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Thinking Of Taking Plant Medicine? How To Know If It’s For You



I always said, I’d never go searching for it, but if it came to me, I’d do it.

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I’d heard of plant medicine before, but had never considered it seriously until about two years ago. To be perfectly honest, it freaked me out. Why would I want to see little green leprechauns running around, right? I had smoked pot in university, sure, but that was the extent of my experience with any mind altering substance. And yet there I was, laying down in my first ever plant medicine ceremony, thinking to myself, I should have tried mushrooms first.

Maybe it’s the journalist in me, but I just want to know things. Even if it were our first time meeting, if I found out you had done a psychedelic, you’d better believe I would be asking 101 questions. What does it feel like? Did you see anything? How much did you take? Who was there? Was it at night? Were you, ‘you’ after?

I’ve read books, heard stories from friends and strangers, and watched documentaries to try to understand what it’s like, but the only thing that seemed certain was that every single person has their own, personally tailored experience.


You choose your bed for the night. The buckets are for purging. They teach you a safe way to do it by getting on your hands and knees right over the bucket.

Now it was my chance to find out for myself.

I said the medicine came to me and it did, but I remember starting to ask close friends about it a lot about two years ago. I was in a really rough spot in my life — sad all the time, quick to anger, depressed, disappointed, and dejected. I was feeling so lost. I don’t think I was ready for the medicine back then, but I sought guidance and received it from a friend who helped me neutralize some of what I was feeling. Things got better after that, but were still pretty up and down.

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Fast forward to last month, and I’m given an opportunity, through work, to go to Rythmia Life Advancement Centre in Costa Rica, if I choose. After exploring their website I was really taken by everything they had set up. There was no chance I was passing up this opportunity. Rythmia is the world’s first fully medically licensed plant medicine health resort. I could relax, eat healthy farm to table food, check out beautiful beaches, do yoga, meet cool people, receive massages and cleanses, attend workshops/meditations, and do plant medicine ceremonies in a safe, clean, and traditional yet modern way. The medicine had come to me and I was ready for it.


Huge Buddha statue at Rythmia. Walked by it everyday..

It’s Not For Everyone

I say it’s not for everyone because if you’re expecting a complete cure-all, you will be disappointed. The plant does a portion of the work, but it’s up to you to do the rest. Going in with a level of seriousness and respect for the plant medicine makes a huge difference. Following certain diets, protocols, and meditations are all really good ways to hone in on why you’re doing this and what you’d like to receive from it. The more clear you are on your intentions, the better.

But listen carefully: This is not a party drug. It’s not glamorous, and it’s not even fun a lot of the time. There were moments in the ceremony when I thought I was straight up in an insane asylum, yet it was also one of the most beautiful nights of my life. How?

I followed the diet for two full weeks before I was to go to Rythmia. Although they offer ceremonies every night, for some reason, Wednesday was my day (we got there on the Saturday). I feel confident in saying that the medicine started working the moment I really took it to my heart and realized Hey, I’m doing this, like, for real! and began following the guidelines. I started thinking about my intentions but not so rigidly that I was stuck to them. They say for your first time, pick something ‘easy’ like, “I want to receiving healing.”


Taita Juanito and his team held an information/Q&A session a day before the first ceremony.

All week I was chatting with people who had been participating in ceremony night after night at Rythmia. Every day at the same time they hold a plant integration Q&A for those doing it the same evening, which was really helpful, as I wanted to know everything about the ceremony before actually being there. I got to hear people’s experiences from the night before and I realized everything I had read about the experience, how it affects everyone differently, was true.

Because it is a medically licensed facility, one of the first things you do upon arrival at Rythmia is visit the ICU and meet Dr. Jeff Mcnairy, Psy.D., M.P.H. He wants to meet you one-on-one to see how you’re doing and if plant medicine is something safe for you to take part in. If it is, he wants to make sure you’re ready both mentally and physically. I thought this was such a good way to start this healing week.

I ended up doing two ceremonies and having two completely different experiences. I can confidently tell you, they were the most profound spiritual experiences I’ve had, so far, in my life, and I’ve done it all — Landmark, reiki, NLP, sessions (lots of practitioners), sweat lodges, 10 day Vipassana sit, The Artist Way, journalling, leaving the country, retreats, regressions, and cleanses. I was ready for it. I love learning more about myself and the mystery that is life and why I’m here. I guess I’m my own greatest subject. I was open to the healing and respected the plant very much. The day of my first ceremony I wrote the medicine a heart-felt letter stating my excitement and intentions.

The plant is a divine, living, benevolent entity that you can interact with, and it knows exactly what you need to heal. This is coming from Taita Juantio, a Columbia Shaman who comes to Rythmia every few months to do ceremonies. I was lucky enough to be there when he was and did my Friday ceremony with him. He explained that there is a wonderful cosmic party happening and every single person has a seat with their name on it at this great cosmic gathering. The plant medicine helps us see truth in whatever way it knows we need to see, hear, feel, and experience it.


Taita Juanito giving guidance and answering questions for people before the ceremony. He has his own retreat centre in Columbia, check it out at

If you want to do plant medicine to see pretty colours and shapes, I’m going to suggest you watch television instead. This medicine will teach you, it will cleanse you, and it will show you what you need to see, but it won’t do the work for you. Sometimes, it straight up kicks your butt (which I definitely felt my first ceremony), but it’s all for you to heal — from years of conditioning, past traumas both remembered or forgotten, physical, spiritual, or even ancestral.

According to Taita, overthinking is a disease for humanity. Thought was supposed to be a powerful tool for us to live on this planet, but now it has taken over, way over, our lives, and people are hurting and suffering because of it. It causes a stress in the soul and it’s this dis-ease that is being reconciled in ceremony.

If you are interested and committed to healing yourself, to understand yourself and the mystery of life, and to continue with your spiritual growth, then you might be on the right path by doing plant medicine. It has been about a month since my ceremonies and I can honestly say doing it was a game changer; my behaviour and, most importantly, my attitude has completely changed, and the people closest to me have noticed it, too. I was so afraid I would go home and revert right back to those same old patterns, because that’s what as always happened in the past.

So what changed?

Well, I wanted the medicine to show me everything I couldn’t see about myself, remove any blockages, and allow me to have full soul reconnection. Something traumatic happened to me when I was four years old (which I had actually blocked until I was 22 and had a breakthrough in Landmark), and a part of me left that day. It wasn’t safe to be me. For years and years there was a vacancy or void that couldn’t be filled, a part of me that was simply missing, in a way. And I felt it. That’s probably why I almost ricocheted from one healing modality to the next, always searching, but never finding.

But I’m happy to report, she’s back and never leaving again.

I experienced so much between the two ceremonies, and both were so beautiful in their own ways. I’ll be posting a video that goes into greater detail, but for now I will just give high level points.

The setting was just unreal. The ceremonies are held in a beautiful Shala on the resort and equipped with bathrooms, fans, candles, lots of windows, and a fire pit outside. I went early the first night to choose my spot. There were clean comfy mattresses with our own buckets beside them. Seeing the beds and buckets freaked me out a little, but I was still resolved to continue on, and for some reason didn’t think I was going to throw up. Maybe, just maybe, I would luck out. Purging is a big part of the release that comes with the medicine. Some experience vomiting, while for others, purging involves diarrhea, crying, laughing, sweating, writing, or nothing at all.

I purged big time my first ceremony. It came in the form of vomit. It took a long time for me to close my eyes and go inside because I couldn’t stop looking around at everything. What’s everyone else doing? Oh look, someone’s throwing up. What’s the Shaman doing? Where was that person going?  This went on for a good 40 minutes until I heard a calm female voice say, “It’s time to close your eyes, Rajie.” Almost everyone who has done plant medicine has warned me, do not resist. So I closed my eyes and I was gone.


The bed I chose for the second ceremony. It’s missing in the photo, but my journal also came and I ended up writing about 10 pages while in ceremony

The music really helped my journey — as it changed, so too did my visions. I started feeling really sick and knew I had to throw up, but I was ready. They prepare you by showing you the most efficient way to purge — get on all fours over your bucket — so I did. Lots of ‘stuff ‘ came out. I couldn’t see exactly what was coming out (you have to stop eating at lunchtime), but it felt like blackness. Like, years and years and years of anger, resentment, jealousy, depression, and sadness were all being squeezed out of every vein in my body. I remember saying, “Get out. Thanks, but I don’t need or want you anymore.” I sat back, kneeling, feeling so much better.

Later, I experienced an epic ego death and saw a huge, beautiful white snake, which showed up at different points in the journey and through which I could understand the medicine. I asked questions and it answered. The medicine said I could present anything I didn’t want and she would take it. I experienced love from Mother, like I’d never felt before. I cried really hard.

The shaman called for a second round and I was feeling good. I sat up and one of the helpers came over to me. She sat in front me and asked, “How are you feeling?” and I said, “I’m good, but debating if I should drink again. I feel good but… what do you think?” She looked at me right in the eyes and asked, “Why are you here?” We stared at each other for about two full minutes (no joke) and I said, “Okay. Yup. Got it. I’m doing it.” I figured, I’m here to heal, so let’s go in deep.

I suddenly became fascinated with the idea of computers. What is a computer? Why is a computer? What is computing? I came to realize that we are the ultimate technology. Our brains are the ultimate computer and we just made a replica of our brain in the material world. The program recognized itself (thought). Self awareness is the key. I had already known that, but never at this experiential level. After that, things in the journey became very ‘digital.’ I was taken back to an instance in my early childhood that totally shaped the harsh, judgmental, and critical tone I often took with myself and that undoubtably came off to other people, too. I saw it and I heard it.

But now, all of that has changed. I have become so loving, kind, and gentle with myself. I never thought this could be possible, to have this level of self-love.

The second ceremony was with Taita Juanito, and it was completely different. From the brew to the healing to the actual experience, it was an entirely different night. There were 60 people doing the ceremony, with about 12-15 helpers/shamans, live music, and a fire pit. There were countless stars out in the sky and more beauty than words can properly convey. This ceremony ended at about 8am, and I did not sleep a wink.

I drank once, at 10pm, and have been ‘drunk’ ever since. I have a different perspective on life now. I see things with a childlike innocence and wonder, but I’m an adult, so it’s pretty awesome. I connected so deeply with my purpose here on Earth and downloaded so much knowledge on the fabric of life and how we are all co-creating this reality. All of it. I actually wrote 10 pages during the ceremony. I was so present and awake; I bore witness to it all, and would love to tell you what I saw. Please, watch my video if you feel inclined.

One of the greatest gifts I received from the ceremony is the constant hum of joy and happiness that I now feel, even while experiencing other emotions like anger, sadness, or suffering. It’s been over a month since the ceremonies, and that’s still happening.

Before You Take Plant Medicine


If you’re thinking of doing plant medicine, please look into the facility and shaman you are hoping to work with thoroughly. We’ve all heard the horror stories of ‘shamans’ giving bogus brews, people being psychically attacked, and other cautionary tales. Please do as much research as possible.

That’s why it was so nice doing it at a place like Rythmia, where everything is completely taken care of and designed with your best interests at heart. Plant medicine seems to have taken the Western world by storm these last few years, and while it can help everyone, it seems to offer some of the the most profound changes for people with depression and addictions.

We are all unique beings. Everyone will have their own experience with the medicine, and that’s part of its beauty. It can tear your ego to shreds and show you your worst fears, all while helping you feel the infinite love that radiates throughout everything in this universe.

Rythmia did a wonderful job of providing support post-ceremony, since integration can be difficult. Keeping your practice, whatever it is, is so important afterwards. I still think about my ceremonies every day.

For more information on Shaman Taita Juanito and his ceremony dates please visit and for more information on plant medicine treatments check out

You can find me at or on Instagram @HouseofRajie.

Free David Wilcock Screening: Disclosure & The Fall of the Cabal

We interviewed David about what is happening within the cabal and disclosure. He shared some incredible insight that is insanely relevant to today.

So far, the response to this interview has been off the charts as people are calling it the most concise update of what's happening in our world today.

Watch the interview here.
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Who Lucifer Actually Is & Why They Are Here (Part 7: The Dawning Of Light)



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    The Hidden-Hand testimony speaks clearly to the role of Lucifer as a catalyst for our growth and learning to be in service to others, with the ironic statement that 'in order for us to be of the most Service to you, we must be utterly self serving.'

  • Reflect On:

    How does a view of evil on our planet from a realm beyond duality help us in our daily encounters with it? Does it help us get beyond our tendency to oppose and judge others? To understand that we are here to learn to serve others as ourselves?

(Note: If you have not read the first six instalments of this article, I would highly recommend that you first read  Who Lucifer Actually Is & Why They Are Here (Part 1)(Part 2: Bloodline Families)(Part 3: The Harvest)(Part 4: Selling Your Soul), (Part 5: Ignorance Of The Human Bloodlines) and (Part 6: Insubstantiality of Luciferianism), because they provide an essential context for the discussion here.) Part 7 is the final piece.

Much of our discussion in this series has revolved around the idea that Lucifer appears to be a paradox: a bringer of darkness and devastation on the one hand, a bringer of light and knowledge on the other hand. This apparent paradox, as Hidden-Hand explains below, resolves itself when one is able to conceive of the realm from which Lucifer’s mission here on Earth originates, under the wise direction of the Council of Elders:

Questioner: One thing I don’t get – and perhaps you can explain this to me Hidden-Hand – is why those who belong to Lucifer (and Lucifer himself) do not fight for the freedom of all souls? If Lucifer represents liberty, freedom of will and knowledge, why do those who serve him not do as the Biblical Lucifer did and rebel against the tyranny of the Elders?

Hidden-Hand: This is a very good question, thank you. I will split it into two parts, and answer the second part after this. Firstly, the Council of Elders are the absolute opposite of tyrannical. They are the Wise and Loving Guardians of our Galaxy. There is so much that one cannot understand from only a 3rd Density perspective. When you reach higher Densities, you see that ultimately, everything balances, and there is only Unity. All else than Unity, is Illusion, or ‘thought-form’.

The Council gave us a set of choices. We chose to stay here to help you, despite the cost to ourself. That is the nature of Loving Service to Others. The ultimate paradox in all this, is that in this storyline we are all co-creating together, in order for us to be of the most Service to you, we must be utterly self serving. I do so love our Creator’s sense of irony.

Hidden-Hand then goes on to discuss the real story behind the Biblical portrayal of Lucifer and the conflict with Yahweh which we touched on in Part 1,  where Yahweh grudgingly agreed to offer a free-will choice to humans through Lucifer’s temptation but did not believe he would be disobeyed by humans in the Garden of Eden. Then Hidden-Hand continues on to say this:

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As for “fighting for the freedom of all souls”, remember that ultimately, this is a Game, that we are all playing here. We are actors, playing on the “stage of Life”. This ‘world’ is all illusion, or ‘though-form’. No one really “dies”, and no one is really hurt. In between incarnations, you know this very well. But the rules of the game ensure that you must forget who you really are, so that you believe it is all ‘real’ whilst you are playing the game of Life. That is an essential prerequisite when you are making choices. Otherwise, the game would be too easy.

All The World’s A Stage

It is no coincidence that a recurring sense of irony, as well as the innumerable metaphors in our famous books and plays about the nature of life, like Shakespeare’s ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,’ resonate so deeply with us. It is because we sometimes have the vision to see the external signs, and the stillness to feel the internal inklings, that make it seem as though we are indeed in a game, in a play, participating of our own choosing to benefit from and enjoy the rich and evocative experiences available here on the planet.

Hidden-Hand’s testimony not only bears this out, it elaborates upon it in precise detail, in a way that aligns with the heart of many great spiritual traditions, especially Eastern traditions like Taoism and Hinduism which make clear that the duality we experience on Earth is the illusion, and that unity reigns as ultimate truth.

Let’s be clear about one thing though. All of this (physical life / incarnation), is a very intricate and skillfully designed Game, whereby the One Infinite Creator, plays the game of forgetting who It is, so that It can learn to remember, and in doing so, experience and know Itself as Creator. All the way down to us tiny individuated sparks of the All That Is. Off stage, and between “Lives” (zero-point time / anti-matter Universe) as incarnated “human beings”, we, all of us / you (as Souls), are great friends. Brothers and Sisters in The One.

Between ‘lives’ we all have a great laugh about the parts we have performed in the ‘play’, and look forward to and have great fun preparing the next chapters to act out.

I’m reminded of a story told by Dr. David Hawkins, the highly respected lecturer and writer of the bestseller Power vs. Force, who recalled a past life in which he was a fearsome Christian warrior, the best of his clan, and he faced off against his Muslim counterpart, also the most fearsome warrior of his group. As they attacked each other with their huge swords, one fighting for Jesus, the other fighting for Allah, they both struck at the same time and were killed simultaneously. As their souls arose from their bodies they recognized each other and had a great laugh, aware that they had supposedly killed each other for the ‘peace of God.’ They recognized each other instantly as good friends who have worked together in many lives to push each other to greater heights of knowledge and consciousness.

We Are Here To Work On Ourselves Individually

To be conscious of the big picture, to be ‘awake in the dream’ as it were, really does help to serve us move forward in our collective evolution. As one moves up into the higher realms one identifies more with one’s group soul, or social memory complex, a distinction made often in the Law of One series. It is helpful to understand that Hidden-Hand identifies himself as part of the Lucifer group soul, and this represents the extraterrestrial bloodlines (the true ‘Power Lines’), and human beings, including the human ‘Illuminati’ bloodlines, are essentially considered to be part of the Yahweh group soul. However, that need not be our focal point here on Earth. As Hidden-Hand importantly points out, our main focus in this realm needs to be our own personal, inner work. That is what this particular illusion has been designed for.

Questioner: Regarding our enslavement, you seem to be saying – essentially – that as fractions of our Logos Yahweh, we are equally responsible for his decision to keep us trapped here on our 3rd density planet Earth. That’s an interesting thought. In that sense our total freedom must arrive through a collaborative spiritual effort.

Hidden-Hand: From a certain perspective, what you say is correct. From a 3rd Density view, you see yourselves as being “separate” from everything. From a higher perspective, you see that is not at all the case. You and your Creator, are One. As to your statement on your ‘total freedom’, you are not responsible for those around you. You and they are all One too, when seen from a higher Density, but in this Density, you are here to work upon yourself. You are here to remember who you are, and why you are here. You are here to remember the Infinite Creator. To know your Creator within you, and to offer your Service to him, and others, of your own Free Will choice to Serve. The one comes before the other. When you remember who you are, and you know it, deep within the Core of your Being, you will know and recognize your ‘invisible’ connection to All that Is, and in so doing, Joy, and Thanksgiving, and Service, will be the natural outpouring result, from your grateful heart. When you work upon yourself, and learn to know the Creator within you, being of Service to Others will be natural for you, and your Glorious Harvest shall await.

Questioner: How do you choose a Service to others path?

Hidden-Hand: Be good to yourself. Cultivate a genuine Love for Life, and for Being. Be genuinely thankful to the Infinite Creator every day, for bringing you into Being, and for his bountiful provision. You have “survived” this far, have you not? You may not have everything you want, but you have everything you need, in order to complete that which you incarnated here to do. Give thanks for that. Show acknowledgment and gratitude to the Infinite Creator, for all that It has done, and is doing for you. It has given you the gift of Life Experience, and offered you the Free Will to decide what you will Create with it. Guard your thoughts carefully, as they are more powerful than you may imagine. When you are coming from a place of Love for, and Service to your Creator, a life of Service to others will become a natural outflowing from that. Always look for ways that you can be of assistance to your fellow Beings. Being of encouragement to others. Build people up, and do not put people down. Be a beacon of light, in a dark world.

Does that old lady need a hand with her shopping bags? How do you treat the homeless man who asks you for some spare change for the shelter? Ever heard about “Angels in disguise”? Look and see the Divine Spark in the Heart of all Beings. Treat them as you would like to be treated yourself, and as you would your Creator if he was speaking directly with you. “For even as you are doing it to the least of these, you are doing it unto me”. The Law of Radiation and Attraction. Your thoughts, words, and actions return to you. Ultimately, cultivate a spirit of humble Gratitude. You won’t go far wrong with that. Desire to Serve flows naturally from a grateful heart.

Questioner: If we live with a “service to others” philosophy in order to achieve oneness with the infinite source, isn’t that really “service to self”? How is the distinction of negative and positive polarity made?

Hidden-Hand: You do not Serve others to achieve Oneness with the Infinite Source, you Serve others, because you love them, as yourself. Others, are an extension of yourself. That’s why the Law of Attraction works the way it does. Truly, whatever you are doing to me, you are doing to yourself. We are All One, in the Infinite Creation. Separation is an illusion, because you only see what is in the 3rd Density. You do not see the whole picture.

We achieve Oneness with the Infinite Source of All, as a result of our upward spiral of progression. We are all on the path back to where we came from. We are All on our way back Home.

We can only make a clear, conscious choice to be service-to-others if, indeed, there are perceived benefits for us in choosing a service-to-self orientation. That is what Lucifer is here to provide. Without being provided with this choice, we would remain forever in passive obedience to a ‘higher’ source, content in the peace and oneness we felt with all things around us, but cut off from the myriad of unique individual feelings and experiences this exquisite game has to offer.

Thus the paradox is resolved. Lucifer provides the pitch-dark context, out from which the brilliant and illuminating light of the morning star can dawn upon us and shine brightly to awaken our consciousness.

Final Verdict

It has been a great joy and pleasure to have put this seven-part series together for the Collective Evolution community. While at the outset I received a few emails of dissent and ridicule, I am so pleased to say that most of the comments since this series got some momentum have been very positive. Some readers were familiar with and had studied the Hidden-Hand material, and were grateful to deepen the exploration into it. Others who were not familiar with Hidden-Hand appreciated having been directed towards the testimony, and felt it made as much or more sense about the good/evil dichotomy that we experience on Earth than anything else they had encountered.

For those who are having difficulty accepting the Hidden-Hand material, the best thing I can probably do is point you to his answer to this very question from a forum member:

Questioner: How can I as an individual take what you say as the ‘truth’?

Hidden-Hand: No one is asking you to. Never take what another says to you as “Truth”. Your purpose here, is to find your own Truth. Sometimes, others can help you to do so by offering guidance, but for their Truth to become your Truth, it must pass through the test of your discernment. Sit quietly in meditation, and ask the Infinite Creator to guide your path. Meditate upon that which I have shared, and listen to your inner feelings. They are the language of your Soul.

Use all your Negative emotions as they arise, as the tools that they truly are. Train yourself to notice when Negativity arises in you. When you catch yourself projecting a Negative thought, remember that all thought is creative, and ask yourself if that is really what you want to create?

It takes a while to become proficient, but do not give up. Just keep noticing your Negative thought patterns as they arise, and in so doing, simply choose again, and select a response that is more Positive. It is called ‘working on yourself’, and is the main reason you have chosen to be here right now. To work upon yourself. I wish you well in your transformation process.

Suffice it to say, I have always found Hidden-Hand’s testimony not only compelling, but also remarkably consistent in tone and perspective. In fact, it is worth reading just for the times that he dismisses with witty aplomb any of the rude and cynical comments he decides to respond to. If this person is a ‘fake,’ he is certainly a highly educated and discerning individual who has somehow gotten access to a very lofty paradigm. For my money, Hidden-Hand’s testimony is the best elaboration on how the paradoxical aspects attached to Lucifer can all be reconciled, and I feel grateful to have come across this information.

Free David Wilcock Screening: Disclosure & The Fall of the Cabal

We interviewed David about what is happening within the cabal and disclosure. He shared some incredible insight that is insanely relevant to today.

So far, the response to this interview has been off the charts as people are calling it the most concise update of what's happening in our world today.

Watch the interview here.
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Facebook Recognizes The Risks Of Too Much Screen Time With New ‘Time Limit Tool’



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    In this day and age, most people are spending way too much time staring at a screen and not enough on things that actually matter.

  • Reflect On:

    Can we use this tool to our advantage to reassess our values and what is really important to us? Perhaps this tool will help many to finally break the addiction to "the scroll" for good.

Finally, it would seem that Facebook has begun to acknowledge the fact that its users are spending too much time on the app and that could potentially have some negative side effects. To combat this, the developers at Facebook are creating a ‘Time Limit Tool’ so that its users can set a time limit to ensure they aren’t wasting too much time on the app. This app can be used for Facebook or Instagram.

This new tool will allow users to be able to track and monitor how much time they’ve spent scrolling and have a reminder set off when they have reached the time that the user has allotted, and even mute notifications for a period of time.

In a recent blog post, Facebook announced, “We want the time people spend on Facebook and Instagram to be intentional, positive and inspiring. Our hope is that these tools give people more control over the time they spend on our platforms and also foster conversations between parents and teens about the online habits that are right for them.”

Facebook users are continuing to decline as people are simply losing interest and are also recognizing how much time is actually being wasted staring at a screen. Having this app is a huge step in the right direction. In fact, just showing people how much time they are actually spending screen-staring on a daily basis is of value.

It’s funny because I was just saying to a friend that someone needs to develop an app that actually shows us the amount of time that we spend on the various social media platforms. Maybe Facebook was listening and decided they better jump on this so that they can spin it how they would like, rather than having an outside party app come in called “Time Suck” or Wasted Dayz App” or something to that effect. For many, the amount of time spent would be likely a shock. But getting a clear picture of it and facing this can be an excellent way to inspire us to make different choices with social media.

Some say Facebook’s new app doesn’t quite go far enough.

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“I wouldn’t say it’s a radical change or that it’s going to really change a lot about the way that most people use Facebook or Instagram,” Grant Blank from the Oxford Internet Institute told Newsbeat. “It strikes me as a way to balance their corporate interest of keeping people spending as much time as possible on Facebook while still being responsive to people who find the continual notifications to be disturbing or distracting.”

How Do You Use The Tool?


To access the tool on either Facebook or Instgram simply head to the settings page and select ‘Your Time On Facebook’ Or ‘Your Activity’ on Instagram. At the top is a dashboard showing average time in-app on the device you are using. Below is an option to set a daily reminder that will alert you when you’ve been spending too much time on Facebook or Instagram.

Let’s Use This Tool To Our Advantage

We might as well take this new offering from Facebook and use it to our advantage. First, how about a simple weeklong experiment where we don’t change a thing. We use the social media platform as we normally would, and at the end of the week, we check our stats. But before we check, let’s take a guess and see if we are anywhere close to that guess or way outside of it. Regardless of what you may have guessed, it still might inspire you to make a change and cut down, or even drastically limit the amount of time you are spending.

What if you were spending 8 hours a week on the book, would that be enough time to inspire you to make a change? What would you do with that extra time?

Why Should You Limit Your Time?

If you’re thinking, I generally get enjoyment from Facebook and I love seeing pictures of my friends, family, nieces/nephews, grandkids etc., I wouldn’t want to miss out. I’m curious to know how much of that time is actually spent looking at these pictures, versus the endless scroll, in which one is searching for these things? If we limited our screen time, we make more time for real life interactions, more time in nature, more time to ourselves, time to nurture ourselves, time to try something new, time to clean out that closet, time to pick up a new hobby or read a new book and actually learn something.

When you do go on to the platform, you can streamline your experience, by going directly to the pages of your closest friends and family and see if they have posted anything new. You can do this with your favorite pages too, like Collective Evolution. This is a much better way to ensure you are actually seeing the latest content from these pages. Often on Facebook, you only see what they want you to see. There Are Many Ways You Can Get Your News Without Using Facebook.

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Free David Wilcock Screening: Disclosure & The Fall of the Cabal

We interviewed David about what is happening within the cabal and disclosure. He shared some incredible insight that is insanely relevant to today.

So far, the response to this interview has been off the charts as people are calling it the most concise update of what's happening in our world today.

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5 Ways The Money System Keeps You Trapped



Money as survival, living off grid and a money free world are terms that are being bandied around more and more as people become aware of the systemic trap we’ve all been indoctrinated into.

When you look at the patterns of how the money-as-survival system plays out, you realize its efficacy lies in how thoroughly it hamstrings you from every angle.

Today we’re going to briefly unpack five of the ways that the money system manages to keep you trapped, even though you may be making moves towards trying to get out of it.

1. A short cycle of 1-month

Time is a very artificial construct, once you get into it.

The only real measure of time we have is a day, and we mark that because we see the sun rise and set. It’s the contrast of the light and darkness that so effectively delineates the measure of time in a day.

There’s no such obvious marker however for weeks and months. Some would argue that you could use the moon and seasonal cycles, but those would vary according to where you are in the world, and if that’s true, then June in the Northern Hemisphere would have to become December in the Southern Hemisphere.

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The purpose of that sidetrack is to lay the background for the idea that month-end is an artificially generated construct.

Nothing actually happens if you don’t pay by a specific date – well nothing of cosmic significance anyway. There are no cases of people getting struck by lightning for skipping bill payments… *smiles*

The biggest problem with this artificial cycle that concludes in month end, is that it is really a short cycle.

You quickly fall into the trap of living month-to-month, hand-to-mouth, with the idea that you’ll make it through the end of this month and then start the long-term stuff next month.

But next month never comes, does it?

You just get stuck in this loop of generating just enough money to make it to month-end, so that you can breathe for a day or two, and feel a bit rested before you launch into something bigger that could yield long-term results.

You get focused on completing shorter projects so that you can meet your immediate expenses, because if you don’t meet those then long term doesn’t really matter.

2. You don’t get enough time or rest

And you make it to next month, but when you get there, you’re still tired… and it always seems to be very close to when you have to make sure you can cover the next set of bills that is due.

You decide to rush through a few projects to make time for the long-term project that will yield results, or you spend time on the longer term project first…. either way, when it comes to balancing the other end of the scale, later on, you’re tired, and already starting to feel burnt out, as well as the looming pressure of month end.

And if you can just make it through month end, well then, next month maybe you’ll get time to sort this all out properly?

But you don’t get the time – and you don’t get the time to rest either. You’re running on empty, exhausted, and firing on maybe 40 to 80% of your cylinders… if you’re lucky.

So, even if you do find time to work on “the big thing”, you’re only doing it with half a brain.

The rest of your brain is wrapped in worrying about what you have to get done, how much money you have to generate, and what you can do to get there; so much so, in fact, that you are never truly present when you’re working – or when you’re resting.

It’s that constant inner voice chatter that becomes your worst enemy when you try to rest as well: yes, you take the time and rest your physical body, but your mind just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning, like a broken record.

And because you’re never firing on all cylinders, you never quite reach that great idea that could actually maybe pull you out of this mess.

Or you get the idea and you miss it, or just plain don’t have the energy to actually do anything about realizing it.

3. Constant low-grade stress

All of that inner voice chatter is a constant low-grade buzz – a stressor that eats away at the back of your mind, wearing you down and draining you over the long term.

You get even more tired and feel less inclined to find the time and energy to make that “big thing” happen.

You start feeling powerless to do anything in fact – but that’s okay: you’re usually too tired to notice.

This all-pervading tiredness further reinforces the pattern of “doing enough for month end so that I can rest before the next big surge.”

Over time, “enough to get by” is all you eventually seem to do.

4. Shame and failure

Hopelessness never comes alone: it travels with its friends, shame and failure.

The more and more we feel like we’re failing, the more we keep that information private, to ourselves.

When you do ego mitigation work, one of the powerful realizations you’ll come to is that anything only ever has power over you when you keep it private. You never fear something that is already known – this is why we hide things about ourselves.

Read more on ego mitigation here.

Out of shame, people stay private about their money issues: not just you, but also the people around you.

As a result, when we benchmark against others in our minds, we are really benchmarking against our imagination – and our imaginations love to paint a grass-is-greener scenario when we do that.

So on top of the hopelessness and powerlessness that we are already feeling, every time we think about how others are doing, we see ourselves as failures by comparison.

If you repeatedly tell yourself that you are a failure, thousands of times every month, you will eventually feel like a failure. When that happens, you will approach every situation expecting to fail.

When you’re convinced that something is doomed to fail from the start, well why should you even bother putting any effort into it?

5. Bad Habits

If you do anything repeatedly, it will become normal to you, and a habit. This is what we mean by something becoming “subconscious”.

Once you’re stuck in that cycle of “making it to month end,” and you’ve allowed it to become entrenched for a few months, you establish all these patterns as your default habits, your default reactions and behaviours.

From the moment you step onto that “getting by” carousel, it’s almost impossible to step off, and the entire system just repeatedly drags you further and further down, until you just give up hope of ever getting it right.

The question that really stands out for me with the money situation and the 99% is this: the 99% means that the system is guaranteed to fail 99% of those who participate.

Why do we still accept this as the only way to live? Why do we accept a way of life that guarantees that so many of us will become depressed and fail?

Free David Wilcock Screening: Disclosure & The Fall of the Cabal

We interviewed David about what is happening within the cabal and disclosure. He shared some incredible insight that is insanely relevant to today.

So far, the response to this interview has been off the charts as people are calling it the most concise update of what's happening in our world today.

Watch the interview here.
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