Who Do We Blame For The World’s Problems? No One, It Turns Out

Blaming is Futile

So, just who do we blame for the state of the world? Who can we blame for global terrorism, pollution, human rights atrocities, destruction of the environment, the mass extinction of species and the ever-increasing health epidemics? It turns out, no one.

Can we blame CEO’s of corporations that seem to hide behind closed doors to plot evil and hoard money? They are simply humans who are looking after a family, and were no doubt raised in a way where environmental problems perhaps weren’t even mentioned, whereas striving for success was drummed into their brains. Shareholders don’t want their CEO to be the “nice guy”, they don’t care about his persona, they just want him to make them the most money. Surely they wouldn’t see themselves as doing anything wrong, so where does the authority to judge really land?

What about farmers who farm cattle, pumping them full of antibiotics, keeping them in pain, sickness and distress? Can we blame them for animal rights abuse? Surely these men and women too are only doing what they have to in order to keep their job and support a family. It’s probably all they’ve ever known their whole life, and to give up farming, or go against what the suppliers demand, just isn’t an option for them.

How about people in the government? Single, separate entities, completely closed off from societal influences, who are just evil in nature and show no empathy for no apparent reason… look deeply into it, and you’ll see no one was ever raised in a vacuum. Every single person is a product of their upbringing, their parents’ ideals, beliefs and inclinations, the culture they were born into, their friends, their neighbours, and so on. 

“A flower is made up of all the non-flower elements. It is made up of the rain, and the cloud that released the rain. It’s made up of the soil, the sun, insects, wind, gravity, time and the rotation of the planets. The flower cannot exist alone, it has to inter-be with everything else in the cosmos. The same is true of people. A human being is made of non-human elements, and if you remove the non-human elements, the human being is no longer there. So a human cannot be by herself alone. She has to inter-be with everything else in the cosmos.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

So to single out a person or corporation and say “yes, they are the problem,” is to fragment reality in to pieces that cannot be fragmented.

The root cause?

So where did all this mess start? How can it possibly be fixed? Well I’d like to put forward an idea: The ego. The thing that gives us the illusion that here I am, separate to that outside world. So in order to be successful and fulfilled, one wants to increase that ego, which identifies with all sorts of things: money, power, status, talents, knowledge, belief, possessions and so on. But this ego is never satisfied, because it is programmed to want, not to have. And I strongly feel that the state of our planet is due to this wanting more, and more, and more.

This destruction is a self-destruction. The conditions created by the ravenous ego have laid the foundations for many people to see, and to ask themselves certain questions and to look within. It has been the catalyst for awakening on a grand scale. People are now finding out for themselves what and who they really are, and how they already are complete and perfect. There is a complete dismantling of the false Self they used to believe they were; a transition from little me in a big world, to “I am everything”. From one perspective the world looks like destruction, anarchy and darkness, from another perspective it’s a beautiful birthing.

The ego is just as perfect as everything else

The ego created the necessary conditions for its own demise, and showed us that we can live in a world where we love everybody (including CEO’s, government, police, farmers, monsanto, george bush) because of who they are, not what they do. I take solace in knowing that there are no mistakes in the universe, no pieces in the wrong place, everything is perfect. How could it be anything else?

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  1. ignoring the problems of the world to live in a perfect fantasy land isn’t the answer. we have to individually and collectively speak for change. if everyone were to drift off into this narcissistic dreamworld the PTB will only dominate us further…

      1. To blame this and that will never give a solution for the situation. But we can’t say that there’s no evil in bush or ruler elites, because they’re just doing it for their family. No i won’t harm nobody for my family’s health and wealth. Everything is clear, yes they are acting with ego and under control of weak/low energies, yes everything is perfect, but everything is also about choice of which way to go. As a result of the life we are living in, we have almost infinite ways to go, and have minds to select. So it’s not useful to blame the authority, it will be spending time for nothing , but it’s useful to think about it and find new solutions for the situation we’re in and raise the awareness globally.
        Everything comes from one and will go back to.

      2. Yes, it’s possible to solve the problems, and help those in need without blaming anyone for why it’s happening. I knew I and they were not separate but did not truly see it until last night while reading this article. I looked at all of the things in the room as them, and I, inside here, separate. But the I inside here and them outside of the I are both in the same inter-being. The ego faded away for awhile, and when it would return it was usually in regard to some belief separating I and them again.

        1. 🙂 Fantastic David. Marinate in that feeling until it’s the norm for you – well, actually who am i to say what to do!
          But yes, there’s no separation, only beliefs and concepts that create this apparent separation where there is none. Have fun my friend

  2. say that to the 2 billion people without water or food. Not because we are short on food or water, they just don’t have the money.

  3. Mostly Governments are to blame as they don’t give a rats arse , all they care about is making lots of money to get oil etc hence why they start wars

    1. Hi Gabrielle, so it comes back to, who is there to blame? Do you blame a whole government? Just a few senators? Do you blame these people’s upbringing; their parents, friends, culture etc? Do you blame government just for being government? Do you blame the corporations that have bought the government? DO you blame money? Do you blame the desire for money?
      Or! Why not stop blaming fragments of something that can’t be undivided? Why not make change without creating as “us and them?”

      1. Actually i belive those things ) goverment, corporations, intitutions or whatever play an important roll in the shifting as well, we are all part of an organism that is renovating itself, i think without today big coporations, we probably wouldn’t be talking to miles away from each other about this new era we are expieriencing! also want to thank you for promoting this amazing content, on this great website! thank you!

        1. Spot on Victor! Well, when I say spot on, I mean I feel the same too.
          Without the suffering, the control, the far-reaching hands of surveillance, the inequality and so on, people wouldn’t be looking within. I know for certain that without suffering myself I would never have found what I am beyond ego.

  4. Andrew, you may appreciate the deeper history of our Catch 22 briefly explained in Ivan Illich’s lecture on The Wisdom of Leopold Kohr (for the 14th annual Schumacher Lectures at Yale). Also, as Einstein realized, “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not too simple. I used to hold the same conviction you expressed above. Unfortunately, it’s too simplistic and too fuzzy, lacking sufficiently liberating explanatory power. The truth is that human perceptual & cognitive functions began changing dramatically with mass printing & publishing of books. Then, mainly in the 18th & 19th centuries, our hearing, seeing, thinking and believing were changed even more with the increasing drift to scientizing & quantifying & rationalizing everything (including music, art, psychology, and economics). That led to increasing abstraction & relativization of the now totally arbitrary notions of value (and dysvalue), which could be used in formulas for rationalizing corruption, institutionalized fraud, and systematized manipulation of currencies and “economies” by clever exploiters (mainly kings and members of the Rothschild-owned central banks of Europe). It became ever easier to wean “the public” (the suckers & dupes) from recognizing “the Good” and the ancient culturally instilled “good” of common sense, our ancient common wealth, and the essence and nature of community. Who’s to blame? Maybe the better question is “what’s to blame?” Yet, if good citizenship was and is a duty or every responsible adult, then the citizens who were asleep at the wheel while the purveyors of mass-deception, systemic corruption, and ecocidal greed slithered into ever more pervasive control of human culture, society, minds, lives, families, schools, communities, cities, states, nations, and the World. There are online copies of the amazing works of both Kohr and Illich, via Wikipedia. Aloha

    1. I respectfully disagree with that.

      What the author is pointing out is that each person is capable of the worst evils and the greatest of good, but they are enslaved by their own egos. The author wasn’t excusing evil and corruption. He was exploring why such elements exist and always will until each person can overcome their own ego. My opinion is that each person is doing what they feel to be the best course of action for themselves as dictated by their ego. Each person is pursuing their own happiness, and each person’s idea of happiness will conflict with another person’s idea of happiness. Therefore, conflict is inherent in life.

      Of course, it is necessary to know right from wrong, but right & wrong are based on culturally arbitrary morals. There were times and places when/where it was morally reasonable to have slaves. Such morals change throughout history and are correlated to collective human ignorance. One has to thoroughly dismantle one’s ego in order to surpass culturally conditioned behavior, thought patterns and ignorance. Very few people have ever done that as far as I know.

      I do not agree with everything the author stated. Especially, the part that everything is perfect. However, he has a right to feel that if he earnestly arrived at the conclusion from within. What I do agree with is the premise of the ego being the ultimate destructive force. All of us are 100% responsible for subduing our own egos, and the most effective way to resolve the greater evils of the world is to begin with the self.

      1. Hi Michael, as I make mention in my bio here, wouldn’t it be boring if we all had the same perspectives/opinions? Comment sections like this certainly wouldn’t exist 🙂
        Yes, so rather than who to blame, what to blame? What’s your thoughts on this?

        Jimmy T, you get me.
        I am definitely not excusing the corruption/greed that is happening currently. Not by a long shot. In fact, my whole life now revolves around creating a new system where none of this sort of thing occurs. I may be a drop in the ocean, but why not try?

        Ah, yes, maybe I should substitute the word perfect for….. necessary? Or I should say “it is as it is”? Something like that. When I say perfect, I don’t mean great, good, positive, anything like that. I’m trying to say that things are as they are, good and bad are arbitrary labels that are different from every perspective.

        I guess, the subtext of this article is to say that if we want to make change, if we want to get rid of the systems holding people in bondage, the systems creating famine, war, greed, inequality, pollution, then we can do it without creating an “us and them”. There are so many quotes i could use, but the simplest one is Gandhi’s “BE the change.” Or there’s Jacque Fresco “If you complain without offering a solution, then you offer nothing.” I feel that love, compassion and unity are the only driving forces that will resolve these “problems”.

  5. Well first of nice article and holistic viewpoints. As for the comments and constructive critique, I agree that the statement of ¨Everything is perfect¨ rubs many folks wrong because there is just so much suffering on Planet Earth. This comes from the Existential Quantum view of the workings of the Universe, in that everything seems to have an eternal natural balance. In order to have good, the exact opposite must exist, evil. So the problems of the world we face can be seen as Natural Order.

    But this view is usually easier to swallow and accept for those who live fairly comfortable lives. As for those that slave and suffer daily, they/we know that this cannot be Divine Destiny.

    Well all of the above boils down to Philosophical Chatter.

    What is important is the wisdom of knowing that to bring Peace n Justice we must first make a change within ourselves and also we must participate in making this world a better place.

    The first step may be stopping the use of money worldwide.

    There is a Grandiose idea of HUMANDKIND RELINQUISHING THE USE OF MONEY. An idea that is surely firing through the Natural Mystic of the Spiritual Network of Conected Minds n Souls on Earth…

    Not only is it a good idea, it seems like the best idea, the simplest, the keenest, the most spiritual. But as always the key is Unity. So TOTAL UNITY is key. World Wide at one time, We decide not to use money anymore and simply use our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us.

    When? Well every culture has the custom of having a New Year Resolution. The calling in of a New Beginning, a new chapter. So a new Year seems like the best time.
    New Years 2015 Maybe?

    With the internet and Technology it should be an easy task to organize this Epic Move.
    Since the Industrial Revolution, the World had and has the exponential ability to provide more than the basics for more than 10 times the current world population.

    When money and separatism is no longer an issue, Humankind will see leaps in technological advances that we never thought attainable in our lives. Without the use of money, all of Humanity (those that wish to) will live in a level of luxury, comfort, automation and abundance that not even the richest Elites alive now would ever see in 1000 years (asuming we stayed in a capitalist-slavalist system.

    We know that the shortest distance between 2 points is a direct line.The shortest route to Heaven on Earth is also a direct line.

    This can be applied to the social dilemma in which We find Ourselves as a Whole here on Earth with imperial, capitalist Worldwide oppression, suffering and death. This is especially important to the Struggles that seek to free Humankind from the evils of ‚man” that causes this massive and unnecessary hell. So if We are at the Present (Point 1 – Hell) and We wish to be at another point, a better point, in actuality the Future (Point 2 – Heaven), We should in effect just draw a direct line.

    The key lies in drawing a direct line which means just going there by simply manifesting the actions and reality of life at point two and We immediately create that seemingly impossible dream/goal of Utopia – Heaven on Earth. This can be achieved only if We collectively realize it.

    The critical question is deciding what point 2 should be. The answer is simply Heaven or Utopia. If We are in Hell, We need to be in Heaven, so that should be Our only goal. Most importantly it should be an immediate goal, not one that will be accomplished one of these days, or more like one of these years or even centuries, if the current strategies of asking for crumbs from‚corrupt governments and regimes? still persists.


    Check out my Book Utopia or Death – Available in Paperback http://www.amazon.com/Utopia-Death-C-Martins-R/dp/1105122638
    or Download a FREE digital copy here – https://archive.org/download/UtopiaOrDeath/6x9Ebook2012.pdf

    LIVE BY YOUR HEART, Live, Give and Do for Love.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Claude.

      I don’t think its “grandiose” at all. It’s actually exactly what i’m working at in my local community to rid ourselves of – money and the idea of capitalism. Did you know that when the first signs of capitalism came into being (I dunno how true this really is) it was in native Indian communities, and the people that decided to keep things for themselves, rather than sharing with others were considered mentally ill?

      I wholeheartedly agree with you. Who is there to take money (or things) from, when we know and feel ourselves to all be one big family?
      Ah, I resonate with so much of what you say. Keep up the good work my friend 🙂

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