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Extraordinary Footage of a real “UFO” Captured Live On Camera From A Remote Area In Norway



As a study published last year in Frontiers in Earth Science shared, “rare and unusual atmospheric lights have been reported in the valley of Hessdalen in Norway for over a century.” Yet, “in spite of their irregular occurrence—i.e., 15 to 20 times per week from 1981 to 1984 and 10 to 20 times per year nowadays—the Hessdalen lights (HL) have been consistently observed and possess a series of recurring features.”

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The study then outlines their features. Firstly, they have the appearance of a free-floating light ball with dimensions ranging from decimeters up to 30 m. Secondly, they are characterized by geometric structures that are often accompanied by small, short-duration pulsating “spikes” in the high frequency and very low frequency radio ranges. Thirdly, they show an absolute luminosity that has been estimated to be 19kw, and lastly, they have a time duration that ranges from seconds to hours.

It concluded by emphasizing:

In the 80’s, HL were defined as “UFOs” and were rejected by most scientists. Thanks to the scientific method and the pioneering work of Erling P. Strand, the atmospheric light anomaly observed in the valley of Hessalen in Norway is now slowly gaining the attention of the scientific community and the respect of academic journals. Moreover, UAP were recently measured in other locations in the world, suggesting that the phenomena might be more global than previously anticipated. Since the mechanism creating these lights is completely unknown, further research is needed to better understand the transient luminous phenomena.

The lights in this area come in various colours, and this type of phenomenon, as the study points out, is indeed global and not just restricted to this remote area in Norway.

There are literally thousands of examples. A declassified CIA file also documented an incident that occurred in Antarctica, for example, where multiple military bases spotted some colourful “flying saucers.”

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“A group of red, green, and yellow flying saucers has been seen flying over Deception Island for two hours by Argentine, Chilean, and British bases in Antarctica. The flying saucers were also seen flying in formation over the South Orkney islands in quick circles.”

A lot of these observations, videos, and pictures, like the one below, are from the observatory, which was set up by scientists from the University of Ostfold. It’s actually the only official 24-hour “UFO” observatory in the world, and of all the unexplainable phenomena that its captured, the fastest one was seen moving at 30,000 km per hour. Quite astonishing, to say the least.

A study published in Italy details how the phenomenon is comprised of close-to-ground phenomena that show “non-structured” lights, up to large sizes that show a typically long lifetime. It’s also comprised of “randomly flying phenomena” which show no structure and have a medium to long lifetime, “micro-flashing phenomena with a very short duration, and “flying phenomena apparently showing an inner structure”

Here are some more pictures below.

Over the decades, several hypotheses about these lights have been presented by scientists from all over the world, but the origin and cause of this phenomenon has never really been identified by anyone, and they remain a complete mystery for those who take on the task of observing, measuring, and studying them. Explanations vary from extraterrestrial spacecraft or black budget spacecraft to simply an anomalous light phenomenon that can be explained through physics, geography, and other sciences. Yet all have failed to provide a decent, provable explanation, and so the mystery continues.

A lot of the studies that have emerged on the Hessdalen phenomenon also point to the fact that the area is extremely rich in various minerals, a point worth mentioning because I recently came across a document stored in the CIA archives that mentions a connection between minerals and UFOs as well:

Scientists of the PRC and the Soviet Far East have begun a joint study of UFO’s. The first meeting of ufologists of the two countries has ended in the small maritime townlet of Dalnegorsk. The Soviet and Chinese specialists on anomalous phenomena have mapped out a program for investigating incidents that are already known and have also arranged to directly exchange video and photographic materials on new similar phenomena. Dalnegorsk has not been chosen by chance as the place for such acquaintance. In the last few years the number of cases of visual observation of UFO’s has noticeably increased there. In just the last four years alone no less than 10 UFO’s have been recorded. Specialists link their heightened interest in places here with the variety and wealth of useful minerals in Maritime Kray. Similar, incidents have also occurred in mountainous regions in China whose climatic conditions and natural landscape resemble our own.

It’s important to mention as well that the extraterrestrial hypothesis could in fact have the strongest evidence behind it, but that’s a topic for another article, and it’s something we’ve discussed several times in previous articles. To read more of our articles pertaining to the extraterrestrial/UFO hypothesis, you can visit the exopolitics section of our website, where they are all archived. 

Below is some of the footage captured, recorded by a you-tuber from the Hessdalen live feed, there are multiple cameras running 24/7 and you can view the live stream on their website.

There, you will also find all of the pictures that have been taken over the past few decades.

Below is is a clip taken from a documentary produced by filmmaker Terje Toftenes called The Day Before Disclosure. It’s a film documenting the growing awareness of the UFO phenomenon, and it features a small segment on the Hessdalen observatory.

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Trump’s Administration Has Been Briefed About UFOs – According To Steven Greer



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    According to Dr. Steven Greer, founder of The Disclosure Project, Trump's people have been briefed about the UFO topic. His claims of having meetings inside of the Pentagon have been verified by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

  • Reflect On:

    The implications of the disclosure of information about intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting our planet are grand. It leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. It is nothing to fear, contact is a normal step in the evolution of the human race.

What do presidents know about UFOs? Well, if you’re an avid researcher of the topic, you’ve probably realized by now that presidents don’t really have a “need to know” about these things. The “military-industrial complex” that Eisenhower spoke of, which has become as uncontrollably powerful as he feared, has completely taken over operations that not even the president knows about. Many from within political realms who’ve held esteemed positions have spoken out about this fact.

Take Paul Hellyer for example, a former Canadian Defense Minister, who gave a lecture at the University of Toronto in 2008 where he said it is “ironic that the U.S. would begin a devastating war, allegedly in search of weapons of mass destruction when the most worrisome developments in this field are occurring in your own backyard.” He was referring to black budget special access programs, which receive no oversight from Congress. This means that not even the government knows about the developments happening in this area, all for “national security” purposes.

It is ironic that the U.S. should be fighting monstrously expensive wars allegedly to bring democracy to those countries, when it itself can no longer claim to be called a democracy when trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on projects which both congress and the commander in chief know nothing about.

To The Stars Academy

It’s almost 2019, and the topic of UFOs has exploded into the mainstream, especially with former rock superstar Tom Delonge gathering defense intelligence officials, world-renowned scientists and more to relay this information to the public via the ‘To The Stars Academy.’ They’ve already released multiple videos of UFOs, and have publicly stated that there are programs within the government that study this phenomenon.

They have Luis Elizondo, a former director of a government ‘aerospace threat identification’ program. This was all disclosed via establishment mouthpieces like the New York Times and the Washington Post.  They’ve also admitted to recovering materials from these ‘unidentified’ objects. You can read the latest updates about what’s going on with that and mainstream UFO disclosure, in general, below.

The US Government Just Recovered Materials From UFOs – Here Are The Latest Updates

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Black Budget Projects

The black budget is something we easily get information about, and for those who try to bring out information it is difficult to investigate. One example is the efforts of journalists Dana Priest and William Arkin of the Washington Post in 2010. Their investigation lasted approximately two years and concluded that America’s classified world has “become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, and how many programs exist within it or exactly how many agencies do the same work.” You can read more about that, and see more examples, in an this CE article.

Here is one of many statements from people who have been “in the know” so to speak. There are thousands of verified quotes on this subject, and we now have the electro-optical data and evidence to back up all of this witness testimony.

We have, indeed, been contacted – perhaps even visited – by extraterrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public.(Second Look, Volume 1, No 7, Washington, DC, May, 1979)

What are the intentions of the cabal when it comes to UFO disclosure? We’ve been lied to about so many things by them, that it’s become hard to believe anything we hear from mainstream mouthpieces. Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama, who I believe are establishment puppets, have brought up the subject, acknowledged it, but have refused to share any information on it. They did so in cryptic, often comedic ways on popular television, on the Jimmy Kimmel show. It’s hard to know what to make of their comments, or even their overall knowledge about this.

So What About Trump?

Has Donald Trump been briefed? Yes he has, according to Dr. Steven Greer. Greer is the founder of The Disclosure Project, an initiative that has brought forth hundreds of military/defense/political personnel from all over the world, with verified credentials, to publicly share their testimony about their experiences with UFOs and extraterrestrials. He also released a film last year, called “Unacknowledged.” It was one of the most popular, if not the most popular film on Itunes & Netflix in 2017. It’s highly recommended if you are new to this subject and don’t already know much about it.

Greer has amassed great credibility for his claims. For example, many years ago he claimed to have had meetings at the Pentagon with some very high-ranking people. After this, Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell admitted that he also attended these meetings with Greer. What came out of these meetings is that not many people knew the details of this topic, nor wanted to discuss it. Wikileaks documents have also been released which saw astronaut Edgar Mitchell communicate with US politician John Podesta. You can access those documents and read more about them here.

He’s been able to develop relationships with individuals he has interviewed from various branches and ranks of the military as well as within the intelligence and defence communities.

In my opinion, Podesta, Clinton, Obama and Bush are all cabal puppets. Therefore, anything they say about terrorism, national security, or UFOs, is probably lathered up with some ‘disinformation’ soap. Without this point, if we completely disregard it, there is still more than enough evidence to show that they are simply following the will of their masters. But that’s a topic for another article, back to UFOs!

Greer says he has briefed people close to Trump about the UFO/extraterrestrial issue in this interview. He has also claimed to have briefed past presidents, like Obama and Clinton, and provides those documents on his website, Sirius Disclosure. It seems credible, especially when his claim to have had high-level meetings within the Pentagon was verified by Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has so far not answered any questions that have been asked about UFOs.

Will There Ever Be A Full Mainstream UFO Disclosure?

Given the fact that this topic seems to be controlled by a small group of very powerful people who gets to decide what humanity can and can’t know, I’d say that as long as this group maintains power, the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings will be hidden from humanity in official channels. A censorship plan has also been spoken about for years by those within. Roscoe Hiellenkoetter, the first director of the CIA, for example,  pointed out decades ago in the New York Times that, “through an official campaign of secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.” He went on to state that they are operating under intelligent control.

That being said, there is a serious effort by multiple nations, and perhaps those within this power structure as well, to reveal these truths to humanity. This is evident by all of the whistle-blowers with verified credentials who have shared their experiences, as well as the release of evidence in the form of radar trackings and electro-optical data. There is a serious push for mainstream disclosure, this can’t be denied and is quite evident by the article linked earlier. Establishment mouthpieces are slowly disclosing this reality.

In 1979 Spanish General Carlos Cavero told the world the following:

“Everything <has been> in a process of investigation both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world. The nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon <and there is> an international exchange of data.” (via Richard Dolan, “UFOs & The National Security State”)

Why Any Disclosure At All?

Why would the New York Times, CNN and the rest of them share any of this truth? Can we believe what they say? Perhaps not everything they say is false, but for years we’ve seen major geopolitical issues completely twisted by the mainstream media, and evidence of ‘perception manipulation’ that is fostered by their close relationship with US intelligence agencies. There is also the testimony of multiple award-winning mainstream media journalists who emphasize how mainstream media outlets are paid by governments, corporations and intelligence agencies to present a specific narrative.

Is the establishment trying to lay the foundation for a ‘war against aliens’ like they made a ‘war against drugs’ and a ‘war terror?’ Or are we seeing the white hats within these groups push for the disclosure of information? All this remains to be seen, but we must understand why this topic would be extremely difficult to disclose and to be honest, it’s probably a mix of both.

For one, you have the energy question. These crafts are clearly not using petroleum. Have we harvested technology from these crafts? If released, what would that mean for the oil industry and our economy? Who would benefit, who would lose? What about the historical questions, the scientific questions? What about our laws of science and what we understand about ourselves and perhaps human origin? What about the idea that there are intelligent extraterrestrials surveying, visiting, and interacting with people here on Earth!

Tremendous Implications

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the disclosure of this information leaves no area of humanity untouched. As you can imagine, it has tremendous implications and it’s something that would change the world forever. I am sure the existence of extraterrestrials and the fact that we’ve been visited and are being visited, is not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discovery.

Most important will be the impact on consciousness, the deeper investigation into metaphysical realities, and the validation of non-material science. One can expect that disclosure will impact our understanding of who we are and why we are here, and perhaps there is some sort of spiritual lesson to be reaped from the realization that we are not the only ones. There is a CE podcast featuring CE founder Joe Martino, myself, and a “contactee” who discuss this exact topic. You can listen to that, it’s linked at the bottom of this article, for more information.

The Takeaway

Humanity is just now waking up, and ready to take the steps necessary to move out of infancy. Understand “them” will help us to understand ourselves. We are all connected in some strange form, and the future is exciting. It’s a topic that, most importantly, we DON’T have to be afraid of or react to with fear, despite the fact that that this type of reaction seems to have been programmed into us. We need to deprogram ourselves from what Hollywood has presented us with, and start to examine the actual evidence and what’s really going on here.

I don’t believe you have to be afraid to discuss or talk about this topic with your peers and your family anymore. It’s no longer taboo, and the more we speak up, speak out, and generate discussion, the closer we get to finding out what’s really going on. It’s definitely an exciting time to be alive.

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Insider Comes Out Of The Shadows To Reveal He Has Autopsied Over 3000 ET Specimens



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    It took Emery Smith over a decade of being an anonymous insider to David Wilcock to finally come out into the public and talk about his experiences in black ops projects, where he says that he performed autopsies on over 3000 different ET specimens.

  • Reflect On:

    Does the testimony of Emery Smith seem possible to you? Is it important for the Awakening Community to try to piece together the larger reality of these hidden projects and bases in order to move forward in our quest for sovereignty on the planet?

It took Emery Smith over a decade of being an anonymous insider to David Wilcock to finally decide to come out into the public realm and share his stories in person. You may have heard of him already if you follow the work of David Wilcock, Steven Greer, Corey Goode or others. If you have not, be prepared to hear about a hidden world of laboratories in secret underground bases that seems almost too fantastical to be made up.

The video embedded below is from Emery Smith’s first appearance on David Wilcock’s ‘Cosmic Disclosure.’ If Emery appears to be nervous in the first interview to reveal his identity, he has reason to be. He was aware that he had testimony that powerful people would not want disclosed. Near the end of the interview, they discuss Emery’s decision to reveal himself to the public. Emery gets quite emotional, saying that ‘Recently…it’s gotten a little violent.’

Emery: Been shot at, been stabbed, been jumped by 3 agents, gotten my butt kicked, I mean, I’ve been through it all…They really got angry and that’s where I lost everything. They broke into my house, rammed my gate, my concrete gate, down, you know, where all this stuff was stored, cut into the walls, where things in safes were hidden, that you can only know by satellite, using–these people definitely had perfect satellite imagery, of, you know, I know about the satellites, very well, and the stuff they can do with them, and they can look into every brick, and every wall of the house.

David: Wow, it’s unbelievable. I’m very glad that you made it here alive, that we’re doing this now, we’re gonna try to get as much on camera as we can for your safety.

While David had long been telling Emery that coming forward publicly to reveal what he knows would probably be better for his safety than staying anonymous, Emery finally decided that David was right, after having so much violence inflicted upon him. It seemed to be enough to give him the resolve to expose himself and speak about this important information. All this and more is spoken about in the video below.

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Getting Into The Black Ops World

Starting off as a surgical technician in the military at a young age, he showed great promise with his skill and rapidly growing knowledge. When he was moved out to Kirtland Air Force Base he was offered a special ‘Moonlighting’ job, which he would do part-time at first but eventually became full-time while still being ranked and paid as an above-board active duty service member.

He discusses his first day of work which involved going into an underground facility on the base through a secret elevator that could go down at least 30 levels:

‘On my first day I just remember I was in this little room, kind of like you would see in the movies where the rooms were all white with the little steel table, and all these instruments there, and you’re escorted to this place, and you get in there and there’s this piece of tissue, and it’s all positive-pressure air system, and you do scrub-out just like a surgeon scrubs and puts his gowns on and all that, and you label like you would in biology school a frog–this is a muscle, this is a tongue, whatever–and I was just there to label and take small samples, and put them in these different types of jars and vats and containers, which I would then push through a drawer in a wall, and someone else would take it, and that was it.’

At first, the samples were small and nondescript, at times resembling a piece of salmon filet. But every three to six months Emery would rise to a higher security clearance, and as he did so,

 ‘…the samples started getting more ‘intact,’ where you could see that, well, this is a hand, you know, and I could not tell you what that is, at that point <ET or not>, I couldn’t even say–and you’re not allowed to ask, anything. You just do that, and you don’t talk to anybody, and that’s your job, and that’s it.

David: What if you told your friends or your family, like, were you given security briefings for that?

Emery: Yes. I would be killed.

Emery began seeing things that were fully not what one would see on the planet, but seemed to look like highly evolved pieces of animal or even insect bodies. He said at this point he didn’t know if he was working with extraterrestrial beings, because there were possibilities that these were hybrids of different animal DNA and even human DNA.

Advancing to Partial And Full Bodies

It did not take too long, about 10 months, for Emery to advance to the point where he was getting large body parts of clearly extraterrestrial beings to autopsy, since he was doing his job well and keeping his mouth shut. Emery describes the first partial body he worked on.

Emery: It was a leopard-colored skin, it was a torso, it looked like it had got blown up, and it had reptilian skin, it had normal body parts like we had on our insides, so I did see a spleen, a heart, lungs, the face was too distorted and destroyed so I couldn’t tell you what the face looked like, but it had perfect, normal bone structure like we do, and it was just the skin, was beautiful, it was iridescent blue leopard skin, it reminded me of growing up in the Everglades, with the leopard frogs, where they had those round circles–and peacock feathers, mixed.

David: Did it scare you the first time you got a partial body, were you, like, ‘Oh my god, what’s going on here?’

Emery: Yeah, I was in shock. They’re measuring my heart rate, by the way, the whole time, they’re measuring how I’m reacting, so I kept cool, and they didn’t ask me ‘How are you doing?’

On the one hand, Emery had an insatiable curiosity about the beings he was working on, about where they came from, how they came to be in the lab, what had happened to them. He was, however, not even allowed to ask questions, and so a bit of disenchantment with the whole process was settling in.

After working with full bodies of extraterrestrial beings for a while, many of which defied description, he started feeling that there was something not right, that he was no longer feeling comfortable with what he had been doing. The day he received a full body that was warm, and which he knew had just died, he started to realized that he no longer wanted to do the work and applied for and received an honorable discharge.

Tip Of The Iceberg

Emery Smith has recently appeared as a guest on many shows, and it becomes clear that his knowledge and understanding of the workings of black projects and a whole world that is hidden from us is quite vast and comprehensive. The fact that he has autopsied extraterrestrial beings could almost be considered the tip of the iceberg, though it gives some indication of the high level of secrecy, compartmentalization, and vastness of this secret world that most human beings are still not aware of.

With the testimony of insiders like Emery Smith and Corey Goode, the Awakening Community has no choice but to evaluate their claims and try to piece together a picture of the vast operations that are being hidden from us, not only on the Earth but deep underground and in space. The more we work together to understand not only the nature of these activities but also the agenda, the closer we will be to getting the truth revealed to humanity at large.

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“The Alien Abduction Phenomenon Is Clandestine” – University Professor Explains



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Dr. Robert Jacobs, one of many academicians who has studied the alien abduction phenomena shares interesting facts about abductees. He points to the consistency, the physical evidence, and many more strange synchronicities that happen among them.

  • Reflect On:

    With millions of people, as well as high ranking credible testimony from 'insiders,' all sharing their experience, it's quite clear that something is going on, and that whatever it is, it's been hidden from humanity since we found out.

Intelligent beings from other star systems have been and are visiting our planet Earth. They are variously referred to as Visitors, Others, Star People, ETs, etc. . . They are visiting Earth NOW; this is not a matter of conjecture or wistful thinking.

– Theodore C. Loder III, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences, University of New Hampshire

We’ve come a long way with regards to mainstream UFO disclosure, haven’t we? We now know for a fact that these objects are real, and that they can perform maneuvers that defy our known laws of physics. At least that’s what we’ve seen within the mainstream, when (last year) the New York Times & Washington Post both published bombshell articles written by senior intelligence agency officials and respected researchers, it made a lot of noise. Dozens of governments have now publicly admitted, and provided video, photographic, and other electro-optical data (radar trackings) about UFOs, and hundreds of high ranking, credible, witness testimony has been shared on the record as well. This subject is no longer taboo.

A good example: Chilean Air Force Receives A Radar Return of a UFO Equal To The Size of Ten or More Aircraft Carriers

You can access those articles and more information on mainstream disclosure in the article linked below:

The US Government Just Admitted To Recovering Materials From UFOs – Here Are The Latest Updates

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With all that being said, UFOs may be a ‘normal’ and ‘accepted’ phenomena within the mainstream, which is great, but the topic of extraterrestrials still has a ways to go. Despite the most highest ranking officials voicing their opinion and supposed knowledge that many of these crafts are extraterrestrial in origin, as head of the recently disclosed Pentagon’s Ariel Threat Identification Program, Luis Elizondo said,  they’ve purposefully steered away from the extraterrestrial question due to the fact that many people still have “a lot of feelings towards that.” Despite saying that, he did share his belief that there is a lot of evidence which suggests that “we are not alone, whatever that means.”

The extraterrestrial hypothesis is one that’s supported by a number of high ranking, credible people who have all shared that, not only does the government have knowledge about UFOs, but there is the knowledge that they are extraterrestrial, and there are multiple races that are currently visiting us.  That being said, we don’t have the data that we do to do verify it like we do with UFOs, for example. Or do we? Most likely, it’s concealed, just like the data concerning UFOs was concealed, but it’s not anymore…

Everything is in a process of investigation both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world. The nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon. There is an international exchange of data. – General Carlos Castro Cavero (1979).

The support for the extraterrestrial hypothesis is not only brought forward by these people from “within,” it’s brought forth by those who claim to have contact. There are multiple examples, one of the best-known cases comes from the mid-90’s when more than 60 school children in Zimbabwe witnessed multiple UFOs landing, with what appeared to be extraterrestrial beings emerging from them. All of their stories were remarkably consistent, and multiple children received similar telepathic messages.  The case was so intriguing that Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. John Mack, went to investigate.

Yes, it’s both. It’s both literally, physically happening to a degree; and it’s also some kind of psychological, spiritual experience occurring and originating perhaps in another dimension. And so the phenomenon stretches us, or it asks us to stretch to open to realities that are not simply the literal physical world, but to extend to the possibility that there are other unseen realities from which our consciousness, our, if you will, learning processes over the past several hundred years have closed us off. – John Mack (source)

You can read more about that specific encounter in greater detail, here.

Mack, who has unfortunately passed away, is one of many academicians who was very interested in the phenomenon, another well-known figure in the field is Dr. David M Jacobs, a recently retired Professor and historian at Temple University, who recently made a great point from a psychiatric perspective with regards to peoples supposed interaction with extraterrestrial beings.

Now, let us suppose it is not happening, all those things still remain, and yet it’s not happening, there is no such thing as the abduction phenomenon. If that is the case, we have found the most important thing ever in the history of neurology, brain function, cognition…all these people are saying the same thing at their risk, this is not going to bring applause to them , that they say they’ve been abducted by aliens from outer space. High functioning people say this knowing full well it could destroy their careers, and they say this around the world…And it’s not happening then what? (source)

A great point, all of these people, and there are millions of them, are not only coming back with physical evidence, but they come back with stories that corroborate with each other. The consistency is “mind-boggling,” as Jacobs Emphasizes.

We know that the phenomenon is very, very widespread around the world. People think that this is an American phenomenon, it is not. I’ve worked with people from Africa, and Asia, and Latin-America, and Europe and so forth… All say the same thing all around the world, it does not matter where they’re from. People often ask me whether there’s any consistency in abduction accounts, the consistency is mind-boggling. – Jacobs. (source)


It’s important to mention that there are various forms of ET contact. There are abductions, where people are forced against their will into an unknown and unfamiliar situation. These abductions, although extremely terrifying or traumatic, are usually accompanied by an attempt by the extraterrestrial to comfort the abductee through the process, but that’s not always the case as a lot of abductees report the same things.

Secondly, there are contactees, people who have reported supposed alien contact via telepathy, or ‘channelling,’ or actual face to face contact where communication still remains telepathic. These are either strange or friendly encounters where the contactee receives information that seems to be extremely common and consistent among contactees, just as it is with abductees.

One common theme is the care-taking of our planet and how we need to turn it around, or else… This was also the sentiment expressed by multiple children in the Zimbabwe article linked earlier. Many abductees (not contactees) report a supposed alien-human hybridization program that’s been happening for a long time, where abductees are subjected to strange procedures involving their sexual glands, as well as forced mating with extraterrestrials, and interacting with some of their hybrid children. You can read more about that in detail, here.

Another common theme, as explained in the video below, the beings who are doing this clearly don’t want it to be known. It’s done covertly, in a very secretive manner and at times where it seems most appropriate to do so. The abductees also experience memory loss and have a hard time recalling their entire experience, which seems to be done on purpose. Some have even suggested that these are military abductions, with psychotronic weapons being used to alter the perception of the experience that the person is having. One thing is for certain, something is definitely happening, what exactly is not quite clear yet, but we’re putting together the pieces of the puzzle.

People see other people being abducted and are not abducted themselves, people are abducted in groups and can confirm each others abductions. People can sometimes meet other abductees at ramdom…And each one recognizes each other from the abduction event…There’s a physicality to this, it’s not a mentality.

Below is a great little video where you can learn a lot more about the abduction phenomenon Dr. Jacobs.

You can read more of our articles on the UFO/extraterrestrial topic, here. That’s where they’re all been archived over the years

A Quick Important Notice:

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