Dr. Joe Dispenza Shares the Quantum Mechanics Behind Spontaneous Remission

Get ready to have your mind blown! Dr. Joe Dispenza shares cutting edge research about epigenetics, quantum physics, neuroscience, and brain chemistry to teach us that we can turn the expression of our genes on and off in real time!

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an international educator and lecturer who researches and teaches everything from quantum mechanics and spontaneous remissions to biology, epigenetics, and spirituality.

He uses his vast amounts of knowledge to challenge traditional thinking in the Western world, and to bridge the gap between science and spirituality.

In this interview, Dr. Joe shares tremendous insights and tools to help you understand how spontaneous remission works, how we can truly change any aspect of ourselves, and how we can work with the quantum field to create what most of us would consider to be miracles.

Three Major Takeaways 

While this entire interview is full of one astonishing fact after another, all of which are backed by scientific research, here are a few highlights from our discussion.

  1. By lacing conscious intention (thought) with a powerful emotion, we can train ourselves to change the expression of our genes spontaneously.

What this means:

The patterns that we’ve been locked into our entire lives can be transformed in a matter of minutes. Dr. Joe has not only researched this, but conducted thousands of case studies where he’s seen everything from cancer tumours to body rashes disappear in a matter of minutes.

This challenges everything we know about what healing is and how it really works. Not only does Dr. Joe explain this in practical scientific terms, but he shares tools on how we can apply this to our own lives.

2. You will only accept, believe, and surrender to thoughts that are equal to your emotional state.

What this means:

When you’re using affirmations, they must be in alignment with how you feel. We spend a lot of time in conscious communities managing our thoughts, but we often fall short in noticing our feeling state.

Just like we want to dis-identify with our thoughts and be able to create change in the old stories we are running while on autopilot, we must be able to get off autopilot when it comes to our feeling state, too.

At the end of the day, if your emotional body doesn’t resonate with the thought or affirmation you’re trying to bring into your reality, it will not connect to the quantum field to facilitate change.

Through Dr. Joe’s research studies, he demonstrates that we must combine both thought and emotion when connecting to the quantum field to facilitate major transformation.

3. We all have superhuman potential that is waiting to be tapped into.

In Dr. Joe’s new book, Supernatural, he describes how we can connect to our superhuman selves. After conducting case studies on individuals who appear to have “supernatural” powers, he guides us through practical tools on how to gain access to our own special powers.

He teaches how to connect to states of being that allow us to transcend the paradigm of normality and to truly tune into our greatness. Dr. Joe points things out like, “out of the 70 thousand thoughts we think daily, roughly 90% of them are repeated from the previous day.” He then teaches us how to change our outdated patterns at their root to be masters of our destiny.

Why You Need to Watch This Interview

Dr. Joe eloquently explains terms and ideas we once thought to be science-fiction. He grounds incredible new concepts into tangible reality, and shares just how much power we have over our own lives when we shift off autopilot.

From how to communicate with the quantum field and transcend anxiety to spontaneous remissions, Dr. Joe communicates with us the importance of opening our heart to facilitate real healing and lasting change. This interview really challenges old paradigms and allows us to open our minds to the miracles that are truly possible.


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