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23 Powerful Takeaways From Seeing Eckhart Tolle & Deepak Chopra Live



Having watched videos of both Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra for years — along with their last webcast, which also included a visit by Wayne Dyer — I was curious to see how attending a live event might be different; to see what could be learned and, perhaps more importantly, experienced in such a setting.

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Echoing the platitudes of some politicians, who were mentioned in passing but not dwelled upon, one thing is clear about consciousness:

1.  It’s a Movement with Momentum

This event marked the 20th year anniversary of Chopra Foundation, with over 6000 attendees.  As I entered the Shrine Auditorium, the energy was high, feeling more like a major rock concert or sports event.

2.  There is deep appreciation for the message

Sitting as part of a huge audience which rose to its feet for both participants, there was a palpable groundswell of unity in comprehending that there is a way to approach wisdom beyond the intellect.

3.  The humility and brilliance of Eckhart

Eckhart simply sits in a chair without notes and speaks directly to the audience, holding their attention from the first word. He uses easy humor and never raises his voice for emphasis, allowing the depth of the message to sink in.

He quietly quotes Rumi, paraphrasing here:

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Ego weeps for what it has lost — Spirit rejoices – and the meaning seeps through – it’s a powerful pointer – there is something within us (Essence) that clamors for the silence of the Ego and the loss of all identification, and when that is experienced, there is joy.

4. Observing one’s thoughts is a commitment to a practice

Eckhart suggested that one adopt a sense of intensity toward noticing consciousness and commit to a practice to experience “thought-less awareness” so as to begin to sense presence in the space between thought. There should be an intention to invite spaces into your life.

5. Everything, even science, arises within consciousness

Eckhart calmly asserts that one can’t prove reality or existence is not a dream.  The only thing anyone can know for certain is the sense of “I am.”

The things that burden you drop away and disappear with this deep recognition. You can choose to bring it into your life by questioning everything beyond this truth – “Neti Neti” – and discovering in each case that it appears as a thought in consciousness.

6.  Essence identity is the only true “you.”

Eckhart teaches that the Universe is conscious through you.

7.  80% of thought is futile

Drama comes from nothing, reminiscent of Byron Katie’s question, who would you be without that thought?

8.  Find a balance between being and doing

Both have their place in the proper proportion, but reserving a space for breath and recognition of the movement of thought allows for more “productive” doing than blind commitment to ideas.

9.  Man is a hybrid between form and formlessness

Reality is the Universe becoming conscious of itself. The purpose of human existence unfolds within the evolution of consciousness.

10. You cannot prove your life is not a dream.

Realize experientially (not intellectually) through constant self-observation that the only thing you have ever known with deep certainty is that you are here now.

11. Deepak uses scientific inquiry to link to ancient wisdom

Using a synergy between neuroscience and Vedanta, he describes 5 levels of consciousness:

Deep sleep
Awareness without experience

Dream sleep
Subject object split

Waking state
One activity
Subject object split

Transcendent consciousness
“Now” state of awareness — an ever present witness is watching.

Cosmic or Divine consciousness — a clear sense of something not “higher” but expansive.  Oneness.

According to Ananda or the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, with sufficient discernment one can sense everything in flower.

This is sometimes also referred to as Brahman consciousness — or the “creative principle which lies realized in the whole world.”

12. Worth repeating: “Not higher consciousness but expanded consciousness”

This leads to the deep recognition that reality is a verb. There are no nouns but arising as thoughts within consciousness.

13. The smallest mundane noticing leads to insight

When Deepak and Eckhart sat down to talk, Eckhart’s chair was wet. “Not a problem. Just another experience.”

14. What is consciousness?

Eckhart:  “Silence — the best answer.”

Quoting Rumi:   “Silence is God’s language. Everything else is poor translation.”

15. Can consciousness be known through conventional science?

All science is inferential. Description of experience is not it. Labels are not what they are labeling nor the experience of whatever is labeled.

Both science and religion are systems of thought. As such, because thought arises within consciousness, they cannot ever “explain” reality.

16.  The Universe loves to create.

17.  Deepak:  What is your “Greatest achievement?”

Eckhart: “I don’t think if I don’t need to think.” That way I am no longer trapped in an unhappy and illusory sense of myself.

18.  Referring to Tagore

With a glimpse of the formless I was blessed.

19.  David Chalmers’ identification of qualia

Deepak reminds the audience of the reality that the “quality of experience” of a red rose is never the actual ‘object’ of a red rose. We can find no “picture of a flower in the brain.”

20. SIFT Acronym for the aspects of consciousness

Sensations Images Feeling Thought — none of which are essentially “you.” The Brain is simply another process in consciousness. “Chemicals are labels.”

21.  Sense of Perspective

The Scientific age is only 500 years old. (And by the way — software is about 50 years old.)

22.  No ultimate distinction between the personal body and the Universal body

23.  We can agree to disagree.

In attendance was Leonard Mlodinow, a co-author with Deepak taking the scientific perspective in a book they shared: War of the Worldviews, A Briefer History of Time, and The Grand Design. He has a PhD in theoretical physics from UC/Berkeley and is now at Caltech.

He says, “I believe in a kind of God. I think all scientists, in a way, believe in a certain God, in a certain order of nature.”

One has to wonder — if the universe has order, does not that imply intelligence — and with that Consciousness?

Michael Shermer, friends with Deepak and publisher of Skeptic Magazine . also attended.  He is a monthly columnist for Scientific American, a regular contributor to Time magazine, and a Presidential Fellow at Chapman University and a strong proponent of strict scientific inquiry.

Therefore the event had a unique “spirit” in that all viewpoints came together for respectful inquiry for one magical night. I am grateful to have shared it.

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Whether You Know It Or Not, You’re Being Prepared For Contact With Extraterrestrials



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    In 2019 UFOs became mainstream. But this truth had already been known for many decades. Collective consciousness is ready now more than ever for contact, and you're being prepared for that.

  • Reflect On:

    Why is humanity so deeply interested in the UFO and ET subject. Sure, you might say there is an 'agenda' with ET disclosure, but is there more to this picture? Why has this subject become the most sought after information out there?

UFOs became mainstream in 2019, the next question is who’s manning them? The mainstream media, and the agencies that direct them, have hidden the truth about UFOs for decades and they finally changed their story on that this year. Given we had known UFOs were real for many decades prior, and that we also have known ETs are involved in this whole phenomenon, are we really going to wait many more decades for the mainstream to admit ETs are real too? Or are we going to start listening to what independent media has been saying for decades?

Humanity is preparing for contact on a mass level. This is a blunt truth but one that is undeniable when you look at how interested and hungry the masses are for content related to this subject. Some of the most watched, read, and searched content on the internet, Netflix and YouTube all relate to ETs and UFOs. Sure, some might still be in the closet about it, but that’s changing QUICK!

But why has this been a secret for so long? The truth is, the biggest secret behind why ET and UFO disclosure has been suppressed is something that isn’t discussed all that much. We typically hear about things like technology suppression, specifically energy systems. How do these crafts get here? What propulsion systems do they use? These questions lead people towards the reality that the technologies of UFO craft ultimately would disrupt our fossil fuel energy oligarchy so much that it would also collapse our economies in some ways.

Of course, this would not be such a bad thing. Why? Because when you consider that this would mean having endless and ‘free’ energy, cost for goods would drop dramatically. Not just that but, when you begin to examine the ease in creating systems based around abundance, it becomes incredible to consider what is truly possible.

An endless supply of food grown locally, everywhere! Endless energy, installed everywhere! Cars and building facilities that do not create pollution. We could essentially live in a society built such that we do not need to be enslaved by money or debt because abundance would simply become a natural happening of a society built with abundant technology, that’s harmonious, in place.

We can all see the value of such disclosures, and the reason why this would be covered but. But there is something even deeper.

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The Biggest Secret

The question is, if we know these technologies exist, and they are being suppressed. And if we know that whistleblowers and people have already reverse engineered or built these things, and not all have been killed or threatened, what is the reason why these things are held back? Why do we still deny these realities en masse?

The truth is, it comes down to consciousness. We’ve been saying this since the inception of CE in 2009: solutions are there, but they won’t come until humanity is ready. What does this ACTUALLY mean to be ready? It means growing up enough as a race, that we can actually be responsible for what it is we will have access to. Not just that, but to be able to say we have ‘graduated’ in a sense, to say we are beyond our old ways.

While that sounds like a loaded few sentences, and they are in a sense, all that is really being said here is, humanity has been stuck in a cycle of experience where we continually see everything, and everyone as separate from us. We are individuals, living out our identities and lives and we are simply here to survive. We believe the limiting ideas of what our reality is and should be and thus we create that reality consciously. Our collective belief about how our world should be is directly tied to what actually happens.

But there is this feeling deep within us at this time, and I know you feel it, where we are beginning to deeply question our ways. How we treat one another, our political systems, the elite manipulation and control that exists, the existential reality of who we are and how we are truly just consciousness, all connected. These deep questions are asking us to explore who we truly are and why we are truly here. And many of us are doing so. This is beginning to create instability and change in our system because the consciousness that holds up our old world, is beginning to crack, and a new one is emerging.

Contact: It’s On Us

WE are preparing ourselves fro contact. This is not happening through someone else, it’s a collective phenomenon that is simply the next stage of humanity’s journey. As our consciousness continues to shift, through us truly doing our own questioning, changing our own patterns, habits, thoughts, and actions, we will begin to truly create the solutions necessary to create a world where we can thrive. And disclosure of technologies will come forth. It comes down to US having to do this work, not governments, not someone else coming to save us. It’s about creating an entire populace with the mentality of truly being empowered and self-responsible, as opposed to needed governance and feeling helpless.

This is why the greatest reason why ET reality is so suppressed comes down to consciousness because with an introduction to ET life, comes an entire myriad of experience we have not been exposed to.

Our CETV platform is designed to help prepare us for the stages of the personal transformation that is occurring in people’s lives. From information, to techniques, to how to guides, CETV is here as a tool to help us move through these confusing and yet expansive times. You can check out CETV here.

In the video below I explain what this means deeply, and how we can begin opening up the doors to mass contact with ET’s.

You Can Help Stop The 5G Infrastructure

We plan to investigate the telecom industry, it’s ties to politics, and expose its efforts to push 5G while ignoring the dangers and without proper safety testing, but we can't do it without your support.

We've launched a funding campaign to fuel our efforts on this matter as we are confident we can make a difference and have a strong plan to get it done.

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Is The Q Narrative Providing False Hope? Catherine Austin Fitts Weighs In



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    It appears as though people are becoming too engaged with the Q narrative that it is blinding them from the truth of what Q truly represents.

  • Reflect On:

    Instead of viewing Q as right or wrong, what steps does it represent in our awakening process? Is the narrative truly creating a world where humanity thrives? Or is it perhaps only taking us a step forward, if at all?

When the Q narrative began popping up I didn’t pay much attention to it. It was only about 1 year into it that I started to do my research and really dive in. What I saw was interesting, but it didn’t necessarily get me feeling like we were suddenly all on the right track, and that everything was being taken care of – a sentiment shared by many in the community who follow Q. I’m going to get to my observations down below on a few more things.

Before we continue I want to be clear, I don’t feel all who follow Q sit back and just watch the show. In fact, I think there is a good chunk of people who actively do other things to help change themselves and their world, but I do feel for the most part – people seem to think Trump and the gang have humanity’s pure best interests at heart, and that they will save America and the world.

I don’t agree, and haven’t agreed, with this sentiment since day 1. I understand that just this article alone may bring up defensiveness and emotion in those who follow Q deeply, and all I can say to that is am I really saying anything crazy here? Or is it that some of us have become too loyal to a narrative that it’s now clouding our judgement? Have we created a new ‘political side’ that we align with in the same way Dems and Reps align with their party?

One last thing before we go on, Q is certainly part of an awakening for some folks too, further illustrating that I’m not saying it’s all bad or anything, nor am I here to discuss whether it’s true or not, but that I’m neutral on the subject and instead wish to raise some reflections about it. Also remember, Q material could literally be written by anyone with knowledge of alternative media and ‘conspiracy theories,’ nothing said is that far outside the basic knowledge of understanding these fields.

Looking At Q Metaphysically

In early April I posted on my Instagram account the following:

I think researching, piecing things together and questioning things when it comes to Q is great, I see nothing wrong with that. But I do feel that a lot of people become very complacent and just sit back ‘trusting’ that Q and team have it all taken care of.. even when things don’t quite go as planned.

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I hear people in posts and videos say things like “I want Trump to be right. I want Q to be right.. I don’t want to lose my faith cause there is nowhere else to go.” etc.

This makes me wonder, are we acting from desperation? Do we really think this is the whole answer? Do those who follow this so deeply really think this is all we have to do? Just follow the posts and just sit back and watch… with POPCORN as is so often said.

The ones we have been waiting for are US.. each and every one of US.. no one is going to get this all done for us, we gotta do the work as a collective.

So sure, maybe there are things that are right going on within the Q drops, I’m not gonna take that away, but I think it’s time we start really focusing on having some deeper conversations about where we want to go, how we can empower ourselves as individuals, change as individuals and ultimately make up a collective of empowered people.. instead of just trusting that others have it taken care of.

Remember, it’s consciousness that creates this reality.. where is yours at? That’s what will decide our future more than ‘the plan.’

And if you’re looking for deeper, more insightful and action-oriented conversations.. check out we’re flippin the script over there.⠀⠀⠀

This sentiment was a breath of fresh air for most as it appears many are growing a bit tired of the Q narrative only because every time something happens in the world through Trump that doesn’t seem good for humanity, the community continues to spin it so that it becomes good.. and herein lies the blind spots that are being created from choosing sides.

Catherine Austin Fitts Weighs In

When we choose sides we add a lens to our perception, that lens then clouds seeing the totality of what is playing out. I was recently having a conversation about this with my good buddy and filmmaker Michael Mazzola, which you can check out here, he proceeded to tell me about something Catherine Austin Fitts, former Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development,  recently said that totally summed up my position as well:

Here’s what she said:

“In the Red Button Problem, everybody wants their check and they want to pretend that they are good. So it’s very important that politicians come up with this story of ‘good’. The story of “I’m good,” doesn’t have to make sense, but it has to be good enough so that I can just take my check and feel good and not have to do anything. It’s a way of being free to stay on my couch and do the things that I love instead of being bothered with the responsibility of being a citizen.”

So Q is the new story of, “I am good,” because, “I can just trust the plan, and these covert operators are going to get their thing done.” So I’ve been nice because I know some very intelligent, capable people who buy this whole thing hook, line, and sinker. It has been really frustrating for you and me. I took FASAB 56 to these Q believers, and they said, “You need to trust the plan.”

The reason why I have not gotten on full board with Q is simple: Q could be something written by ANY truther out there that knows a bit about how our world works. Even after all my research, I don’t see anything that suggests we’re seeing a highly conscious world being created, thus, there is room for further discussions.

Sure, it is helping to wake people up to some extent, but so do many other actions that happen in our world. I’m not against the Q narrative by any means, I simply feel it’s important to bring things back to us as individuals. Even is Trump and Q are in fact working together, is all you see happening truly good for humanity? That’s simply the question to keep in our minds.

If we’re going to truly make change, we must not just wait for others to do it, and we must also question the true path others are suggesting they are taking. For example, can you truly say within yourself that Trump has illustrated he and his alliance are going to create a world where you are truly free? Or is it more so that he might shake up some of the deep state, but there will still be a ton of work to do before humanity truly thrives?

I highlight the piece above because I do feel it’s obvious that Trump is shaking things up, and that’s important to note.

But what about things like pushing 5G? Why is this not questioned in deep detail?

The Takeaway

Ultimately my take Q has been the same since pretty well the beginning. We are not necessarily seeing a human alliance take over the Deep State. We are seeing a deep state alliance take over the Deep State. Meaning, one faction of the DS has split and is going against another. One has a slightly less dystopian view for humanity. I summed this up in a video here.

Things are happening in stages, steps forward are sometimes slow and bit by bit. But it appears as though some of those who follow Q and who align with Trump too heavily, in a religious like sense, are developing blind spots and putting too much faith in having these people save the world.. where might that lead if Trump doesn’t create that world? Does he even resonate as someone that will?

I’m inspired to help us out of the one side vs another narrative and simply see things for what they are so we can keep fluidly evolving vs. jumping from one box to the next.

I urge you to check out my deeper explanation of Trump and Q through the 5G unfoldment in this video analysis, it truly helps to lay a deeper framework and understanding of what is taking place here.

Bottom line is, this is all a step into further questioning and beginning to break down the old world, but by no means is this the full picture and we must remember that.

You Can Help Stop The 5G Infrastructure

We plan to investigate the telecom industry, it’s ties to politics, and expose its efforts to push 5G while ignoring the dangers and without proper safety testing, but we can't do it without your support.

We've launched a funding campaign to fuel our efforts on this matter as we are confident we can make a difference and have a strong plan to get it done.

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Is Trump Waking People Up?



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Trump's presidency has been a highly controversial one. Partly because it upsets powerful people, and partly because it brings forth humanity's shadows.

  • Reflect On:

    Are we truly looking at our world through a lens that helps us awaken? Or are we simply getting caught up in all the judgement, political identities and mumbo jumbo mainstream media and celebrities are attempting to pull people into?

No doubt, Trump is a character. From some of the actions he takes to the things he says, there is a lot to talk about and poke fun at if you really wanted to.  But what motivates this poking fun? What about ourselves wants to reduce his actions down to something that’s childish? What do we miss when we get caught up in this identity-driven approach to viewing politics?

You may have read this title and thought “oh great, here we go, a pro-Trump article that might go along with the Q narrative that Trump is here to save the world.” It’s that automatic thinking right there that this article is about to shine light on. But first, let’s set some context.

There is a long-standing debate about whether or not we should look at the darker aspects of our world, the ‘negative’ stuff if you will. Further to that is the discussion of how much we need to counteract viewing that type of content with content that is ‘positive.’ Talking about politics, the events of our world, the various pieces of chaos happening in our world — all of these things are often viewed as negative and are completely avoided by many.

But why do these things ACTUALLY happen? Is it a president? Is it bad foreign policy? Is truly the fault of one administration? Can it actually be reduced to ‘white males cause this?’ No, of course not. This is a completely false way of viewing it all and it’s precisely why we remain in a state of chaos.

All things that happen in our world are a reflection of us all, whether you like it or not. It’s less about the exact action that happens, and more about the causes behind that action. Things like disconnection, unprocessed emotions, limited belief systems, holding on tightly to old ideas, getting stuck in egoic tendencies, and ultimately not knowing who we truly are. Thinking we are our skin color, gender, religion, political side, or simply a human with a brain having an experience.

All of these beliefs compile together to limit the way we choose to look at our world. When we view our world in this manner, we miss out on the deeper meaning of what is actually going on, including the nuances that truly provide deep value, learning and growth.

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Is it any wonder things don’t quite change as fast as we like when the way we view our world is always based on limited oversimplified ways of viewing reality instead of actually taking the time to understand the nuance and deeper meaning as to why we are individually and collectively creating the reality before us?

The truth is blunt: Our outside world, or the news, shows us a lot about our current state of being or consciousness as individuals and a collective. It shows us how our current state of mind, belief systems, programs and habits create physical systems in a world. If you wanted to change those systems, and create more harmony for example, wouldn’t looking at and understanding how they are being created from a state of being and mind be the best place to start?

We can do all the work we want to do to hold our minds, brains and hearts in gamma states and higher states of consciousness, but the reality of the situation, and something that I have learned very deeply over the last 10 years, is that the majority of people do not know how to take that spiritual practice and apply it to the real world, apply it to the totality of reality. And that is what I’m so passionate about helping people learn to do.

The Biggest Secret

For the powerful elite to maintain the suppression of humanity, there is one secret they hold that is greater than all others: consciousness. If humanity shifts it’s consciousness and begins truly asking questions about our world and understands how our consciousness and perception are what hold it all in place, humanity will have the antidote to the chaos we face.

This is why the suppression of consciousness is so key. It’s why political conversations are the most popular thing in the world. It’s why we’re constantly being pulled into identities about race, gender and political orientations, policy, etc. These identities are the ultimate capping of human potential and consciousness because they reduce who someone is down to mere ideas that are designed to simplify, dumb down and divide.

Mainstream conversations do not seek to question the system at hand and why it’s the way it is and why we accept it. For example, do we really need our economic system to function the way it does? Who made it up? Why do all new ideas have to fit into the tiny box of the reality of that system? What if the idea is great but not economically viable? Should we then throw it out because someone made up the idea that we must keep our enslaving economic system?

Having conversations about our world that are less about viewing everything through these lenses and instead go much deeper is the shift in conversations we need. So is Trump’s presidency helping us have those conversations? I think so, but it depends on how you choose to discuss it.

In the video below I provide an example and a metaphor for how important it truly is that we begin looking at our reality and news content not just from the standpoint of whether it’s positive or negative, but asking what it reflects about our consciousness. I do this video in the context of some of the latest forms of censorship that have been taking place in our world.

So often we want to separate spirituality and the ‘real world’ such that in one sense you’re supposed to stay in a positive box, only thinking about what is positive and what will help you change your consciousness, and then on the other side you’re looking at the news, life and all the negative things that go along with that. This is a spiritual bypass that will come to public awareness in a VERY big way during the rest of 2019 and into 2020.

As we discuss in the CE protocol, the first step in awakening to the totality of who you are is to break the illusion of what you think your world is, and then from there, consciousness and perception continue to expand. Thus, shifting the public conversation away from just the regular way of looking at the world to one where we are willing to question WHY things are the way they are and why we accept things to be the way they are without thinking things like: who made that up? Why must we adhere to systems that function this way? Why do we have to reduce humanity to animals that cannot work together? Are our belief systems that state ‘this is what we are’ making us act this way?

The Takeaway

Sometimes people say “hey we need to start talking about solutions”… and I hear that, and I agree with that, but we also have to realize that part of the solution is being able to enter into conversations with THE WORLD about how to look at our world from a less judgemental and polarized point of view and instead view it as what it shows us about ourselves.

Sure, we can look at stories of free energy and positive stuff, but if people are still caught in the game and limited states of consciousness, those changes won’t come about in a harmonious manner — maybe not at all. We must step up, get out there and change the conversations that are happening from one that is of polarity and judgement to one that is grounded in deeper understanding.

That’s the next step, the solution!

You Can Help Stop The 5G Infrastructure

We plan to investigate the telecom industry, it’s ties to politics, and expose its efforts to push 5G while ignoring the dangers and without proper safety testing, but we can't do it without your support.

We've launched a funding campaign to fuel our efforts on this matter as we are confident we can make a difference and have a strong plan to get it done.

Check out our plan and join our campaign here.

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