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Choice And Will: New Teachings From Jesus



In my work with Michael Jeffreys in Los Angeles at the Santa Monica Eckhart Tolle Meetup, one of the issues that frequently comes up is that of “free will.”

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What is so confusing to many is that writers like Eckhart Tolle will say things like -in every situation you have three choices – to accept it, change it or leave.

At the same time, many nondual teachers like Michael will assert categorically that all freewill is an illusion; for example, they will cite experiments that show that the brain “knows” what will happen (seen in an MRI) before a subject chooses which arm to raise. And of course they will always inquire deeply if there is choice, “who” is actually the chooser – and can one find the “self” in the body or anywhere else?

I have begun my own approach to this issue by ascribing the conflict to the innate paradoxes within Life, and the need to simply accept “not knowing.”  Further I believe that the key is actually to be found in the inadequacy of our linguistics –thought and words –and their inherently flawed subject-object programming to provide a real “answer.”

So I was very interested to read Choice and Will: New Teachings from Jesus by Gina Lake, to see how this ostensibly nondual teacher, whose writing is so clear, approaches this profound issue.  The title itself obviously suggests that some measure of choice–and indeed will–does exist.

Gina basically “gives away the ending” in the very first paragraph, in which with typical clarity she writes:

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“You have been given the gift of free will. This gift requires one thing: consciousness. By consciousness, I mean awareness of the possibility of choice. Without this awareness, human beings would not be very different from animals, who function and survive primarily through instinct and other conditioning. Similarly, if you are not aware that you have a choice and if you don’t exercise it, you also will function mostly according to your instincts and conditioning.”

Where she goes with this is really what makes the book so interesting. She calls the Ego the “small will” –not because “it is not powerful” but because “there exists a greater will within which the ego’s will operates, although the ego is not aware of this greater will, what I will call Thy will or divine will.”

Many scientific readers will stop right there and require proof. Is she talking about God?  After all, this book is supposedly being dictated to her by Jesus… But this is exactly the chief feature of the “small will” – the need for rational explanations within the world of thought.

What Gina points to as the “Greater Will” –or Consciousness –is the ability to question even this –even the stream of rational thoughts that are there to question everything else.

As Eckhart Tolle also powerfully says, beginning to question the thoughts in the head is the beginning of true freedom. In this context, “choice and free will” take on an entirely different flavor or quality.

They are no longer words, or concepts, but rather lived experiences –which is the “essence” of the concept of “will” anyway.  It is the act of getting out of the chair that is apparently the result of the thought, I should get up.  But in “actuality” the act itself is not the “result” of the thought, as the small mind would have you believe –it is of an entirely different scale.  It is simply the act itself or a function of “the Greater Will in which the ego’s will operates.”

As soon as the concept of proof arises, “we” are once again in the realm of thought. Gina refers to this belief in our thoughts as our ego’s “robotic programmed existence” or conditioning.

Our true choice comes from the Greater Will of Consciousness which allows us “space” from our thoughts and to actually question them, summoning a quality of attention in the moment that allows Life to unfold as it is – “Thy will be done.”

One can take a more holistic scientific view of this that goes beyond the well-known Christian interpretation, using the analogy that I find so fascinting–that of the conditioned mind as “software” –again robotic programming –and here Gina deftly describes how our blind belief in what passes for information can paralyze us:

“Another useful but often misapplied aspect of the software is the mind’s ability to come up with every possible thing that can go wrong. Being aware of negative possibilities can be helpful.

However, if you let the computer-mind make choices for you based solely on problems you might encounter, you may never get out of bed. The mind’s tendency to focus on potential problems leaves people scared, joyless and immobilized. Such cautionary warnings were never meant to overrun or hijack people’s decisions. The computer-mind may provide some useful information, but information is just information, and it was never meant to run people’s lives. For decisions that affect your life, you need wisdom.”

So again, where do “decisions” based on wisdom actually come from?  Gina sometimes refers to this as “The Choiceless Choice” which is the beginning of true liberation –when the Egoic mind has lost its call (power).  Going further with the parables of Jesus, which Eckhart Tolle also fondly interprets, this could well be the “Kingdom of Heaven.”

When the illusion of the ego is seen through, and many of the programmed motivations of the “real world” fall away, the “choiceless choice” remains only as the obvious and disciplined “choice” to be present and aware.  This discipline ask us to remain vigilant and aware of the extent to which we may continue to believe thoughts –and to question these beliefs, let the thoughts float away, and to act from silent presence instead.

In some ways this also alludes to an opening of what some may call “intuition” or higher awareness.  But again such faculties or experiences are not something to be explained or described but only to be experienced.

Gina discussed this recently in a wonderful interview with Grace Balik on Easter Sunday in an “online retreat.”

I am generally skeptical and put off by books that are supposedly “channeled,” but after exposure to a Course in Miracles and Bashar, I try to keep an open mind. Gina herself addressed this issue on the interview linked above, and basically says that any discussion of whether Jesus “really” dictated the work is an irrelevant distraction.

Along the same lines, in the interview Gina also addressed the conflict I raised at the outset, and suggested that the dogma of “no free will” espoused by nondual purists may be a bit difficult for people just beginning to awaken to comprehend; it can only become clear, in the context laid out so well in this short book, once the disciplined and exercise of true free will -seeing through the illusion of the ego and the trap of believing one’s thoughts -has consistently been experientially realized.

This is very subtle and not very easy material to grasp, although ultimately it is the “simplest” and most elegant solution to life itself –to let go of one’s egoic predilections and to simply trust life.

What made it a bit clearer to me was remembering a book I actually read a decade or so ago by another one of my favorite philosophers – in The American Soul: Rediscovering the Wisdom of the Founders, Jacob Needleman also explains what the “founding fathers” actually meant by the pursuit of happiness, and the concept of liberty.

It never was meant to suggest that freedom meant just “doing everything you want,” or what your mind suggests, and that that would make you happy.  Happiness is not the accumulation of external “things” but rather, what it meant for many of these intellectual giants (who were actually Deists and not fundamentalist Christians) was the freedom to explore and grow in the sacred inner world.

“Deism holds that God does not intervene with the functioning of the natural world in any way, allowing it to run according to the laws of nature. For Deists, human beings can only know God via reason and the observation of nature.”

This is merely another way of suggesting that a deep alignment with What Is (Nature) is the path to God — so that the freedom sought by our founding fathers was partly scientific – to explore nature – and partly sacred – to appreciate inwardly what we know and sense to be Life.

When fundamentalists maintain that this is a “Christian nation,” they are partly right -it was founded “under God” but the Deist conception of God that was practiced by many signatories to the Constitution is actually very similar to eastern mysticism of pantheism.  Just read Thoreau, Emerson or the other transcendentalists to understand what many deists believed.

Alignment with this “sort of God” results in profound joy (as opposed to the modern notion of happiness dependent on results or goals) – it is almost an Eastern concept of Chi or Tao – going with the flow based on a higher reason – or what Gina Lake describes in this book at seeing through illusions of the small mind (belief in thought) to grasp the experiential truth of “what Is.”

This wonderfully addresses one of the key issues raised by seekers of truth who wonder at the apparent “passivity” of awakening or enlightenment – the result, again, of the apparently uncompromising assertion of nondual teachers that free will doesn’t exist.

Another common misperception is that this implies passivity and laxziness.  That within this system of “non-belief” we “won’t” do anything.

But as Michael Jeffreys has said in our classes, then try it.  The reality is that you “will” still function, and if it is in your nature to write, for example, you will still do so.  Like this review of Gina Lake’s book on CE.

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6 Of The Most Asked Questions On Google & What They Say About Us



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Google is an incredible resource that helps us get the answers to many of life's questions at incredible speeds. But as our search habits suggest, we seem to be turning to it a bit too much for a number of unhealthy reasons.

  • Reflect On:

    What are you regularly turning to Google for? Are the answers you're getting actually of value, or are they instead rooted in a deeper issue?

The world is filled with a seemingly endless number of resources for us to tap into or seek out the council of. Yet, when it comes to finding the answers to some of our most important questions we all seem to go to one place: Google.

And while Google may be incredibly effective at providing us access to the answers of many of our questions at what seems like light-speed, it can also be quite damaging.

To illustrate this I’d like to present to you six of the most commonly asked questions that we as a collective tend to turn to Google for, what I believe they say about humanity, and why we need to stop turning to Google for the answers to them.

Please note that these are just six OF the most asked questions, and not the six most. These six are particular ones that stood out to me as troubling and worth commenting on. So here they are in ascending order based on how frequently they are searched per month globally. (All stats found on Mondovo

A written version of the video is available below as well.

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6. Which celebrity do I look like?

Search frequency: 14,800 times per month

While on the surface this search seems purely fun, what concerns me about it being searched with such frequency is that it really showcases how much our thoughts are rooted in comparison.

We all know that social media as a whole is a cesspool of comparison, where the vast majority of us post nothing but the highlight reel captures of our life rather than true snippets of our reality. The last thing we need is to even further compare ourselves to those we aren’t connected to on social media -especially those who for the most part work in an industry obsessed with physical appearances.

We need to keep in mind that the way Katy Perry looks on the red carpet is different from the way she looks upon waking up on a Friday morning. Let’s choose to embrace our uniqueness and spend our spare time being ourselves rather than comparing that person to who we think we need to be.

5. Why did I get married?

Search frequency: 49,500 times per month

With divorce rates being where they are, we all know that the institution of marriage is rapidly crumbling before our feet. And while whether that is a good or bad thing is a matter of opinion, I still don’t think we should be turning to Google for reminders on why we opted to participate in it.

Rather than reading someone’s blog on why you should appreciate your partner, or another person’s rant on why we should all run from marriage like the plague, choose to spend that time instead of having an open conversation with your spouse.

Be honest about where you stand with things and come to a collective conclusion as to what you can and cannot do as the next steps.

4. Who unfollowed me on Instagram?

Search frequency: 74,000 times per month

This is my personal favourite on the list because there are few things that amuse me more than seeing the importance that so many of us put on our “Instagram ratio”.

Long gone are the days where we happily followed and liked everyone and everything, and here to stay are the days where we handpick who we follow to give off a “celebrity status” based on the seemingly much higher amount of people who have chosen to follow us.

If you care so much about your following count dropping from 714 to 713 that you need to look into who it was that you lost overnight (or even if you realize that the drop happened at all) you’ve got some serious self-worth issues that you need to address and work beyond.

3. How to make money online?

Search frequency: 135,000 times per month

As someone who has not only worked for various companies who have made substantial amounts of money online, and who has several initiatives to do so myself, I can tell you one thing: it doesn’t come easy!

It not only takes persistent and high-quality effort to build a YouTube subscriber base or to create a website that generates regular traffic, it also takes money to make money.

We need to debunk the belief that the internet is a great way to get rich quick. Realize that everyone who is advertising their online course, seminar, or book designed to help you do this, is doing that as their primary tactic to attain wealth -and they’re paying a hell of a lot of money to get their ad in your face. Those who have attained it have much bigger and better things to do.

2. How to lose weight fast?

Search frequency: 301,000 times per month

On the surface, this too seems well-intentioned since it’s great to see that a large portion of us are regularly searching for ways to improve our health. But what concerns me about this is largely the last word: fast.

We live in a world where we need instantaneous results (hence why we’re turning to Google in the first place) or we don’t bother. Long-term solutions exist but we have virtually no confidence in our ability to commit to anything, so we instead opt for ways to cheat the system.

If losing weight or gaining muscle is truly important to you, than focus on what you’ll need to do to keep yourself motivated to put the work in to get there rather than what can zap it away.

1. Any and all health advice

Search frequency: Unknown but seemingly infinite

We’ve all done it. We go to Google for advice on a persistent pimple and three minutes later we’re convinced that we are mere weeks away from being on our deathbed.

While there are plenty of great articles and medical journals scattered throughout the net, there is also a lot of “click-baity” crap with nothing to support much of what it suggests.

Please understand that this is NOT an attack against alternative media outlets, I firmly believe that even the most widely-accepted forms of media are ladened in questionable sourcing and ruled by greed. So rather than taking your chances, why not instead turn a trusted healthcare professional who can diagnose your unique circumstance?

For more brutally honest personal development content designed for those who actually want to change, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and to follow me on Facebook.

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When You’re Feeling Like Crap, Don’t Personalize It!



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Sometimes when we are feeling like crap, we make the stories we tell ourselves very personal and thus make it part of who we are. We have the ability to see past this and instead see the reason why we are feeling this way.

  • Reflect On:

    Why do we give so much power to the stories we tell ourselves? Why do we get so stuck in victim states all the time? Keep on practising, stay patient and know that there is information in our feelings about what we need to reflect on.

We all go through moments of feeling down, when you’re in it, try not to personalize it.

When you personalize you grab onto the pain and linger on it; you keep mulling the thought over and over in your head.

When you’re going through hell, keep going.

You can’t make the distance shorter but you can move through it faster. So push to get to the worst feeling as quick as possible – the relief lies beyond that.

The down periods will never go away; you need to let go of that idea. You just get better at managing it all.

You have to get better at managing it: you get a bigger empath load as you progress to a higher vibration.

This is why the lows are still so low even though you’ve shifted so much and grown so much; you’re pulling bigger volumes of energy to shift from the morphic field.

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The reason it feels like you’re rehashing the same stuff? They send you loads of whatever energies you’re already good at shifting… so the stuff you’ve already previously let go of and shifted.

That’s the stuff that should be easy for you to shift because you’ve faced the personalized layer where the examples cause you pain.

What do I mean?

If you hear about someone cheating, you listen with interest maybe. But if you think of yourself in their shoes (personalize), or draw on your own past painful example, then you immediately feel the fear and pain.

Try it… let’s say someone was cold last night, maybe they froze to death. You feel some empathy sure.

But if I say it’s YOUR child that froze to death…? Even the words shocked you.

You may give a passing thought to the cold homeless people, but if your child was lost outside on a freezing night, you’d get no sleep. You wouldn’t be able to think about anything else in fact.

It’s only EMOTIONALLY relevant to you when you attach a personal example or story and attach it to the people in your life.

If you want to break this cycle permanently, you need to train yourself to find higher level lessons in your shifts – when you find the higher lesson, the need for the lower lessons fall away.

So an example is realising you’re not accepted by people unless you behave the way they want you to and give them what they want.

On a personal level, this hurts, because it’s a reminder of your loneliness, isolation, lack of worth etc. It’s a reminder that people don’t want what you have to offer as you; they really only use you for what they can get. Stings hey?

However cycle that up to a god level lesson (how God views man), and it becomes the pattern of how people treat gods. They only turn to the gods when they need something or want something, using God like a servant, to fetch and carry.

Basically, this is the way everyone treats divine beings by default – and this behavior is just a standard human behavior.

If it’s just normal behavior, then it’s not being done to you, it’s just happening around you.

You have a choice about how you look at any lesson, and where you choose to focus.

So for today try to cycle your lessons up… see if you can spot how man treats god through the view of ego, or how god views man without any ego or attachment to physical life.

In the mirrors tools, mirrors 6, 7, 8 & 9 deal with soul, balance, dark and cosmos. Those are all higher vibration lessons. Free mirrors tools at:

Look for recursions from the creation story ( ) or play the game of trying to guess who else around you has similar – or worse – challenges to face.

Remind yourself of what you have, right now. Are your needs taken care of right now? Do you have a roof over your head? Food? Clothes? Yes? Then all is good.

And even if the answer is no, find something to be grateful for and hold onto that.

No shift ever lasts forever…

No matter how crap you’ve felt in the past, it’s always turned.

In fact, that’s exactly why you’re looking for a way out… you know it’s possible to feel different.

This will pass – all you have to do is survive a few days of feeling crappy, and remember not to turn into a serial killer. This is why it’s us… they can send us this level of pain and we stay good people. We don’t become serial killers or perpetuate pain.

So just ask for help to accept what you’re shifting and surrender to the process. Call on your guides and angels for help.

Here are a few different options for surrender processes:

What it looks like in practice

Even at my level, these periods still hit me. The difference now is how I handle them.

I stay patient and accept it will pass.

I look for global energies and patterns in those around me.

I don’t personalize or linger and if anything is stuck in my inner voice I mirror it out straight away.

I ask for help all the time.

I don’t rush in and start anything – I force myself to plan first so that I’m sure of the idea and I don’t waste time creating something half-baked or that I won’t use, or that I feel guilty about.

The only thing that’s changed is how I behave inside a shift.

Yes shifting shifts the energies, but you have to learn tools and change your habits and behaviors as well.

At the end you’re going to realise that the key is the moment you took control… you may as well take control now and prevent yourself all this unnecessary pain and suffering.

Sometimes circumstances suck… but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

You always have a choice about that.

Hang in there. This period has to be over soon…. they’re never longer than two or three weeks.

If you’re already stuck on something, the fastest way out is to push through and find your way to the bottom of the ego death –

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Summer Solstice 2018: The Spiritual Significance & How You Can Reflect In Your Life



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Today, June 21st 2018 is the summer solstice. It is a time where we welcome the season of Summer and can begin reflecting on various things.

  • Reflect On:

    This is the ideal time to consider ways we can balance the masculine and feminine forces in our lives. Where could you use a little more gentle, receptive yin? Where could you yang it up and put in more action-oriented, decisive energy?

The summer solstice is here! This is certainly a day worth celebrating and not just because it represents the longest day of the year for everyone living North of the equator, hello sun — but also because of the symbolic meaning behind it. The summer solstice has been an important day throughout history and for good reason.

The summer solstice marks a time for the celebration of Mother Nature, fun and of course the sun. The sun brings us warmth and light and I’m sure that is something that we can all appreciate.

Solstice At Stonehenge

Stonehenge has been a popular spot throughout recorded time to celebrate this day because it was built to directly align with the solstices, but only during the summer solstice specifically does the rising sun reach the middle of the stones and shine on the central altar. Clearly, whoever or whatever built Stonehenge had this in mind, and it must have been of great significance in order to take on the process of constructing one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

According to BBC’s coverage of a solstice event several years ago, the event included an interview with those who appreciate solstice the most,

“We believe it is very important for people to move with the cycles of nature, and actually feel them. If you get up early in the morning and you watch that special sunrise, you’ve been a part of it. The rest of the year is shaped by that. And we think it’s a really healthy thing to do and a very spiritual thing to do.”


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What Is So Significant Of The Summer Solstice?

Melanie Beckler, the author of Angel Messages, said the Summer Solstice is a time of “energetic opening” and “celestial potential” pouring out from the sun.

She explained: “Symbolically the Summer Solstice represented enlightenment, awakening and the triumph of lightness over darkness.

Aside from the celebration of the sun, it marks the first day of summer, and really, who doesn’t love summer? Many believe that the summer solstice is all about taking a chance to express gratitude for the gifts of harvest, bounty, and abundance.

Pagans hold a religious ritual on the solstice to honor and acknowledge the turning of the wheel of the year and the new season that is upon us.

While to some it may feel fairly insignificant, we are inhabitants on this earth and just as the earth does, we also go through changes. We are in tune, whether aware or not of what happens on the planet and it affects us, too.

According to the astrotwins, The season of Cancer will last 30 days and is a good time to “balance masculine and feminine energies”.

“This is the ideal time to consider ways we can balance the masculine and feminine forces in our lives.

“Where could you use a little more gentle, receptive yin? Where could you yang it up and put in more action-oriented, decisive energy?

“We all contain both energies within us, and in an age where gender is becoming more fluid and redefined than ever, the solstice is an awesome moment to widen our notions of what that means for us.”

How To Harness The Magic Of This Years Summer Solstice

There are so many ways that you can integrate the powerful energy from the solstice into your life. Most importantly, take some time for you and reflect. This could mean setting aside one hour and journaling about some of the various topics seen above in this article.

If you have some crystals, this can be a great time to put them out in the sun to charge and energize them.

Have a solstice party, in whatever capacity this looks like for you. If you aren’t very into the “spiritual” or “fluffy” stuff, simply having a gathering with friends is a great way to welcome this transition. If you are more inclined to the ritualistic types of activities, you can gather with your friends have a fire maybe, go to the beach, share your intentions for the year.

Even if your day is busy, don’t forget, this is the longest day of the year, take some time for some quiet reflection and some time in the sun. Reflect on the past season, let go of what is no longer serving you from the spring and call in whatever you’d like to manifest for the upcoming season. The sun provides powerful energy for all inhabitants of the earth and our entire solar system, might as well utilize it during its peak day.

Manifest that summer love, enjoy community, and welcome all of the new growth, evolution, and change.

Oh, happy day.

Much Love

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With the ancient science of Numerology you can find out accurate and revealing information just from your name and birth date.

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