Man Awakens From Severe Vegetative State After 12 Years – “I Was Aware Of Everything”

My mind was trapped inside a useless body, my arms and legs weren’t mine to control, and my voice was mute. I couldn’t make a sign or a sound to let anyone know I’d become aware again. I was invisible – the ghost boy.”

– Martin Pistorious

Martin Pistorious had a normal childhood growing up in South Africa in the late 70s. His parents, Joan and Rodney Pistorius, explained how Martin insisted that he would one day be an “electric man,” as he was infatuated by any type of electronic equipment he could get his hands on.

But everything would change for the worse when Martin turned 12. Coming home from school one day, he told his parents that he was feeling sick. This wasn’t any normal flu, however, as Joan and Rodney watched their son begin to sleep for endless hours of the day, almost like a baby. Even worse, he wouldn’t eat, refusing anything they put in front of him.

Martin was tested for everything in the book, including Parkinson’s, TB, mineral deficiency, and more, yet everything came back negative.

As the months went on, Martin’s parents watched as their son slowly began to shut down — first his ability to move, then his ability to make eye contact, and finally his speech.

“He progressively got worse, probably in the second year of his illness. He was sleeping whenever we didn’t wake him up. He was permanently lying down in the fetal position,” said Rodney in an interview with NPR.

Finally, a test came back positive. It was cryptococcal meningitis, something the doctors said meant there was no hope for Martin.

They were told that he was a vegetable, with no more intelligence. They were advised to take Martin home, to provide him with love until his death.

Trapped inside of his own body for a decade and thought to be severely brain-damaged, Martin Pistorius was actually fully aware the entire time. His story is one marked by abuse, neglect, love, and despair. An expert on what people do when they think no one is looking, Martin has become well versed in human nature and self-determination.

A Boy Who Wouldn’t Let Go

s1920x1080_martin-dad-19xx_custom-e7603bb3ae2a6545a67e4f02dc51548eadfa39cb-s400-c85Something in Martin held on for much longer than his prognosis had estimated.

Martin just kept going, just kept going,” said Joan.

The years continued to pass as Rodney and Joan cared for their helpless son. They dressed him, fed him, bathed him, and dropped him off each day at the special care facility he was enrolled at.

My alarm was set for every two hours so that I could wake up to turn him, so that he wouldn’t get bed sores,” said Joan.

This exhausting cycle continued for another 10 years, literally taking everything from Joan and Rodney. Joan told NPR that she eventually came to a point where she said to Martin, “I hope you die.

“I know that’s a horrible thing to say. I just wanted some sort of relief. . . . In my mind he’d already died.”

 A Nurse Who Believed in the Soul Inside Martin

By the time Martin was in his mid-20s, something slowly began to shift. Martin was now able to squeeze someone’s hand, a remarkable advancement considering his history. Furthermore, he was getting better at holding himself upright in his wheelchair.

However, the doctors insisted that Martin still had the mind of a 3-year-old. But one nurse, named Verna, was convinced something more was there.

This 1987 photo is the last one to show the family before Martin fell ill. He is at the right. Courtesy of Martin Pistorius

She eventually convinced Joan and Rodney to get another evaluation done elsewhere. Martin was given a test where he had to identify different objects by pointing at them with his eyes. Surprisingly to many, he passed; not with flying colours, but he passed nevertheless.

I then gave up my job,” said Joan.

Joan dedicated the next year to teaching Martin how to use a special joystick for the computer, for four hours every morning, until he finally got it.

Once he did, everything would change. Martin was now able to select words using his stick.

“I am cold. I am hungry. I want toast.” These were his first bits of communication. Soon after, other things began to return to him.

He started moving his eyes and moving his head and almost nodding, asking for coffee by stirring his hands around and things like that.”

A Horrifying Realization — Martin’s Perspective

For 8 of the 12 years he was diagnosed, Martin was invisible. From the outside, he s1920x1080_martin-199x-4_custom-772c052f23f1615f33cc52799f0c2bc2f2cbb1f3-s800-c85was unresponsive, a vegetable. But deep inside, Martin said he was aware of everything.

I was there, not from the very beginning, but about two years into my vegetative state, I began to wake up.”

Martin described the initial process:

“I suppose a good way to describe it is like an out-of-focus image. At first you have no idea what it is, but slowly it comes into focus until you can see it in crystal clarity.”

Somewhere along this process, Martin soon realized his immobility.

I stared at my arm, willing it to move. Every bit of me condensed into that moment.”

Martin recalled a moment when his father was helping him undress, and how badly Martin was trying to communicate, but nothing in his body would obey.

Everyone was so used to me not being there that they didn’t notice when I began to be present againThe stark reality hit me that I was going to spend the rest of my life like that – totally alone.”

Martin revealed how he spent countless hours wallowing in self-defeat: “You will never get out. You are pathetic, powerless, totally alone.”

Was this really how he was to spend the rest of his days alive?

An Unlikely Inspiration Changes Martin’s Thoughts

Martin had fully let go of hope, but as he explains, occasionally there were unlikely sparks of inspiration.

‘You can always count on having a fun day when you spend it with the people you love,‘ said Barney, the fictitious children’s show icon. Martin was constantly forced to watch Barney, a show he now admits he thoroughly despised. He used the show, along with the movement of the sun, to figure out the time of day.

This was his first semblance of control. Simply knowing where he was in the day gave him the sense of being able to climb through it. He realized his thoughts could help him.

I’d have conversations with myself and other people in my head.”

Reengaging with his thoughts transformed his world, and slowly, life began to have purpose.

This also sometimes meant pain for Martin, such as when he heard his mother say to him, “I hope you die.”

But as time passed, he gradually learned to understand his mother’s desperation. He realized that it came from profound love for him.

She could see only a cruel parody of the once-healthy child she had loved so much,” Martin said.

Amazingly, this made him feel even closer to his mother.

It wasn’t long after this when Martin’s nurse, Verna, saw the soul trapped inside Martin, and insisted on getting him more help. This, as previously explained, was the beginning of an inspiring new chapter for Martin.

College Graduate, Business Man, and Husband: Martin Today

Martin Pistorius today with his wife Joanna. Picture credit: The Daily Mail UK

By leaning into those dark thoughts, Martin gained a self-understanding and humour about the human condition that allowed him to attain so much more than he had ever imagined for himself.

Progressing through various levels of improvement, he eventually scored himself a job filing papers at a local office, then moved on to fixing computers, creating a web design business, and earning a computer science degree. He even met a beautiful and loving wife named Joanna (pictured above), whom he met through his sister.

I turned around, and it was just this guy with this big smile. And it’s such a warm personality. . . . OK, well, he’s in a wheelchair, and he doesn’t speak. But I love this guy. He’s amazing. It just so quickly turned into love,” said Joanna.


Although his success may seem simplified by this article, we cannot forget the amount of dedication and hard work it took for both Martin and his loved ones to get him to where he is today.

Martin’s story is indeed one filled with many mixed emotions — sadness, empathy, fear, agony, inspiration — yet it stands as an incredible testament to human willpower.

For more on Martin’s story, be sure to check out his incredible personal account of his journey in his new book, Ghost Boy.

What are your thoughts on Martin’s story? Share with us in the comment section below!

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  1. He was forced to watch Barney for years? OMG, what hell he must have endured… 🙁 Seriously, they should have given him educational shows and documentaries to watch. Poor guy. I’m glad he made his way out.

    1. Because the doctor was dumb to diagnose him as limp forever and “with a mind of a three year old”. But I admire his parents’ perseverance. This story is something worth sharing.

  2. Wow what am amazing article. It brought chills down my body. How can ordinary, healthy people wallow in self pity for the dumbest things. Then you read something like this, so miraculous and wonderful. Really made me think about the things that are really important in life. Beautiful!

  3. God bless this young man and his family. I cannot even imagine what he went through. Knowing what was going on and not able to respond. He has a very strong will and great intelligence to figure things out, so he could come back. So happy for him. May he enjoy his new found life with his wife and family. Wishing you many blessings. God is watching over you.

  4. Don’t ever give up hope. After reading this how can anyone decide to
    ‘pull the plug”. A struggle I would wish on anybody.

  5. I am really glad that I read this story. Some days you just dont feel like getting out of bed and then you read such a story and you realize that fr some even getting out of bed is a dream.
    It was such a day for me today and I must thank the author for this story. Life has so much more to offer to a healthy, intelligent guy like me.

  6. I remember a lesson from my CNA course . . .Always communicate with the patient. Especially when it may seem like they won’t /can’t hear you. Nine years later, I still follow this rule. This is a great example of why. Congrats to this young man for all of his success.

  7. What an amazing and inspiring story of a real life account! I feel ashamed that I complain about minor things compared to what this man had to endure from boyhood. May you grow stronger and continue to improve in all areas of your life. So happy that you have found a person who is happy to share her life with you! Bless your parents for the many years that they cared for you it could not have been easy but it seems that love overcomes all obstacles!

  8. what a great story ,it shows you should not every give up on anyone , it has also been said that people in a coma do know what is going on , so do not make out that they are not there include them in everything and do not keep playing the same tv show over and over again . what do they say veritery is the spice of life

  9. Love this amazing article. I really believe in the power of our mind when the love is together. Unbelievable!!!

  10. everybody who agreed it was okay to remove feeding tubes from people like terri schiavo (google the name) and starve them todeath should be ashamed of themselves today

    1. Not at all.
      Terri Schiavo was even worse off. She was in a coma, and was being kept alive by machinery until she died.
      Each case is different and must be evaluated as such.
      If you are not directly involved with the case, you are not privy to the all the facts. And, you have no right to judge what the family’s choices are.

      1. That’s true, Max. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be such a burden to anyone and I would hope that nobody would keep me alive artificially like that at such great financial expense and heartache. I certainly wouldn’t want to live like that for so long; I’d rather be dead.

  11. This can only be called a true miracle of mercy. This story contains so much inspiration that I can only imagine the glory and freedom Martin feels now, even speechless and in a wheelchair; both of which we all take for granted in our own lives. I truly believe all of those years were not in vain for Martin if only for what he has to teach the world, and how much more he knows on a spiritual level. I am sure his rewards have only begun, his beautiful, kindred-spirited wife being one of them, (another blessing most of us lack)…God Bless you, Martin!!

  12. An amazing journey through life! A perspective of the inner recesses of mind very few would know!!

  13. Truely shows us that our soul is unbreakable no matter the trials we go through or what condition we are in physically, Doctors arent always right , and miracles are real they are just rare . Stories like this compell others that may be in this situation and Thank You for sharing it because it may be whats keeps them holding on for life .

  14. This tells us a lot of things about the human. you can see happiness comes from the mind. it doesn’t matter what hapens. in the end you are what you become and want. 😀

  15. Thank you for posting this story. My story is similar, although my hardships weren’t as extreme as Martin’s but doctors had told me that I won’t walk properly after having cancer. I used to see the amount of pain I was causing to my loved ones and that was hard. But today, I can walk not perfectly but I can walk.

  16. An amazing family, nurses and human being, Martin .. .The Will to Live is a miracle in itself .. God Bless you guys

  17. God bless u … Encourage people who r going though such type of sickness .. God b with u .. Be blessed

  18. Incredible story and a message to all on so many levels. Never give up. Whats on the inside is what always prevails in the end. God Bless him and his family!!

  19. xox Thank you for sharing your life and the “Power of Hope”. May God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, bless you and keep you, make His face shine upon you and give you His peace… ( Numbers 6:24-27. The Bible)

  20. This reminds me of when I have conscious sleep paralysis. Can’t move, speak, or anything. It’s crazy

    1. I too experience sleep paralysis, Peter. However, my experiences are usually accompanied by some sort of malevolent “presence.” It’s terrifying. I’ll finally try to cry out or to defend myself against the presence, and the effort “breaks the spell,” so to speak.

      Are your experiences similar?

      Sorry for the off-topic comment, but I’m intrigued to hear what others have to say about their sleep-paralysis condition. For the longest time, I thought I was the only one who had these type of “nightmares” (they’re NOT nightmares, but you know what I mean).

      1. I wonder if this is linked to lack of O2/Oxygen? I use a c-pap machine and the air being directed into my respiratory system keeps my heart healthy! No more sleep apnea, no more panicked awakenings, with my heart beating like defib. or pounding like super-adrenaline rush…

        1. I don’t think it’s related to that for all people. I don’t have sleep apnea and it’s happened to me on several occasions.

      2. You’re definitely not alone. I’ve had that happen to me, too. It’s quite disconcerting and takes a lot of will to make it stop, but it usually can be stopped if one is strong enough. You basically have to get mad and tell them to get the *bleep* away from you. If it happens often, one should be very assertive and learn how to “clear the space” and shield oneself. You can’t be afraid because they feed on that.

        It makes me mad that negative entities would do such things to people; it’s not like we’re going to where they are and causing that to happen to them–they shouldn’t be able to do it to us.

        1. When I stated that I sense a “malevolent presence” during sleep-paralysis episodes, I didn’t mean to imply that I think that there is an actual “other” being present in my bedroom. Rather, I believe that such perceived malevolent presences are some sort of psychological manifestation of the condition.

          This discussion has prompted me to research this further, and in so doing I’ve found an informative website devoted to sleep paralysis run by Prof. James Cheyne (retired) of the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada:

          (if the link above is missing or doesn’t work, try googling “sleep paralysis waterloo”)

          My sleep paralysis episodes occur more frequently when I’m under a lot of stress, or often when my sleep habits are disrupted. I’ll sometimes have an episode when I’m on travel for my work and overnighting in a hotel. I have also noticed that the episodes are more likely to occur when my wife is out of town, and I’m sleeping alone at home.

          1. It’s easy to write things off as a perceived psychological manifestation (don’t want anyone thinking you’re nuts, right?). And it may very well be in your case, but then again it might not be (just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean you aren’t able to sense it). You’d be very surprised what our “reality” consists of. Just something to think about, I guess. In any case, being able to break free from whatever it is bothering you is what’s important.

          2. I have had sleep paralysis since childhood. It was so bad i did what you did and researched it. Nothing helped for me until i started reading about lucid dreaming and obe. My sleep paralysis has all the usual extreme fear, fighting to wake up, presence etc.. but mine also had a groundhog day part where i would get up and get tothe light switch, door or whatever and find myself back in bed again. Unable to move. Trying the techniques for lucid dreams and obe started to have obe eventually and enjoy the experience. I am certain i had obe as i did things like leave cards i hadn’t seen and books open at pages i didn’t see in places like on top of a high shelf and would look when i had obe and write down the card or page when i woke. I don’t talk about it much in life as people think i am bsing or am nuts. Anyway, i recommend anyone who has SP problem to try learning at least lucid dreaming. I am no longer afraid of it and actually look forward to it now although sometimes the sense of fear can be too much to turn around. Since i learned to obe the SP happens less which sucks but most important is it doesn’t send me into panic now. If you get strong shivers down your spine when you wake, or during them hear loud ringing or have rushing feelings you are prime for learning to control it. Took me years to finally get them but its worth trying. I mean, i had sp 2 to 3 times a week. It was absolute terror and frustration every time. Has anyone else tried/ succeeded? Then had sp stop? I went from 2/3× per week to rarely now which actually sucks. I have actually been trying to induce them now!

      3. I experience this condition. It’s been called night terrors (and you’re correct it’s not a nightmare). Typically it will occur if I’m in a cold environment, or my body perceives a threat from the environment (temperature being the most likely cause). Your body is trying to wake itself up, but gets ahead of the wake process. You end up fully conscious, but unable to move. This is because when you go to sleep your body will paralyze itself to not react to dream states.

        The night terror experience is coupled with the fight or flight response, but given you’re paralyzed all you get is an overpowering experience of fear. I’ve learned to simply accept it when it happens.

      4. This happens to me often Phorat, I agree its frightening. Total paralysis. Only thing I can do is blink my eyes. This started shortly after I lost my dad. He came to visit me, I was so frightened it brought me to tears. I could feel the tears running down my face but couldn’t wipe them away. Since then it happens often.

      5. I have not had one for several years, but when I did have them I felt the paralysis, knew I was in bed, and felt the presence of someone else in the room. I tried to move, and realized I was asleep. I thought if I could yell loud enough or kick hard enough in my “dream” I might make my sleeping body jump or make a noise to awaken me. No luck there. Then I would decide if I’m asleep and dreaming, I can do whatever I want and still be safe. I always decided to fly and from then on, the dream would be a pleasant one of flying, until I woke up.

        1. Faire, you were lucid dreaming. You can turn it into more than just flying! Do you get electric feeling and shivers when waking or loud ringing or rushing feeling? If you do read about OBE.. It is amazing.

    2. I used to have flashbacks to serious childhood trauma whilst experiencing sleep paralysis, which was very distressing. Then I realised that I could still control my breathing. My partner learned to wake up when I was breathing hard, then wake me up. I would recommend exploring this kind of option to people who have similar problems. I used to be afraid to go to sleep and just having that little bit of control over the situation made it so much easier to cope that the problem itself, which was worse with stress, has now almost completely gone away.

      1. That sounds good in theory, Jennie, but you weren’t the one with the control from what you say. Your partner was the one helping you. That’s not going to work for people who sleep alone. Each person must learn how to truly take control of the situation by themselves. I’m speaking of issues with negative entities being “present”. If you’re speaking only of simple sleep paralysis then that’s actually normal during certain periods of sleep–namely while we’re dreaming and in deep sleep, and happen to wake up for whatever reason. I’m pretty sure it happens to everyone; it’s just that some people wake up during it. I had it happen the other night. I woke up because I was having a bad dream. I didn’t feel a specific presence that I recall, yet I was paralyzed upon waking.

        If you have fear of falling asleep in the future, I would suggest reading up on energetic shielding and space clearing. EFT might help heal your childhood trauma.

        1. People do not want to consider that there might be negative entities. Too scary. The same folks believe in Angels. I hope the time comes that people are taught how to clear and protect themselves from feeders and malefic beings. Give them some black tourmaline and white sage for a start!

          1. Miriam, I agree that people don’t want to consider the possibility of negative entities; it is pretty scary to most folks. The first step in dealing with them, though, is awareness. Just because something can’t be seen by the human eye doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist–oxygen is a perfect example of that. I had to deal with them in my space for a couple years during my “waking up” time and it wasn’t any fun.

            I learned to clear my space many different ways: sounds, scents, herbs, crystals, salts, shielding, etc. Through all those methods I was finally able to get them to (mostly) leave. I guess that all sounds pretty crazy to the normal person but when you’re waking up and your light shines brightly, it has the tendency to attract “things” that might want to keep you asleep. It’s better to be aware and informed of such things rather than pretend they don’t exist on another plane of reality. Being unaware can make you powerless to feeding and manipulation. In some ways, their presence can be a catalyst for change within the person, in that you can’t be afraid; essentially, it forces you to become stronger.

  21. Something to consider: The soul is simply the driver of the body and the mind the bridge between the soul an the brain. Sometimes, when the bridge is broken, control off the body is limited because the brain is not getting the instructions.

  22. As a teacher I have worked for me with special needs children most of my career. I have worked with a lot of verbal and nonverbal autistic kids, and many, many times I have wished that I could open those gates of communication. The cognitive awareness is there, and I know their behavior stems from this communication barrier. This article is amazing! It served as a reality check and a reminder of my personal belief that every life matters and has worth.

  23. I have a disabled daughter who is totally dependant on me for everything. I try to act as though she may understand me and what is going on around us. Sometimes, the thought that she may be totally aware, actually horrifies me

  24. We .. us.. humans with our most powerful source … our Brain ! This story is unreal to know what this young man was going thru as everyone around was living…amazing.

  25. This story is awesome , has filled me with hope for my son who has quad cp, docters tested for everything at 4mths old after he stopped breathing for 10secons with no illness found , they told us he had a near sids Avent think of him in a loving relationship and having a job as a adult fills my heart. So thank you very much for sharing .

  26. Giovanni Carson

    I was so moved by this affliction portrayed in the film “Awakening” that I wrote a poem about it which I would like to share.

    (The Awakening)

    I know I’m their inside my head
    I hear but cannot speak
    I’m in a dream yet full awake
    My senses at their peak

    I seem to be within a daze
    With fog like mist around
    I’m walking slowly
    Through the haze
    But no ones to be found

    Every now and then I sense
    Some kindly words are spoke
    Touching feelings in my heart
    A gentle loving stroke

    Yet all too soon it’s gone away
    The mist again comes down
    It covers me from head to toe
    This Living Deathbed Shroud

    One day soon the fog will lift
    The Sun will shine again
    You’ll rescue me before too long
    And tell me where I’ve been

    I’d like to step into the light
    But you can plainly see
    I can’t escape this fog like mist
    Until you set me Free

      1. I would like to thank all who have kindly commented on my poem. Even now I feel such sadness for those afflicted with this abnormality and can only hope that in the future someone has an answer to a cure.

  27. Thank you for this story. And thanks to Martin for the inspiration. I’m raising twin sons with autism, one of them non-verbal. This morning was one of those mornings when I was wishing for a easier existence. Reading this story reminded me of what I’m working towards and what beautiful souls I’m blessed to be around every day.

    1. it is so beautiful what you do Sara.
      i am also touched by the story above and i am sure your son feels your love!!

    2. In Jenny McCarthy’s book, “Louder Than Words”, her son was able to explain certain things to her once he became more verbal.

  28. How incredible. How amazing. What a spirit and what inner strength he must have developed. This is an incredible, inspiring article and life. Thanks for sharing. I’ve had 20 years of severe chronic pain and have often felt trapped in my body … but reading this, I cannot begin to imagine how Martin felt but he got through, he found a way through and came out the other end. I wish he and his wife and family every happiness. Don’t give up people!

    1. Did you read the story? He had a specific type of meningitis called cryptococcal meningitis. It wasn’t caused by a vaccine

      1. Don’t disregard a connection to vaccine too quickly. Vaccines frequently lead to meningitis and also damage normal immune function which can lead to a myriad of diseases that the body could otherwise protect against.

    2. Oh how gleeful you would have been if that was the case right?! Considering the percentage of people who are vaccinated is high if they couldn’t pinpoint the reason you would have gone straight for the “anti-vaccine” crusade.

  29. Phorat ,Peter and everyone who put a name to these “Night Terrors”… I cannot believe its actually a condition! This has happened occasionally for 30 years.It feels like a demon trying to kill me or a very realistic dream…I’ve never been able to articulate or understand what was happening but it was frightening for sure.Thank you for your posts about it.Sorry to be off topic .This is an amazing story and I’m very happy for this man.

  30. Pingback: Always there |
  31. If only they had let Terri Schiavo remain on life support. I FULLY believe she knew everything around her, and wanted to live until it was her time to die naturally. …The mental torment of knowing she was sentenced to death, to satisfy the selfishness of others, makes me sick to even think about!

    1. Didn’t she die naturally? She was being kept alive unnaturally.. it must be horrible to be conscious in a useless body. I would want to die. That is not life.

      1. From my understanding, she was kept alive with a feeding tube. I believe she didn’t need any help with breathing and her heart was functioning without help.

  32. He’s lucky he was young. I know people in rehab, and situations like this re not uncommon in elderly patients. A skilled therapist can often bring back a great deal of their ability to communicate, but doctors and lazy therapists, as well as insurance companies try to discourage therapy, since it can take a couple of years, and they only want to pay for a few weeks of therapy. So they’ll rush the family to believe the patient is hopeless, and suggest they starve them to death.
    If someone you know has had a stroke and they say, He’s lost, I hope you don’t give up!

  33. My nephew Richard ,had a snow mobile accident nine moths ago. It has left him in a vegetative state. He has two children four and two. They need there daddy, I know he is in there somewhere, I can see it in his eyes. This story gives me hope and faith that good things will happen.

    1. So heartbreaking 🙁 may you take inspiration from this story. Talk to him let him know you are there and know he is listening. there’s always hope, Martin proves that!

  34. I am hoping Martin Pistorius will develop ways to reach others who seem unreachable. With the technology and computer sciences he has learned he may be able to break through where others have failed. The Barney show might have been the proverbial “seeing purple” impetus to break free. I wonder what programs he can set up for those looking for alternatives for their loved ones care. It doesn’t have to end with one victory.

  35. Yes, god is great and merciful. I suppose god was having a vacation when he got sick and tortured for 12 years, right?

  36. Will Power is a Powerful Thing..God Bless You and your Family, I will look forward to reading more of Your Incredible Miracle…

  37. Medics (NOT doctors, since most of them don’t have a doctorate in medicine) ARE just MECHANICS and marketters for the drugs industry. They mostly know how to fix some mechanical issues in the body: pull a tooth, fix a broken bone, cut out a tumor, etc AND THAT’S IT. They lack the understanding of complex processes at celular level, not to mention micromolecular level.
    Basicly going to a medic is like asking a mechanic to fix your web server. It’s easy opening a box, but when comes to dealing with the complex “software” inside that “box” both medics and mechanics are useless. They’ll just try to peddle some fix-it-all part/pill and send you away.

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