Global Mass Consumption Captured In Disturbing Series Of Pictures

7 billion people currently inhabit our planet. Each one of these 7 billion people require the basic necessities of life, such as water, food, clothing, and shelter. When we take into account all of the work and materials it takes to provide the population with just the basics – not to mention the billion motor vehicles and 7 billion cell phones, the computers, furniture, skyscrapers, planes, roads, gadgets, and the plethora of other material goods being mass-produced in our world today – the question immediately begs – how are we keeping up?

How are we keeping up with continual mass production, mass consumption, and epidemic population growth? Are we really thinking about the consequences of our actions in the long term? Or are we consciously turning a blind eye to an inevitable and daunting fate for our planet?

Sometimes talking about these issues isn’t enough for people to understand the magnitude of what’s really happening in our world. This notion was the basis for the project, Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot (OVER), put together by advocacy group Speak Out.

They’ve managed to compile a set of photographs which tell the story of our current mass consumption situation.

Below are a few of these pictures, along with some others I found around the web. Each picture speaks a thousand words, so take your time. Be sure to check out Speak Out’s full book here.

Photograph: Pablo Lopez Luz

Mexico City, one of the most densely populated cities in the world. It’s frightening to see how this massive urban development has wiped out the greenery for what seems like endless miles. This is probably why air pollution in Mexico City is out of control. 

Slum-dwelling residents of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, face bleak living conditions in the western hemisphere’s poorest country.

“Squatters trade physical safety and public health for a few square meters of land and some security against eviction. They are the pioneer settlers of swamps, floodplains, volcano slopes, unstable hillsides, rubbish mountains, chemical dumps, railroad sidings, and desert fringes… such sites are poverty’s niche in the ecology of the city, and very poor people have little choice but to live with disaster.” Mike Davis

Before it was demolished in 1994, Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong was considered the densest settlement on earth, with 33,000 people living within the space of one city block.

Photograph: Daniel Beltra

Aerial view of an oil fire following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The devastation of these types of disasters is really immeasurable, as oil particles simply continue to disperse and settle across the ocean floor. What will it take for man to see finally see its inefficiencies? With pooled resources and efforts, we have the potential to utilize energy systems with little or no environmental impact on our planet. 

Depleting oil fields are yet another symptom of ecological overshoot, as seen at the Kern River Oil Field in California.

Photograph: Peter Beltra

Animal agriculture, as a whole, requires tremendous amounts of resources and is a leader in environmental degradation, responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions – more than all transportation combined. Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.

Photograph: Brett Cole

South City Mall in Kolkata, India. Consumer culture spreads to the global south. “In the developing world, the problem of population is seen less as a matter of human numbers than of western over-consumption. Yet within the development community, the only solution to the problems of the developing world is to export the same unsustainable economic model fueling the overconsumption of the West.” Kavita Ramdas

Toronto Eaton Center, boxing day.

 We live in a consumer nation. “Stuff” seems to be our generation’s newest mantra, with each person in the U.S. producing an estimated 4.5 pounds of garbage per day. That is twice the amount that was produced 30 years ago. We are bombarded by hundreds to thousands of advertisements per day ($435 billion is spent on advertising worldwide annually,) which is blatantly intended to influence people to continue consuming more and more things. From food to clothing, to cosmetics and automobiles, we just can’t seem to get enough material items to satisfy our ego desires.

Photograph: Garth Lentz

Vancouver Island, British Columbia. While BC is doing their best to reduce the carbon footprint of deforestation, many parts of the world still are not implementing sustainable practices, such as Brazil (seen below).

Brazilian rainforest being clear-cut for cattle raising, photograph: Daniel Beltra
Industrial forestry degrading public lands, Willamette National Forest in Oregon, Photograph: Daniel Dancer

Colonise-destroy-move on, mankind’s disorder. Pinning down exact numbers is nearly impossible, but most experts agree that we are losing upwards of 80,000 acres of tropical rainforest daily, and significantly degrading another 80,000 acres every day on top of that. That’s over 75 million acres every year. Currently, 20% of the Amazon is already destroyed. And for what? Well, it’s mainly for cattle ranching.

Photograph: Zak Noyle

There are around 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. Of that mass, 269,000 tons float on the surface, while some four billion plastic microfibers per square kilometer litter the deep sea. Scientists are having a difficult time calculating the full extent of damage that plastic debris has on marine ecosystems, pondering the big questions: As it degrades, do plastic toxins seep into the marine environment? If so, how and in what amounts?  What effect do they have on fish or other ocean life that consume them? 

photography: Chris Jordan
photography: Chris Jordan
photography: Chris Jordan

“Midway: Message from the Gyre,”  depicts the fate of albatross chicks on Midway Atoll, in September 2009.

Photography: Chris Jordan

“Crushed Cars: Tacoma,” from “Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption,” 2004.

Photography: Chris Jordan

Open Drums, Seattle 2003.

Photography: Chris Jordan

Oil filters, Seattle 2003. 

Photography: Chris Jordan

Metal Scraps.

Photography: Chris Jordan

Container Yard and Mt. Rainier, Tacoma 2004.

Photography: Chris Jordan

Cellphone chargers. 

Photography: Chris Jordan


These pictures speak urgency in many regards. At the very least, they provoke us to look at our personal consumption through a new lens, one that sees the environmental and ecological impact of our daily decisions at large, where our social responsibility becomes ever apparent.

What are your thoughts after seeing these images? Do you think we are headed in a sustainable direction at this point? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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    1. Like parasites we consume ourselves out of house and home while spending millions on space travel and other superficial pursuits. This is the reality of turning a blind eye on reality.

      1. Don’t lump space travel in as a superficial pursuit. Your ability to use the internet was directly a consequence of space travel. We spend, annually, on space travel about what 1 small sized bank rakes in in profits. Not nearly enough honestly. Every dollar invested in space travel since day 1 has paid back 3 dollars in new technology improvement. Imagine how many satellites are involved in your life daily, and then double or triple that amount, and you probably still aren’t close.

    2. We are all responsible. We all have our live in the solution we must DO our part and recycle every thing we can…and cut back…for our kids’ kids’ kids!

    3. I know a 103 yr old 4′ 8″ woman [which is now, in a “Living Assisted Facility” & Still able to get around by herself, & who used to be a neighbor for over 20 yrs] up to 100 yrs old [For over 30+ yrs], would walk 2 MileS to go grocery shopp’n w/ a 2 wheel wire frame carry basket [about 3′ tall w/ a handle]. Even though she had a Very Old Car N Excellent Condition [kept n garage], she would “Rarely” use it. She walkED for Exercise & Health [On her Brother’s recommendation, who was a “Heart Doctor” for Most of his yrs. ]. She would sometimes go to several Different StoreS to shop, fill’n her basket full to the top.

      So Many can & will Post CommentS, but how Many will take Complete & Extreme ActionS as This DeterminED Woman? Do I Hear Feet Mov’n 2ward “Determination” or for the “Jingl’n of Car Keys”?

      Also, I know a “City Office Worker” who rides his bicycle to work everyday th@ he works [7 miles 1 way], Even n the rain [w/ a RainSuit] !!!!

      Final Note: “China & India” the 2 Most PopulatED CountriES on this planet, r grow’n w/ So Much EnThuSiAsm 2ward “Capital->ISM”: TonS & TonS of Much More Consumer ProductSSSSS & FactoriEEEESSSSSS for the EnVironMent. This Challenge/ Mission will be Go’n Up Against the MASSIVE & MAGNITUDE of AttitudiNal PowerS & ForceS, it will be like Climb’n “Mt Everest” in the Dead of Winter in a “String Bikini / Throng” & “Bare Feet”. Or Tak’n Food From A” Powerful Huge Pack Of Vicious & Wild Hungry Grizzly BearS” !!!! Don’t Have To B A Rocket Scientist To C Th@ ReActION Of Human Nature! For Ex: Go to [Type: “But, Yeah, I Have a Good Heart…” Mark Kielar] & [“Well, That’s Your Opinion…” Mark Kielar]

      Hopefully & Prayerfully, we might Slow it down, Just SlightLY. Again, Th@ Just Might B WishFul Think’n. @ Any Rate, I Will ConstantLY & ContinuousLY Try To Do My Part Of StewardShip as it is CommandED [GOD’S HOLY WORD: Life Application Bible > NLT = New Living Translation]. & I Will Most DefiniteLY Try To Soften The HeartS Th@ R Fixated on “Free Speech/Expression”:> HOW They Decide & Feel To LIVE!!!! I 4SureLY, Expect & Will B Ready To Have AssaultS HurlED 2ward my General Direction. I Will NEVER Give Up 4 The Cause Of “REAL” Humanity!!!!

      >~*+*~ Art’s Heart ~*+*~ : Want “EXCELLENT WISDOM” > Read “Proverbs & Ecclesiastes” in the “Life Application Bible – NLT [New Living Translation]”.

  1. “BREAKING NEWS” This is disgusting. But we are all part of the problem.
    I for one have begun to change my ways.
    I own no cell phone. My daily driver is Quite old somewhat like me, but in immaculate
    I still own a computer to stay in touch with great sites like these.
    My first computer is now over 8yrs.old and when it craters (twice), $160.oo gets me
    a new driver and a reboot. Same battery as long as it,s on the charger.
    As long as we vote with the almighty DOLLAR the little people will ” Live Long and Prosper”
    Thanks for Reading

    1. You’re very correct, we are all at faults, but if everyone would try little things to conserve it could lead to bigger things, gardening, canning, conserving water, reusing containers, ect could help impact. The use and throw away method needs to stop

    2. Walking Eagle, you are a brave soul. I also have no cellphone by choice and I take a tremendous amount of flak from everyone I know. The more grief I get, the more I realize how insane people have become.

  2. Actually these depictions make me ashamed of being human. We need to ask ourselves – when is enough, enough? Do we think we can keep on doing this? I feel the earth is going to get indigestion and come out with a great big fart and man are we going to cop it.

  3. Unfortunatly our society has been conditioned to consume and consume, it’s hard to undoe this kind of conditioning. Our children do not know any other way but to use and through away. As long as there is profit to be made out of consumption we will have a very difficult time to turn the tide. My cell phone is over ten years old, my computer is over ten years old, I buy my veggies at markets (organic only) and use my own shopping bag made of hemp by myself. In order to change things, sorry, we will have to educate the young and old ones about the consequences of their acts in consuming. Articles like this are a great start to show what is right now a change is inevitable but it will be an uphill struggle against profit and greed junkies who try to control our lifes.

    1. “Market capitalism in basic operation can be generalized as an interaction between owners, laborers and consumers…Therefore the most critical necessity for keeping people employed and hence keeping the economy in a state of “stability“ or “growth” is constant, cyclical consumption.
      …with respect to the need for demand/consumption to keep the economy working, this process of exchange and general focus on growth is at the heart of the market’s context of “efficiency”. It doesn’t matter what is being produced or the effect on the state of human or earthly affairs. Those are all, again, “externalities”.
      …In short, when it comes to market logic, the more turnover or sales, the better – and that is that – regardless if the item sold is credit, rocks, “hope” or flapjacks. Any pollution, instances of waste or other such detriments are, again, “external”. There is no consideration for the technical role of actual production processes, strategies for efficient distribution, design applications or the like. Such factors are assumed to culminate metaphysically in the best interest of the people and the habitat simply because that is what the “invisible hand” of the market implies…
      Again, the intention of the market system is to maintain or elevate rates of turnover, as this is what keeps people employed and increases employment and so-called growth. Hence, at its core, the market’s entire premise of efficiency is based around tactics to accomplish this and hence any force that works to reduce the need for labor or turnover is considered “inefficient” from the view of the market, even though it might be very efficient in terms of the true definition of economy itself, which means to conserve, reduce waste and do more with less.”


  4. Last I read, agri emissions was at 51% NOT 18%. They are responsible for 32.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year, not, 32,000 million.

    1. Animal ag is responsible for 18%. Livestock and their byproducts account for 32,000 million tons of CO² per year, or 51% worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

      It’s the way it’s written that’s confusing. They’re both right, kind of.

      32,000 million = 32 billion 🙂

  5. I believe in education and free birth control. Yes,the carrying capacity is a real issue that we have ignored for too long! We need to look at much more stringent ways to reduce our waste and cleanup duty big time! If this means more laws and enforcement, good because most have done a piss poor job of governing themselves! Start with the businesses that are mass producing all this crap!

  6. First thing that comes to mind for me is to stop reproducing like rabbits all because we “just want a little one to cuddle” or don’t know how to responsibly use birth control. Then go back to the old days in many respects… How aboutmeat for only one special meal per week?

    1. I grew up in post war Britain, a time of real recycling. If you needed something you made it from old bits and pieces or you didn’t have it. A bought something or another was very rare thing and perhaps for Christmas. We ate a chicken for Christmas, not in between and very little meat. I now eat none. I’ve always been careful with things. My phone has got so old, people laugh at me but I don’t care. It works, I don’t need to be told how to live by a machine. A computer will die on me with no chance of resurrection before I will buy another. My car stands by the street to be towed away at the age of around 20 (my last one made it to 26 and no it wasn’t blowing out oil until the last couple of months). My TV over 30 years old with a top box now for digital. I always buy whatever I can, even if it costs a bit more, to last. My clothes are recycled or altered until they wear out and I never look like I’m not smart and up to date. I respect the things and they last. And so it goes on with everything. I had only two children and even those I thought long and hard about. We need a mass education programme. People need to understand what’s happening and change their ways. But who says anything? No one pretty much. Every time anyone laughs at me I think there goes another “I want” ignorant person. Let’s pour an avalanche of complaints to the manufacturers to make us better quality things and refuse to buy the others. They will resist initially but if we show we won’t oblige them and stop buying wantonly they’ll realise they have to do it to make any sort of living. It all comes down to EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION so people realise we HAVE to do this or we won’t survive.

    2. no one has babies because they want something to cuddle you. why should white countries have to curb their population because third world countries breed like roaches? even in the US they have a greatly disproportionate amount of children. i think those who have swallowed the red pill KNOW what the problem is, its just not PC to say it. i cant wait until we truly have our own nation.

  7. Bring back the glass milk bottles , glass containers and paper bags . That would be a good start. We have too many people in Gov. with high paying positions. Cut back on some of those and put that money towards cleaning our oceans.

    1. I’m with you, I mourn the loss of those days. The old milk bottles got cleaned and reused, clean bags could be flattened and stored for other things. I now recycle all the plastic bags I can, which vegetables go in, by washing them, drying and reusing. I take my own bags to the supermarket. I did it all long before the recycling mantra came in. I get laughed at, put down but I don’t care. I’m only usually putting my bins out because they will smell, which isn’t often. I don’t eat meat and all food scraps go on the worm farm. Garden stuff goes into a compost or mulcher and used on the garden. Sometimes I can leave the bins for weeks.

  8. I am a 79 yr old female whose parents went thru the depression. I was taught to not throw away anything that could be useful and to eat everything on my plate. I tried to teach my kids the same thing but I don’t think I was successful. Their intentions are good but their actions are not very good. I do think we are positively destroying this planet and we keep electing officials who only care about profits and themselves. There seem to be very few politicians who actually care about what is happening to this planet. I honestly don’t think we will be able to turn things around. I am glad I don’t have a lot of years left to see what will happen to mankind and the natural world.

  9. I think we should see these images and more EVERY DAY.
    I want every day to start like 50 First Dates, with a healthy dose of compassion and perspective about how the rest of the world is living.

  10. Unfortunately man is greedy and justifies the throwing away of things that could be recycled by pointing the finger at everyone else that is also doing it. However one person can make a difference if others follow their example. I teach braided rug making, recycles wool, the lining material is great for making reusable grocery bags. The buttons can be reused or if old, collected. I also buy vintage and antique items and give them a new owner who will cherish them as much as the first one. I do sell items and also give them away. I garden organically. And this can be done in a sunny window, you don’t have to have a farm. There are many ways to help the earth instead of harming it.

  11. Everytime I see something like this I feel embarassed to be a human. We are living to work, work to buy, buy to throw away. Iphones, fancy clothes, louboutin shoes, some silly gadgets we do not need at all. 2 yrs ago I was this person who will stock 100s pair of designer jeans and my life was all about being a manager in digital agency. Now I’m travelling with one suitcase, in an15 yrs old Ford to a remote island in Greece to set up a holistic animal shelter. No more loubutins, no more crap no human being should care about. Just humanity, simple life and help. Wanna read about us,

    1. Ohhh Anna, you have lived a life filling it with stuff but now are living a wonderful fulfilling life!!! How i wish you eternal joy and happiness in your new life. I am embarking on my own very soon, although I haven’t got a plan together, but want to throw off the material shackles/objects to realise who i am and what I am able to do to help. Would love to come to the island to help as I also love animals.

  12. I hope everyone realizes that the photos starting at crushed cars were all of recycling centers and that good recycling policies r part of the solution

    1. Yeah, I realize they were showing the junk piles for a reason, the reason of making you panic about all the waste. But presumably all those cellphones and chargers and everything were going to be recycled as well.

  13. While we all might be at fault, the reality is that political and corporate interest control and perpetuate mass production, abuse of resources and poisoning of the mind, body and spirit of the world’s living entities. Billions of tons of new “stuff” (i.e. plastic and metal cars, home appliances, tchotchkes, pharmaceuticals, etc.) already exist in warehouses waiting to be shipped out. Our government has sold us out and provides little to no protection, leadership or example. Adopting a mind set like the Hare Krishnas, (simple living, high thinking), who are building eco-villages all over the world (no matter what you might think about their beliefs or past mistakes, these communities are healthy, happy places) that are self-sustaining and based on non-violent, vegetarian living provide one example of the options we have. The founder of the Krishna Consciousness movement said that if 10% of the world’s population became vegetarian, we would see a shift in consciousness – right now, numbers seem to show we’re at about 5%. The cattle ranchers – big ag and the government – in the US will fight this all the way as will the ranchers in South American and India (largest meat exporters).

  14. Very powerful and educational. This needs to be seen by everyone and shown in schools around the world. Children must learn about this. Overpopulation is a big problem and birth control is a must. Spay and neuter pets and people ..? Education is the answer to save the world and oceans. Thank you so much for writing this !!

  15. Worse, the Occident has sold itself out as a diaspora destination for the Third World whose refugees are running away instead of taking a look in the mirror at themselves and taking responsibility for their native lands. Not a few of these Third Worlders are horrible neighbors to each other in their native lands and show no sign of turning over a new leaf. I have written Joaquin Castro about this matter and demanded that he do something; still, he refused to respond and got re-elected in the November 2014 mid-term elections in spite of the fact that I voted against him. I proposed the idea of sterilizing all of the male Third World refugees that are admitted into the First World — which by itself is a huge step in the right direction because of the principle »Mama’s baby; Papa’s maybe« . . . there are not enough jobs for everybody here in the United States so why would you want to compound the problem by not closing the border and deporting border-jumpers as per the US Constitution?!?

    If these Third World civic cowards find that the males among them will be sterilized and the females made to start new families from scratch in EVERY First World country they encounter (not just the United States or any of the European countries), they will likely stay home and take responsibility for their native homelands, I have felt this way even before seeing those pictures … enough is enough, folks!!!

  16. It’s nothing to do with excessive consumerism and all to do with over population. Stop the breeders!

    1. Sylvia – you are entitled to your view of what the problem is, but don’t you think that we are all part of the population? – if we weren’t we would be dead!
      It is Greed that is causing our planet to die. – The countries who are struggling with over population – also have the worst poverty in the world – And because they live in poverty do not have the means to add to the destruction of a planet drowning in its own consumerism crap – purchased by manic consumers who mindlessly increase the wealth of the few and add to capitalistic hedonistic societies.

  17. which is exactly why we need our lord and savior, Godzilla to fight him off, as you can see this is clearly the monster HEDORAH that we our creating…

  18. Horrendous depiction of humanities throw away greed!!! – the scariest thing is that many of these images are old – any 2015 images would show a far, far worse situation for a planet that is trying to sustain the growth of complete hedonisim – human beliefs need to change and fast – We need to collectively in every country in every family CHANGE the way we live. If we don’t – there will not be a population crisis because the planet will be dead and all living things along with it. I have a mobile (I had my last one for 10years!!) and I have a computer, – but I feel much sicker every time I throw away a mountain of plastic on a weekly basis that supermarkets insist on using to wrap up food – and why do they do this ……………. because packaging sells (for some unknown reason!!) and selling means profit!!!!!!!!!!!! And excessive profit = Hedonism on a Massive Destructive Scale.


  20. It’s all going just ad the Lord has said, the earth is reserved for fire and we are gonna kill everything everybody then burn it all up.
    This cannot be fixed!
    One person, one day one life at a time sounds great but it’s out of control and ppl won’t stop being lazy, selfish, greedy and uncaring. It’s too much to battle at this point.
    I pray Jesus comes back soon

    1. Listen here Barrett Wells, stop casting spells on us! How do you know what we are capable of – we haven’t even tried to try yet. Look, you may want to be the ones to just resign yourself to helplessness, but you’re going to miss out on the adventure. Yes we are going to clean up this world, and yes we are going to bring it back to health. We have done abominable things to the planet and to ourselves. We fight in wars, we treat our fellows as enemies without even knowing them and we have no confidence in our abilities. Rather than flail around warning about ancient prophesies, how about figuring out what you’d like to do to help the effort? I say we bombard this dumb government to emancipate cannabis. Then teach by example – use durables instead of disposables – give up wiping your hands on paper and use towels even in the kitchen, (tea towels they used to be called), use handkerchiefs instead of tissues (don’t forget these come from trees), be economic with water, buy used stuff not new stuff, learn to share, go talk to a neighbor, or join a group of committed individuals that engage in community projects, oh a million things. Once we grow and process hemp, we can use paper liberally again because hemp is rapidly renewable, it conditions soil, it doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides, draws out mercury and heavy metals from soils, can replace petroleum products including plastics, car and plane bodies (ten times stronger than steel), and fuel engines with biofuel. Marijuana can help heal our bodies without side effects or effluent accumulation in the water. We have been lied to and downtrodden and that is why we think we can’t do it. But we are still subsidizing the fossil fuel industry!

    2. GOD’S HOLY BIBLE States: It WILL Get Far Worst @ 1st, Then, “The 1 World Gov” Takes Place & Makes The Situation “SEEM” Perfect & Better, But “The RuleS Of The GAME [New World Constitution] WILL B TOTALLY CHANGED!!!!

      The Real & Most Sensible Of “ALL” The CommentS So Far. (4.10.2015 AD > 1:08 PM). The Great Flood N The Old Testament Of The HOLY BIBLE, “ONLY Momentarily ReNewED The Out Of Control Situation”. But, Now It’s (DisObedience) Com’n Back W/ A “Much Greater Devastation”!!! [ Type N “Mark Kielar” ].

      Final Note: ReSearch On Historical Psychological Behavior > U/Few Can “Try” to Hold Back An OnGo’n Perpetual Out Of Control Massive Wave Of, “I Have My Own RightS (Way Of Think’n & Behav’n)” AttitudeS, But As GOD’s Righteous Word States: The ONLY Remedy Is A Great Fiery Explosion: Possibly, Gigantic CometS/ MeteoriteS/ AsteroidS Rain’n Down On This Comatose/Callous Planet, Which Is A Good Possibility Of Shift’n This Planet Much Closer To The Sun. And, Just Maybe “Global Warm’n” Is Just the “Start” Of It!

      Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!

      >~*+*~ Art’s Heart ~*+*~<

      1. No.

        Just no.

        You fire and brimstone and eternal punishment madmen (and madwomen) have absolutely no idea what your “God” really is.

  21. Amazing collection of shocking and disturbing images. Well done! Most people don’t realize everything they throw in the garbage bin does not disappear. Their old cellphones and cellphone chargers should be recycled instead of reaching the local landfill… Moreover, you can donate them to people who will actually use your old belongings.

    1. Our habits need to be upgraded. We should be repurposing most of all so that we don’t use more virgin resources. Recycling is good but it doesn’t stop the constant use of virgin resources. Capitalism doesn’t allow for stopping it either. When everybody has to make a buck, it locks horns with restoration of the planet. We have to stop mining of any kind as we have depleted the earth. We should be composting our effluent (and not putting it into our water supply – could anything be dumber?) Use durable materials for drying our hands on instead of paper (for as long as trees are used as the source, however this doesn’t apply to paper made from hemp which also does a great deal of good for the soil and the atmosphere) We can make our fuel from hemp as it’s a rapidly renewable resource. We can do so many things but we’re still subsidizing the fossil fuel industry so our hands are always tied behind our back. The status quo has virtually all the advantages and we feel that we must go by the rules of the current system (except me, I don’t and hope you won’t either) However that is the underlying problem – we are waiting for the same people who caused the problem to solve the problem. But all the incentives they make favor the depletion of the life source that people and animals health and well-being rely on. .

    2. This breaks my heart, knowing full well that I’m part of the problem so long as I share a body down here with humans.

  22. I’m not shocked to se this out came . In a world where material maters .where get bombarded by the wheel of marketing companies so Coll multi corporates .xmas Easter birthdays pressure from entities that hold the tolls of coin for the world would be a good star .we the world should forgive everyone’s national deb where should star by making a world mission to change what the future holds . Where a going to go thru a big change berry berry son . And am really scare.⏳

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