Penney Peirce Teaches Us How to Use the Power of Intuition Combined with Intellect

Penney Peirce is a gifted intuitive with countless profound teachings. Penney is not only an author of more than ten best-selling books, she is an international speaker and teacher, gifted intuitive, and a pioneer of the shift.

Penney Peirce is a gifted intuitive with countless profound teachings. Penney is not only an author of more than ten best-selling books, she is an international speaker and teacher, gifted intuitive, and a pioneer of the shift.

During this hour-long interview with her, I was blown away by some of the most powerful wisdom I’ve come across, delivered with absolute grace. Penney translates mind-blowing concepts with finesse and practicality so that we can apply her teachings to our everyday lives.

Penney share what it’s like to grow up highly intuitive, what the new reality will look like that we’re entering, and how to prepare yourself for the inspiring changes ahead.

What You Will Learn from This Interview

  • You’ll learn what your “home frequency” is, and how to tune into it.
  • You’ll find out how to clear what no longer serves, so that you can prepare for the next steps.
  • Penney will share some tips and tools for making the soul your dominant reality.
  • Penney teaches us the importance of welcoming more of our own light into our lives.

This is an excellent watch if you are looking to learn practical tools to create powerful change.

A few of the many transcendent lessons from this interview:

  • “Bad” circumstances don’t have to be “bad.”

What does this mean?

When experiences happen that upset our ego, an important first step to processing begins with not judging them as bad. In Penney’s words, “bad” circumstances are just data. They are reflecting to us specific parts of our inner reality that we don’t get to recognize when we’re in the mindset of judging.

For us to better understand ourselves, we want to be able to remove the label from the experience, accept the change, and focus on what each experience is telling us about ourselves. From here, we can open to a new paradigm by choosing what we want to create next. Penney shares a wonderful process for doing this step-by-step!

  • “You can’t get rid of anything, because there is no outside world.”

Penney just throws down wisdom bombs like this the entire interview.

What does this mean?

All potential realities exist in a super-position soup of possibility. Until our consciousness focuses on a desired outcome either consciously or subconsciously (in this case you are not necessarily aware), a reality cannot come to fruition. In Penney’s words, every possibility exists in your personal sphere, and it is through feeling what it is that you want and holding that very vibration, that you can step into your creation.

  • Understanding gives us emotional immunity to fear.

How does this work?

We fear what we can’t understand. It is only through bringing our awareness to the situations we fear that we gain the capacity to transmute the fear into peace. We must investigate our fears. We must question everything that makes us feel bad. When we can be accountable enough for our reality and our emotional state through investigation and introspection, we open ourselves to our light.

Why You Need to Watch and Learn More

This entire interview is packed with wisdom, grace, and expansiveness.

You will learn Penney’s deep insights about what we have ahead as a collective, and how to move through your own ascension process more smoothly.

You will gain insight into how to open yourself to your own light. We are often afraid of our own light at a subconscious level. With Penney’s wisdom and some profound tools, you are empowered to facilitate the necessary steps to transcend this limiting paradigm.

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