The Essene Teachings: The Universe Is Your Mirror – With Maryam Hasnaa

Maryam Hasnaa is a spiritual teacher, energy healer and bright light of wisdom. She hosts international workshops and travels to teach people how to connect to their essence, and transform their suffering into wisdom and truth.

During our interview, Maryam shared profound spiritual wisdom about the Essenes, and how the universe is a great mirror.

Who are the Essenes?

The Essenes are an ancient brotherhood of divinely illuminated beings who believed they were here to share enlightenment with the planet. They were strong advocates of self-mastery and heart-based living.

Why Do We Have These Mirrors?

We are creating all the time, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. The Essene mirrors are constantly letting us know what we are creating, and are endlessly reflecting this back to us.

When we emit a negative vibration, the universe shows up for us to support our learning. It gently reminds us what is going on inside of us, to make us conscious of our creation. When we do not wake up to this and become conscious, the mirror effect increases in its intensity. This would be analogous to failing a test at school, and having to re-take a more challenging version of the original.

The universe does not discriminate upon what it mirrors to us. It is unconditionally loving, reflecting to you exactly whatever it is that you are projecting outwards – positive or negative. Unconditional love does not pity, it respects.

When you’re emitting negativity, it does not enable you by taking it easy on you. Instead, it lovingly stands by you, and believes in you enough to get back up again from the challenges that arise via the mirror effect.

Love believes in you and respects you enough to unconditionally show you what you are projecting outward, for your growth and expansion to occur. In its mercilessness is absolute mercy.

What are the 7 Mirrors?

Mirror #1: What you see outside of you is an exact reflection of what you are in that moment.

(Remember that mirrors are reflecting both your conscious and subconscious mind.)

Mirror #2: You attract what you judge.

You will often see this occur in a pattern format in multiple areas of your life if you pay close attention. Note that there is a vast difference between judgement and discernment. It’s one thing to have preferences (discernment), and something completely different to harbor charged judgements about anything. In the case of a charged judgement, anything you’re resisting is simultaneously what you’re feeding.

Mirror #3: “The third mirror will show you something that you’ve lost, given away, or had taken away.”

Maryam shares that this is where jealousy comes from. She shares a beautiful explanation for this in the interview!

Mirror #4: A Forgotten Love

Maryam shares the important contexts in which this would show up in our lives, as well as the meaning behind it. This is one of my favourite ones!

Mirror #5: The dark night of the soul – the repressed parts of yourself that you have condemned will be reflected back to you by people or circumstances that show up in your life.

If we have a negative person or experience that we are very charged on, we want to work out what this is mirroring to us and how it is representing a deep or disowned element of ourselves in some way. Once we can own this, there is room for deep healing to take place.

On a side note, Maryam also shares that the deepest, most rejected parts of yourself are often what you can be unconsciously most attracted to in a partner! The purpose of this is for you to see yourself in your entirety, so that you can integrate and be whole.

Mirror #6: A mirror of your mother or father aspect shows up for you.

This is an exciting one! You’ll have to watch the interview to hear how eloquently Maryam explains this.

Mirror #7: The mirror of your self-concept both conscious and subconscious.

People will show up in your life in order to mirror to you how you treat yourself. This might be the most powerful one, because we aren’t always aware of how we are showing up in the relationship to ourselves.

For example, if you constantly hear yourself talking about how people “take advantage of you,” chances are you’re taking advantage of your own time, resources or energy to please other people. The people that show up in your life and “take advantage” are your teachers, mirroring to you exactly how you treat yourself.  


  1. Every mirroring event is an opportunity to recognize yourself more clearly. Pain or frustration are here to guide us to the fragmented part of ourselves that are calling for integration.
  1. When you are on auto-pilot, you are not consciously creating. Whatever programs you picked up on in childhood are instead creating on your behalf. The more intentionality we can bring to each moment, decision, emotion and thought, the more we flow with the current of life.
  1. The more aware we are in each moment, the easier it becomes to recognize the lessons that the universe is bringing to us.
  1. The mirrors become more and more subtle as time goes on.

Why You Need to Watch This Interview:

Incredible wisdom is shared by Maryam Hasnaa in this interview. Not only is there an opportunity to shift the perception you have of yourself, but you are also being given specific tools that will help you to change the way you interact with suffering.

Just by practicing some of the tools shared here, we can cultivate the ability to see each “negative” event in our lives as a powerful opportunity for integration (healing) what we were not previously aware of.

Suffering is our teacher, breaking down what no longer serves so that we may grow closer to our own heart.


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