New Experiments Suggest Mind Plays a Role in Physics


The mysterious role of observers in quantum mechanics has been hotly debated for over a century. Some well-known and respected physicists urge that consciousness could play a central role in quantum measurement, while others dismiss such notions with disdain.

New evidence is now surfacing that suggests consciousness may indeed be relevant to quantum mechanics after all. Dean Radin Ph.D., at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, has designed a new series of experiments that approach the classic double-slit experiment in a unique way. In ordinary circumstances, particles will behave as objects or waves depending on whether they are observed. The big question is why.

In the video below, Dean outlines his extraordinary experiments using a double-slit, which show the wave-pattern of particles is reduced simply when people direct their attention toward the system. This occurs without any ordinary physical contact with the instrumentation. This surprising evidence not only supports a consciousness-involving interpretation of quantum mechanics; it also offers further compelling validation that extended capacities of the mind, known by researchers as ‘psi’, are real.

Dean’s presentation was at the prestigious Science of Consciousness conference in Tucson, Arizona, to an audience of some of the most respected philosophers and scientists of our time. It’s a promising sign that deeper views of consciousness are finding their way into the mainstream, and a shift in thinking could be on the horizon.

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