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Thinking Of Taking Plant Medicine? How To Know If It’s For You



I always said, I’d never go searching for it, but if it came to me, I’d do it.

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I’d heard of plant medicine before, but had never considered it seriously until about two years ago. To be perfectly honest, it freaked me out. Why would I want to see little green leprechauns running around, right? I had smoked pot in university, sure, but that was the extent of my experience with any mind altering substance. And yet there I was, laying down in my first ever plant medicine ceremony, thinking to myself, I should have tried mushrooms first.

Maybe it’s the journalist in me, but I just want to know things. Even if it were our first time meeting, if I found out you had done a psychedelic, you’d better believe I would be asking 101 questions. What does it feel like? Did you see anything? How much did you take? Who was there? Was it at night? Were you, ‘you’ after?

I’ve read books, heard stories from friends and strangers, and watched documentaries to try to understand what it’s like, but the only thing that seemed certain was that every single person has their own, personally tailored experience.


You choose your bed for the night. The buckets are for purging. They teach you a safe way to do it by getting on your hands and knees right over the bucket.

Now it was my chance to find out for myself.

I said the medicine came to me and it did, but I remember starting to ask close friends about it a lot about two years ago. I was in a really rough spot in my life — sad all the time, quick to anger, depressed, disappointed, and dejected. I was feeling so lost. I don’t think I was ready for the medicine back then, but I sought guidance and received it from a friend who helped me neutralize some of what I was feeling. Things got better after that, but were still pretty up and down.

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Fast forward to last month, and I’m given an opportunity, through work, to go to Rythmia Life Advancement Centre in Costa Rica, if I choose. After exploring their website I was really taken by everything they had set up. There was no chance I was passing up this opportunity. Rythmia is the world’s first fully medically licensed plant medicine health resort. I could relax, eat healthy farm to table food, check out beautiful beaches, do yoga, meet cool people, receive massages and cleanses, attend workshops/meditations, and do plant medicine ceremonies in a safe, clean, and traditional yet modern way. The medicine had come to me and I was ready for it.


Huge Buddha statue at Rythmia. Walked by it everyday..

It’s Not For Everyone

I say it’s not for everyone because if you’re expecting a complete cure-all, you will be disappointed. The plant does a portion of the work, but it’s up to you to do the rest. Going in with a level of seriousness and respect for the plant medicine makes a huge difference. Following certain diets, protocols, and meditations are all really good ways to hone in on why you’re doing this and what you’d like to receive from it. The more clear you are on your intentions, the better.

But listen carefully: This is not a party drug. It’s not glamorous, and it’s not even fun a lot of the time. There were moments in the ceremony when I thought I was straight up in an insane asylum, yet it was also one of the most beautiful nights of my life. How?

I followed the diet for two full weeks before I was to go to Rythmia. Although they offer ceremonies every night, for some reason, Wednesday was my day (we got there on the Saturday). I feel confident in saying that the medicine started working the moment I really took it to my heart and realized Hey, I’m doing this, like, for real! and began following the guidelines. I started thinking about my intentions but not so rigidly that I was stuck to them. They say for your first time, pick something ‘easy’ like, “I want to receiving healing.”


Taita Juanito and his team held an information/Q&A session a day before the first ceremony.

All week I was chatting with people who had been participating in ceremony night after night at Rythmia. Every day at the same time they hold a plant integration Q&A for those doing it the same evening, which was really helpful, as I wanted to know everything about the ceremony before actually being there. I got to hear people’s experiences from the night before and I realized everything I had read about the experience, how it affects everyone differently, was true.

Because it is a medically licensed facility, one of the first things you do upon arrival at Rythmia is visit the ICU and meet Dr. Jeff Mcnairy, Psy.D., M.P.H. He wants to meet you one-on-one to see how you’re doing and if plant medicine is something safe for you to take part in. If it is, he wants to make sure you’re ready both mentally and physically. I thought this was such a good way to start this healing week.

I ended up doing two ceremonies and having two completely different experiences. I can confidently tell you, they were the most profound spiritual experiences I’ve had, so far, in my life, and I’ve done it all — Landmark, reiki, NLP, sessions (lots of practitioners), sweat lodges, 10 day Vipassana sit, The Artist Way, journalling, leaving the country, retreats, regressions, and cleanses. I was ready for it. I love learning more about myself and the mystery that is life and why I’m here. I guess I’m my own greatest subject. I was open to the healing and respected the plant very much. The day of my first ceremony I wrote the medicine a heart-felt letter stating my excitement and intentions.

The plant is a divine, living, benevolent entity that you can interact with, and it knows exactly what you need to heal. This is coming from Taita Juantio, a Columbia Shaman who comes to Rythmia every few months to do ceremonies. I was lucky enough to be there when he was and did my Friday ceremony with him. He explained that there is a wonderful cosmic party happening and every single person has a seat with their name on it at this great cosmic gathering. The plant medicine helps us see truth in whatever way it knows we need to see, hear, feel, and experience it.


Taita Juanito giving guidance and answering questions for people before the ceremony. He has his own retreat centre in Columbia, check it out at

If you want to do plant medicine to see pretty colours and shapes, I’m going to suggest you watch television instead. This medicine will teach you, it will cleanse you, and it will show you what you need to see, but it won’t do the work for you. Sometimes, it straight up kicks your butt (which I definitely felt my first ceremony), but it’s all for you to heal — from years of conditioning, past traumas both remembered or forgotten, physical, spiritual, or even ancestral.

According to Taita, overthinking is a disease for humanity. Thought was supposed to be a powerful tool for us to live on this planet, but now it has taken over, way over, our lives, and people are hurting and suffering because of it. It causes a stress in the soul and it’s this dis-ease that is being reconciled in ceremony.

If you are interested and committed to healing yourself, to understand yourself and the mystery of life, and to continue with your spiritual growth, then you might be on the right path by doing plant medicine. It has been about a month since my ceremonies and I can honestly say doing it was a game changer; my behaviour and, most importantly, my attitude has completely changed, and the people closest to me have noticed it, too. I was so afraid I would go home and revert right back to those same old patterns, because that’s what as always happened in the past.

So what changed?

Well, I wanted the medicine to show me everything I couldn’t see about myself, remove any blockages, and allow me to have full soul reconnection. Something traumatic happened to me when I was four years old (which I had actually blocked until I was 22 and had a breakthrough in Landmark), and a part of me left that day. It wasn’t safe to be me. For years and years there was a vacancy or void that couldn’t be filled, a part of me that was simply missing, in a way. And I felt it. That’s probably why I almost ricocheted from one healing modality to the next, always searching, but never finding.

But I’m happy to report, she’s back and never leaving again.

I experienced so much between the two ceremonies, and both were so beautiful in their own ways. I’ll be posting a video that goes into greater detail, but for now I will just give high level points.

The setting was just unreal. The ceremonies are held in a beautiful Shala on the resort and equipped with bathrooms, fans, candles, lots of windows, and a fire pit outside. I went early the first night to choose my spot. There were clean comfy mattresses with our own buckets beside them. Seeing the beds and buckets freaked me out a little, but I was still resolved to continue on, and for some reason didn’t think I was going to throw up. Maybe, just maybe, I would luck out. Purging is a big part of the release that comes with the medicine. Some experience vomiting, while for others, purging involves diarrhea, crying, laughing, sweating, writing, or nothing at all.

I purged big time my first ceremony. It came in the form of vomit. It took a long time for me to close my eyes and go inside because I couldn’t stop looking around at everything. What’s everyone else doing? Oh look, someone’s throwing up. What’s the Shaman doing? Where was that person going?  This went on for a good 40 minutes until I heard a calm female voice say, “It’s time to close your eyes, Rajie.” Almost everyone who has done plant medicine has warned me, do not resist. So I closed my eyes and I was gone.


The bed I chose for the second ceremony. It’s missing in the photo, but my journal also came and I ended up writing about 10 pages while in ceremony

The music really helped my journey — as it changed, so too did my visions. I started feeling really sick and knew I had to throw up, but I was ready. They prepare you by showing you the most efficient way to purge — get on all fours over your bucket — so I did. Lots of ‘stuff ‘ came out. I couldn’t see exactly what was coming out (you have to stop eating at lunchtime), but it felt like blackness. Like, years and years and years of anger, resentment, jealousy, depression, and sadness were all being squeezed out of every vein in my body. I remember saying, “Get out. Thanks, but I don’t need or want you anymore.” I sat back, kneeling, feeling so much better.

Later, I experienced an epic ego death and saw a huge, beautiful white snake, which showed up at different points in the journey and through which I could understand the medicine. I asked questions and it answered. The medicine said I could present anything I didn’t want and she would take it. I experienced love from Mother, like I’d never felt before. I cried really hard.

The shaman called for a second round and I was feeling good. I sat up and one of the helpers came over to me. She sat in front me and asked, “How are you feeling?” and I said, “I’m good, but debating if I should drink again. I feel good but… what do you think?” She looked at me right in the eyes and asked, “Why are you here?” We stared at each other for about two full minutes (no joke) and I said, “Okay. Yup. Got it. I’m doing it.” I figured, I’m here to heal, so let’s go in deep.

I suddenly became fascinated with the idea of computers. What is a computer? Why is a computer? What is computing? I came to realize that we are the ultimate technology. Our brains are the ultimate computer and we just made a replica of our brain in the material world. The program recognized itself (thought). Self awareness is the key. I had already known that, but never at this experiential level. After that, things in the journey became very ‘digital.’ I was taken back to an instance in my early childhood that totally shaped the harsh, judgmental, and critical tone I often took with myself and that undoubtably came off to other people, too. I saw it and I heard it.

But now, all of that has changed. I have become so loving, kind, and gentle with myself. I never thought this could be possible, to have this level of self-love.

The second ceremony was with Taita Juanito, and it was completely different. From the brew to the healing to the actual experience, it was an entirely different night. There were 60 people doing the ceremony, with about 12-15 helpers/shamans, live music, and a fire pit. There were countless stars out in the sky and more beauty than words can properly convey. This ceremony ended at about 8am, and I did not sleep a wink.

I drank once, at 10pm, and have been ‘drunk’ ever since. I have a different perspective on life now. I see things with a childlike innocence and wonder, but I’m an adult, so it’s pretty awesome. I connected so deeply with my purpose here on Earth and downloaded so much knowledge on the fabric of life and how we are all co-creating this reality. All of it. I actually wrote 10 pages during the ceremony. I was so present and awake; I bore witness to it all, and would love to tell you what I saw. Please, watch my video if you feel inclined.

One of the greatest gifts I received from the ceremony is the constant hum of joy and happiness that I now feel, even while experiencing other emotions like anger, sadness, or suffering. It’s been over a month since the ceremonies, and that’s still happening.

Before You Take Plant Medicine


If you’re thinking of doing plant medicine, please look into the facility and shaman you are hoping to work with thoroughly. We’ve all heard the horror stories of ‘shamans’ giving bogus brews, people being psychically attacked, and other cautionary tales. Please do as much research as possible.

That’s why it was so nice doing it at a place like Rythmia, where everything is completely taken care of and designed with your best interests at heart. Plant medicine seems to have taken the Western world by storm these last few years, and while it can help everyone, it seems to offer some of the the most profound changes for people with depression and addictions.

We are all unique beings. Everyone will have their own experience with the medicine, and that’s part of its beauty. It can tear your ego to shreds and show you your worst fears, all while helping you feel the infinite love that radiates throughout everything in this universe.

Rythmia did a wonderful job of providing support post-ceremony, since integration can be difficult. Keeping your practice, whatever it is, is so important afterwards. I still think about my ceremonies every day.

For more information on Shaman Taita Juanito and his ceremony dates please visit and for more information on plant medicine treatments check out

You can find me at or on Instagram @HouseofRajie.

Free David Wilcock Screening: Disclosure & The Fall of the Cabal

We interviewed David about what is happening within the cabal and disclosure. He shared some incredible insight that is insanely relevant to today.

So far, the response to this interview has been off the charts as people are calling it the most concise update of what's happening in our world today.

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Why Humanity Is So Obsessed With Finding Aliens Right Now



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Behind closed doors, quietly, billions are researching and trying to learn about the reality of aliens. It is one of the biggest topics being explored by humanity right now and there is a deep reason for this.

  • Reflect On:

    Why are we so enthralled by the reality of ET life? What would happen to our consciousness if we learned they were real and that there were millions of races? How would daily life change?

The biggest secret behind why ET and UFO disclosure has been suppressed is something that isn’t discussed all that much. We typically hear about things like technology suppression, specifically energy systems. How do these crafts get here? What propulsion systems do they use? These questions lead people towards the reality that the technologies of UFO craft ultimately would disrupt our fossil fuel energy oligarchy so much that it would also collapse our economies in some ways.

Of course, this would not be such a bad thing. Why? Because when you consider that this would mean having endless and ‘free’ energy, cost for goods would drop dramatically. Not just that but, when you begin to examine the ease in creating systems based around abundance, it becomes incredible to consider what is truly possible.

An endless supply of food grown locally, everywhere! Endless energy, installed everywhere! Cars and building facilities that do not create pollution. We could essentially live in a society built such that we do not need to be enslaved by money or debt because abundance would simply become a natural happening of a society built with abundant technology, that’s harmonious, in place.

We can all see the value of such disclosures, and the reason why this would be covered but. But there is something even deeper.

The Biggest Secret

The question is, if we know these technologies exist, and they are being suppressed. And if we know that whistleblowers and people have already reverse engineered or built these things, and not all have been killed or threatened, what is the reason why these things are held back? Why do we still deny these realities en masse?

The truth is, it comes down to consciousness. We’ve been saying this since the inception of CE in 2009: solutions are there, but they won’t come until humanity is ready. What does this ACTUALLY mean to be ready? It means growing up enough as a race, that we can actually be responsible for what it is we will have access to. Not just that, but to be able to say we have ‘graduated’ in a sense, to say we are beyond our old ways.

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While that sounds like a loaded few sentences, and they are in a sense, all that is really being said here is, humanity has been stuck in a cycle of experience where we continually see everything, and everyone as separate from us. We are individuals, living out our identities and lives and we are simply here to survive. We believe the limiting ideas of what our reality is and should be and thus we create that reality consciously. Our collective belief about how our world should be is directly tied to what actually happens.

But there is this feeling deep within us at this time, and I know you feel it, where we are beginning to deeply question our ways. How we treat one another, our political systems, the elite manipulation and control that exists, the existential reality of who we are and how we are truly just consciousness, all connected. These deep questions are asking us to explore who we truly are and why we are truly here. And many of us are doing so. This is beginning to create instability and change in our system because the consciousness that holds up our old world, is beginning to crack, and a new one is emerging.

It’s On Us

As our consciousness continues to shift, through us truly doing our own questioning, changing our own patterns, habits, thoughts, and actions, we will begin to truly create the solutions necessary to create a world where we can thrive. And disclosure of technologies will come forth. It comes down to US having to do this work, not governments, not someone else coming to save us. It’s about creating an entire populace with the mentality of truly being empowered and self-responsible, as opposed to needed governance and feeling helpless.

This is why the greatest reason why ET reality is so suppressed comes down to consciousness because with an introduction to ET life, comes an entire myriad of experience we have not been exposed to.

In the video below I explain what this means deeply, and how we can begin opening up the doors to mass contact with ET’s.

Free David Wilcock Screening: Disclosure & The Fall of the Cabal

We interviewed David about what is happening within the cabal and disclosure. He shared some incredible insight that is insanely relevant to today.

So far, the response to this interview has been off the charts as people are calling it the most concise update of what's happening in our world today.

Watch the interview here.
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What We Can Learn From Advanced ET Civilizations (Part 1: Sexual Freedom)



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    One of the main ways that our societies differs from those of advanced ET civilizations is that we don't currently live and organize ourselves as though we are all one, whereas their entire societal structure is based on this.

  • Reflect On:

    If we organized our societies with the clear understanding that we are all one, what would be the implications in terms of who is responsible for raising children that come into the world, and consequently the impact on our sexual freedom?

There is one fundamental thing that distinguishes us as human beings at our current evolutionary stage from most of the more advanced ET civilizations: they know that they are all one, and the way they organize their societies reflects their awareness of this fact. Here on the Earth, human beings are at various stages of their awareness of this, ranging from the certainty held by the masters and avatars who roam the planet to the complete denial of those who live their lives in the context of our apparent separateness and disconnectedness from each other.

For many people, ‘we are all one’ is an interesting catch-phrase and certainly something we should aspire towards, but it is fraught with doubt and uncertainty, as the powerful illusion of materiality and our separateness seems to predominate our perception and impacts the systems of belief we live by.

Perfect. All is as it should be, for we are here in this 3rd Density reality precisely to have a rich, sensual experience of dense materiality as part of our soul’s journey to self-realization, which ultimately culminates in the direct apperception that we are all the same ‘self’.

That said, it may be instructive to the process for us to come to understand how ET civilizations who are more highly evolved organize themselves, as an inspiration for us to continue along in our consciousness journey. It may even spur small changes in the way we conduct our personal lives that reflect our growing understanding of our underlying unity as human beings.

First, though, we have to conceive of society as being very different from the one most of us are currently experiencing. At present we are in large, impersonal ‘communities’ within our societies which we can’t rely on to serve our needs. In effect, since we don’t even know most of the people in the community–good people, for the most part–there is an inherent mistrust in them and their motives. We gather in our smaller groups of shared interests, of course, like soccer teams and bridge clubs, but other than those few who still enjoy being part of a traditional large extended family, we are not really familiar with the experience of having a large group of people who are, by nature, prepared to tend to the needs of all individuals within. But what if we were? How would our basic needs be served differently?

The Raising Of Children

To begin with, fundamental aspects of societal development, like how children are raised, could be done completely differently, in a way that best accommodates the lives of both the children and the parents. In his bestselling trilogy Conversations With God, Neal Donald Walsch touches upon the discussion of how, in advanced civilizations, young parents of children are not considered to be the best qualified in their communities to raise their offspring, as they have hardly emerged from childhood themselves:

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In highly evolved cultures, children don’t raise children. Offspring are given to elders to raise. This doesn’t mean that new offspring are torn from those who gave them life, taken from their arms and given to virtual strangers to raise. It is nothing like that. In these cultures, elders live closely with the young ones. They are not shuffled off to live by themselves. They are not ignored, and left to work out their own final destinies. They are honored, revered, and held close, as part of a loving, caring, vibrant community.

When a new offspring arrives, the elders are right there, deep within the heart of that community and that family, and their raising of the offspring is as organically correct as it feels in your society to have the parents do this. The difference is that, though they always know who their “parents” are—the closest term in their language would be “life-givers”—these offspring are not asked to learn about the basics of life from beings who are still learning about the basics of life themselves. In highly evolved societies, the elders organize and supervise the learning process, as well as housing, feeding, and caring for the children. Offspring are raised in an environment of wisdom and love, great, great patience, and deep understanding.

The young ones who gave them life are usually off somewhere, meeting the challenges and experiencing the joys of their own young lives. They may spend as much time with their offspring as they choose. They may even live in the Dwelling of the Elders with the children, to be right there with them in a “home” environment, and to be experienced by them as part of it. It is all a very unified, integrated experience. But it is the elders who do the raising, who take the responsibility. And it is an honor, for upon the elders is placed the responsibility for the future of the entire species. And in highly evolved societies, it is recognized that this is more than should be asked of young ones.

Sexual Freedom

The implications of this are far-reaching, not only for the children, but the child-bearers as well:

In your society you have insisted on making child-bearers responsible for child raising—with the result that you’ve made not only the process of parenting very difficult, but distorted many of the energies surrounding the sexual act as well as.

Many humans have observed what I’ve observed here. Namely, that a good many humans—perhaps most—are not truly capable of raising children when they are capable of having them. However, having discovered this, humans have put in place exactly the wrong solution.

Rather than allow younger humans to enjoy sex, and if it produces children, have the elders raise them, you tell young humans not to engage in sex until they are ready to take on the responsibility of raising children. You have made it “wrong” for them to have sexual experiences before that time, and thus have created a taboo around what was intended to be one of life’s most joyful celebrations.

Of course, this is a taboo to which offspring will pay little attention—and for good reason: it is entirely unnatural to obey it. Human beings desire to couple and copulate as soon as they feel the inner signal which says they are ready. This is human nature.

In the natural order of your species, sexuality is budding at anywhere from age 9 to age 14. From age 15 onward it is very much present and expressing in most human beings. Thus begins a race against time—with children stampeding toward the fullest release of their own joyful sexual energy, and parents stampeding to stop them. Parents have needed all the assistance and all the alliances they could find in this struggle, since, as has been noted, they are asking their offspring to not do something that is every bit a part of their nature.

Benefits To Society Itself

Rather than being part of a social order that works so hard to suppress sexual desires on the part of young people, wouldn’t we want to be contributing to the free expression of what is beautiful and natural? Do we fear that this will lead to sexual deviance and inappropriate behavior? I believe the opposite is true. In fact, paving the way for freedom of sexual expression based on instinct and nature also could give many reciprocal benefits back to the society:

In any society where producing offspring at a young age is not considered “wrong”— because the tribal elders raise them and there is, therefore, no sense of overwhelming responsibility and burden—sexual repression is unheard of, and so is rape, deviance, and social-sexual dysfunction.

Imagine being part of a society that was no longer subject to the types of dysfunctions that come from sexual repression and the various emotions associated with thwarted sexual desires. Imagine if all the pretension and posturing around sexual engagement were dropped, how much more relaxed and connected we’d feel.

A Return To Community

Of course, none of this is a suggestion that we are able to immediately throw caution to the wind in terms of the sexual expression of our young, given our current social structure. We first have to examine the fact that we have moved away from organizing ourselves through self-supporting tribes, clans, and communities as some of our traditional societies did in the past. Somehow, we became convinced that ‘progress’ meant living in big cities where not only are people disconnected from each other, but elders are pushed over to the side, without any role in maintaining the knowledge and guiding principles the society had developed over time.

Let’s think about moving more towards extra-familial groups that provide comprehensive support for all its members. Seeing that this is how many advanced extraterrestrial civilizations live, perhaps we now have more we can look forward to as we work towards building a more evolved community, society, and world.

Free David Wilcock Screening: Disclosure & The Fall of the Cabal

We interviewed David about what is happening within the cabal and disclosure. He shared some incredible insight that is insanely relevant to today.

So far, the response to this interview has been off the charts as people are calling it the most concise update of what's happening in our world today.

Watch the interview here.
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How Changes In Collective Consciousness Alter Our Everyday Reality



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Science has demonstrated that there is an energy field that connects us all, and that at its core, all matter is consciousness. Collective Consciousness plays a huge role in how we define our world functions, based on our collective beliefs.

  • Reflect On:

    What do you believe is possible for yourself and for humanity? Do you feel we are capable of creating a world where we can thrive? Do you find yourself thinking humans are not capable of much? These beliefs affect the world around us deeply.

Want to see change in the world? We have to change collective consciousness. And in order to do that, we must change ourselves.

This has been the core message of Collective Evolution since our humble beginnings in 2009. Why? Because collective consciousness is something at the centre, or core, of what connects all of us. In post material science we are beginning to understand that we are not entirely just a brain inside a body, and that consciousness is who we truly are. Beyond that, consciousness is also at the crux of everything.

We sit at an interesting time in our history where the need and desire to change our world has become something almost all of us feel. Whether we witness the apparent chaos of daily life, the turmoil that happens in areas around the world, or whether we witness the challenges in our own life, we feel this need for change. Deep down, something about the human experience, as it is, seems outdated and almost stale.

We’ve grown tired of suffering, pain, war, poverty, doing the same thing over and over again. We want to experience something new, rich and deep. This is showing up in political activism, the search for who we are beyond our identities, the search for meaning in life and wanting to do careers that we love.

Ultimately, we are searching for peace and a deeper understanding of our reality. So how do we do this? How do we change our world, change the various daily structures we deal with like our economy, government, career paths, as well as the limited idea of what life is and should be. How do we end our suffering and war with one another to truly create a world where we can thrive and have abundance?

Collective Consciousness

If you are gaining curiosity reading this, great. You are feeling something that has been growing within you, and all of us, for quite some time. If you think these ideas are laughable, and that none of this change is possible, then great, because the video below is for you too. Because your disbelief is playing a role in why our world is this way, and it’s time to explore what that truly means.

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Collective consciousness is an energy field, if you will, by which groups of people or all humans connect to and share ideas, beliefs and understandings about our world. This is not a physical space, but one that is energetic or conscious.

Below is a video I created to help explain how something called collective consciousness functions, so we can begin to understand why we must change ourselves to change our world, and how our limited belief of what our world is and can be, plays a role in keeping it that way.

Post Material Science & Consciousness

The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory has been trying to wrap their heads around the subject and have concluded that the human mind does, in fact, have a capacity to influence the output of devices known as Random Event Generators (REGs), on a collective scale, or via collective consciousness.

A project that initially started when a student was curious to study the effects of the human mind and intention on the surrounding environment, turned into a rigorous testing lab where Dr. Robert Jahn and his lab assistant spent many hours experimenting to determine whether or not the mind has an effect on our physical world. Jahn and his assistant were able to determine that the human minds interactions with the machines demonstrated a relationship that was not physical in nature. The mind was able to affect and change outcomes of the machine in ways that were beyond standard deviations. In essence, consciousness was having an effect over the physical world.

To determine the effects of the mind’s intention on the physical world, they built several machines called a random number generator. The machine would essentially mimic a coin flip and record the results over time. The machine performed 200 flips per second and produced an average mean of 100 as one would expect. Left unattended, the machine would continue to produce results that suggested a 50/50 chance of producing either heads or tails. The interesting results came when human intention started to interact with the machine. What was once a random 50/50 chance of producing heads or tails began to deviate from expectation as the observer began to intend for the numbers to be higher or lower. While the effects of the mind over the machines was not large, it was enough that contemporary physics is unable to explain what exactly is happening. Perhaps this is where the quantum world can shed light?

The implications of this research on humanity is quite fascinating given it could reach into the realms of creating a world of peace, a thriving world and abundance. If intentions and thoughts can impact something the way it has been demonstrated above, why not explore the boundaries of how far this can go? It is my feeling and understanding that we create our realities with our intentions and state of consciousness and I feel science is starting to confirm this. In time we will realize the true power of our minds and intentions.

The video below is a very brief synopsis of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory of Princeton University, whose research into mind-matter interaction forms the foundation of Psyleron Technology.

If we wish to understand collective consciousness more deeply, and how we are all truly connected, a great place to start is to begin exploring what we are discovering in the field of post material science as we study consciousness.

We have a great deal of content to explore on that by clicking here. 

To explore deeply who you truly are, you can listen to this CE Podcast episode.

Princeton PEAR Lab

Free David Wilcock Screening: Disclosure & The Fall of the Cabal

We interviewed David about what is happening within the cabal and disclosure. He shared some incredible insight that is insanely relevant to today.

So far, the response to this interview has been off the charts as people are calling it the most concise update of what's happening in our world today.

Watch the interview here.
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Watch: Exclusive Uncut Interview With David Wilcock'Disclosure & The Fall Of The Cabal'

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