Why Using Your Heart Is The Only Way To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams

Kyle Cease is one of the world’s best comedians-turned transformational speaker. He blends comedy with personal development to inspire millions of people worldwide. With a massive YouTube following, best-selling book, and sold-out summits, he is a gamechanger in both the spiritual and material world.

I had the amazing opportunity to interview Kyle to find out how he became a master creator. Not only did I spend most of the time laughing, but I learned some incredible tips that transformed my perception of what it means to be a master of creating your life.

Before I share a few of the best tips, here are a few things you need to know about Kyle:

  • He hosts full weekend seminars with thousands of attendees, and he facilitates the entire thing with no script, no PowerPoint presentation and no plan! This allows him to operate from the heart and connect from a heart-based space to facilitate the highest level of transformation in the audience.
  • Kyle was an expert manifestor at 18 – as the youngest headlining comedic in the Pacific Northwest!
  • Kyle often meditates for two hours per day!

When Kyle and I sat down to talk about expert manifestation, he took an approach I had never heard of before.

Three of the Top Ten Things I Learned

  1. To truly create, you must first learn to let go of anything “heavy” in your life.

What this means:

He explained that we spend much of our lives holding onto our identity. He describes that the ego’s natural aversion to change is one of the biggest detriments to creating the life of our dreams. When we can tune into what makes us feel expanded vs. contracted, and release anything that holds us back, we create room for new things to enter that are a better match to our newly higher vibration. Powerful stuff!

2. “You can only be loved, abundant and free at the level you give this to yourself.”

What this means:

Wow. We must learn to take accountability for ourselves and the inner work. Nobody saves us, we save ourselves and then the universe reflects this self-love back to us. Whatever we give to ourselves becomes reflected to us in our external reality through the Law of Attraction. Everything starts from within, and is mirrored externally.

3. When you’re trying to control the outcome, you’re in fear and lack (and that is what you will attract instead!)

What this means:

Control is always rooted in fear. Anytime we are substituting “allowing” or “surrender” with control, it is a sign of being untrusting in our own ability to create. We are being doubtful, and we always attract what we are presently being. Control contains the vibration of fear and lack, and so we will attract more things to be fearful about.

We must truly surrender and trust both ourselves and the universe in order to master our capacity to create.

Why you need to watch the rest of this interview:

Kyle gives you many more incredible tips on how to master creating your life.

This entire interview is spoken purely from the heart, and it will elevate your vibration.

Kyle has an entirely different approach to transformation and personal growth.

You will cry laughing at least five times – he’s hilarious!

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