Disturbing (But Amazing) Pictures Expose The Absurdities Of Modern Culture *Warning: Graphic Images*

Too few artists today have the courage to tackle important social commentaries with their art. But Spanish artist Luis Quiles has undoubtedly broken this mould with his series of illustrations that depict some relevant and unfortunate realities of our world today.

Through his art, Quiles challenges a wide range of controversial issues ranging from over-the-counter drug addiction, censorship, and corruption to sexism, violence, child abuse, and, perhaps most pertinent of all, our culture’s social media obsession.

There is something raw and hauntingly telling about the commentaries being expressed through each illustration, perhaps in part because they resonate with such truth. Many of them are difficult to look at, but all of them stand as accurate representations of some of the issues that plague our world today.

Take your time with this one to enjoy these fantastic pieces of art! And lastly, viewer discretion is advised.

*Edit: Art is open to subjective interpretation, and these are just my interpretations of Quiles’s art. Feel free to share your take on the illustrations in the comment section below!

The force-feeding of cheap food to the docile and lethargic public.

With the cost of living continuing to rise at a rapid pace, and in an economy which, especially in the U.S., is pushing more and more people into the lower socio-economic bracket, many families and students are basically being force-fed fast and cheap food as their only financial option. Proper nutrition keeps us running at our optimal cognitive and energetic capacities, while a lack of nutrition keeps a nation lethargic and docile.

  The censorship of free thought and the consequences of voicing our opinion.

In a nation describing itself as “free,” it’s interesting to note how many laws, regulations, and fear programs exist that limit our choices and thoughts. One can get locked away simply for defying their government’s belief systems. I’m curious how long people will continue to let this censorship take place.

How female sexuality is used to divert the attention of a hormone-driven population of men.

It’s rampant throughout all forms of media today: hyper-sexualized images of women, used to stimulate a testosterone-driven population of men. Not only is this prevalent in the media, but in various aspects of our culture as a whole.

For example, many restaurants or lounges force girls to wear short skirts, heels, and even revealing tops, all to appeal to a specific audience. Female pop stars and celebrities are also often exploited sexually in the mainstream media, marking just another example of the dominating male influences at the top of the ladder.

Generation Notification: the social media crazed population.

Social media has undoubtedly changed our way of connecting with one another, but whether or not this has been for the better is debatable by many. Today we see a high percentage of youth and adults literally addicted to their phones, iPads, or laptops. It’s almost beginning to move towards the physical merging of technology and man, where the line between social media reality and the everyday reality is no longer distinct.

There are now multiple social media platforms available for people to get lost in, many of which are great at wasting our time as we aimlessly scroll through a never-ending newsfeed. How will this relationship with social media continue to grow in the coming years? I’m afraid to find out…

The innocent casualties of unnecessary war.

How anyone could continue to harm completely innocent civilians is something I will never understand. Children growing up around the devastation of war are often subject to the by-product of war arms, i.e., radiation and firearm-induced amputation. Whether one supports the “war on terror” or not, one simply cannot argue the absurdity of killing innocent children in the name of defending one’s own country.

The absolute power money holds over the people.

With the way the system is currently set up, it’s almost as if people are intentionally pit against one another like a giant game of survival of the fittest. As the famous line states, “The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.” Practically every industry today is fueled by financial gain. People are willing to step on whomever they need to in the name of money.

Most unfortunate of all, we see financial interests literally wiping out the planet, destroying ecosystems and wildlife at an unsustainable pace. How did a fabricated value system come to be more important than the health of our planet? Will mankind wake up to its own insanity before it’s too late?

 How professional athletes are used as products.

How pharmaceuticals are turning a population into zombies and killing us at a frightening pace.

A Los Angeles Times analysis of 2009 death statistics showed:

  • For the first time ever in the U.S., more people were killed by drugs than motor vehicle accidents
  • 37,485 people died from drugs, a rate fueled by overdoses on prescription pain and anxiety medications, versus 36,284 from traffic accidents
  • Drug fatalities more than doubled among teens and young adults between 2000 and 2008, and more than tripled among people aged 50 to 69

These facts summarize legal prescription drug statistics. An estimated 450,000 preventable medication-related adverse events occur in the U.S. every year. The cost of adverse drug reactions to society is more than $136 billion annually — greater than the total cost of cardiovascular or diabetic care. Looking over records from 1976 to 2006, researchers found 62 million death certificates related to prescription drugs, and almost a quarter-million of these deaths were coded as having occurred in a hospital setting due to medication errors. How is this considered normal?

These pictures do a fantastic job of highlighting many widely-accepted yet absurd facets of our world today. It’s safe to say that Luis Quiles is a brave, artistic genius. To see more of his work, check out his webpage here.

What do you think about Quiles’s illustrations? Share with us below!

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  1. Just a thought, why are all the depictions women? From pill poppers, to lethargic burger eaters to “instagram”-lickers? The only proper figure of a man is a “professional athlete”. Hmm. Just a thought.

    1. The third picture is of a guys arm(you can tell by the masculine features) the fourth is of an african american boy, the picture of the girl and boy peeking at each other, and the two war casualties feature both genders, this is partly a feminist article. it’s about the objectification of people, women mostly.

      1. I disagree. Each work that’s meant to symbolize some kind of submissiveness or “whoreism” is using women. The image of the boy and the girl, according to the article, is specifically in reference to “how female sexuality is used to divert the attention of a hormone-driven population of men.” That’s insulting to both men and women, frankly, as though men are these mindless sex-driven creatures and women are just there to “distract” them.

        Using women’s bodies and sexual violence as symbolism for the way we consume media and technology is misogynistic in and of itself. If the work is meant to highlight the objectification of people, women mostly, it does a very poor job of it–it uses objectification as shock value, saying nothing of the objectification itself.

        In a world where sexual violence is still an enormous global problem, you’d think maybe the article and the artist could have exercised a little more sensitivity instead of using it as a platform to mindlessly say “Instagram is bad.”

    2. Thank you. I was thinking that same thing and was put off by it, especially considering the artist includes an illustration representing the over sexualized depiction of females but then portrays females in the illustrations in a controversial way

    3. I think there’s definitely a male presence in all of the pictures you mentioned, although not explicit (with the exception of the Instagram one), and that is one of domination and control. Each of those pictures depicts women in an obviously sexual way, being forced into something or appealing to male sexuality. The picture of the boy and girl with her saying “with this I’m going to control your life” may depict the power women have over men, but I think the others represent the retaliation of men saying “if you’re going to control my life with that then I’ll take control of the world”

      1. Sounds like control needs to stop. In the way you framed the situation, male “retaliation” sounds like the natural course.

    4. I imagine that the artist of these images is symbolically associating the feminine with the female, and the masculine with the male. To highlight the self isolation specific societal constructs forces upon the innocent and the powerless. Take for example the “professional athlete” The interests carved on top of skin have little or nothing to do with his trade but he wears them none the less, he is forbidden from being himself while doing what he does- he is separated from the masculine. A good female example is the the money and burger force feed, where the accepting and sensitive nature of the feminine is completely bastardized and abused for the interest of the perpetrators.

      I think its okay for this in art, but in reality i’m coming the conclusion that feminine and masculine values are at most only weakly correlated to an individuals gender

    5. Probably because we live in a male dominated society where the majority of women are subjugated every day? Just a little reminder that the feminist movement is still very relevant.

    6. To express how free he is. No one is to judge why a Female or Male are in their art more than the other. He does that because he is free to do what he wants in his own way.

  2. I agree with some points but this article leaves out so many logical points. First, Did you research on how much religious groups donate? Millions a year.. and societies they visit are usually developing, therefore they bring them out of poverty and attribute medical attention and other aid, not just funding. Further, our society based off religion to an extent, we are the most powerful nation. And we can see in many of the points that your are blaming the object or system versus the person. Objectified of woman? Women love to model, dress sexy for attention, be like the girl on the bill board, this is no secret. They are their worse enemy of equal rights. Stop playing the victim role and start taking responsibility for actions. The girls CHOOSE to work in those environments or establishments. Further, Miley Cyrus and pop culture LOVE to twerk and dress like that.. It is BLATANT and obvious. And you can not be so ignorant to not understand the unfortunate casualty of wars of which will never change. Intentional is different than accident. Your general opinions are great in perspective and in a perfect world. But self discipline is where it lies, which is what most respect and look at.

    1. I’m not sure I see the connection between a woman wanting to model and therefore not deserving equal rights. Male models and sex symbols certainly don’t seem to be held to this standard. Hell, I just saw an article last week about how awesome it was that Leo Dicaprio left a club with 20 models to console him after his breakup with his model girlfriend. Maybe I misinterpreted what you said but that seemed to be the connection you made. And to an extent I can agree that individuals must be responsible for their own actions, but it’s humanity as a whole that must take responsibility for the environment in which those individuals make those decisions. I’m not a woman so I can’t pretend to know what it’s like for them, but observation has made it obvious to me that as a white male I tend to have more opportunities available to me than most people that weren’t fortunate enough to be born with those adjectives describing them. If wearing a short skirt and high heels is the only opportunity available to a woman to make enough money to support herself, well, that sucks, but I don’t think she should be judged or treated any lesser for having made that decision.

      And on the subject of casualties of war, I think it is understood that soldiers take an inherent risk in choosing to defend their country, and that is honorable. But that’s not how I interpreted the picture. Innocent children (or men or women, for that matter) dying / being disfigured are not something that I can simply write off in order to maintain the status quo and avoid actually having to think about the effect our lifestyle has on the rest of the world.

      1. Beautifully said artfulescapist.

        Also I feel the need to add for the religious portion of the pictures, I find quite truthful. We spend so much time arguing over what we believe in we don’t care about each other or living, breathing individuals, human or not, let alone our entire world. There are many people who run churches that use religion to blind people to give into donations that the church doesn’t intent to fully give back to society. Churches aren’t taxed like working people, so they don’t give to the public in taxes while we’re forced, and many donations also don’t go directly for stopping hunger and giving medical care and shelter to locals right in their own home towns.

        I saw an episode of “Tanked” that I found rather despicable, where the church spent millions of dollars they raised, to build a giant fish tank in their church. Seriously? Do you know how many people that money could have fed? They could have built several buildings for homeless people or paid for birth control so next year we don’t have a few more tens of thousands of kids struggling to get meals in homes that can’t afford it, all because their parents who were likely in love couldn’t or wouldn’t get birth control or it failed.

        We have hundreds of thousands of kids that don’t have homes, in adoption centers, foster homes, homeless, and millions more on government welfare programs while our government continues to fail to pay off our national debts. And as an individual everyone argues birth control left and right, argues condoms and would rather STD’s, and argues The Pill and abortions (in early 1st trimester before fully developed) even after a woman’s been attacked and raped, and then blame her. Then with medical insurance to prevent all of this, we are denied as women the right to get sterilized without having “2 1/2” children, which isn’t even a real number. Basically you have to be on your way to a 3rd kid unless there’s some “medical” reason that’s justifiable, to them. And you have to be over 22 years old, even if you don’t want kids, because they think you might change your mind, even though the surgery is reversible. They say it as if women aren’t smart enough to know if they want a kid to come out of their body. If they do change their mind, there are plenty of kids looking for a family to adopt, which is a wonderful, admirable thought. And then men are dissuaded from getting sterilized because it will make them less of a “man”.

        Women are sexualized, and men are encouraged to sleep with whoever, whenever, and to cheat in subliminal messaging. We are pushed from common sense, real love, and feelings, in a world of competitive over-sexualized violence and drama. Whatever happened to falling in love with one person and making sure you mean it, and staying with someone you know in your heart is your soul mate? You need religion to tell you that? You need to go to a several million dollar-built church and stand in front of a preacher who gets paid to give you speeches and spend millions to cut down trees and print out books so people can read right from wrong because they honestly don’t already know? We need to worry about the living a little more and less about incentives. Yeah they give some gifts and things but it’s all temporary. And as long as the church is against birth control, they are not for ending world hunger. It’s common sense the more people there are, the harder it is to feed everyone and make sure everyone has a home. The world isn’t getting any bigger with our population. The only places humans don’t populate are basically uninhabitable, and we’re even trying to live there. And instead of owning up to a problem, or of global warming, we’re extending the fantasy of abandoning Earth and living in space, so we can destroy that too. Humans destroy everything they touch. There’s no beauty in that.

        We’re constantly looking at our differences, why this person’s better than that person, why our way is better, but there’s no point to war. We are all here and didn’t choose it, and we all are living things with feelings. Until we all see we are all struggling and need to help, starting with the people around us, lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down while we all fall over each other to get money to live, that the government dangles over our heads while they tell us everything is great, maybe we’ll see the bigger picture and the world will be a better place to be when we start to stand together instead of apart.

        This artist does an interesting job of trying to portray all of this propaganda thrown at us in every day media and the hypocrisy most people want to believe. He’s trying to get you to see the irony in our culture and find a way to change it positively. There is strength in numbers, and in compassionate intelligence.

        1. I forgot to mention we live in a free country where vagrancy and living on your own without interference or being arrested is illegal lol.

    1. Maybe because women are more open minded in most case, so by using women it appeals to women more because it is relatable. Not saying men are not, but most that I’ve met are more set on their ways. Also it balances things out because the words and meanings appeal to men but the actual pictures appeal to women because it’s relatable. So in all reality I could conclude that these images are actual neutral and equal. Men and women understand things differently. Aside from that of course artists do their work based off personal experience guys, of course this artist’s life and opinions are reflected here. Art is a visual opinion, an imaginative creation, there are no boundaries and rules. Don’t judge the art, ponder it and experience it. It’s not a law, or a economical issue, it’s a fresh breath of air. Take it or leave it because it poses no threat, just a person’s way of expression.

  3. Really don’t like how women are depicted here. I understand what the artist is trying to convey however I think his own insecurities about females shine through. Particularly the image where the male is going to be ‘controlled’ by her genitals. That notion is ridiculous. The rest were beautiful. I’m sure there will be some woman hating responses to my comment here so I don’t intend on returning to this comment. In other words, don’t waste your time if you expect another response from me.

    1. thats because you are not male and not subjected to visual sexual abuse on a 24/7 basis and then ridiculed by your peers if you don’t act “manly” and want to sleep with every woman you see.

      1. i give you and the male specie my deepest empathy on that “subjected to visual sexual abuse on a 24/7 basis” part, but i also am well aware that these women who were used to create these “visual sexual abusive tools” are just being manipulated by all sorts of sugar coated promise of success in this field of industry, because whether we admit it or not, there is a huge market for such “tools” because these testosterone-driven part of the community is actively patronizing such tools. .come to think of it, a certain product wont be obsolete in the market if there is a demand for it. .so maybe, just maybe, my personal opinion, if we stop buying these so called “visual sexual abusive tools” or instead, take an active part in the control of our testosterone so these ‘tools” would have lost its dominance over us, then perhaps such culture would diminish overtime and we could make those who are responsible for these sorts of manipulation rendered “powerless”. .just sayin btw. .:)

      2. Awwww…you poor thing. Try putting yourself in the shoes of women, and imagine how it feels being exploited 24/7. Now you have something to complain about. If you can’t handle peer pressure, that’s really your own issue. Try Feminism. It’s not just for women.

      3. It’s really two sides of the same coin. Men are subliminally told their worth is in how much they get laid and how attractive the women they sleep with are. Women are subliminally told their worth is in their own physical attraction and how much they can give their partner while becoming a necessity for him. We’re all pitted against one another in a battle for sex and value of ourselves in order to enslave our minds and wallets.

    2. I totaly agree, I thought thatone was a bit loaded, and leaked secrets of the person which created it.

    3. These images regarding sex in our culture are, in my opinion, more telling of the author than the culture itself. Some people seem to be under the impression that the prevalence of images of sex and sexuality are new and exclusive to contemporary culture. However, we must remember that throughout human history many cultures have been obsessed with sex and human sexuality and have depicted it through the imagery of gods and goddesses and the arts. Relative to our collective history, only fairly recently during the last couple of centuries we’ve seen a somewhat sexless culture, due to the firm grasp of a dogmatic an totalitarian church. The industrial revolution and the age of romanticism has allowed us to slowly shed ourself from this oppression, both culturally and sexually.

      I think what allot of people respond so negatively is that for the first time sex is ‘sold’ to us through the free market. In particular the first image communicates a culture of degradation and de-humanisation through monetary persuasion. One thing that is often overlooked however is the fact that the existence of these images is only possible because of the sexual liberation that occurred during the 1960’s. It’s the product of a liberal society. Economically, politically and sexually. One would do well to leave one’s biases at the door when exposed to these expressions. You might be surprised to find they come form a better place than you think.

      1. I think the argument is not whether our fascination with sexuality is a current trend but more how that fascination is now more than ever being used to manipulate. The evidence speaks for itself. To deny this is just plain ignorant. The images are thought provoking and of course they are going to reveal something about the artist. The art will almost always reflect the artists perspective of the world. Sometimes we share that perspective sometimes we dont.

    4. I agree the method is a bit off in the sense of depicting his message. I think its less of women controlling his life through her genitals, and more so pornography. We worship see in our culture and often glorify it as something its not.

    5. I respectfully disagree. I wouldn’t say its hormone-driven, insecure men that depict women this way, but society. Only in the last 50 years have we seen a rise in female employment and general appreciation for gender equality yet women are still portrayed as sex objects by the media and through pornography. It’s society that makes young, susceptible and gullible girls believe that their looks are their most effective way of getting attention from men. Although some of us are able to step back and see this, it doesn’t change the way we subconsciously view women and the way women subconsciously view themselves. We’re a shallow generation and as long as long as the media acknowledges beauty over intelligence, that’s not going to change.

    6. The diss is more on the man not the woman. Men are literally controlled by the Vagina. They would do anything for it. Not all men, but most. They are empty minded sex driven fiends. It has to stop. It helps the woman none either.

      1. Ummm no not what I think sorry critical thinking and experience in the art world speaking. I think it is a discussion on how we see the female form something grand something amazing while the male form is totally hated and even considered disgusting in our current cultural climate.

      1. Women against feminism – truly one of the most ridiculous ‘movements’ of our time. I’m sure the women who fought long and hard for us to do things like vote, and get closer to pay equality (which we still have not reached), would really appreciate your views on their efforts.

    7. Absolutely. If you see the rest of his non-“political” work, you will see that his view on women is VERY sexualized in a way that makes it very clear he has his own issues with women.

    8. I read alot of comments about the image on the oversexualisation of women to control men and was surprised that no one pointed out that the two images (male and female) in the art ,were children…so I’m guessing that there has to be another interpretation of the piece, either alot more innocent or alot more sinister.

      1. I think it says how male sexuality is totally disregarded and often seen as something awful as while female sexuality is seen as something pure and beautiful.

    9. righteous. i had similar feelings looking through these. i understand where the artist is coming from, but the depictions of women are still pretty tasteless and exploitative, the art seems to be informed by trends in modern pornography more than anything else.

    10. It looks a bit pornographic to me. You’re right about the artist having insecurities. Women with their mouth wide open.. porn porn porn

    11. I think your blinders are on. In today’s extreme feminist society that picture is spot on. You have a problem with it because it’s telling the truth.

    12. In all respect to your interpretation, the artist was possibly “confessing” to this vulnerability on behalf of all males(of course, assuming he is not homosexual!) indicating that many women have been conditioned to prey on men via their most primal instinct, that being to “mate”. Of course, now the main purpose is hardly to “mate” exactly, in favor of simple satisfaction but the instinctive desire is and as been exaggerated to a degree where men allow themselves to be controlled and , according to opinions of my female friends, males seldom control women with their sexual prowess but often succeed with money and power. Fucky world we have designed!

    13. I dont think you understood the message. even the commentary in this article refutes your point. the point is that women are used as a means to control. that doesn’t necessitate a decision made by any women. whether it’s a man/woman using a women’s body to manipulate is particular to each situation.

      the reality is, a women’s body, her sexuality, everything about her has become sexualized by this culture. women are “marketed” as just sex objects to desire and anything remotely related to them should also be desired.

      that is just the tip of the iceberg. the current hypersexualized culture has messed generations in so many ways

    14. Bee, I completely agree with you. I’m a guy, and these images immediately reminded me of the highly sexualized images of women you tend to find in comics. Whatever message the author is trying to get across (and I think I generally agree on it), his choice of imagery ruins it. There’s a chance the style is a commentary in itself, but I seriously doubt it, especially considering Vu Ha’s comment about the author’s other work.

      It’s a shame when people who (rightfully) try to criticize the system we’re part of fail to recognize their own biases and privileges.

    15. Yeah, i don’t like it too how women are depicted. Why is a woman who eat a hamburger? why is a woman who stares with open mouth in front of a bunch of money? And why is still a woman who ingested pills?? I think the artist choosed a “woman”, cause he wants to put attention on the sad reality we are forced to, or at least the majority. It is like people are poor creature, fragile, need help, are assertive, silent… Then who is better then a woman for this position? I find these works just as another male bia and it just reinforce gender stereotypes.

    16. Problem is you’re a woman who isn’t thinking outside the box/from a male perspective. I can tell you now that when I watch an ad on tv or even on a billboard ..if there’s a semi-naked lady somewhere on there chances are I will notice far more than a fully clothed one. It shouldn’t be that way but marketers know that to get male attention all they need to do is ‘sexualise’ the ad.
      Madonna kissing Britney..who would have enjoyed that more? Men or women?

  4. A perfect depiction/description of how, what, who and where we are as a culture/society today. Kudos to the artist.

  5. this illustrator draws about thought provoking images which makes him interesting. Obviously hes not the only person to do this kind of thing but his work is still original.. I read alot of comments about people asking why this or why that? which means he might be onto something.. Hes drawing awareness towards media, poverty, social and religious viewpoints, and how sex and technology are a current overlooked trend. for example, when im on facebook, i notice more women taking selfies of themselves then men do… im not saying this is good or bad, I think this artist is just making obvservations….

  6. Love the artwork. I have been saying for awhile now we are a seriously over medicated society, there is a pill to cure everything. As for how the young women are viewed in the paintings yes I agree 100%. Have any of you walked into a highschool and listened to how children talk now, act or dress. The vast majority look like prosti-tots, bragging about how many boys the screwed over the weekend how much they drank and what drugs were done. I have 16 year old so who was just dumped by he girlfriend because he wouldn’t get high and have sex with her. I’m proud to say my son has morals and a goal for his future that he is working his ass off to achieve. Maybe if more people quit worrying about what people think of them because of how they dress and stop consuming themselves with social media and what’s trending and what celeb has a new sex tape out we would be in a much better place for our future generations.

  7. The artist presents women in an over sexualized, submissive manner that I find offensive, not ground breaking. His cartoonist methodology lacks depth and his depiction of women provides more insight to him as a person than a comment on world affairs. Disappointed that someone would present him as “break through”. Presenting women as objects is not new or ground breaking.

  8. Dur dur Jeff Roberts i think you have been watching to much porn dude thank for being so progressive with your time drawing this crap up.

  9. This art is portraying the objectification of human beings in general, both male and female. Humans have been reduced to objects to benefit the machine of capitalism by forcing us to become consumers of fast food, pharmaceutical drugs, sex, products, media, advertising, services, etc. Some argue we have a choice but if you want to survive, have shelter, raise a family, etc., you must become a player in the game.

  10. I really don’t believe the artist has issues concerning the female figure. In fact quite the opposite. He strikes me as an atheist with regards to his religious portraits. Religion has always stated that men are the stronger species, but in his work the artist is showing that women are dominating more of society than ever! Regardless of my thoughts I think his work is spot on when telling a story about today’s society. Freud would have a field day with his work! Lol! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent x x x

  11. It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society! Anxiety is an energy from deep within us, it signals something is wrong, it’s the alarm bell is our time to listen and use that energy, it frees the filter and speaks directly to the egoic center, if we ignore this opportunity it leads to depression,,

  12. In all honesty, I hate to say this, but people DO have a choice. I personally do not own a cell phone for this purpose alone. I prefer to have a conversation with someone in person then to speak with them through my phone (texting, facebook, etc).

    People make the choice, and therefore this is the world we live in. Yes, they dangle it in our faces, but in the end, we make that choice. We continue to fuel the industry, and therefore we are also to blame.

    I know I might see some flack for this, but I believe each person has the choice. I’ve made mine.

    Common sense is also an issue in our society; it is no longer common. It is a gift from what I see. Choices made are driven by those of others who have given them direction. For example, Doctors. Kids now these days are over diagnosed (I think I said that correctly, but hopefully you know what I mean). My son had an ache in his ear, and my wife took him to the doctors. The doctor right away gave him an antibiotic. I wasn’t convinced. So she then took him to a clinic where we were treated with a much older doctor. He took one look, and said right away that there is no sign of infection. Checked his throat, and right away said that he just has a sore throat; not strep throat (which does need antibiotic) but just a sore throat. That is why his ear was also hurting.

    Most people would have fed their kid with that antibiotic because of convenience (who has the time to see a second doctor??? lol), while I made the choice to seek out a second opinion because, well, I made that choice knowing that we are constantly fed pills and our bodies become in need of a crutch (medication). Not even a day later, and my son said his ear stopped hurting. lol

    As you can see, people make those choices. I made mine.

    It all comes down to the choices we make, and if you choose to follow mainstream, or for convenience, you are going to be in a tough ride. Mankind didn’t need all those meds, but meds are required for certain circumstances. Not a sore throat.

    I hope you can understand my point of view, because frankly in the end, that is the choice I will continue to make. The one that involves Common Sense.

      1. Thank you Heidi. I hope more people can join in on my points… I guess I see the world a bit differently… but I do know there are others that also agree…

    1. Phil you said it yourself while contradicting yourself! People base there decisions on the information that is provided or available. As we live in a media driven world it becomes harder and harder to get the right information to your decision on.
      I’m unsure if you realise the tragedies that are happening in the world and I’m sure if you went outside and spoke to people as you say you do I’m quite sure they would all be against these terrible atrocities i.e. War, starving children etc. yet they persist to happen.
      Common sense does seem to be diminishing or has it ever been common?
      We are all controlled to keep the same minority of the world rich. If you can’t see that from the high horse your sitting on. Then I have doubts on the common sense you yourself have and speak so highly of.

    2. The issue being explored there is likely not antibiotic-reliance, but addictive drugs for pain management or psychoactive drugs. I understand your point, but the truth is, a doctor pushing an antibiotic for a throat and ear sore enough to warrant a Dr. visit is simply exercising his professional opinion; not pushing drugs on you to assist big pharmaceuticals. Indeed, a major issue is pharmaceuticals refusing to create new antibiotics BECAUSE there is no $$ in it; but a great deal of $ in long-term (addictive) meds.
      It’s great that the antibiotic was deemed unnecessary, but I just felt your anecdote was a little misguided Re: the messages explored here by the artist and author.

      Yes it comes down to a choice but we live in a society where to survive, you must follow the flock to an extent. You CHOOSE to live and function within this society. I couldn’t own and operate my business without a cellphone; most people do require it now. The choice lies within your own control and restraint in how you use it. I mean, you choose to use the internet, but I assume exercise limits to it with yourself?
      Personally I prefer to exercise my own restraint and discipline with a cell, than forever explain my slightly high-handed reasoning as to why I do not use one.

      Yes, we have choices to make. Yes, we must use common sense. But we should also move forward with the society we CHOOSE to live within, while practicing our own personal discipline and self-respect. Only then can we make things better; not by ignoring the unchangeable facets we dislike, but changing the rules that surround them. Ie, refusing to feed on low-nutrient, mass-produced foods like we are peasants, and demanding non-GMO, sustainable foods.

      1. In terms of Antibiotics, I understand there is no money in it… but In Canada, a doctor gets paid for what he prescribes. Some push it, others don’t. But I do know what you mean.

        I also agree with you that you must follow the flock to an extent. Cellphones for example, you need it for your business. That’s different then what I was trying to portray; I would use it for the sake of emergency, or to speak to someone. But to sit on it for endless hours, whether it is facebook or twitter, I find it counter productive. So yes, I have to agree with you when you stated “assume excercise limits to it”.

        Actually, I have to agree with almost all the things you said. lol I just sometimes don’t know how to say it correctly (English being my second language).

    3. Phil I agree with you!! the real deal here is the common sense …. as we know every one has a different common sense it’s because how their stories become in there life’s..but you gave the other great answer and that is Choices.

  13. This is focusing on the western (european/U.S.) individual consumer. And our culture uses women as the symbol of senuality, sex and desirablility much more than I have seen in other cultures around the world ( I don’t live in asia, africa or australia so my real life immersion with their culture doesn’t exist). So since we are his target, he uses what we latch onto. Look at 80% of advertisements on the internet, t.v. and print media…sexy women selling sexy products, with a good a looking man thrown in. Jewelry, cars, clothes, tootpaste, laundry deterent, cable service…etc…skinny, good looking women in heels telling us we need whiter teeth, better detergent and cheaper sweaters from target.
    and the vatican is geographically the smallest country but is sitting on BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars. so while they hand out a couple of vials of medicine and coherse private companies to donate thier time, moneyand resources with the bait of guilt and good will , they have the political and monetary power to wipe out poverty, disease and stupidity across the world, yet hand out dogma and mental self-loathing instead.

    1. I actually must disagree on the sexual aspect as the United States is very repressed compared to other countries. In Europe they have full nude commercials and in Africa many tribes are hardly covered on a daily basis. We are not an overtly sexual nation, but because of the stigma that has been placed on the nude form in America we see this as “overly-sexualized.” However, I do agree that the portrayal of women in the media is degrading, just not for the same reasons that you believe it is. It is degrading because it shows us as being made for household duties, for pleasing our man and knowing everything about laundry detergent and dishsoap.

      We are raising our children to feel uncomfortable in their own bodies because we don’t portray either female or male forms as they are naturally, we photoshop, cut snip and plasticate (I know that’s not a word but it’s my personal term). Then in turn we teach them that even viewing the nude form is wrong – leaving them utterly confused about how they should feel about themselves. No wonder there are so many issues with self-esteem in this country, we aren’t letting our children feel comfortable in their own skin!

    2. thank you very much, ii think there is a lot of people in the comments that are trying somehow convince the world that what the message the artist is trying to portray is not accurate.

      feminists should take the veil from their eyes and realize that women are treated ike objects in mainstream media and that 80% of those women are totally ok with it

      it is the truth

    3. Very well said. Especially about the Vatican being able to wipe out poverty, hunger, disease, death, etc. I’m not quite sure how you feel about the illustrations of the children being “puppets” of their forerunners. I am neutral on that subject because I can see that they are born and raised to fight and be a “psychological deterrent” for Western military because who would want to shoot a child? And yes, the ones who put those children in that situation do it for that exact reason, but…On the flip side, that’s the way THEY (“Forerunners”) were born and believe it is the way of life and to serve their own “higher power”. So yeah, they beleive they are correct because that is their own personal belief just like any other religion ANYWHERE. I WILL say this ENTIRE WORLD is confused and disorganized. This may sound strange and I mean no offense by this so I apologize just incase, but if the entire world could collectively come together via enlightenment from a hallucinogenic, NATURAL chemical such as psilocybin, psilocybe, psilocin (psilocybe cubensis) etc. etc. in a controlled/safe environment, even in a very small dose, I truly believe we all would be enlightened to the point of realizing that we as a species must work together and help one another. Even if the majority of humans still beleive in their higher power after their conscious’ “come back to their human vessel” , it truly would make a difference. Now if we ALL were TRULY ENLIGHTENED (past the threshold), I KNOW for a fact that all humans would work together as one and not only survive, but thrive beyond what we could even comprehend at this moment. Yes, this is MY SUBJECTIVE BELEIF from which I’ve learned through the same ways of “prying open my own third eye” via natural/non tainted fungus of the earth, pure mescaline/peyote etc. etc. as well as ULTIMATE meditation of ALL types, such as meditative acupuncture and pretty much anything you can think of because I am EXTREMELY open minded (and no, I am not bragging in any way). Anyways, sorry to drag this out so long, I just wanted you to know I like what you have said on the MAIN topic of this “controversial” subject. Good day to you, sir and enjoy your life. Have a GREAT ONE!! Peace. P.s. -My name is ADAM RUTH just incase you would ever like to talk. I don’t like putting my info out there but you can always re – reply to this and we can go from there.

  14. Great article, but it’s dangerous to lump ALL women, athletes, religious institutions together. I agree, as a whole, religious institutions are failing as the servants they are called to be as Christians. There are some who are trying to be the change, however. Lifechurch.tv is a prime example. One of its core values is to lead the way with irrational generosity. We truly believe it is better to give than to receive. The church does not exist for us. We are the church and we exist for the world. I know there are other churches out there trying to do the same. God bless those who are! So much work to be done!

    1. If you belonged to a political party or a social club that was tied to as much bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, violence, and sheer ignorance as religion is, you’d resign in protest. To do otherwise is to be an enabler, a mafia wife, for the true devils of extremism that draw their legitimacy from the billions of their fellow travelers.

      If the world does come to an end here, or wherever, or if it limps into the future, decimated by the effects of religion-inspired nuclear terrorism, let’s remember what the real problem was. We learned how to precipitate mass death before we got past the neurological disorder of wishing for it. That’s it. Grow up or die.

      1. There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with The Bible, or Christianity.

        Things wrong with it’s followers: Yes

        Things wrong with people who aren’t intelligent enough to understand it’s concepts, but would rather pull small passages out of context: Yes

        Things wrong with people who would live their life, or judge others, by those passages taken out of context: yes

        1. Christianity is one of the richest foundations in the world so why don’t they use there money to feed the world ?

        2. Absolutely nothing inherently wrong with the christianity? I had something witty written here but, I’m afraid it would have gone to waste. Good luck friend.

        3. The Bible, especially the OT, is especially problematic in the sense in that it is a) contradictory b) outdated (promotes slavery, misogyny, animal sacrifice, etc.) and worst of all, c) presents us with a Divine Leadership that is wrathful, vengeful, psychopathically destructive, jealous, and just plain immoral. Certainly not role model material, yet this serves as the core of the 3 Abrahamic religions. Ponder the significance of this long and deep enough and you’ll understand why the world is as it is.

          1. Thank God (literally) that we don’t have to live by the old law (OT) because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! I agree with you about the OT. It is a history book. Important, but not the law that Christians are called to live by today. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts in such a respectful manner.

      2. I’m so sorry this is your opinion. But it is yours to have. The God I serve is a God of pure love and acceptance. I’m very sorry your perception (and that of many others) has been tainted by some who dishonor the gift of mercy given to the world by Jesus Christ by spreading hate, homophobia and bigotry. That is not what our loving Father stands for and each person must answer for his/her own actions and thoughts. As Chrisitans, we are not called to judge the world, only to be a light and spread the Good News. To label all Christians, Muslims, Hispanics, police, (insert whatever here), as anything but individual thinkers is unfair and just as intolerant and bigoted as the religions you speak of. God bless and have a Happy/Merry (what ever doesn’t offend you–insert here).

  15. After going and looking at the rest of the artists work, I find this article ironic and hypocritical. The rest of the artists work is hyper sexualized towards women. Many paintings involving women performing sex acts, and naked women. You don’t see any of the naked men’s faces or see them in compromising positions etc. I think this artist has no respect for women and is using his art to show his perceived superiority.

    1. In most porn videos, the women are the main focus and the men performing are nothing more than disembodied penises in order to further the feeling of the viewer being part of the action. Porn in general is dehumanizing to both parties involved, not just the woman.

      Porn has no respect for anyone – they just want your money and your brain to be trained to view their trash on a daily basis so they can continue making money from it.

    1. Hows about instead of just calling someone a liberal you actually make a point about why you disagree with the message. Makes you sound a lot smarter.

    2. It pretty much sums up the world. You don’t believe in freedom? Classical liberals believe in liberty, while neoliberals and neoconservatives believe in authoritarianism. This oppression fabricates these societal ills and perpetuates violent behavior, but the populous is indoctrinated to believe that the outcasts are menaces to society.

      It is a factual statement to say unnecessary conflict harms innocent sentiment beings.

    3. Does a liberals objection to war, starvation, drugs and sexualisation of women mean any less then anyone else’s or are yoi just too immature to see the art, the message its trying to convay and stop making your objection to the art something so personal, speculative, unfounded and childish? Time to grow up.

    4. There is knowledge and there is knowledge – it’s relative. The knowledge that you have accepted as being valid in life finds necessity for war; the knowledge that someone else accepts may say differently. Both points of view, within the context of their own reasoning, are valid. Knowledge, however, is not truth. Remember that.

  16. will i find this not bad but also not that creative it is just a misguided political, social, and cultural statements from one side view also i i think some times religion can help some people i know not a lot all all the time and i don’t agree with him on the hyper-sexualized thing actually i find i hypocritical that someone that liberal and an anti censorship person find that wear skirts (also it is exist from the past) and the sexy image are part of Absurdity thing no and i think also that the Female pop stars and celebrities are the one that exploiting us the people to give them attention not the opposite and no one actually exploit them no but their ego to make them famous make them do that or they actually a sexual being like all other and they like to share it with us any way i think all this thing are exist from the past except the smartphones of course but just the evolution make it more like that

      1. I understand. After youve done so much to help, to shake, to start up ppl, this shitty artist is only mocking your work.

        Since you and sarcasm go hand in hand, i dont believe you need a sign here.

    1. You are obviously one of the problems in our modern day society. Fortunately, your incapability to write, and most likely speak, proper English, demonstrates that although your arguments are mis-guided and have been scientifically proven to be wrong, your thoughts will not be heard. I would suggest that you learn how to write proper english so that people can actually understand you, and that you re-evaluate your views on all topics addressed above.

    1. Yeah it’s best to keep our young completely in the dark so they aren’t affected by things such as real life.

  17. I think the artist is further objectifying women by using them in such a sexually explicit way. Look at the way their mouths are oriented with their gaze projected upwards. Why didn’t he use a man in such a position? As an artist involved in the art community, I see this time and time again: artists using the female body as a subject – usually with sexual undertones. It’s boring and degrading.

    1. can you tell me how the artist will denounce the objectifying of women in our present time without showing in clever graphic ways (and somewhat explicit) the objectifying of women?

    2. I think that’s what he was getting at though. Because, in a way, that is what society is doing to women. Maybe the artist could have gone about it a different way, but he’s making a valid point in every picture. He’s only drawing what he’s seeing in everyday life…:(

      1. Jese I agree totally. Its exactly the point he was making… I dont think the artist could have gone in a different direction.. because that which makes us sick.. attracts our attention!!!! People FEED on negative… he made his point very well!!!!!

    3. This is not “amazing” artwork. Its a sexist self expression from someone who is using the degradation of women and girls to get their point across. Its a sick display of “free speech.” Is it art, yes, but it’s ridiculous and should not be shared.

    4. That is one of the many points the artist is making and you are missing by suggesting otherwise. It strikes a nerve and let’s face it, as a whole it is us women that make ourselves out to be that stereotype especially through social media.

    5. he used those images for effect, if he used guys in the images ,people would just be bashing him for being gay or men would be getting angry for posting “gay” images , i know it dosnt seem right but having a women in these images in the way they are set , is something society at this point is used to looking at , you put a guy there and 90% of people lose the point of the image , not to mention he used women to give it a heavier feel . So i don’t know what art community your apart of but you need to learn about social imaging, and how one little thing in any picture can change the whole feel and mssg of the picture especially dramatic changes like male or female, its like saying the classic uncle cam “i want you” should be a female because its portraying all men to be controlling, when if you put a female there people would be like … “oh they recruiting all female no men” . I know your no part of any art community and if you are , its a pretty close minded one.

    6. it’s intentionally. On one hand, he does show the obvious objectifying of woman in our society. On the other hand, he uses a “defensless, will-less, almost Zombie-like” State which only occurs to sluts. The regular Woman isn’t dominant enough, so a male “DEEP-THORATH” would irritate people and may hinder them to see the message. I’m sure he/she didn’t want to be sexist. It wouldn’t make sense if you compare it to his messages.

    7. You have missed the point ENTIRELY.
      Bravo , another example of people seeing what they want to see due to a preconceived notion and an agenda you came in here ready to throw in everyones face..
      If you took the time to understand what nthat particular picture was getting at and that the sexual nature of it along with it looking like a porn shot is done for a reason you might actually learn something.

    8. That was the first thing I noticed too Aly. Curious to know the artists thoughts on this. It’s degrading. Additionally, in this case it seems to emphasize that females are more likely to be blinded by societal norms rather than men and I don’t think that is true at all.

    9. You do realize that real “objectified women” can be seen posing just like these images in almost every porn video on the internet – for free, no less?

      Tell women to stop objectifying themselves. Then we’ll be getting somewhere with this whole “equality” business.

      1. I’m pretty sure not every woman is choosing to be in that position. Do some research on human trafficking, the nature of it, the psychological damage of it…and really anything about it. Not everything you see online is real…including the woman who looks like she wants to do that.

    10. I get what you’re saying, I absolutely do. However, if he were to have changed the context or gender it wouldnt really have the same meaning ( or at least not in such an obvious, radical way).

      Fact is, most of the sexually oriented/explicit scenes were replacing an item for an item. The images that show sexual suggestive images regarding woman are an obvious jab at not only the pornography industry but at how horrid society has become as far as sexting, ‘nudes’ and the need our young woman have to be accepted and our addiction as a society to the internet and social networking sites. That is speaking nothing of the corruption, greed and selfishness our society has taken on as the norm.

      Sure, he could have supplemented a few things here or there, but it’s like I said, it would not have had the same meaning or context to signify the message. It’s sad to say but THIS is the kind of world we are living in and that is WHY this artist did the paintings he did. You felt negatively by these images because that was the entire point. ALL of these images are the farthest thing away from boring but they are SUPPOSED to be degrading. That is what we are doing to ourselves for power, money, fame, fortune, even the small amount of attention we gain from social websites…we are degrading and demeaning ourselves in absolute desperation. We are also putting our own selfish WANTS ( not needs) before the livelihood of our fellow man, before the safety of children, before the survival of the human race.

      These images ARE degrading and supposed to be so… The saying art imitates life has been successfully presented here.

    11. Completely agree. These illustrations are also extremely reductive. There is nothing amazing about them.

    12. I absolutely agree with you. While the sentiment behind these might be worthwhile there is absolutely no reason that women have to be painted in a naked, vulnerable and sexualised position. A man could have been substituted for any of the representations of modern society and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have been portrayed in such a way. ‘Male athletes are being portrayed as commodities’, how shocking! No problem with using women as an example of the brainless and subservient, though.

    13. I would venture to say that the artist’s use of the female body is quite intentionally critical of all exploitative culture. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a piece addressing this explicitly with the male body as well. I’m not really thrilled with these pieces, but that’s certainly not the reason why.

    14. Well in this case that’s the point. If he used a male it wouldn’t fit, right? The artist is portraying basically exactly what you’re saying, in art form.

    15. Look at it as a double entendre: men are taught to subjugate women. The system subjugates us.

      In other words, the system is the man and the citizens are the women, on a larger scale.

    16. Maybe they are sexist towards women, who knows, but they’re the artist. If you want, make your own art in which men are used as the degraded sex, rather than complaining on here. A woman complaining about someone being sexist on the internet? How original.

  18. A bit overdramatc but most of is true the problem is that even though may b true the artist is making money from this therefore does he really believe what he paints r the attention and money was his main priority

    1. because he makes money he doesn’t believe in what he’s painting? you don’t make a lick of sense.

    2. wow, after mentioning global, worldwide problems involving groups over groups of ppl, youre questioning actions of a single man, whos work cannot in any way harm you or be thrown over your back (so only 1 person), even if his intentions arent noble.
      i dont know where your residence is, but you dont have to be so far from the west, actually, you can be part of community of western countries, and still feel the hard oppression of those few, those vain few, those band of parasites.

    3. I think that’s what he was getting at though. Because, in a way, that is what society is doing to women. Maybe the artist could have gone about it a different way, but he’s making a valid point in every picture. He’s only drawing what he’s seeing in everyday life…:(

    4. So what is your point? That the artist should starve to death? …not try and earn a living within a system that we are all forced to take part in? It’s not a hypocrisy when you choose to use your talents, artistic or otherwise, to educate and enlighten, while attempting to put food on your table. History abounds with martyrs. Being a martyr obviously accomplishes little. Otherwise, at this point we’d live in a utopian world.

    5. Your response might be valid. However, I can not tell. All I see are b’s and r’s instead of actual words, and absolutely no periods. Do you really expect anybody to take you seriously? If your a twelve-year old girl, I apologize. Chances are, I won’t be apologizing.

    6. How do you know he is distributing his artwork for money? If he truly believes the societal ills that he depicts in his pictures, wouldn’t he have to exploit an economic system to survive just like everybody else? We are all hypocrites.

      I don’t think this art is over dramatic at all.

    7. who says he’s doing it for money? People use will have a spot to donate, but if the pictures are free, most likely not making a dime of these unless people are freely giving.

  19. Gosh I was really enjoying your art work and statements until your biased opinion on Christianity…It is really sad that you just posted this information without researching it. Not all Christian organizations have tons of money and they give the most…Compassion international, Life Water Mission and Samaritan’s Purse to name a few. Your ignorance was off putting.

  20. you should check the death rate caused by strokes caused by gmo/fast food/monsanto in the u.s. per year.

    1. The point wasn’t that people shouldn’t have cellphones, or that they are a bad thing. It was a comment on how we are addicted to them. We are constantly looking down at our phones, downloading new apps, checking messages, etc and not socializing. I have friends who can’t go 15 minutes without checking their phone. Even when I go to the gym, half the people are checking their phones. When a new iphone comes out, people will stand in line all night to be the first to get one, but would they do the same if it was for a protest? Doubtful. Peoples’ fucking phones are more important to them than the well-being of the people around them, and the world as a whole.
      I use my phone for calls and occasional text messages. And I usually tell people to CALL me if they want to talk. Texting wastes an incredible amount of time. You can give a person complete details about something in less than 30 seconds if you call them, but the equivalent amount of detail can sometimes take 8 or 10 text messages. So probably around 5 minutes. It’s a complete waste of time.

  21. Wow…He says organized religion isn’t helping anyone over there. But let me get one thing clear: missionaries put their lives on the line DAILY…not as an act of furthering an agenda, hut out of love.

    I guess my friends living over there, living amongst them, farming alongside them and teaching them skills are imaginary? The wells they dig and teaching of the locals how to maintain and repair their wells so they can be self-sufficient are imaginary, too? Just because we haven’t solved the problem, dissing the money, love and time poured into making a difference where they can is ridiculous. The numbers are staggering, but we also can’t solve it at once. Change takes time.. and love…which this artist seems to have 8n short supply.

  22. All of these are great! I love how hypersensitive people on here are, commenting about the sexual nature of these pieces…that’s the point people! A little disappointed the artists name ,’Luis Quiles’ isn’t in the title. Everyone viewing these should question what the art is trying to say, and not assume things about the artist. Also, people without world/culture knowledge or education shouldn’t be commenting…just saying.

  23. feminists should take the veil from their eyes and realize that women are treated ike objects in mainstream media and that 80% of those women are totally ok with it

    it is the truth, is not right but it is the truth , just go and check todays celebrities news and realize that all of the things that are happening are because they agree to do it.

    money is your new god.

    1. I don’t think you understand feminism. I’m pretty sure it’s not about blaming men, but about asking for equality. And that is everyone’s responsibility in making it happen. With all of the brainwashing, greed & desperation for money in society, obviously there will be casualties who fail to realise they’re being exploited or will knowingly be exploited for money (also a casualty). The responsibility & blame is on everyone who exploits, who gets exploited, who feeds & encourages the systems that exploits.

  24. As long as the artist recognizes the kids with the amputations are the result of terrorists, not “nations defending themselves.” Hamas is solely responsible for the deaths of innocents. Assad is solely responsible for the deaths of innocents. Isis is solely responsible for the deaths of innocents. All the other pieces are aimed at western culture, but the innocent kids? You can point that one at radical islam. Pathetic how he slipped that one in there. I feel so angry at this artist. EVeryone has a choice in life to eat what they want and use a cell phone or be a porn star… if you live in a country where you dont have a choice, you probably live in a muslim country. But this artist would be great drawing pictures for Al Baghdaddi. He agrees with him it appears…

    1. Um… do you honestly think that an unmanned US drone has never killed innocent children while trying to take out an assumed target. You’re totally missing the point of that image, how very christian of you.

    2. Israel bombs the neighborhoods of innocent civilians and yet it’s Hamas that caused it?

      Strange. It’s amazing how many Israelis attempt to blame everyone but themselves. Even stranger when they’ve been using the same excuses you are since long, long before Hamas came to power.

      Seems the only constant in all these Palestinian civilian murders has been Israel.

  25. I’m glad, and surprised, so many people are calling this artist out. Ironically it’s exactly a display of the absurdity of our modern culture and the ever growing objectification of the sexual victimization of females in our culture.

  26. churches already pick up a lot of gov slack helping the poor a lot. they often help with food/clothing/shelter etc.. to say they should be responsible for all the poor of the world when its reallymore of a government issue is kind of short sighted.. (of which the gov idea for helping poor with vitamins is short sighted too, they should be digging wells & helping teach them to do clones/collect seeds for replant etc of all the local non-gmo plants so we dont have to keep helping over and over.. if they did REAL help instead of FAKE help funnelling $ to vitamin makers it would make a huge difference.

  27. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t see any pro-feminism leanings in the art. I think the author’s reaching.

    Very interesting art, but the author’s commentary was just more meaningless hyperbole describing the evils of the world in the absolute broadest of terms.

    “Will mankind wake-up to its own insanity before it’s too late?” No, because they’re too busy telling each other to wake up like they’re somehow more enlightened than the moron they’re talking to. Offer a concrete solution. Just one. I dare you.

    1. @Star Wars Dad: I think YOU are the one who hit the nail on the head. It’s easy to point out the flaws of our society… The hard part is coming up with concrete solutions. I wish I had the answers, but I don’t. At the same time, I really don’t need someone else pretending to be “above it all” while just reiterating the same stereotypical problems of our culture (objectification of women, money is evil, etc) without trying to bring an honest solution.

    2. Iboga treats ALL drug addiction, general depression, and supposedly PTSD. Tai chi and chi gong are said to treat symptoms of mental illness, from schizophrenia to manic depression, and effect blood sugar levels. Nobody knows, nobody cares. And the feminist movement is being used to put female republicans in office.

    3. Star wars dad: unfortunately nobody knows of a solution. How do you solve a problem that may very well be human nature?

  28. i think the artist hits the nail on the head with many topics here. When it comes to setting principal and making any worthwhile decision, you must admit, we are rather sheepish!!

  29. I agree with the artists arguments on all his topics poverty causes our world to eat junk and become obese and unhealthy. ..women and girls as young as preteens nowadays are using their sexuality to get what they want today. ….war is JUST taking more and more sons daughters mothers fathers away from their families in battle its beautiful to fight for our country but why do they have to die….all these topics should be discussed and fought to better them but instead we just keep quiet again and again so things never never will change

  30. Personally I think every drawing is well depicted with very valid current points in our current state of affairs.
    Regardless what you think each and every one is justifiably true!
    Let love be your god

  31. That is the point. As sarcastic as it may be, it shows us all for the whores we really are. Money, success, material posessions…………we all do it. I’m sorry that you both look to the negative of the artists perception.

  32. There are those of you who will not want to believe the changes which are coming down in the very near immediate now. You will not be destroyed for this, you will not be punished. You will simply be invited to a different Planet. You will be removed from Earth to continue within the lower vibrational field. Earth must ascend and if one is not able to participate they will not be forced. The removal will happen as folks are taken on Ships to their new home. This has begun since December 21, 2012. You can see many are passing away now in circumstances of illness and war as well as weather related phenomena. People of all Planets must live in love and peace and harmony. We do this to receive the full blessings of our Mother and Father Creator in Heaven. Those of like vibration will inhabit Earth to achieve this. This is done to benefit the entire Hologram. Everything in time and space is connected. Earth must do this in order to ascend and this will effect the evolution of everything else in the Milky Way Galaxy.

    “An Ecstatic Dimensional Shift Is Underway A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, August 23, 2014”

    1. Your claims have been showing up since the ’80s. You sound just like those fanatical Christians who claim that Christ will be back every so many years!!

  33. I think the artist is merely conveying some really sad truths about the world we have collectively created together. The fact remains women have been objectified a lot more than men in media I think that’s why he uses women in his art. I think he’s trying to convey the sickness in our society. Yes it is a choice but not an easy one if a person chooses to walk their own authentic path they are usually ostracized and condemned who wants to live in fear???? So people just do what they believe they have to to be accepted. That’s a really sad truth. Yes other countries are more open about nudity but it’s not porn grade nudity our bodies are sacred and should be treated as such. There’s no excuse for the atrocities that happen daily…….no excuse

  34. The sad reality majority of the countries are suffering right now. And I must say, that without proper control, it may be too late to change everything.

    Specially the censureship of the truth.

  35. “The cut-throat power money holds over the people.” T’aint that the truth, and not just the work force neither. Look no further than the stuff they used to convince people to do on “I Bet You Will”.

  36. Who wrote this?

    You have a choice, even if all you have is a dollar, to buy Maccas, or you could just go for a banana, up to you.

    Its not a conspiracy, its economics.

    We have a system of democracy and you vote with your dollar.

    Buying cheap and fast isn’t forced.

    Life can’t guarantee you won’t be poor, in fact, that’s default. Why should a church, or a government or anyone be responsible to guarantee a standard of living for anybody?

    People have to die of something. Overall, humans are living longer and reproducing faster than dying off.

    To the detriment of the environment, I should add.

    If its legal drugs that are killing people, perhaps that’s a result of the kind of people who need them: ill people. Old people. People with cancer.

    How wonderful that a person with a diagnosable and treatable illness, mental or otherwise, would have access to treatment.

    How wonderful too, that our roads are becoming safer so that less people die in traffic than while prescribed to legal medicine.

    Go read a history book. It wasn’t that long ago that you couldn’t go through life, a week, a day even, without being exposed to violence. Today, violence still happens, but nowhere near the scale that it used to.

    Overall, we’re not so bad off.

    Go get a milkshake and find 10 things to be grateful for in this modern world (and the milk shake doesn’t count). There’s quite a bit when you look for it.

    1. Democracy is a lie. Democracy is supposed to credit every individual. Clearly we do not live in a democratic system where so many people are consistently ignored. Out of 12000 items in any given chain grocery store, there are 7 corporations responsible for putting them there and those few corps. are finding ways to decrease that number even further. Not democracy, Oligarchy, borderline fascism.
      Did you know, in several states it is now illegal to feed the homeless. Now our fundamentally MORAL choices to help others with NO CHOICE are being stripped from us. Charity is being criminalized and you believe that is Democracy?
      Just because more people die medicating than driving does not mean the danger of driving has decreased at all. How did such an entirely diluted thought even occur to you? (that one concerns me)
      As well, if it is the medication that is killing the patient as “a result of the kind of people who need them” it does not, in any way, change the fact that it is still the medication killing them.
      Finally, there have always been corners of the globe that seem untouched by constant pain and anguish, but those happen to be the corners which are inflicting that pain on others. The storm always calms at the eye.
      Your complacency frightens me for our future.

  37. I grieve for this world. I grieve for my children growing up in such a mess. Terrible mess, I would call this present state of man.

  38. I think it’s thought provoking, but yet exaggerated on the way the world really is today. Last time I checked we as humans are designed to have sex procreate and I see a lot of men on the screen doing the same thing for women. It’s the responsibility of the government to protect those women and children that live in its borders. War is awful but because people wish to do evil it is sometimes necessary. The artist seems to have a problem with personal responsibility. They leave out the fact that there are choices each victim could have made. Except those innocent children hurt by adult human ignorance. Instead of buying fast food buy go to the store and buy real food. Be wise on which cooperation you give your money too. You have a voice tell your doctor no to some of those mess. Stop believing everything people tell you learn for yourself. Stop being a victim

    1. I think the artist is trying to show his/her work as a form as advertising with a kind of ‘in your face’ simplicity to it so that other people can break away from conforming and realise their own responsibility. In order to do this the art can’t be politically correct, it needs to bombard the mind, the way modern advertising does.

  39. Very graphic and leaving nothing to the imagination. It’s good that someone has painted these and that they may stir some people to consider their own positions or how they are being used in the machine.

  40. I guess this art serves as a useful critique of issues in today’s society, whether it’s to inform the unaware or to raise a point for discussion…

    But i’m not sure if displaying yet more distorted & sexualised images of women is a help or harmful hindrance (?) ….is it inadvertently adding to & reinforcing the negativity that’s already out there….? Viewing these images i feel nothing much more than reminded & irritated by mankind & society. Is this going to help our world?

    I would love to see talent & creativity put into a proactive & insightful approach based on solution. Something that cuts through all this negativity & hits upon restoring balance and directing our collective thoughts to how we COULD be better. That’s what we could be seeing & discussing.

    Just imagine what could happen if all of the news / media / music / art switched to symbols of love / compassion / peace.. we would probably feel a lot more happy, powerful, content …& a lot less susceptible to this sort of corruption, greed & misery 😛

  41. World hunger is a political problem. The Catholic church could probably afford to buy them all a cheeseburger, but what good will that do. Will it end droughts caused by climate change, will it end land grabbing by the powerful, pushing the peasants off the land.I know that the Catholic church cannot solve this or are to blame for it. We and our governments are to blame. We want to drive our gas guzzling cars, we want strawberries in December.

    The Pope owns nothing and has no wealth.

    The Church feeds, clothes, houses, educates and provides medical care for more people in the world than any other entity. The Church is so charitable that it usually operates at a deficit. So the Church does all these things for the poor and suffering. What are you doing? Please donate to Catholic Charities to help feed the hungry. God bless!

      1. Hey that’s not a simplistic and still wildly inaccurate simile you used there. Not even in the slightest. Nope.

  42. The points that the artist brings up with his art and I don’t disagree with any of them however my question is that isn’t it ironic that artists use sexualized scenarios to draw our attention to his or her art? Isn’t this being what the art is supposedly trying to stop?

    1. It just proves the point further if people are brought here for that reason though doesn’t it?

    2. No, not at all. The sexuality is not used to draw attention to anything. The sexuality is the subject. You can’t portray the colour red by painting the canvas blue.

  43. So true! Keeping up with the Jones, nothing means anything anymore to the new generation or the current at that matter. The NEXT BEST THING is here and gone before anyone can even get their hands on it. The artist has a great way of expressing the way social classes and social media has an influence on modern society. The fact we can’t even go into a restaurant without seeing a family of 5 all on their phones or tablets is pretty sad. Great illustrations and article and I wish the world could open their eyes and take in what is TRULY going on in the world.

  44. I feel that, though the intention of these might have been good, a lot of it ends up being very misogynistic and against women who do sex work.

    In at least three of these images, the “passive” character/victim (i.e. “us” or humanity) is portrayed as a young, nubile girl in a sexually provocative position, and the objects or behavior that are being satirized (money, fast food, Instagram) are all symbolized as penises. I get why Quiles is doing this; he’s alluding the idea of “being a whore” for something (wealth, attention, etc), but this is a shitty attitude because it portrays women who do sex work as being the worst thing in the world. It’s like the message is, “Women who have sex for money, either on camera or elsewhere, are *so incredibly lowly* that they make the perfect metaphor for a desperate society”.

    We shouldn’t use the negative connotations surrounding sex work (or even just women having sex at all) to satirize other social ills. The image of a young girl performing fellatio should not be the stand-in for a health crisis or social media’s creation of disconnect. These stigmas are already harmful to women everywhere.

    Also, that one of a young girl showing a young boy what’s in her underwear and saying “with this I’m going to control your life”, I really didn’t read that as “the media sexualizes women for men” so much as, “Girls are trying to undermine men with their wiles”. Notice that it’s the girl saying the statement, not the media saying it *about* her. It plays into the whole “femme fatale” archetype.

    1. Yeah, I have similar feelings. For me, I just kept thinking, “Why is it always a woman with her mouth open for something that is made to resemble a penis?” Guys take medicine, too–why not have a male with his mouth open? Men are controlled by money. Men are controlled by social media. So, why is it that EVERY single one of those is represented by a watery-eyed woman with her mouth open?

      It makes no sense. I feel like it’s using that same female sexualization that the first photo is speaking out against. “Let me make these photos edgy and interesting by using a bunch of poses that simulate a hot young woman giving fellatio…”

      1. You are not factoring in the concept of art, or another person’s artistic expression. It’s not your place to decide what form of artistic expression is PC or to the standard. Just say, “I don’t like it” and move on. Its someone’s creation, so let it go. Would you be happy if he had 4 guys on their knees?

        1. Art is done to invoke emotion and since the artist did this art to make a statement and give his opinion. The observer has a right to offer a counter opinion in support of or against based on the emotion of viewing the art. Plus I did not say I did not like it. Your view of art seems to be limited

    2. You are not the artist; It is not fair for you to foist your perceptions upon the work in quotations. You’re perfectly correct in summations but it seems to me the negative perceptions belong entirely to you. I saw the provocative nature of these pieces to be a statement of perversion in any sense. Pornography is a prevalent and easily understood kind of perversion at any degree.
      When looking at the piece concerning the little boy and little girl claiming to control the boy’s life, the first thing I noticed is that neither of them have pupils or irises. As an artist, leaving a character’s eye’s blank like that dissociates the character from any authentic human experience in order to represent a larger, unchallenged perception.
      …but that’s just what I see.

    3. I really appreciate the way you articulated your response. This wasn’t my first initial reaction to the art but after reading your post i can see where you are coming from. I also dislike how giving fellatio is considered a degrading or power tripping act in our culture and then used to portray other social ills.

    4. misogynistic by being against women who do sex work ? are you trolling ? sex work is based off misogyny. you don’t think feminists THEMSELVES are against women who do “sex work” ? if you’re a prostitute and are offended because you want to feel like “sex work (lol)” is okay, or acceptable, i get it. but it’s not.

    5. I think it’s indicative of the misogyny that does exist in our society. It’s depicting that misogyny, it’s not misogynistic of itself. That’s how I see it. The exception I’m seeing being taken in these comments is akin to that when people complain that pictures of animal abuse on factory farms is offensive, rather than finding the abuse itself offensive.

  45. I have to say this stuff is well-made and thought-provoking. A little comment on Religion, which I guess, in the Western world, particularly the Baby Boomer generation onwards, has primarily been something to scoff at and rebel against. Young people hate it and reject it because it’s just cool to do so (they love singing John Lennon’s Imagine). Most of them have extremely limited knowledge of its real purpose and role over the centuries. They usually don’t get beyond Galileo and the Crusades and feel too intelligent after having read a bit of Dawkins and Hitchens. Well, I am a Generation Y-er and I’m going to be annoyingly and unapologetically contrarian when it comes to Religion.

    “It’s no secret that the predominant religious institutions are some of the wealthiest bodies in our world today. Yet even among all of the collections of gold and assets, their high-stakes morals, and their claim to be the world’s path to salvation, the religious institutions have failed to help solve the poverty pandemic worldwide. This is something they surely have the finances to, at the very least, drastically reduce.”
    — You make two massive mistakes here. First, if you’re talking about Christian Art, let me tell you that collections of gold and assets DO NOT bring in much money. Exact opposite! A lot GOES AWAY in their upkeep. These things have immense cultural and historical value and you cannot put a price tag on them and sell them to anyone. They are simply beyond buying and selling. Whom do you think the Church could or should sell the Sistine Chapel to and for how much? Second, just because the secular media does not cover all the operations of religious congregations (apart from scandals), does not mean that they have “failed” to help solve the poverty pandemic worldwide (every heard of the Jesuit Refugee Service, Development and Peace, Missionaries of Charity?). Also it is worth noting that different congregations have different jobs. Some teach, some help the poor, some offer spirituality lessons. It is not everybody’s job to help the poor. Despite that, the Church has always done a lot for the poor and is still doing a lot for the poor. In Africa, there are many issues, political as well as geographic which has led to poverty. Reform is not always easy. You, as a Westerner (regardless of your personal religious/personal views), are thinking so much about the poor today because you are ultimately coming from a Judeo-Christian cultural matrix, which has passionately promoted charity. Such charitable thinking, concern for the poor was not common in Greece or Rome, it still is not in India (I mean to say it is NOT a given, don’t take it for granted). I mean, come on, please grow up! Do not blame Christianity for not taking care of the poor! Do not saw the branch on which you are seated. A little study and humility might be helpful.

    “Ironically enough, many of the developing nations of people are enveloped in the lure of organized religion, following the teachings ever so diligently without drawing a connection to the fact that these religious institutions have the means to help, but simply are not.”
    — Typical stuff. Not surprised. This is immaturely myopic. If you go through world history carefully, you will realise that Religion (along with State and Family) is an institutional pillar of civilisation itself. Every institution has its shortcomings, that doesn’t mean you obliterate them. It is one thing to be against the corruption of an institution, it is quite another thing to be against an institution. Governments make mistakes too, all the time, we don’t say we will do without them. Same thing with Organised Religion. A quote from the British historian Kenneth Clark for you (read his book and watch his documentary if you can): “Bright-minded young people think poorly of existing institutions and want to abolish them. Well, one doesn’t need to be young to dislike institutions. But the dreary fact remains that, even in the darkest ages, it was institutions that made society work, and if civilisation is to survive society must somehow be made to work.” The Western world is still strong because it is surviving on the fumes of Christianity. But it is getting weaker and weaker, I don’t need to tell you that. Don’t look down on those “developing nations enveloped in the lure of organized religion”. You never know when you will be left behind. Read people like Niall Ferguson, Thomas Woods, Rodney Stark, Vishal Mangalwadi to learn a little bit about your own culture and history. And then make art on past, present and future, and post it here for the world to see! (Telling you this because I can see you are talented.) You needn’t change your beliefs, but at least you can make an attempt to get the facts.

    1. It doesn’t only show the Bible, you know. There’s also a Quran, so it’s not referring to only Christianity.

    2. You bring up some good points, but I think the rejection of institutionalized religion among the younger generations has a lot less to do with “being cool” and more to do with independent thought. The Church is infamous for denying any beliefs, thoughts, or practices that do not agree with the entities and people in power. It’s called blasphemy and heresy. This simply is not true. People are independent, capable of believing things beyond what the Church shoves down their throat. Yes, religion helped cultivate morality in a lot of society, but you mustn’t forget that people as a whole – society – change. We are entering a time when such an institution is becoming unnecessary and counterproductive to independent thought in society. Plus, let’s not talk about all the horrible, horrible abominations the Church has committed (and in some cases, still is) in its past. I do not condemn the notion of institutionalized religion, or the beliefs of anyone who is a member, but people must learn to change with the times, and the times are beginning to lead toward the diminishing stature and power of an unnecessary entity.

    3. This is an excellent response. If I may add, the author is being very condescending toward people in developing nations, implying they are intellectually inferior by saying that they are duped into religion. The people in developing nations who are Christians have every right to choose, or not choose, that religion. They have not been coerced or suckered. Plus, on Google search will reveal there are indeed plenty of Christian organizations fighting poverty.

    4. Such a perfect, eloquent response… much better than any attempt I could make at getting across the same point!

  46. I understand his point, who wouldn’t. These images, although approaching genuine social problems, are done is such a brutally simplistic manner its almost an insult, not just to women, but particularly towards women. It is clear to me that this artist sees women, in some distorted reiteration of the story of Genesis, as the core provocation for social prostitution. Fear, fear is what cripples all societies, fear of loss of wealth, fear of an undefined future, fear and an attempt to mitigate that fear by developing baubles of immortality. There is nothing to be done, the fear will never go away, all political/religious systems in the past, present, and in the future are mechanisms to provide temporary answers to a general and constant fear of the future. This is in our nature, the tragedy of only being aware of the past. There is certainty in the future, all organisms die, and all of our constructs are not immortal, they are passing just like we are and will dissolve into the landscape like all things, so it is best to not get anxious about legacy and just be. Worrying about corporeal permanence is just a waste of energy and focus.

    1. I think the artist’s intention was to use lots of women in the imagery because it makes a strong contrast and impact against the way women are constantly depicted in the media and women have a lot of products marketed towards them. I think the artist just wants to comment on our social constructions, for us to become aware of them. Yes we will never rid ourselves of social constructs but if we become aware of them we are less likely to feed into it and more likely to bring about change.

    2. you realize this was done intentionally to show whats actually happening…you are unintelligent if you are saying this should’ve been censored, because that makes you part of the problem this art talks about and its keeping people from seeing whats really going on, if someone is offended or disturbed by the art and not the situation depicted then they are blind and if they are trying to hide from the true image of whats going on instead of wanting to fix it then they are stupid. shit is getting changed in this world by sitting and getting butt hurt over everything so ill be the first to say “you need to open your eyes, stupid.”

      and this is fucking america, it used to be our fucking job to worry about every tiny little thing because we are supposed to be the ones with the power to fix all this bullshit, not just sit and pray the big dogs don’t get us next as we wearily drift through this corporate nightmare, and idk about you but I’m sick of watching and not wondering

  47. “With the way the system is currently set up, it’s almost as if people are intentionally pit against one another like a giant game of survival of the fittest.”

    Life is a game or survival. Darwin said so. We are really simple creatures deep down. Unfortunately we are the only animals to understand the harsh, cold reality of it all. You will never eliminate greed. It is a trait of survivors, who have more and are able to pass on their genes and resources to their offspring. The greed gene is a trait that will always be in the gene pool. Unless you live in a communist state that exterminates anyone who has it. It is Darwinism. do not hate it.

    1. Correction, Life used to be a game of survival. Survival of the fittest became an obsolete way of thinking a long time ago. With humanities advances in agriculture and technology literally everyone on the planet could have a middleclass standard of living at the very least. However, due to the perpetuity of greed and our the way our society is constantly promoting that way of thinking, petty selfishness continues to control the world. As humans, if we can understand the harsh reality of things, then we are certainly able to transcend our way of thinking to change the way things are. It just takes education and a higher way of thinking, not extermination. As humans, we constantly tout our superiority over the world, but then admit we are nothing more than animals. Mankind will only truly deserve to be the master of this world once we can begin to collectively move ahead with our consciousness and begin thinking (and therefore acting) like the superior beings we pretend to be. Think Higher, live higher. (No pun intended)

    2. perhaps you should look at what Darwin has to say about ‘sympathy’.

      but defending an economic system on the basis we are greedy seems wrong when no ones is talking about the fact we are also a loving and empathising species.

      couldnt we rework our model to forward those human emotions?

    3. Darwin’s position reflects and reinforces the values of the world’s dominant society, but that doesn’t give it or him a claim to absolute truth.

      Do your friends simply act as ruthless maximisers of their genetic self-interest? I know mine don’t.

      Hating reality would indeed be a foolish move, but I am always wary when someone tells me that one simple story explains everything. It doesn’t. If we’re quoting great thinkers, then I’ll take Shakespeare: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

      And if anyone would like to read more about some of the questionable logic behind applying simple Darwinism to society, and alternative ways of framing our lives that – in my opinion and experience – allow the magic, wonder and beauty destroyed by a ‘dog eat dog’ worldview to return, I would point you at:

      After all, a scientific look at nature tells us that dogs are pack animals. They don’t eat each other.

    4. Wrong, Cooperation has way more survival value than competition. in fact greed is a learned trait of the West. The less ‘developed’ a people are, the less greed they display.
      Try again to justify greed.

    5. Compassion/cooperation is just as effective a survival adaptation of humans as aggression and “greed”. Maybe if we study and focus more on how compassion works in the body and nervous system, how it is integral to human life, we can overpower the predominance of greed. We must be willing to see the power inherent in compassion/cooperation. Darwin’s theory of evolution isn’t as simple as “survival of the fittest”…”fitness” simply means ability to reproduce over time and keep that particular population from dying out. It is NOT a comment on a type of aggressive behavior that “beats” other animals at the game of life. Cooperation is all around us, everywhere! we need to wake up and see it for the powerful force that it is.

  48. I can agree with most but, tje children being hurt i wouldnt say are just about war but an unjust society that harms the innocent and pure while the currupt and tainted go free. Terrorism is taint. greed for power over others and the world as a whole is taint. Things humans mostly dont or cant see which in the end harms our youth and only feeds hatred.

  49. coin always has two sides – luckily. because so called “greed” gene can be developed. and it doesnt have to be called greed. it can be called gene of hunger, which mixed with gene of love and generosity produces quite the opposite results of this article. if it wasn’t true we wouldnt have all this progress. its only a matter of which side you gonna choose – winner or victim.

  50. 5 out of 9 pictures are an objectification of the female. The illustrator, but especially the author here, should have had a good round of thinking before publishing this.

      1. Nah I don’t think it was on purpose. The majority of the images of women are sexualized and/or in submissive positions. How many men are shown in this way? If feminists point out sexism everywhere it’s because it DOES exist everywhere. Can’t this artist show enslavement without perpetuating sexism? He isn’t as creative as he thinks.

    1. I highly doubt the illustrator gives a damn. Could be a message in itself though, did you think about that?

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Evil women “use a hyper-sexualized image to stimulate a testosterone-driven population of men.” Poor boys. Look at these images. Same thing.

    3. you completely missed the meaning behind the art. Congrats. Maybe you are the one who needs a good round of thinking.

    4. That’s sad. The other four are men and 5 out of 9 include men in the photos. You feminists literally look for any way to spot sexism when it’s not present. If only one photo changed genders, it’d be 4/9 focused on women and you’d call that sexist because the majority would be about men. Sad that no matter what, you look for something to argue about. The world is definitely going down hill…

    5. There is a reason for that .. it symbolizes how we are treated like objects in all this and simultaniously brings up the issue you have found in it

  51. I can’t believe an article like this is juxtaposed with an advert for “the only program that meditates for you”. I genuinely thought it was another of the illustrations, and my heart sank when I realised it was for real.

    “Get the benefit of 1 hour meditation in just 12 minutes”.

    Yeah, I mean, come on inner peace, I don’t have all day…

    Perhaps Collective Evolution need to read their own stuff and reconsider their relationship with advertisers.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. That was rather ridiculous for that ad to be right there at the end of this segment. However, they need a way to pay to bring this material to your smartphone, laptop or tablet that you’re addicted to, right!? Hypocrisy and irony at it’s finest. >:D

      That being said, this post, and the artwork, was beautiful.

      1. Collective Evolution is in the sordid maze that is the internet (with all the rest of us). They are literally utilizing this giant public restroom (graffiti and all – advertisement) in the hub of the monster that is. I would think that more obvious despite the odd contradiction.

  52. The wworld is changing in a way that cannot be controlled or directed by anyone. Let nature take its cause…
    Lets hope that will be there for the longeest time to experience all this wonderfull and ugly things that are happening in the world.
    They say by 2040 the world will be hot with heatwaves of upto 100 degrees, because people started that process in the 90s.
    not because of us today.

    1. not if we as a humanity and as a society to revolutionize the trend, live in self sufficient homesteads, free from debt free from this worldly crap that doesn’t do us any justice, just force feed for profit control people in a nanny state

  53. Why’d he have to use a black (I assume, African) child to depict poverty. Those starving Ethiopian stereotypes….

  54. I agree with all of them, except the one that says “organized religion does not help the poor”. The Catholic church alone is the sole largest charity organization in the world, which over theyears has funded schools, hospitals and food aids worldwide. Plus all the other churches, who constantly send missionaries to help the poor all over the world. If you want to make a change, do it yourself instead of criticizing the people who do.

    1. But they have been doing this for years and what is the result. People still being killed and starving. It seems to me the CHURCH is the main reason why we have the problems that we have today. Where is the money going? Yes…to the Vatican with their beautiful jewelry and clothes and festivities in the park.

    2. The Vatican is the richest city in the world. The Catholic Church has enough money to end world hunger! The Catholic Church has a history of murder, tyranny, and Mayham. Like no other, not to mention protecting child molesters! Sleep well with your brainwashing!

    3. They could help by promoting contraception yo! Oh darn, I interjected pragmatism into a feelgood catholick moment.

    4. They also refuses acknowledge the fact of AIDS prevention through use of contraception and therefore expanding the AIDS epidemic. I’m not saying they’re not doing some good, but they’re also doing a whole lot of bad.

    5. Very true and thank you I couldn’t have said it better myself. The exploited poor are the result of greedy politicians, not religions! After 2000 years the Roman Catholic Church has managed to accumulate some wealth in the form of priceless works of art, but they actually are not trillionaires and in fact you can google how much money the Vatican actually has in terms of hard cash, you’ll be surprised it’s not that much especially considering that they must keep a budget just like anyone else (or any other small country). Catholic Church brought the western world the first hospitals, the first orphanages, and the first public schools. They have also donated more money than any other religion. It’s a shame how well propaganda works for those who don’t know better.

    6. This is exactly what I was thinking while reading that! I wish the author would look around sometime… How many hospitals and schools and shelters are “St. ____ Hospital” or “Holy _____ school”. Is anyone perfect? No! Are there greedy people in the world? Every last one of us! But like you said CIC, until people are ready to start giving a huge portion of their time and money investing in the lives of the less fortunate, they really have no place saying the Church, or Buddhism, or Islam do nothing to help the world.

      Honestly. When is the last time you saw a Humanist high school or hospital of atheism. Absolutely never.

    7. The Pope would disagree with you a bit. Sure the Catholic church does a lot, but in terms of percentage of the money they have it is somewhat disgraceful. Francis is aware of this and has demoted and discommunicated Cardinals for their greed and lavish lifestyles. I have hope for the future of the Catholic Church, but let’s not deny their hypocrisy.

    8. I think the point of the religion one is that they have a hidden agenda for helping–to spread their religion.

  55. The cut-throat pic to me reflects the sex trade that exists today. The first impression is drooling over money, but if you look further, it denotes an exchange and enslavement pose. So this picture could be generically interpreted to represent our enslavement to money (including the sex trade), but in a quite literal sense, be the sex trade itself, and the horrible exchange of human lives sold into enslavement.

  56. Well written article. Only at one place I thought the picture could have been different ‘with this I am going to control your life’. It pictures kids and kids are very innocent to be dragged into the adult greed/politics/status/money conversation.

  57. I dislike how this artist chose to represent the ‘truth’ (debatable) in such a way. It feels as if he had watched too much porn before making all these drawings. There are far better artists out there trying to make us think about world issues through such forms of art. For instance, http://themindunleashed.org/2014/12/satirical-illustrations-todays-problems-drawn-style-50s.html
    Luis Quiles… hmm.. he seems like a sexist to me by representing the female form in such sexualised images repeatedly! And indeed he is if you continue to look at other pieces of art he produces by searching him up online. He’s constantly sexualising the female gender. Disgusting!

  58. The World

    I see crowds of people impatient to assume the world,
    I started to question because I never felt certain,
    I learn such a vision of the streets a little more than words,
    at the point where language falls away a whole lot of pain.

    The myths and realities, crime and popular culture
    as they sit and think they cross themselves in fear,
    I watched the fire blazing in the past! Who was unaware?
    American dream as they put themselves in danger!

    A drive by shooting through the ghetto been close to tragedy,
    move from the gates now behind the state another man down,
    and when you think about the purpose of fighting of the human misery.
    For the sake of God or for the sake of personal gain?

    Another of the atheist’s questions and diseases of the heart,
    involved in magic addicted to desires and pleasures. Manipulators!
    Educated in this cold streets a feeling invoking the past,
    let me be true, I flew like a flash. Ups! Trials and tribulations.

    Paranoia rolling with this one and that one and everything around.
    Before I understood this place and my heart’s conditions,
    much silence on between like a thread to hold in the mind
    withholding the tongue not withholding the heart and actions.

    Don’t talk to talk, if you walk to walk who walk the talk?
    Actions are distinguished one from the other, another mob suspect,
    the menace of the years the poison of the fake,
    the knowledge forms the foundation is just a different aspect.

    The time resumes by chances what we cannot say or guess,
    I try to resist to temptations as men strives for right,
    I am struggling and seeking to find the way and truthfulness,
    and doors succeed doors of true minds alright.

    Poetry by heart. Muhammad Bilal from Sao Tome and Principe islands.

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  60. I TOTALLY understand what the writer wrote about killing innocent civilians , thats wht HAMAS should stay recognized as a TERROR organization !!, so RIGHT

    1. What a ridiculous thing to say. Hamas are a legitimate response to israeli lawlessness and occupation. They kill fewer civilians in any year than die of bee stings or peanut allergies in Israel. However Israel which was born in terror and has practised terror, especially their speciality terror in other people’s names since it’s ill fated inception kills thousands of innocent civilians in any given year. Israel is a hateful, racist belligerent terrorist state which is running out of time fast.

      1. Do you even know what you’re talking about? Hamas kills Palestinians, because they (Hamas) do not recognize the Palestinian government (Fatah) and want it and the land for themselves. They are so hellbent on destroying Israel that they (Hamas) views Palestine (Fatah) as an enemy, and are willing to kill anyone who refuses to participate in terrorism. Israel and Palestine both need to exist, they have good people in them who have a stake to express themselves, but Hamas and Israel’s own terrorists need to cease to exist. In all reality, Palestine and Israel should have been friends instead of enemies because they are both in danger due to their neighbors there in the middle east.

    2. so what about israel and us/iraq war.how many unarmed innocent got and gettin killed.please dont leave rich terroist out

  61. The critique of religious institutions is just insane. Yeah, the wealthiest religious group in the world has 8 billion in the bank. That’s about half of the estimated cost to get water to the impoverished for a year, with varying degrees of sustainability. All the churches together could zero their bank accounts to maybe solve this one aspect of the problem.

    The reality is the largest movements to solve hunger/water crises are being done by church groups. It would be far worse if this article were correct.

  62. These pictures don’t seem that brilliant to me. Seems like a Liberal-progressive interpretation of life, from the worst possible angle, illustrated in a manner to disturb people. Nothing new here.

    1. Nothing is ever new or interesting or truthful unless the “conservative bot” known as “defiant” thinks so .

      Thanks for your typically deep and insightful “input”, or should we say pre-programmed “output”.

      Who is pushing “defiant” through its paces today? Does today’s button-pusher have a name?

      Does it “read its bible” and have a blue collar job from which it retired 30 years ago, or is it just meant to give that impression? Did it ever read a book or think a thought not prescribed to it by its socially inculcated mores, or does this presume incorrectly that it is not a meme per se and actually does think and have the capacity to read?

      Never know with anonymous cowards. It’s not like anyone would hunt you down to weed you out of the general redneck idiot type population if you had actually showed your pretty picture, but “defiant” is just a troll apparatus anyway, so that is not the problem with revealing an “identity”.


      Just couldn’t resist mocking your absurdity, since given that you are the echo of a stereotype of a broken record, there is really no other reaction which comes to mind upon seeing your vomitus.

  63. all have an irony to them, bringing out the issue that needs adjusted. thought provoking. the one exception is the starvation/bible canvas.
    more accurate truth on starvation:
    People/Bible are not God, he has his own plan and that’s possibly another canvas.
    On earth there is enough of everything…for now anyway (don’t claim to be a futurist) BUT the big disconnect is corruption that ironically stems from the ideas illustrated in the other pieces of art here….and it is corruption that keeps food from reaching the starving…

  64. Religious institutions help alleviate poverty and hunger more than anyone else… Very bad article; opinionated, full of conjecture and redundancy.

    1. …while doing everything in their power to stop birth control dissemination — a common sense method of reducing overpopulation and avoiding disease. Of course birth control also leads to fewer converts and less people in desperate need of help.

    2. so they have millions of dollars for new churches and not enough to actually feed the hungry. i know of a local church that regularly takes teenagers to 3rd world countries to ‘help the poor’. they pay for the trip using donations made to the church and on the way there and back they stop off at countries like Dubai and spend ridiculous amounts of money on high end goods to satisfy their own needs. I estimate that 10% of donations go to actually helping the poor and 90% will go to helping themselves.

    3. When people who tell you to live like Jesus did jet set around the globe, drive expensive cars, and wear suits that cost more than what most people make in a month… While they tell you to live like Jesus whom they say lived a meager life, well… I think you can see the hypocrisy, if you can’t wake up. It is all about money, and for every dollar you give a church, about 80% of it is used on non churchie things.

    4. I used to work for a company that collected money for charity. Only 35% actually went to the charitable organization which contracted us and they had their own overhead. Nearly all the money gets taken before it goes to anyone who actually needs it. I quit because it didn’t feel right.

      Meanwhile, forced conversion remains an issue. My tribe leaders in Canads are required by treaty to be Catholic or much would be lost. A friend in Florida needed help from a publicly funded religious group dedicated to helping pregnant teens, but she was pagan and they required a conversion and because they exist better programs dont. Forced conversion in other countries continues for multiple religions. If you want to eat you have to convert. I’m sure there are many good people who truly want to help, but not everyone actually does. They are following the “save their soul” mindset and using need to encourage people to give in. That’s not good.

      1. I am a member of a Christian Church that is doing what it can to help people in the third world. The money I give can be split into 1. the church infra-structure, 2. India to help with the poverty there, 3. a recent commitment to purchase 6 sewing machines for women in Haiti. (Details of the second two are available. I also support a couple of children through Compassion Canada and my wife and I support doctors doing surgical repairs of disfigurements. I am an average guy and have places where I get involved personally to serve my generation with time and money. Much of the hatred directed towards the Christian Church in these posts is not as valid as they think as there are many people like me who do their stuff in relative obscurity. I cannot speak for others but many of the Christians I know are loving, giving, and joyful.

    5. “Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu
      Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any religion
      or cultural system. I am not from the East
      or the West, not out of the ocean or up
      from the ground, not natural or ethereal, not
      composed of elements at all. I do not exist,
      am not an entity in this world or in the next,
      did not descend from Adam and Eve or any
      origin story. My place is placeless, a trace
      of the traceless. Neither body or soul.
      I belong to the Beloved One, have seen the two
      worlds as One and that One call to and know,
      first, last, outer, inner….I AM only that
      breath,breathing loving human being”- M. Jalaluddin Rumi

      Religion has nothing to do with true God/Creator (not this one who has human name,and behavior,desires and acts as some tyrant…we must fear of God,,if we don’t believe we will burn in hell,we must be his slaves,etc.and He loves us we r his children…I read the Bible and Quran many times and from first time something was not right to me…not just to read u must enter into it deep… and that is God…maybe god but God isn’t like that at all,maybe someone else’s ,sorry not mine and not as I experience It…many ppl searching for God in these tiny books,God is not in the books,not in the church, mosques or temples…religions and all staff is not God’s creation it’s man made and it’s someone else’s spiritual experience,I rather build my own…My God is the whole Universe,such a Greatness that nobody can’t imagine even close…If someone searching for some answers,just connect with Universe,explore,learn,wonder,and u will be amazed with things which comes to you as a knowledge,not belief…u don’t have to worship nothing…it’s human desire not desire of divine, ‘higher force’ and God doesn’t need believers or slaves,and don’t care about your religious beliefs…something more valuable is in the game…it’s only matters what is inside of you and you as a human being,your behaviour,acts,how r you with other ppl animals,nature…your awareness,kindness,goodness as a individual…your ethics,moral and respect for everyone and everything around,and all of this not because of God,fear or other ppl and their opinions but simply because of yourself and self-happiness…true happiness is when you give happiness to someone,when you help to those who truly need it (even to animals)and u see them happy…man,theres no money on this fu***ng world which can buy this feeling and a lot of ppl doesn’t know about that feeling,it’s unknown to them…and they just wasted their privilege to be born in physical reality…some ppl r so deep in this artificial system and some illusions that they will defending it if would be attacked…
      And btw I’m not New Age(er) or alien from Pleiades(because of my pic of this constellation but I’m fascinated with it as a kid and even today,why?well I don’t know actually but it’s not what bothers me at all)these ‘aliens’haha asked me some really weird questions I thought they just kidding,but WTF man!!! they for real believe,that they r spirits from Pleiades in avatars/body,and it’s whole community of those ‘aliens’or whatever,I researched and even some Galactic Command is here,and other stuff (and ‘they’using our internet and ask for donation and money,wow what a advanced civilization 😛 ) I’m the guy with open mind and I always leave some space in my mind for the question and wonder “What If”? but also I believe in EVIDENCE if u have some unbreakable proof I’m gonna believe in flying pigs just show me… I’m not awakened,because I’m the same since I was a kid…ofc some things comes with ages to realize,but my essence,my inner thing is the same,loving,respect,connection with nature,wildlife, and especially fascination with Universe and its mystical endless beauty…I’m out of hate,envy,fear,anger and I’m very compa to everyone and everything,and I don’t care what ppl will talk or do about me,because I don’t have time to deal with other ppl life and their interests and other unimportant small dull things…cheers

      1. Excel Deluxe. I feel and ‘am’ as you are…you describe me ! Wonderful to know there is another human being of like mind! Like you, even as a child I felt and ‘knew’ these things you write of….stay holy! You are superb!

      2. That is the most satisfying piece i have read….im honoured to meet a like minded of how you mind is and i think just the same to
        …ur very unique ..may u always be blessed x

    6. That would be the biggest load of rubbish I have read in a long time Brian. Religion is the biggest cause of tragedy Worldwide. Islam, Cahtolic etc etc. The wealth the Vatican Hoardes could provide Fresh Water to every part of every Country in the World enabling fresh food to be grown etc etc etc.

  65. To make the claim that religious groups are only interested in propagating their beliefs is partly right. The best way to propagate Christian beliefs is to serve and help others. I do not think anyone would argue that religious organizations (I’ll go out on a limb here) especially Christian organizations are the biggest contributors to aiding the inflicted. The proportion of money they use is hard to criticize when it is voluntarily given from individuals. It is like belittling Bill Gates for only giving away billions of dollars, when he could give so much more. And I find that the majority of none religious accusers do not give hardly any of their finances to anyone in need other than perhaps family. Which of course is good but at the same time self serving.

    1. The same argument could be used to tout Scientology, Buddhism, Islam, etc. In the end, modern Christianity is a business, after all the #1 SELLING book of all time is the Bible.

      1. Actually, the same argument can’t be used to all other religions because it’s not as simple as saying that they are interested in propagating their beliefs.

        Let’s take the Christian example: They truly believe that anyone who does not accept Jesus Christ as their savior will suffer for all eternity. Some denominations instead believe that the soul will be destroyed, but the underlying theme is that if you don’t believe you are going to be punished. So, if a given Christian missionary goes out into the world to help people, truly believing that they will all go to Hell if they don’t convert, the goals begin to shift. They still truly want to help people and they really believe that forced conversion will help them save these people. Once they conclude that a little hunger keeps them faithful they do whatever they can to “help” these people.

        By contrast, most religions don’t really care about “saving your soul”. Buddhism, for example, doesn’t even care where people come from and doesn’t even attempt to explain it. Judaism didn’t really care either. In fact, to Jews it’s exclusive to their own group. It’s mainly just Christians and Muslims they do this and often times they don’t even realize it. Many religions do want to propagate their beliefs, but the underlying motivation is very different.

        My grandfather had a Doctorate of Divinity at a prominent Christian school and served as a Pasteur for many years. My grandmother served as the Church accountant. Their parents each served as missionaries. I know the mentality quite well because I grew up around it. On the native side of my family everyone is Catholic, but you would never know it. They lived following native traditions, but seek out a priest on their death beds. It was a consequence of the treaty law requirements. As far as I can tell they aren’t really Catholics. They just play the role because it’s for the good of the people. To this day those treaties are heavily enforced by the Catholic church in Canada so no one can tell me that forced conversion isn’t a big deal.

    2. They are also interested in gaining wealth, political power, and social control over populations, not “just” issuing their propaganda (for those ends) and also for the ends of saving souls. You’re right!

    1. Actually I wrote this article on Dec 13th and it was published on Dec 15, before the date of publication in your link. These pictures were circling the web a few weeks ago and I saw them and felt inspired to write about them. This article is original Jon.

  66. This is brilliant. All very common sense stuff. If only everyone could see the reality/hypocrisies of the world.

  67. why cant the world come together and help each other we don’t need religions they segregate us

      1. So Why does the artist then depict a girl whoring herself to control a boy or implying she will control his life? That’s not condemnation what that implies is women are the problem.

        1. Not necessarily. People often allow their desires to control them. Objects can be sources of desire, even if the object doesn’t exert any power. Therefore, people give the object control, even though it isn’t actually trying to control anything. If men objectify women, then women can have control over their lives. Other examples include money, media, electronic devices, etc. People let those things have control over their lives, even though they are just things or values and have no real power.

          1. Its sexual gratification, not women, that men let control them. For most men, Women are a means to gratification and many use women as little more than objects to satisfy their sexual desires. If this artist really wanted to make the point, he would have had the little boy looking down his own pants and the little boy would be saying “I will control you to please this” to the little girl.

          2. Akhibrass – What you said may be true, but that’s not the image that dominates our culture. The image is of women and sex. Very few places, if any, do you see images depicting men controlling women to fulfill their own needs. If you were the artist, that may be how you would portray your images, but you are not the artist of these drawings, so it’s trivial to tell the artist how he/she should depict the world around them.

        2. I don’t believe the artist is attributing blame on either sex. I think he’s condemning society, if anyone, for staying in the same trap. Society keeps our young women in the situation where they are constantly reviewing their appearance and sexuality and the media sells that, and sells young woman…. and the male population encourage it, because it’s ‘just the way it is’…

          I don’t see the artist as an exploiter, he’s simply shining a light on the whole cycle.

        3. With that text bubble, the artist shows and that text is about how micromanaging of boys and men by manipulative girlfriends or wives is common. The girl in the drawing is not saying she will whore herself. Counselors and others around the Family Courts and plenty of others know that this is common. Certain women are, indeed, the problem.

          Hang in there and take care, everyone.

          All the best,


          Warren G. Richards
          Advocate, Socio-political Writer

        4. I really don’t think that the image has anything to do with women, other than to use the women’s image in media to control men. Women are not to blame but the fact is, man are hardwired to react to this sort of stimulation. Like puting tons of sugar in children’s food. They love it. Men(including me) are a sucker for the female body. I don’t think it has anything to do with men controlling women. A women in the media/advertising will use the female body to sell a product just as much as a man will. The victim(in my opinion) is the man and doesn’t have anything to do with relationships. More to do with selling a product to a horny dude.

          1. blame the woman instead of your self. The problem here is that you are a sucker who cannot resist the physical beauty of a women because you don’t have any balls and use societal acceptance of sexual exploitation to your advantage.

    1. I think the author is taking the risk of drawing grotesque visuals of the exact problem you are talking about. He Shows the problem so it Wouldn’t add to the problem, i. e. these pictures are “uncomfortable versions” of sexist art, which makes you question and hopefully depopularize sexist art. Does that make sense? Hope so 🙂

    2. yes, sexual exploitation of women is a problem, and i feel the artist HIGHLIGHTS the problem, not adds to it, because if you think about it, as i assume the artist thought about it, what media representations of MEN are there out there, that consistently show men in a state of subservience and “being used”? there are none. none that i can think of anyway.

  68. Actually…Women are sexually repressed. As young girls they are force fed bullshit saying that women must refrain from sexual activity.

    1. i believe men deal with this too. but these days no one deals with it because instead of abstinence they preach safe sex. in other words sex sex sex

  69. The following replies are from: People that aren’t that ready for 2015 as they would like to. The artist make art. Art is art when you see it as it. Discuss with anyone else abou if it’s art and it’s art. Some art is meant to provokes – this is meant to provoke.

    The butthurt is strong with this one. Femnazis, castrated men, programmed entities and aliens to modern day and age they are, and the will to break free they lack. Somehow I sund like Yoda.

    Cry some more. This is raelly close to reality. Your opinion is invalid. Face it or cry some more.
    +internets to artist and author who made this possible for me to keep me entertained in his dark hour.

    Peace, love and strong values to you all.

  70. Hidden Terrorist ( only males) within all Societies….wake up…..Parasites must be sprayed and wiped…..Female on edge

    1. there are female terrorists too -_-, i hope you were just trolling cause you did a good job pissing my friends off.

  71. Completely unoriginal and boring. Pedestrian garbage paraded as an “exposé”. This only exposes the artist’s narcissism. “Few too many artists today have the courage to tackle important social commentaries with their art.” What art world have you been paying attention to? Even comic books are saturated with graphic social commentaries – and have been years. You really need to get out more often, expose yourself to some work with a much higher level of quality of execution and topical content above the level of a high school student.

    1. Agreed. This is still enjoyable art in my opinion. It is true that the columnist over-hyped it in the article.

  72. Censor and Censure are not the same word. The art says Censure but the text says Censor. Not the same concept at all. Maybe the text was added by the article writer and not the artist? The Constitution maintains you have the freedom to say what you want but not that society won’t censure (attack) you for saying something unpopular. Not even the same concept.

          1. Wow, could people be more dumb. It’s as if this site if full of idiots, the second paragraph states “…Spanish artist Luis Quiles…”. Quiles is not English, or French, Quiles is Spanish.

  73. Wow sheeple, I can’t even read through any more of these comments. If you think that we are not living in the world the artist is depicting you are sleeping and contributing evermore to the problem. Wake up! Turn off your boob tubes, quit missing the moment by trying to capture a “selfie”, pay attention!

    1. Yeah yeah whatever. It was degrading to women all at the same time. The way he depicted women in these images is disgusting. Based on the way he drew them. Showing unessasary body parts, making all the women look like whores and the ONE man he drew just masculine.

      1. eleni, sure the man was masculine, but was tattooed (permanently) with logos which devalue him as a person. And are you willing to argue that women are not demeaned in our society? If his paintings are supposed to reflect our society then naturally… women… would be… demeaned in them, wouldn’t they? The point of these is not to say that women are disgusting, but rather that the position they have been put in (and to be fair, to an extent put themselves in) is disgusting. Are you pissed off? Good, that was the goal. Unfortunately, you are pissed that the artist did not conform to your hyperactive sensibilities, rather than being pissed at the society that he pretty accurately represents.

      2. “Yeah yeah whatever” is EXACTLY the problem you’re creating. It’s not “yeah yeah whatever” its whats CURRENTLY going on in society. Please, go look at social media sites and tell me that the majority of girls aren’t showing way too much ass/tits. FFS DJ’s have trending hashtags like #bootyforborgore where dozens of girls send pictures of their ass DAILY to this dude in hopes of getting a retweet.

        Please, open your goddamn eyes you poor woman.

      3. lol the point of using only women is to help support against mysogyny by showing how women are being used by the media as tools to sell

    1. Yeah. I mean I like what his message is saying as a whole, but the cartoon women in his pictures are pretty oversexualized in these photos…

      1. Everything in this art piece has a purpose. Take a look and read the captions and look beyond the literal views from the colorations, to line work, to positive and negative space. If you don’t walk around the piece in your mind as artists hope in an art gallery around a sculpture piece to see the work from different perspectives and to gain a full circled idea(s) about the work, to question, and ponder about the art and possibly, critique their choices, but also to think about what they are saying – how will a person keep thinking and learning? I enjoyed this work thoroughly. I felt the art was well executed on a technical scale, for sure, clear, cohesive, beautifully depicted, and well rendered and purposeful. I am impressed and pleased. I think the messages within these pieces are relatable for many people who live in America and outside of this country, have a great sense of irony on many aspects too – display some satire – but the punch line is “us.” The punch line is, well, being punched. Who is it that is being punched? Who’s doing it, you know? There was a lot I got out of this piece. When I see a comment saying that the women are over-sexalized, but you like what the message is saying as a whole – I feel that you have a potentially interesting comment. But more. Since the comment above the artist was a “minsogynst” (I suppose that commenter knew the artist personally) it seems that your comment could be easily agreeing with theirs. Do you care to elaborate more about why you feel this way? And if you care to have me elaborate more then a generalized response within what I said about this art in further detail, let me know. I would love to be part of a conversation.

      1. Good question, J. I’ll explain it to you. In these drawings a man could have easily been:
        1. The one force fed cheap food.
        2. The one fed pills
        3. The one willing to perform a sexual act on the phone with instagram,
        4. The one having money showed down their throat
        HOWEVER, in a piece that explicitly discusses the hyper sexualization of women, he chose to use all this sexual (somewhat violently so) and phallic imagery and inadvertently further sexualized women.
        I found the pieces to be repetitive. I get it, everyone is sticking it to me, but pretty much 4 of these was saying the same thing in not so different ways.

    2. I think you only think you know the meaning of that word when in reality you don’t.

      Sexualized =/= Misogynistic

      I guess the athlete pic is misandristic?

    3. Of the 9 photos, or rather, pieces of one’s own PERSONAL representation, 4 of them could be viewed as “Misogynist”. Hardly, a majority first of all.

      And secondly, the reason (Aside from the fact that this illustrator can draw whatever the hell he wants) these pieces are meaningful, is because they represent very real issues that are present in today’s world. The MAIN picture, you know the one, the girl being forced onto a stack of 1$ bills, is almost ironic in it’s realist sense. Women ACTUALLY subject themselves, the way the picture shows, all for a technically “stack of ones”.

      And I don’t bring the word women into this because I’m trying to play the “gender card”, I’m just using that as an example, because that’s what it is you’re upset about.

      To further prove my point, I’ll touch down on the picture of the pro athlete with tattoos of money making logos.
      It’s a very ACCURATE analogy to what males (when really, you could just say PEOPLE) go through…

      For a stack of ones..

    4. You’re kind of proving the artist right. There’s so much pornography on the internet it makes up a large percentage of traffic. More so than truthful arguments or world shaping movements. To label the artist as mysogynistic you’ve identified yourself as someone who sees only what they want to see and nothing more.

    5. Uhhhh, thats the point? Did you even read the captions? He didn’t create these pictures to express himself, he created them to show the ugly truth of modern society.

      It’s funny how if some guy creates these pictures, it’s considered misogyny. But girls who are actually exposing themselves in order to receive a mere “like” on social media aren’t to blame. If you take a gander at Tumblr, there are thousands of girls (not to mention the underage ones) who are selling photosets of nude pictures/videos/snapchat accounts for as much as $50+ for a set.

      This artist nailed it, all of it. It’s all 100% true, and the faster people realize this, the greater the chance something will change.

  74. If you cannot relate these pictures to our reality and see the connection, you are very brainwashed. Breaks my heart.

      1. It would be degrading if it weren’t true. You, “eleni” are part of the masses that are brainwashed. Girls will do anything for money now-a-days. It doesn’t take much effort to find nude photosets of average girls on Tumblr for sale. (This more or less is about the girl salivating for money.)

        And lets not forget all the girls who take pictures that show 25% of their face, and 75% of their rack, which is obviously the focal point of the photo, yet it’s their default on social media. They know they’ll get more followers/subs/likes/retweets/etc if they show their cleavage, so their exploiting males by literally luring them to click. (Four girls ready to receive “likes” photo)

        The girl swallowing pills should have been a male, as males abuse prescription drugs more, although females 12-17 abuse them more than their male counterparts, and this girl looks young, so it fits.

        Please, stop labeling every male as a misogynist because you fail to see whats going on. It’s part of the reason why so many people are hating femininazi’s.

  75. these illustrations are not only truthful but powerful. One thing that disappoints me is that these drawings focus solely on women and thus create gender bias. If you are going to confront the ugly truth, equally represent both men and women

    1. Here he shows eight illustrations and of those four of them show scenarios depicting a male as the focal point. So i think its well balanced. My only regret is I didn’t get to see more, these are amazing!

  76. This art is far from misogyny. In fact, the exact opposite. If you cannot read the subtext of how the women in the images are portrayed in exactly the same way as the fast food, smartphones etc as having just been reduced to a mere commodity at the cost of their humanity, then perhaps you need to do a little more thinking???

  77. The sheer extent of people that I know who are prescribed depressant medication and who fully believe that the only way to get through life day to day is with regular therapy is staggering. My ex girlfriend used to say at her job how they didn’t wear tight enough clothes or short skirts, and therefore they didn’t make enough money from tips, this attitude that people are driven solely from sexual desire and influence. I feel that the cartoon depicting the young girl showing her private to the young boy and saying “with this I am going to control your life” is a message that most young women haven fallen into the trap of believing is the only way to get ahead and to create lasting relationships. That beauty equals success and power, but what happens when they start to get older and loose that sense of identity, they turn to plastic surgery, or drugs to forget the reality of life. This is why our generation has one of the highest suicide rates in history, people don’t feel value past a certain age, they don’t see hope for the future, they use resources and people for their own benefit, and when they no longer can get anything from life they just give up.

    The state of society and the role that social media has played in contributing to the problems is saddening. We no longer go out and help people, we sit here say “oh how sad it all is”. What are we doing as a people to change the state of this world, we are going in a very scary direction very quickly and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

    1. Doran — Very well said and incredibly true. I will say though, that even as all these things are happening, there are people like you and many websites, such as this one, who see the state our society and are wiling to speak out and bring awareness to those that are simply “stuck”. I truly believe we can help each other become unstuck.

      It’s now very cliche, but I DO see people waking up. Blessings to you! 🙂

  78. Most religious people do actually donate more than an average person. Kristoff wrote an excellent times article about this topic.

  79. I love it when people attack religion but don’t check their facts. Try again pal, religious people are some of the most giving people on the face of the planet. Out of all the people that identify as religious 65% give to charity. Of those that claim no religious affiliation 53% give to charity. Perhaps it has something to do with Jesus saying to give to those in need.

      1. Yes Brutus… religious institutions also run enormous numbers of schools and medical charities throughout the world, especially in the third world. This author completely misses that you cannot eat gold. What the churches do is use their wealth, through investments, to generate income that allows them to maintain their charities.

    1. Come on Turtle, please check your facts. According to some studies, when you exclude donations given to churches and religious groups, the non religious are actually more charitable. Religious organizations, including churches, are some of the most profitable, and should not be considered as charities.

      plus I’ll give you a link, whereas you find it’s ok to spout unsupported information.

      Read more: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2013/11/28/are-religious-people-really-more-generous-than-atheists-a-new-study-puts-that-myth-to-rest/#ixzz3OFjFLZl8

      1. The cartoonist clearly has his own biased beliefs regarding religion that are not based in fact. Yes religious institutions are wealthy but just throwing money at poverty does not actually solve the problem. Billions have been spent by everyone over decades. Throwing all the money in the world will NOT solve the problems of poverty. If you think so, you take a very simplistic view – such as the cartoonist & author of this piece.
        More than money, religious institutions are helping with eduacting and changing the social circumstances and environment of those most in need. The cartoonist and author being vague about which institutions he is generalising about adds nothing to inform people on what really needs to be done to help these societies.

          1. You must teach the man to fish, not just give him fish. Eugene’s analysis is 100% accurate. What the amassed wealth of churches allows them to do is to take a steady stream of the productive outputs of the first world, and use that production to aid the third world in a sustained manner through schools, medical missions, other aid programs. If they just sold all of their assets and bought loads of food to ship to Africa they would not be helping Africans produce their own food as much as they are now.

            If you could show that the religious institutions were using their profits to finance conspicuous consumption on the parts of their leaders, that would be one thing. But the evidence says otherwise: http://work.chron.com/much-catholic-priests-paid-12915.html

            This is saying that the median wage for priests is about the same as the US population at large. The churches are rich, but they use their wealth for good. Believing otherwise is reflective of bias, not reality.

      2. But what do they do with their profits? They use them to operate huge numbers of schools, medical charities, social programs, etc. throughout the world. You cannot eat gold. You can use the profits generated from amassed wealth to support missionaries though, who can go to impoverished parts of the world to help people improve their conditions. Yes the churches could sell tons of their assets to buy food in the short term, and ship all that food to Africa. But does this actually solve poverty in the long run? You must teach the man to fish, and if the churches threw away all their wealth giving people fish, they would not have the steady income to maintain their charities which teach people to fish.

        1. Owen ~~ You make phenomenal points and I’d like to thank you for standing UP for Christianity in particular, since it’s especially popular to bash and malign Christians these days. The only religious group receiving more hatred would have to be the Muslims.

          Ironically, I’ve observed in mainstream media and political message boards, that somehow large numbers of Christians, usually conservative in nature, have been deviously manipulated into supporting the Apartheid state in Israel.

          As I see it, they are continuously being encouraged through biased agenda-based lies and fear-mongering to bash Arabs and hate Muslims. It’s truly terrible that so many Christians are being duped and used in this way. To see the madness I speak of, see the “Blaze” website.

      3. Darius, why would you exclude donations given to the church? When churches use those donations to operate charities like schools and medical centers throughout the third world? There is no reason whatsoever to exclude that charity.

    2. Problem is the “charities” y’all donate to give these people bibles instead of food and/or make converting a requirement to get the assistance. That’s the problem with “charity” instead of mutual aid.

      1. how about you? what are you doing to solve poverty? what are you doing right now to feed these people and their spiritual lives?

        1. None of these people are specifically claiming that they themselves are trying to solve world poverty/hunger like the church is. They are simply stating that the churches aren’t doing as much as they should or could. How about facing the facts instead of attacking those who present them?

          1. I know really me and all those people are not saying we are the path to salvation and more, like the church IS doing!

      1. Now, tell us..what are you doing right now for these people? did you fed them or are you feeding them?

        1. I feed and pick up after people on a daily basis. I even give the homeless money when they ask while my bank account is negative. Why? Because I have a job and a decent life. There will always be money, it just depends what you plan on doing with it.

    3. Why do you use a statistic talking about religion, but then speculate to it being Jesus’s influence. Jesus is only would only apply to Christians which I doubt pull the weight for everybody. I’d argue it’s a sociological effect stemming from the sense of community individuals find at their churches, synagogues, mosques, and etc. I do like the support against the religion-knocking photo with the included supporting statistic.

    4. He didn’t say religious people. He was talking about the Church organizations as a whole. With Billions of dollars in combined assets and liquid assets, if their mission as an organization was to end poverty in the world, they have had and still have more than enough resources to do it or at the very least put a dent in it.

      as far as individual people go I don’t think that was even brought up.

      “predominant religious institutions” was the wording he used.

      Although even the bible says Religion is worthless without the actions to back it up. people who go to church every sunday but don’t live in the teachings they hear. As soon as service is over it’s right back to being hateful and sinning, then their religion is worthless, as an example.

    5. Those percentages doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with how much they give, and only takes into account people who bother to respond. I give blood all the time, but I’ve never taken a survey to tell somebody I do or what my religious affiliation is. It doesn’t matter. Your pointless numbers also do nothing to shed light how much of the money actually goes to helping people. Many charities spend more than 50% of collected monies on advertising and paying employees – even so called “non-profit” organizations. Your comment is completely irrelevant. Perhaps it has something to do with your zealotry and confirmation bias.

    6. I believe he was talking about the religious institutions themselves buddy. If the Vatican were to open their vast coffers, you wouldn’t be seeing the ads of hungry children anymore.

      1. I tell you dear Samantha that the Catholic church has been doing so for centuries. :), History is always there to back it up.

    7. No, no, no!!! HE IS SAYING THE INSTITUTIONS HAVE THE POWER AND MONEY RIGHT NOW!!! NOT THE SHEEPLE! Hear my religious rudeness out if it interests you: The church i attend for example, (for faith in the people, not a psychopathic mass-murdering delusion) has just raised over 5 million to build state-of-the art children’s buildings with gaming systems, extravagant architecture, tablets etc. Its soooooooooo materialistic. They spent 2 services talking about it and all the donation plans for attendants and showed a 3d animation. It was so over the top (freaking awesome tbh!) and all has nothing to do with Jesus…in fact, the lives that 5 million could have saved are lives murdered in my eyes! This intellectually incomprehensible “God” …thing is everything in this existence.

      Organized religion and money have just put us further to sleep. WTF IS THE VATICAN DOING!? ALL THAT POWER AND MONEY!!!1
      when good men do nothing…not only does evil prevail, but there were no good men!!
      Religion has ALWAYS had our race suffering and killing each other. Slaves of desire and fear. more so victims of fate than steady faith.
      I KNOW I could do FAR more good for the world with that power. Christianity doesn’t even teach what Jesus walked around trying to tell people about. And that is; that heaven is here and now. The real thing. I’ve seen it. As unbelievable of a claim I understand it to sound from some weirdo ranting on the internet, I was “there” for about 3 days and rationally tried to understand…it was far too good to be true…hard to let myself accept that it was real. this was “it.” That thing staring at me since birth. This thing everyone is walking around looking for every day they chose to live. From there, you know (in a different kind of “knowing”) simultaneously astounding truths all at once. The “is,” consciousness, god, nirvana…heaven. You cannot tell me it isn’t heaven because there is nothing imaginably better. So yes, fuck organized religion. Heaven is real, and they have the means to make one ‘hell’ of a effort of waking the masses to it…they have the willpower and faith overall if they would direct it. But I’ve read repeatedly that only those who have saved themselves have any chance of saving the world. which makes sense having seen it. And I do believe about 98% of religious leaders are quite unaware of the reality of heaven. Of non-duality. They have not saved themselves. They don’t even know…They’re trapped in the mind. Talking to a made up being that sources from themselves. Jesus did not need Jesus to be saved himself…nor do we.
      thats a rant.
      for sure.

      1. Did you feed them?the poor?the deprived? what did you do when you are in that church? did you make a difference? what did you do? now who’s benefiting from those new building? now what change did you make in this world?

        1. You’ve said that a few times, Danielle? What have YOU done? I can be honest and say I chose Children International to donate to children in need. They set up schools and support children go to school, get the nutrition they need, and help their families get things they need like indoor plumbing and such. They don’t have to change their religion or have their parents change religions. I think it’s indecent to try to change people just so they can eat. Many religious-based missionaries spend a lot of their time and efforts proselytizing instead of helping. Help them eat first, help them fix their homes, and then if they want to convert because they think you’re a good example, then they have a sound choice.

          I got to choose the country the children came from; I received a picture every year; I received letters from the children with notes about how they were doing in school and how their families were doing; and I sent birthday cards and messages when I could. It’s VERY helpful and changes the world. What have YOU done aside from posting these comments?

          1. Children International asks for donations of $22 per child, per month, to provide food, medical, education and other needs.

            Yet, their CEO was paid $374,935 in 2008.
            It is appalling to me that an organization that stresses how far a mere $22 will go per month, pays their CEO $374,935 a year! That’s close to $200 AN HOUR!!! That’s just plain wrong.

            I think you’re AWESOME for wanting help children, although I also feel that there are plenty of needy children right her in America and that we can help directly and know where our money goes. Just my view.

    8. Absolutely, and further, there are corporate and banking elites that have obscene billions that can hardly be fathomed. Just like those in the entertainment industry.

      It takes 10 million + to make make most major movies. Just one of those movies could get dropped and that money could feel a small country.

      But those in Hollywood don’t give a damn.

      Great article nonetheless.
      Just please spread the blame around a bit since Big Pharma and Monsanto are the true evils of this Earth if you ask me.

    9. As a very religious person myself I can see where he is coming from. He is not talking about the general public. He is talking about the religious people in power with money to throw away. In that instance he is spot on. I and everyone I know donates however poverty still exists and can be radiated if the religious people in power paid attention to the third world countries. But they don’t. He was spot on unfortunately

  80. I disagree with the author’s interpretation of the the “With this I am going to control your life” I take the are of the woman proclaiming that she will control the man with the pussy, not “example of the dominating male influences at the top of the ladder” Notice how it’s the girl saying it, and not the guy. The author description reads as if the quote is coming from the guy.
    As for women being forced to wear the skirts and skimpy clothing, they could quit and work at McDonalds. But they likely take a pay cut, especially once tips are involved. Ever been to a bar and the waitress are extra flirty while wearing skimpy clothing. It’s most likely that they just want your tip money as opposed to them been oppressed by the man.

    1. Don’t forget the “heals”.
      How someone considers writing their “craft” and fails to proof-read their article is beyond me. But if you “wanna” chat hit him up.

      If writing is your craft, you really need to proof-read, check spelling, and avoid using slang like “wanna”.

    2. This “artist”/illustrator..there is a difference…..centers on bondage prepubescent girls and all wrapped up as a morality tale…hes not a good artist more a cartoonist with not much to say..religion as most people accept it has very little to do with it.

    3. Jason— having to exploit your sexuality or else forfeit tips and/or take a pay cut by working at McDonalds are not REAL choices, and they are certainly not choices men have to make. Having to make that “choice” is the definition of being “oppressed by the man.”

      1. Samantha, I think this attitude only comes from women who aren’t comfortable with their sexuality. Seeing cute girls be cute is pleasant for men. They get paid in return for that service, if that’s a service they want to provide. Many women take great pride in their appearance and ability to provide this service to society. Men do have the same choice. A male waiter can wear ill fitting clothing or well fitted stylish clothing. The man can have a good haircut or not. He can flirt with girls he waits on or not. He is also using his sexuality to be more stimulating/valuable to other people. As a man I try to wear stylish clothing so that my appearance is pleasant.

        1. The difference Owen is that you will be favoured by society for this behaviour, a woman quite the reverse. To all you men out there with the view that women do have the same choices as men, do you feel safe out at night alone and do you think the doormen at bars get paid the same as the bar staff? The road to equality has to be travelled by men and women together, there are losses and gains on both sides. Stephen Biddulph equates womens oppression to mens isolation and I feel this might be true so lets all try to understand each others perspective even if we dont agree. Its actually also very good for the brain and maybe more of this way of mind will enable us to do that evolutionary leap we so need.

    4. they are told to behave that way or lose the job – god knows they need the money in this shitty system = you don’t think that they think every guy is wonderful do you? delusional

    5. Jason your remarks are getting to the truth aren’t they ?? and what he is stating is correct. Women and girls are being groomed to be put on a pedestal , and are done so at a very early age, The fact is that all the images represented here are on the money . I agree with the whole lot , that depiction of the girl saying that with this Ill control the world is correct . Men are looking for their Mothers , they will go through all sorts of garbage to appear Normal , to have made it and to be there and with it. In fact they are being ruled by the perceptions of society .

    6. If they were paid correctly in the first place they wouldnt need to flirt with the generally better off men!

  81. Very thought-provoking images, though I would argue that the image of the four girls licking the phone could more likely be interpreted as drawing a parallel between the fake ‘love’ and adoration gained from prostitutes, and the clamorous ‘love’ and ‘likes’ received on social media. Someone loving your picture on instagram not because they like it, but because they’re hoping for something in return. A pornstar or prostitute feigning love for the return of money. And our willingness to believe that the ‘likes’ we receive are genuine.

  82. Every time he wants to illustrate the general public succumbing to something, for example, money, social media, or pharmaceuticals, he draws a women to symbolize the weak minded public. This only perpetuates women as being viewed as weak. If he wants to change society he needs to be aware of his own bias. Furthermore, his drawing of women using their sexuality to control men is infuriating because the hyper sexualization of women is the result of a patriarchal society, not the result of women playing silly little games.

    1. True. But women do sometimes use their sexuality to control men. Sometimes though maybe most times it isn’t a choice. I think that was mentioned. Maybe not

      1. women are taught to do this – it is expected by society that women will try and manipulate – a product of the male hierarchy. most times there is no choice – i honestly have never played games and have been ostracised by both sexes for not playing it right and only now as an older woman do i have female friends – male dominance sucks big ones

    2. I think it’s done very much in the same way as Lennon sang “Woman is the nigger of the world” and back then he was chastised and criticised for that because of other peoples shallow perceptions of such. The general message I got from viewing these images was not womens exploited sexualisation, rather than the almost paedophilic explotation of children for the sake of monetary gain and the relentless march towards this in a world where such is so obvious!

  83. This art is far from misogyny. Actually, the real opposite. If you cannot research the subtext of how the women in the images are showed in exactly the same way as the trash foods, cell cellular phones etc as having just been reduced to a easy item at the cost of their mankind, then perhaps you need to do a little more thinking?

    1. I felt the same way. Once again, over sexualized. But don’t you know we are doing this to ourselves? It’s our own fault. 😉

    2. Well stated. I am an artist and there is no way possible to politely convey being raped by society in every way possible (physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, verbally, and “yes” sexually. I have noticed in recent years this is not just an issue for women. I have began to notice that young males are now being effected and that is heart stopping and I do hope that my young adult daughters and son can start to turn this around. Being a good parent and a decent human being my (now deceased) husband and I worked very hard to instill true life lessons. I work very hard on my own in 2006 when my husband died and I did well, (if I do say so myself). I liked your comment. Your comment gave me food for thought). Thank You!

  84. D– So you are saying this is due to “patriarchal” society? In the 40’s and 50’s everything (media/gov) was controlled pretty much exclusively by men. Today, there are women everywhere in media and gov., and I’m pretty sure that todays society is a heck of a lot more sexual than anything in the 40’s or 50’s. Have you ever watched any old tv shows? Todays society is the result of the ‘alinsky / islamo radical progressive’ movement to delete the constitution and turn the us gov. into a fascist gov., and your blaming it on men is part of the brainwashing they are using the media to inflict on the public. We must use a wider variety of news sources and actually think about what they say instead of just accepting.

    1. The sexual revolution allowed media to further push the envelope. I would hardly say women have equal control in media or the gov’t now. Show me some numbers. Not just words like “women are everywhere.”

      1. Im kinda torn. Its a liberal no brainer that women have and continue to be victimised but I think it shows a degree of lazy analysis to not include women as part of the cause and not just the effect. Powerful PEOPLE through out time and everywhere have knowingly or unknowingly been responsible for human inequality. There is something of a reflex defense mechanism to blame men for all social evils.

  85. Here’s a novel idea. Instead of everyone trying to knock each other down a peg and try and get the last word in, crawl out from behind your computer and go practice what you preach. I’m going to go volunteer for something now while someone writes three pages in rebuttal against this post.

  86. It’s sad that these things are true, but thankfully with A loving God we still have time to wake up and take heed to these warnings. May we grow spiritually through love and not be controlled by fear. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  87. Very trite. People need to realize when they’re being “clickbaited” and “sharebaited” with these types of affirmation posts.

    Here’s a protip: If you see an image that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside–the kind that makes you nod your head slowly–you’ve been had. Go ahead and admit it to yourself. It’s the first step to recovery.

  88. Three and four are Shockley truthful the rest Shockley right scary world of an creazy consumerism..

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