The Emotional & Health Benefits of Meditation – Interview With Modern ‘Guru’ Koi Fresco

Modern Guru, Koi Fresco is a published author, who once spent months in prison and transformed his life completely through spiritual practice. He shares with Thais the emotional and health benefits of Meditation.

Meditation has become increasingly more of a mainstream movement for quite some time now. But have you ever watched someone speak about it who has been meditating consistently for hours each day, for years on end?

What does this person look like? Are they completely at peace? Are they as wise and powerful as you’d imagine?

Well here’s your chance to see first hand. This is Koi Fresco – a spiritual teacher in his early twenties, with a Youtube channel consisting of over 450,000 subscribers, simply based on the wisdom he shares from his heart. He is a published author, who once spent months in prison and transformed his life completely through spiritual practice.

Koi is an avid meditator, and his entire life revolves largely around his spiritual journey. He teaches workshops at universities, works with people one-on-one, and runs a small business selling sacred crystals and other spiritual belongings.

If that all sounds pretty impressive to you, it will be interesting to know that Koi is the first person to say that his transformation on the material plane is largely based on meditation and connection to his Higher Self.

In this beautiful interview, I had the chance to really discuss with Koi what the benefits of meditation are, along with the importance of self-love and self-connection. 

What Does Science Tell Us About Meditation?

On a biological level, it is common knowledge that being in a constant state of fight-flight causes cortisol and adrenaline levels to shoot through the roof. This has a direct, negative impact on our immune response and digestive system, as well as the emotions we experience.

In opposition to this, being in a meditative state has consistently been associated with neurochemicals like serotonin and dopamine, as well as growth hormones necessary for cell repair. A consistent meditation practice essentially has the power to increase happiness at a neurochemical level, as well as boost the immune system and intensify the body’s ability to repair itself.

During a Harvard Medical School study conducted by Dr. Herbert Benson, research even went so far as to demonstrate that specific genes known to protect us from chronic pain, high blood-pressure, infertility and rheumatoid arthritis were switched on in real time! Author and speaker, Dr. Joe Dispenza also has some wonderful studies to support these findings!

What Does Koi Fresco Tell Us About His Experiences from Meditation?

You’ll have to listen to this interview to learn about the entire wealth of beautiful benefits Koi shares with us. However, some key points are as follows:

  1. Added clarity regarding your life’s purpose. Koi shares that we all experience clarity about who we are, why we’re here and how to make decisions that support the highest expression of ourselves through a commitment to meditative practice.
  1. Koi discusses the way that profound inner peace takes the place of stress, fear, and anxiety as the result of frequent meditation.
  1. Koi shares that we feel more connected to both ourselves and others when meditating. He discusses the process through which we become less reactive and more reflective, as well as find it easier to love and forgive others.

Koi also shares many tools we can use to develop greater self-love, healthier relationships, and transcend suffering throughout this entire interview!

What Techniques Can We Use to Begin a Meditation Practice Today?

Research studies conducted at Harvard share that techniques including meditation, yoga, repeating mantras and partaking in prayer, all create a profound sense of relaxation in the body. Here are some wonderful suggestions from both Koi, as well as numerous studies.

1. Try a Body Scan

This is a wonderful technique to re-develop a relationship to your own body. We often take our body for granted, not acknowledging just how hard it works to support us.

While doing a body scan, the idea is to get back in touch with what’s happening within your body. The idea is to bring awareness from the bottom up, beginning with your toes. Get in touch – witness the sensations you feel in your feet and direct your mental energy progressively up your body until you reach the top of your head.

It is useful to notice where you store tension, and to consciously release this tension as you move your awareness throughout your body.

2. Check Out a Guided Meditation

Guided meditations use a combination of sound, guided imagery and mantras to help you achieve a state of deep relaxation. Theres a wide variety of guided meditations to choose from, but I would choose a topic that suits you. Some examples of topics you might find are, “releasing stress, connecting to your Higher Self, or grounding meditations.”

3. Focus on Your Breath

You’ve likely heard of this one! Our breath is a very powerful and very underrated part of our lives in Western society. We are meant to be breathing in and out slowly and deeply, ideally with a four-count on both the in and out breath. There are some wonderful tools you can use to research different breathing techniques including Transformational Breathing and Pranayama.

Why You Should Watch This Interview

Not only will Koi explain to you many profound ways in which meditation works, he will also share a variety of real-world tools to stay connected to yourself as you move through the many pressures we experience in the Western world. He is resourceful, kind, and a living example of what happens when you commit to spiritual growth and meditative practice in a practical way.

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