How To Instantly Give Yourself More Time To Do What You Love In Life

Time is our most precious resource here on Earth.

Some of you may be able to make a compelling argument for the value of money, but time, unlike money, cannot be earned. We can eat healthy and live an active lifestyle, both of which should extend our chances of longevity, but it isn’t a guaranteed formula.

Not only could we do everything we’re supposed to and still fall short of the average human life expectancy — currently 79.28 in the United States — but we could also (knock on wood) be derailed by a tragic accident or some other unforeseen circumstance.

So going with the assumption that time is our most valuable resource, what is a statement we not only hear others, but also find ourselves, saying far too often? “I don’t have enough time.”

Whether it’s to justify not pursuing a particular goal, or it’s to try and weasel ourselves out of taking the blame for something we missed, we all regularly complain of being short of this oh-so-precious resource.

To find more time in our lives, we tend to practice one of two main tactics: multi-tasking and addition by subtraction.

Multi-Tasking Is Bulls**t

As competent as some of you may believe yourselves to be at multi-tasking, I firmly believe that it cannot be done effectively, and just as New York Times-bestselling author Neil Pasricha says in The Happiness Equation, we don’t actually do multiple things at once — we just take recurring breaks from doing one thing to work on another.

Can you actually talk on the phone and drive your car at the same time and do both as proficiently as you could separately? Or do you regularly find yourself either asking the person you’re talking with to repeat themselves, or slamming on the breaks to avoid a potential collision?

Addition By Subtraction Is Rarely the Answer

The other way we love to “mine” more time for ourselves is to cut certain activities, responsibilities, and occasionally even people out of our lives. I’m all for this if whatever you’re cutting is something (or someone) you genuinely want out of your life, but how often is that really the case?

So instead I’d like to present a new — and far simpler — solution to instantly give yourself more time to do what you love in life:

The Addiction Is Real!

According to the 2016 Neilsen Social Media Report, the average adult spends just over 25 hours per week on social media, and I seriously doubt that much of that is with a definitive purpose. Most of it begins out of habit and an unconscious addiction, and consists of time being spent looking at, reading, or watching content that has little-to-no bearing on our well-being.

It may not seem like it, but I can promise you that I am not here to condemn social media as a whole, since I love it just as much as you do (and also recognize that you wouldn’t be here reading this right now without it). But I am trying to show how much of our seeming time shortage problem is of our own doing.

It’s not because we have too much on our plate, or that our family expects too much of us, or that there actually aren’t enough hours in a day. It all boils down to how we are choosing to spend our time, and the first step to changing that is by becoming consciously aware of how much is currently being consumed by an addiction we all have the ability to crack.

Remember that social media once didn’t exist and we were all perfectly fine without it. I seriously doubt our lives will be in peril should we choose to cut back and simply go to it when we actually have a reason to.

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