True Beauty Isn’t Found Through Makeup

If one day every woman woke up and was happy with her self, the cosmetic industry would go out of business.

Not just women, but men too. Why do we obsess over our looks so much to the extent that we put on a mask every day to project out to the world? Sometimes we put on a physical mask; sometimes we don our psychological mask. This is our ego, our self-image. Some people identify more as their body, usually just the thin outer layer called the skin. Some people identify as a role, or their status or their position in society.

We walk around with this self image, always struggling to uphold it, turning ourselves into a clapping Seal for everybody, making sure that we look and seem the best way we can – only to go home and take it all off, get in our trackies and finally relax. But in this regard, we are only ever relating to people on a very superficial level. We are relating on the level of appearances, of our body, of our status, of an idea. We have fallen prey to the conditioning that our culture has very successfully imposed on us.

Ever notice how “beauty” for a woman is tall, thin, big breasts and ass, skinny waist, flawless complexion and all of that? Notice how maybe only 1% of females are actually like this, creating a world where everyone strives for something they will never be, only to spend more and more and more on cosmetics and even plastic surgery? Maybe the people a little less identified with their body will identify with fashion. Portraying their self-image through their choice of clothes.

But can we truly look at ourselves in the mirror without the conditioned mind telling us we need to look better, we need to be thinner, we need to colour that bit, straighten that part out, apply this or that? Can we look at ourselves just as we are without culture and the brainwashing being perpetuated through our own mind?

See, our mind is not our own. It is a product of the environment and culture we live in. When our mind sees imperfections and desires for some perfect look, it is cultures voice doing this, not our own. All those years of advertising, watching television, seeing what the “perfect” look or body is has conditioned us to strive for something that is not.

If we truly look at ourselves as we really are, we can see that we are all beautiful beyond any true comprehension. We are human beings, representations of this wonderful planet Earth. We are not separate from it, we are it! Our body is a colony of trillions of cells all working in harmony; we have complex things called emotions, feelings, memories, we can experience love, anger, joy, and melancholy. Then there is this thing called consciousness, something truly amazing and beyond all description… and somehow, we have let ourselves identify as something so small and inferior to this, I think that it’s time we all stepped into our true identity. We don’t look at the stars or the trees and say “oohhhh, that star could be a little brighter, that moon should probably be a little over that way, that tree is too old and gnarled compared to that little sapling that should probably hurry up and grow.” No. We see the inherent beauty in things like this, so why not extend that to fellow humans and ourselves?

So I challenge you to free yourself from the way culture has defined you. I challenge you to remove your mask, your physical and psychological one. Lets relate on a level much deeper than this. Lets relate together through our true identity.

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  1. Thank you for writing this, it has been very inspiring (though CE and many other New Age websites I visit try to look on the bright side most of the time, I can’t help but notice how this particular article differs from the others in terms of actually looking at the class half full as opposed to a ‘you won’t like it, but this is how it is’ approach.) An awakened person in this age (and indeed, there are many and counting) will take notice of humanity’s ‘lust’ for physical perfection where there is none to be found. Of course, all humanity is already perfect, but what we seem to be looking for is an idealized, non-specific notion of some sort of artificial ersatz beauty that can never be fully attained (similar to reaching the exact number of pi- it’s impossible to ever actually REACH this goal, all you can do is get closer and closer to the actual number until giving up.) I like how you mentioned that beauty is different in all cultures, and how each vision of ‘true beauty’ will only apply to a very small percentage of women. In truth, there is no inherent vision of physical beauty- all of humanity has the capacity to love anyone, even the ‘ugliest’ human, in a romantic or sexual manner as well as a platonic manner.

    Though I believe the media has something to do with this unhealthy obsession of ours, I think the main problem is our belief that we only have a single life in our physical bodies to deal with. In that view, of course we would naturally fight to the bitter end for physical perfection- that’s all we know! If we were to become a spiritual group, I think this would quickly dissolve (we would still feel inclined towards our personal vision of beauty, but we would no longer we obsessed with it to the point of causing discomfort if ourselves or other people don’t match this ideal.) Through our desire to become physically beautiful at all costs, the media definitely exploits it even to the point of damaging how millions view their self-worth, though still, I don’t blame the media. We are simply confused at the moment, and will eventually see past this. That being said, there’s been quite a few times were people will ask me why I don’t wear make-up, and then will say that I should. At the same time, these people will often express disdain towards how they look, so I wonder who’s happier this way?

    1. Beautifully said!! You are absolutely right and I feel that someday down the road people will wake up and see that they have always been beautiful inside and out, they are just not that aware of it yet. Thanks for sharing the wisdom!! 🙂 It is a beautiful thing what words can do to move people and inspire them, that is what you have just done and that is what CE and countless others in the world are doing to move the human spirit.



  2. I haven’t worn make-up for something like 2 decades (I’m in my early 40s), and I don’t miss it at all. My complexion is clear and smooth and I don’t have to spend all that time making myself up and then taking it off at the end of the day. I found that my complexion was worse when I wore makeup, so what was the point? Plus, I just stopped caring what other people thought of my looks. If people don’t like me because of the way I look without makeup, they’re free to look the other way. The way I look doesn’t define me. Mom was right when she said beauty comes from within…

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