nebraska history, is today attorney for two of the abuse victims. A 15 year old girl disclosed that she had been abused since the age of 9 and was exposed since the age of 9 and was exposed to ‘ritual murder’ of a new born girl, a small boy (who was subsequently fried and eaten) and three others.

It’s a very deep issue, with countless examples of accusations and convictions involving high ranking people which include Vatican officials, Royal Family members, Prime Ministers, Presidents, politicians, Hollywood elite, financial elite and many more. You can read about more examples here if interested.

Sonia Poulton, a British journalist, social commentator, and filmmaker, has been investigating the dark web of pedophilia for years. Some of her research has been compiled into a documentary called “Pedophiles In Parliament.” You can access that here if interested.

We have conducted an interview with a survivor of elite child sex trafficking/slavery. You can access the full interview and start your free trial HERE on CETV, a platform we created to help combat internet censorship and allow us to continue to do our work and get the word out about various issues and topics.

The Takeaway: Much has come to light over the past few years regarding this issue, but if it is prevalent at the highest levels, how can it be stopped? If those with the power to stop this issue and the ones we approach to deal with this issue are involved, what steps can we take? Take Cardinal George Pell, for example, a high ranking Vatican official who was convicted of child sexual abuse. His charges were dropped and he was set free. It’s disturbing to contemplate the idea that Cardinal George Pell is or would be involved in such things, after all, he himself established The Diocesan Commission Into Sexual Abuse in 1996.

Perhaps some of those whom we view as idols, or gods and saviours are actually not what they seem? Perhaps it’s time for humanity to turn to itself instead of continually relying on big politics and powerful people to solve our issues. Perhaps that’s why they never get solved? Politics has become a cesspool of corruption and a system that does not seem to be adequate at dealing with many of the issues we face today, yet we continually turn to it for answers and permission. Given the amount of corruption within the system, the idea that sex trafficking is prevalent in some of these circles should come as no surprise.

The mainstream has failed to have appropriate conversations around elite level child sex trafficking and pedophilia, many people would consider it to be a “conspiracy theory” if you brought it up to them. It really goes to show how media sources have become a hub for disinformation and perception manipulation in many areas. It’s important to start having these discussions if we are going to make any progress with regards to solving it, regardless of how unbelievable it may seem.

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The End Goal Of All True Freedom Movements Must Be Unity





CE Staff Writer 5 minute read

Before you begin...

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The deception, the manipulation, and the injustices that have long been perpetrated by the ‘socioeconomic elite’ are quickly coming to light in public perception. The ‘Pandemic’ and all of its restrictive measures are, in my opinion just part of a larger agenda to create a global technocratic surveillance state to permanently enslave us.

But all of this activity has started to awaken a sleeping giant. The mind of this giant is nothing less than the collective consciousness of humanity. Whether this giant will awaken in time, or at all, remains to be seen. In a free will universe, nothing is guaranteed. It’s a challenging game, but that’s why we all came here to play it.

A Call to Action

Many individuals have emerged as leaders, often when their personal ‘line in the sand’ has been crossed and has compelled them to take some form of action. Some leaders are modeling freedom in their everyday lives, some have formed groups to challenge regulations in public, some have taken to the courts or even bypassed them to invoke Natural/Common Law, some are researching and proliferating the truth in the face of increasing mainstream propaganda and social media censorship.

There is no need to debate what is the ‘best’ strategy or point of focus. Everybody has a role to play here. Each leader that is truly following their conscience inherently believes that their course of action is the best, and that is as it should be. What is paramount is that we see where all our roads intersect, and create a unified field of energy around that.

Any action that an individual takes to to truly free themselves is an action that seeks the liberation of all of humanity. The quest for freedom is grounded in TRUTH, motivated by LOVE resulting in a spirit of UNITY. The quest for freedom only for oneself or one’s tribe is actually a quest for CONTROL, grounded in DECEPTION, motivated by FEAR resulting in a spirit of DIVISION.

The latter is the modus operandi of the ruling class. Their quest for ‘freedom’ is actually just a desire for extreme self-enrichment that necessarily enslaves the majority of humanity. Their motivation is something that we, as imperfect human beings, have to admit we have some familiarity with.

So then it is important for all of us, especially those of us who would lead the quest for human freedom, to take the time to look inside, on an ongoing basis, and reflect on whether or not some parts of us still have a need for control, and whether some of our words and actions are inadvertently creating a spirit of division.

Leaders Unity Affirmation

In order to help these efforts of self-reflection, I have created a ‘Leaders Unity Affirmation,’ a 10-minute guided affirmation that is available for those who would stand for human freedom.

I will be contacting leaders of the current freedom movements to see if some of them would like to come together virtually to create a powerful field of unified energy through this affirmation. Anyone who would like to be alerted to such an event can email me at

All are welcome. This affirmation is not only for ‘leaders’ but also for ‘followers,’ and I use those terms very judiciously because I truly believe each individual has to act as a leader, insofar as each individual in any freedom movement is equal, has a voice and a perspective, and needs make sure their group’s activities resonate with them on an energetic level. Individuals within the group are responsible for having a conversation with their leader when they feel that leader may be creating division. (This kind of dialogue is explored in depth in my book Parables for the New Conversation). We have to guide our leaders even as they are tasked with guiding us.

Go With the Flow

Of course some leaders may pay no heed to the insights of their followers, and there is no problem there. Eventually, each person will naturally gravitate over to other individuals and groups that they resonate more with. The energy of unity attracts like energy, as does the energy of division. In this natural and organic process, leaders will eventually learn what they are ready to learn, while followers will slowly gain more courage to step up and express themselves. As is spoken in the affirmation,

Ultimately leaders must be willing to follow.

Followers must be willing to lead.

That is how we will achieve unity.

We are in a very exciting time in human history. We are being presented with an opportunity to participate in the definitive awakening and liberation of humanity. If we all keep an eye on the bigger picture and focus on our common goal, we will indeed awaken the sleeping giant and have the power to create a better world at our collective fingertips.

This article was originally published on my website

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Our new course is called 'Overcoming Bias & Improving Critical Thinking.' This 5 week course is instructed by Dr. Madhava Setty & Joe Martino

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