How I Healed My Failing Liver Naturally

In February, 2013, I was thrown off of my health high-horse. What first started as a headache, fever, and body aches, quickly escalated into an excruciating migraine, debilitating muscle stiffness, and an overwhelming sense of nausea. I was hit with what I thought was a nasty case of the seasonal flu, and it sucked. But I powered through, drinking my liquids and following the natural recommended flu-protocol, knowing that it would all be over within a few days.

My prognosis proved wrong, however. Over a week into my sickness I still couldn’t eat, and I was dropping weight like a Jenny Craig story gone right. The only word I could use to describe the feeling in my stomach was “gross.” My usually clear skin had broken out, and my urine and stool were also starting to look “off” to say the least, which caused some serious concern.

Then on day 10, I looked in the mirror and noticed something even more unsettling – I was yellow. My skin was lifeless and my eye-whites had become saturated by yellow stains and red veins. I knew it was jaundice, a symptom commonly associated with an out-of-whack liver, which is never a good sign. But I was curious about the cause, so I gathered the energy to head to the walk-in clinic to see what was up.

After my tests, the clinic told me that they’d only call or email if there was an issue. A day later, I received the email, with bold capitals, “You have mononucleosis, and your liver enzyme levels are EXTREMELY ABNORMAL. Please come to the clinic immediately!

“Mono!? How would that have even been possible?” I wondered, “I’ve been with the same person for 8 years!” I rarely have a drink; super-foods and exercise are an everyday staple for me, so how was my liver so out-of-whack?

eyes 028

Well as it turns out, the virus had conveniently decided to wage war against my liver, and I was losing .

The doctor explained that normal liver enzyme levels range anywhere from 5-50 units per liter of serum, while someone who is ill may have 100 u/liter. My enzyme levels were over 1000. She told me that my liver was basically failing and that I would need further testing done at a hospital.

I was shocked. Never did I think I would be dealing with a failing liver at the pinnacle of my mid-20’s health. A large portion of my writing work is based around diet and health. I offer health advice to the community regularly. Confused I was indeed.

But there I was. Sitting in the emergency room, face mask and all, sticking out like the contagion reservoir I was. There were a few curious stares coming from fellow patients, but most were so wrapped up in their own excruciating physical traumas and ailments, such as a burst appendix and kidney stones, to care about anything other than their name being called by a nurse.

I overheard some of them talking, the ones who had bonded while they’d been waiting. Some had been there over 8 hours, patiently awaiting results and word from the doctor about ultrasounds or blood tests. Things were moving slow, and people weren’t happy about it.

Staring at the faces of the busy nurses, med-school residents, doctors, and various other medical staff, one thing was blatantly apparent – no one looked happy. There was a density that filled the room and hallway – sick people, miserable staff. No available water, and the closest thing I saw for food was a vending machine stocked with pure junk.

I was in shock. There was nothing I could see about the environment that was conducive to healing, and it soon became apparent that everything I had feared and known was true – the state of modern medicine is in shambles.

Here was my dilemma – do I sit and wait for another 3 hours to hear my limited options (of which there weren’t many in my case), i.e., a liver transplant? Or do I say “screw it” to the conventional medical system and take my health into my own hands, like I tell so many others to do in my writing?

Then, in a moment of divine synchronicity, I got the message. While I pondered my decision, scrolling aimlessly through my Facebook newsfeed, a meme with a frightenly relevant message appeared. “The power to heal is within you.”

That was all I needed. I threw my face mask in the garbage and marched out of the hospital faster than I could say “SEE-YA!”

I told myself it was time to practice what I preach and trust that I had the power to heal my failing liver with the right nutrients.

My Liver-Saving Protocol

Although I felt strong in my decision, going against convention is never easy. Fears of the worst-case scenario would come and go, and I was still very sick, and yellow. At times I wondered, “Am I really just letting myself die slowly?” or “Is this lemon juice and oregano oil really powerful enough to heal me?”

Well, long story short, yes they are powerful enough. And here is exactly what I did.

Liver Cleanse 007
My liver flush protocol: fresh squeezed green juices, beet and carrot juice, grapefruits and lemons, pure cranberry juice, H2O galore, and a system of herbal supplements.

Clean Water

Drinking lots (at least 4 liters) of water is a no-brainer in any kind of body flush. I used filtered water which always had one or two freshly squeezed lemons in it. The alkaline environment created by consuming clean lemon water would prevent any acid-loving organisms from thriving.

Oil of Oregano

Next was to try to kill off the mono virus that was wreaking havoc on my body. I began taking about 15 drops of oil of oregano (combined with garlic) every day. Oil of oregano is a powerful (and nasty tasting) adversary for any sort of bacterial, fungal, or viral infection. Opt only for oregano oil made from Origanum vulgare and Thymus capitatus, a variety that grows in Spain.

Fresh Squeezed Juices

I became a regular visitor at a nearby raw-food cafe, called Live Organic, where I purchased a variety of different cold-pressed juices. One of my favorites was a concoction of beets, carrots, lemon, ginger, and cayenne, appropriately called liver lover.

Beets and Carrots are rich in glutathione, a protein that helps detoxify the liver. Both are extremely high in plant-flavonoids and beta-carotene. Eating beets and carrots can help stimulate and improve overall liver function. (Source)

The green juices I chose contained pounds upon pounds of fresh, green vegetable nutrients. Kale, chard, romaine, celery, and spirulina were most commonly used.

Furthermore, I drank freshly squeezed grapefruit juice like it was going out of style, another great source of glutathione. I found lemon, grapefruit, and orange made a delicious combination.

Freshly squeezed grapefruit, orange ,and lemon juice. Delicious scale? 10/10


Pure Cranberry Juice

I also created an organic cranberry juice cocktail that combined pure organic cranberry juice, ginger powder, and fresh squeezed lemon and orange.

This cocktail is loaded with vitamin C, a nutrient that works to thin and decongest bile, allowing the liver to more readily digest fats, as well a glutathione, chelation, and antioxidants.

Spices and Herbal Supplements for the Liver

I purchased an all-natural herbal drink called “Liver Flush” by Omega Alpha. Its main ingredients included milk thistledandelion, burdock root, and wormwood shoot.

Over the past forty years, intensive chemical, pharmacological, and clinical research has confirmed the mechanisms of action and therapeutic value of milk thistle in a wide range of human liver-related and non-liver-related conditions. Silymarin is the active ingredient in milk thistle that supports liver detoxification.

Double blind studies on the effect of milk thistle on toxic liver damage (mostly alcohol-related), chronic liver disease, and disease caused by certain drugs have been reviewed by medical experts. The experts all concluded that milk thistle is an extremely therapeutically useful medicinal plant product that stabilizes the cell membrane and stimulates protein synthesis while accelerating the process of regeneration in damaged liver tissue. These effects are important in the therapeutic efficacy of milk thistle.

Organically sourced herbs are powerful antioxidants which neutralize liver-damaging free radicals.

A Reinforced Perspective On Our Current Health Paradigm

Gaining back my health through natural interventions was a very empowering experience. We've been led to believe the power lies outside of ourselves, but it's time we dissolve this belief system.
Gaining back my health through natural interventions was a very empowering experience. We’ve been led to believe the power lies outside of ourselves, and it is due time that we dissolve this belief system.

After a one month bout of mono and a liver that had almost failed me, I came out of my experience with a new, or perhaps “reinforced,” perspective on our current health paradigm. I absolutely have a greater compassion for the chronically ill. To think that so many spend their days bed-ridden, drug-induced, and helplessly passed down by the medical system is extremely disheartening.

The current system is killing us slowly, divorcing us from our innate power to heal ourselves, and it is up to each of us to regain this ability and to loosen our dependence on the advice of conventionally-trained physicians.

Thanks to the incredible readily available information online, we are amidst a new era of health-empowerment, in which the old adage “you are what you eat” couldn’t be more important.

Do you have a similar story you’d like to share with the world? Please tell us about it in the comment section below!


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    1. This story is missing something: the conclusion. Jeff went into what he did but there is no report of progress and final test results. It needs an ending.

  1. Hi Jeff, I too had to take my health in my hands. After numerous emergency room visits, doctors treating me like scum, and yet not able to determine what was going on (let’s just say I too was in my peak 20’s vibrant holistic health which was all the more disconcerting) I did some research online (okay LOTS) and found a healing clinic in the new city I was living in. Instead of waiting hours to be seen for 10 minutes, I waited 10 minutes and had my first hour and a half session (filled with tears, laughter, and FINALLY someone sees me – feeling). It has been a long journey since that day, but the reason I am still alive is also due to practicing what I preach and knowing that anything can be cured.

    If we had the holistic preventative and healing side of holistic medicine, mixed with the life saving treatments of western medicine (think surgery after a gun shot wound, or broken bone sticking out), mankind would be thriving that much more.

  2. For those who are poor and cannot afford all these freshly squeezed juices and organic supplements etc…it’s just a dream to get back their health.

      1. add graviola to your protocol…it worked for my husband….over 10 yrs cancer free… no chemo or radiation

    1. Great recovery. Great inspiration. What surprises me is the comments about fresh juices being expensive. . Your health/life is worth it. And its cheaper to buy a juicer (100$)and fresh vegetables and fruits from your local growers market or grocery store rather than a prepackaged juice. You know exactly what you are putting into it and it’s not expensive. Sometimes it’s not viable to avoid modern medicine either. That is extremely expensive. But it’s needed for survival in some cases. They can compliment each other. Good luck and remember your health is worth it.xx

      1. Unfortunately it is expensive. … because lets consider people who are so poor and disabled needing to do this…. lets just say that the people im talking about only can afford 150 a month… for a couple.. for food a month… now tell me.. its affordable… in truth u are correct… eating healthy is a better option.but you cant squeeze money where there is none to squeeze… this country is hell bent on keeping the poor poorer…so yes… it is only a dream to some… and i get to watch them wither away… and theres not a damn thing i can do about it… sorry for the vent.

        1. You are right of course . . but it is a growing passion to grow even a small, possibly container, amount of herbs such as parsley, etc. on one’s patio or a place with
          sun. And neighborhood gardens and cooperation will expand, I am sure, in the cities.

    2. You can start by growing your own Herbs from seed. Very little startup costs and you would be amazed.what you can produce in small spaces with intensive gardening methods

  3. Mono is like the common cold – With treatment it will go away in a week. Do nothing and it goes away in seven days. Both can develop into worse things, but in most cases, it doesn’t.
    Do you have evidence that oil of oregano kills viri inside the body?

  4. Hi Jeff, thanks for sharing your story! I went through a similar awareness-changing event. I was diagnosed with an incurable crippling autoimmune disease. The conventional treatment includes exclusively immune suppressing medication. I refused to accept that my already crippled immune system now should be weakened additionally by aggressive medication! I had to strenghten my immune system and my body. So it could work properly and heal itself. I started reading everything about health, diet and immunity. I concluded that I have to remove the bad (toxins, infections) from my body and give it everything it needs (nutrients, stress release) to function. I immidiately droped my awful additive loaded protein shake and gave up gluten. then I started eating only whole organic foods. I added superfoods and a detox protocol. I started to detox-it was awful. I suffered a lot, physically and psychologically. it was the beginning of a full transformation that got me into an awakened state – aware of the disturbing thruth of how society works and how brainwashed we have become. I took the responsibility for my health and my life in my hands. My family and friends believed I was gone completely radical and insane! Instead I healed completely. No more symptoms. Glowing skin like I never had. No more chronical illness. I feel love and greatfullness, and the I seek to help others. Everything in this life is now a miracle to me.

    1. Hi Martina, what kind of detox protocol did you use for the autoimmune dysfunction?

    2. Hi Martina, I have also been diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Would you be able to share more about your detox?

  5. Thank you for a really good, informative article, Jeff. It helps to hear a first-person experience. Continued good health and success to you!

    1. Nice “story”, but I want to know what the doctors said when you returned to the clinic and had your tests redone. Did they sing your praises, or did you never go back? I want the WHOLE story.

    1. What is there not to afford? All this stuff is relatively cheap compared to what you’d be paying for hospital bills and who knows if you’d come out alive from there…it’s funny that most of you can’t afford it yet you eat out everyday or buy a shit ton of junk food. If you don’t have your health what do you have????

    2. What do you mean? Fruits? How come people can afford expensive medicine from Pharma Industry and more expensive health loss, but not fruit and vegetables which are compared to the other cheap? What do these people eat? What kind of world have we build, where it all seemed turned upside down.

  6. Jeff, great read. Inspiring story. So glad to know you got through this.
    I, too share your perspective on the health paradigm.. It’s inhumane.
    It’s very scary to take matters into our own hands when it comes to a serious or chronic illness whether it’s physical or mental – yet it becomes so empowering when we prove this system wrong and succeed in our healing journey.
    Well done. Keep up the good work 🙂 *hug*

  7. Ive helped my liver with a range of herbs and spices from the super markets along with boiled waters and lemons! do not need expensive liver flushes, it’s a con! people can prevent illness with the cheapest products from their kitchen cupboards.

  8. I had some issues that were not as acute, I don’t think, but I was also starting to “yellow” and had dark urine for a couple months, serious fatigue for about 3 months, and it also hit me all at once, but was a slower decline I suppose as the nausea and weight loss were slower. Anyway, after 3 months, when the yellow started, I sat down and did reflexology on my feet (I’m a reflexologist/massage therapist) for two solid days, except for when I went to sleep or managed to eat a little bit of food. On the third day, it was amazing. I woke up, my urine was clear (had been dark brown for a couple months) and I actually had some hunger pangs (first time in over a year so I wonder how long this had been going on) and by the end of the day I realized I had absolutely NO fatigue. That was 2 years ago, and all has been well ever since.

  9. Yes, the best comment was to say our medical system is killing us. Keep educating yourself and try your best to heal yourself above all. You do have to reeducate yourself in order to do that but until the medical system catches up and big pharm. is out of the way we’re on our own. Learn to go inward to find spiritual help. The world is in a huge transition now. People like Jeff are leading the way. Thank you.

    1. It slows down phase 1 and helps phase 2 which is can actually be very helpful with a lot of liver problems. I am having liver detoxification issues. I’m what’s called a “pathological detoxifier”. For some reason my phase 1 is too fast and my phase 2 is too slow so grapefruit is important for my healing.

  10. Glad you are better. Probably worth noting that no food contains Glutathione although some foods may contain precursors to Glutathione. The liver produces it

  11. Thank you for sharing your healing journey for liver. I have cirrhosis of liver due to autoimmune problems but will now add this to my regime to heal myself naturally. Interestingly I had also been diagnosed with glandular fever/mononuc….same thing in my teens about 43yrs ago & I have often wondered if this has a bearing on my condition. Stay well, be happy

  12. So basically, your glandular fever got better on its own (as glandular fever does). Transiently abnormal liver function tests are seen in this condition, and they pass as your immune system tackles the infection. Absolutely no requirement for special supplements. You would have got better anyway without all this other nonsense. Sorry to burst the balloon of all the other gullible people posting here. Have a read about the normal clinical course of infectious mononucleosis (glandular fever) for yourselves.

    1. Exactly what I was going to say. And the evil doctors probably would’ve recommended exactly what actually helped here: water and rest. Not all of these supplements and lemon juice.

      It won’t be long until these two comments are removed because they don’t agree with the misinformation that the author is attempting to pedal.

  13. About a year and a half ago I was hit by a car. I essentially broke half my body, my entire left side was done for. My left humerus was shattered into nine fragments I broke my back and ribs, I collapsed a lung, snapped my pelvis in half and broke my left hip socket, I had a 6 inch long 3 inch deep leg wound, and I had a severe concussion and minor bleeding of the brain. I was a mess and still extremely broken when I came home from the hospital a month later. But, once home I started taking some of the best vitamins I could find and was taking them 3 times a day. Then the unbelievable happened, the leg wound I was told would take four to five months to heal was gone in a little over two months, my shattered arm healed in seven months, and I’ve almost completely recovered from the concussion and brain bleeding. But get this, all this healing happened from just one month of taking my vitamins, all my doctors were astonished at how fast I healed. The wound doctor had to take a step back in amazement when I came in for the last time and my wound was gone. This was two months sooner than the earliest that he thought it would be gone. People tell me I can’t prove that the vitamins did this but I was taking in nutritious that the average person doesn’t so that’s why I know the vitamins did this. The body can heal itself given the right fuel and care, we don’t need all these awful drugs and medications when nine times out if ten the problems can be fixed by proper diet and vitamin intake.

  14. Yes the doctors are correct in their analogy of your ailment. However healing your liver issue with the natural remedies mentioned reduces or eliminates the bacteria from ever appearing again such as the gentleman who mentioned his reoccurance of mono. Provided you keep a toned down version of the juicing and herbal supplements in your diet you will likely never see abnormal health issues again. I have witnessed power healing with the regiment you have taken with two friends eliminating hepatitis C from their bodies permanently…explain this to a doctor you will not get the answer you want to hear! 🙂 ever! Why because according to the medical journals there is no cure…my wife is a doctor and helping her with accepting natural healing methods is trying at times, it’s not her fault the medical industry trains their minds to use medicine to suppress your ailment not to heal your body. As a believer in natural healing I can only share with her what I believe in and she can decide what is best for her. Trust me if she were ever to become ill with any disease healing with natural remedies will be practiced as long as I’m alive and breathing…tell that to your doctor, chemo is out of the question I will never allow that practice on any family member again! So congratulation.on your new found diet keep it in place for as long as you live…

    1. i healed myself of hep c (and old hep b is gone too) 20+ yrs ago from macrobiotic eating, meditation and a whole lot of inner work….YOU CAN HEAL with INTENT and LOTS of TLC (LOVE)….congrats to all self healers, we are amazing beings…KNOW IT!!! <3

  15. When ending on a note of “you are what you eat”, I would strongly recommend a viewing of the documentary “Forks Over Knives”. (currently available on Netflix in the US)

  16. Citrus like lemons contain ascorbic acid and are actually very acidic, not alkaline, but they do contain lots of vitamin C which can be helpful in the healing process. Transaminitis, or elevated liver enzymes, are often times transient in acute illnesses such as mono. Chances are if you would have done absolutely nothing you would have been just fine, but you can give props to your oils if you want. Jaundice comes from elevated bilirubin which can be due to acute liver failure or something more dangerous such as pancreatitis or cholecystitis, both of which if left untreated can kill you. To call doctors evil is completely asinine. We have given our lives to help the sick and diseased. Just because we practice evidence based medicine and use proven treatments does not mean we do not consider holistic adjuvants. A healthy well rounded diet is important to any healing process, it is no wonder that people who follow such diets heal faster. I sure hope that you never need an evil doctor, but when you do, and when they treat you with medicine and knowledge that helps heal you, remember this completely offensive rant.
    -an evil doctor

    1. Dr DD, If you’re a Dr and have studied science and biology you should know that although lemon and citrus fruits certainly are acidic when outside the body, when fully metabolised – their minerals are dissociated in the bloodstream and their effect becomes alkalising on the body tissue.
      That said, I agree, “evil” is perhaps not the right word… However in my experience, Western Drs have a lot to learn.

  17. If you’re so smart then how come you don’t know that the acid from citrus turns alkaline inside the body? I had a illness that should have killed me, but I turned my back on evil doctors and cured myself. Sure, it took four years, but I’m alive and well (15 years later) and I think I would be dead now if I had let evil doctors do anything to me.

  18. Thank you so much Jeff for sharing your story, I really like your postings and advises. I’m very glad to hear that you are back on your feet by following and having faith in this alternative you believe in. Which I as well believe is the best option you could have possibly taken. It’s so hard to stand strong, but believe that God is your rock and he will guide you in every step you take covering you at every moment. Thank you for sharing your experience with us so we can take more informed decissions. At the end we’re all experiencing the world from different perspectives and I love to see people sharing their experiences/knowledge to help create a better, healthier and more open world for everyone. I’m really glad to have found CE overall, so thank you very much guys and girls. 🙂

    In regards to the story and any story overall, I just wanted to say that an experience doesn’t mean that is the only truth or possible solution out there. An experience is a gift someone shares in the hope that you take the best of the story to implement it in your life for your next steps, if you please. I profoundly care about what people share with me. Why worry about making the same mistakes, when there is already other person that have experienced the same issue and probably have gotten a better solution not following what is most common to you or what the majority follows. It’s like having a cheat sheet or open book test during your exam with even extra answers to get more points in the test, and not looking at it just because “I” don’t want to. :/ Just like that… As species we are stuborn and do what the majority tell us the best option is because we like the confort zone of our brain, or simply been too brain-washed to think. In any case, generally we are not rationalizing or considering other alternatives that may better suit for our individual needs. We’re afraid. We just want to take whatever pill available to get out of the illness ASAP. Just like the ad on TV programming said would… Very sad indeed.

    For me there lies the problem. We’re not willing to take the long, hard, most efficient but “difficult to get” alternatives even though they have been proven better. We want to get out of it as easy as passing by the drugstore… And I’m sorry to tell you that there are things you have to give time or sacrifice in order to fully heal and recover. Like fasting, changing-diet, exercising, changing life-style, changing the way you think and more. Otherwise is like patching the wholes in the street… It will fix the issue for a while, but that doesn’t mean that is the same smooth street you would have as when the highway is recently paved. Your body would be a patched road if you don’t properly care for it. I don’t know about you, but if would be a street, I’d like having a super nice solar powering highway type of thing going on inside of me.

    There are many testimonies of “expontaneous healing” as doctors would say it, or “miracles” as people that believe in a higher force would call it. Some miracles may take more time to happen that others, but they happen. People still having proof, decide to continue looking away as if the only truth is that one they want to believe for themselves only. Look around closely and you’ll start seeing if you really want to.

    To anybody who may be a doctor. I really don’t mean to be disrespectful to your career, but If you’re a “doctor” and still don’t believe in any of these “hippy science” or however you may think about these alternatives, before judging others, I’d recommend that you further educate yourselves and listen to other people besides the books provided in the 8 or so years you wasted learning what pill to give or what piece of meat to cut. Other doctors like “Ulrick Williams” from Wanganui NZ got out of that way of thinking. You can learn a lot about him and what his experience as a Medical Doctor was and why he decided to change here:

    or better get the book:

    There is always a better-healthier option without the nasty side-effects from big pharma. Doctors, you can become teachers for real healing, instead of giving dead notices playing gods. You can as well further educate yourselves and really stop being afraid of healing others, just because of being afraid of what other doctors may say or think about you. As well if you didn’t know there were any other options, before you say anything read the book and then will discuss about it. We cannot simply continue letting people be killed due to the brain-washing big pharma has imposed over our doctors.

    For all of those believers, remember:

    16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.

    Ephesians 6:16

    Have a blessed day 🙂

  19. This is inspirational. I don’t blame you for walking out of that hospital, hospitals are scary places to be. I too have taken my health in my own hands after years of Lyme disease and treatment failure. For years I’ve had elevated enzymes but nothing compared to yours and as I’m killing critters I feel my liver getting taxed. I think it is time to give it some love. Thanks for posting and I’m glad you’re all better.

  20. I am extremely happy for You, but I do not understand one thing.
    You say “The alkaline environment created by consuming clean lemon water would prevent any acid-loving organisms from thriving.”, and this is for me counter-intuitive. Because citruses have rather low pH, so they are acidic. Can You explain this phenomena to me? Or just the author got confused?

    1. Hi Kocci, Outside the body, lemon juice is acidic (pH is below 7).
      Inside the body however, when lemon juice has been fully metabolized and its minerals are dissociated in the bloodstream, its effect is alkalizing and therefore raises the pH of body tissue (pH above 7 is alkaline).

  21. Jeff- I really enjoyed reading your ‘success’ story. I cured myself of Lupus 20 years ago by taking a ‘spiritual’ approach. would love to connect with you on this.

  22. I find it funny that everyone here claims the healthcare system or doctors are “evil”. Yes… they became doctors not to help people.. that’s exactly why they spent almost a decade in medical school. As for our health care system being backwards… its called health promotion, its an entire field of specialized medicine that is practiced all the time…. but of course you won’t see health promotion at a hospital… a hospital is a center for those who are critically ill and need immediate interventions! C’mon people!

  23. I certainly believe in alternative medicine…we need to empower ourselves with knowledge and the practice of
    natural medicine. I also struggled with illness for many years and am on the road to recovery at last.

  24. Thanks. It is a good inspiration. I also don’t have much trust into our medical system and my habits are not that healthy as yours but I learned to avoid illness (most of the time:)) by keeping seriously positive mind. Like Russian healer Marzakarim Norbekov is saying, there are people who have been smashed by steamrolled, they are brought to the hospital and first think they ask the doctor is when they can go home. These people heal almost miraculously. Mind is also important player in this game.
    I also noticed that the body ask for what is good for it by either desire to eat or drink something or by aching after some unhealthy behavior. Listen to it and you can avoid many problems.

  25. Such an inspiring story. I wish everyone who is sick right now knew that there are more options available than the health “care” industry.

    I also took my health into my own hands a couple times. I am healer and know all about the ancient ways but yet, there I was one day sitting at the hospital. I went three times last year for different things. Each time, they tried to prescribe me antibiotics and all three times, they had no idea what was wrong with me. I never took the antibiotics. On the third time, I thought to myself, what am I doing here? This place is a the farthest thing from health or care. Each time, I wanted to light up a sage bundle and smudge the place because energetically, that place is hard to be in. Luckily, I had my smudging spray and spritzed it around discretely while simultaneously envisioning having a healing center available to people who need it.

    After questioning why I was there, having all the knowledge I have on natural therapies; I looked at my partner and said, “Let’s go. I’m never coming back here.” I cured my ailments on my own (all due to emotional/mental stuff, which deep down I knew and why the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong) and now I’m working even harder to get the information out. All things can be healed naturally and sometimes, if caught early, can be healed from healing the root cause which is usually emotional/mental/diet/lifestyle etc.

    Thanks Jeff for sharing your story. The universe is grateful for the work you do as am I. Lots of love!

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