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Parables For The New Conversation (Chapter 29: The Astrologer)



The following is a chapter from my book ‘Parables For The New Conversation.’ One chapter will be published every Sunday for 36 weeks here on Collective Evolution. (I would recommend you start with Chapter 1 if you haven’t already read it.) I hope my words are a source of enjoyment and inspiration for you, the reader. If perchance you would like to purchase a signed paperback copy of the book, you can do so on my production company website Pandora’s Box Office.

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From the back cover: “Imagine a conversation that centers around possibility—the possibility that we can be more accepting of our own judgments, that we can find unity through our diversity, that we can shed the light of our love on the things we fear most. Imagine a conversation where our greatest polarities are coming together, a meeting place of East and West, of spirituality and materialism, of religion and science, where the stage is being set for a collective leap in consciousness more magnificent than any we have known in our history.

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Now imagine that this conversation honors your uniqueness and frees you to speak from your heart, helping you to navigate your way more deliberately along your distinct path. Imagine that this conversation puts you squarely into the seat of creator—of your fortunes, your relationships, your life—thereby putting the fulfillment of your deepest personal desires well within your grasp.

‘Parables for the New Conversation’ is a spellbinding odyssey through metaphor and prose, personal sagas and historic events, where together author and reader explore the proposal that at its most profound level, life is about learning to consciously manifest the experiences we desire–and thus having fun. The conversation touches on many diverse themes but always circles back to who we are and how our purposes are intertwined, for it is only when we see that our personal desires are perfectly aligned with the destiny of humanity as a whole that we will give ourselves full permission to enjoy the most exquisite experiences life has to offer.”

29. The Astrologer

On a clear night on the island of Allandon, the astrologer was peering through the telescope in the village observatory when the scientist walked in.

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“How’s the view now?” asked the scientist.

The astrologer stepped away from the telescope and turned to the scientist. “Brilliant! The changes you made to the lens are perfect. Everything is so much clearer.”

“I’m glad to hear it’s working well,” said the scientist.

“Yes, I don’t know how I can repay you,” said the astrologer.

The scientist moved up to the telescope. “Oh, I don’t know,” he said casually as he peered quickly into the eyepiece. “Perhaps you could, you know, do one of those chart things you do.”

The astrologer was surprised. “You would like me to do your birth chart?”

“Oh, just for fun, you know,” he said. “I don’t really believe in those things.”

“Uh-huh,” she replied with a smile.

“Now don’t get me wrong. I mean no disrespect. But isn’t it completely irrational to think that the position of the stars could really have anything to do with our lives?” he asked.

“Perhaps it is,” she said.

The scientist frowned. “That’s not what I wanted to hear.”


“Well, I was hoping that you could give me some proof that this stuff is real.”

The astrologer looked into his eyes. “Do you have a feeling inside you that wants it to be real?”

“Yes, I suppose I do,” he conceded.

“Look there for your proof,” said the astrologer gently.

In life there is no getting away from duality. As I have said, it is a requirement of existence itself. However this does not mean that it is ever necessary for us to identify firmly with one side of a duality and be in opposition to the other. We don’t need the battles of the sexes, the pitting of Democrats against Republicans, the wars of opposing ideologies. We have started to become so overtly aware of the damage caused by polarization that we are getting very clear in both our hearts and our minds what will be required of us to heal our divides.

As we bridge the rift between the West and the East, the material and the spiritual, reason and faith, innovation and tradition, both sides benefit. I am reminded of a movie I saw a few years ago entitled The Painted Veil, in which Ed Norton plays a bacteriologist and physician who has volunteered to go to a remote village in China to help stem a major cholera epidemic that has broken out. Through a series of deductions he realizes that the village’s water supply is continually being contaminated as a result of a local spiritual tradition to bury the bodies of the dead within the banks of the river. His orders to remove the dead bodies from the river banks are met with fervent opposition by the locals, who can’t comprehend that this is actually contributing to the outbreak. It is only when his reason-centered approach is allowed to influence their faith-based tradition and that the outbreak is brought under control.

On the flip side, our society is seeing a growing number of people of reason looking to people of faith, openly searching for something they realize is missing in their lives, something they cannot find through rationality alone. I personally have benefited from learning that I was sometimes best to follow my intuition even when the prudence of reason spoke otherwise. Living life not only through the intellect but also through the heart has made me much happier, more self-aware, confident, and perhaps even a little more humble. I have seen much of my fear fall by the wayside. I no longer feel the need, as I did up through university, to express my cynicism and outrage at all the darkness that I felt around me. My optimism about life today is unlimited. My life is no longer just about strategies to cope with fear and isolation, but also about connecting to a unity that has been there all along, just waiting to be discovered.

We begin to fulfill our potential as human beings when our reason and intuition both have a voice, when we develop both the left and the right sides of our brain, and perhaps more importantly when they are working together. We can move from our heart saying one thing and our head saying another thing to a more integrated experience. This is what it means to feel whole. I truly believe these two forces were made to complement each other, and when our rational and intuitive sides are both active and in harmony, we are positioned to have the most sublime experiences life has to offer.

On a larger scale, I believe the healing of the planet is also the bringing-into-balance of two sides, a profound merger in all facets of life of East and West. This is the last great synthesis, which promises to bring together the two fundamental ways that we look at life. This synthesis does not always unfold as smoothly as the harmonious interplay of yin and yang in the East. Neither, however, is it the fully confrontational battle of thesis and antithesis in the West’s Hegelian dialectic tradition. The tone of this final resolution of materialism and spirituality, of atomism and holism, of reason and intuition, of individuality and communality, appears to be borrowing from both systems of thought. Perhaps this is a good indication that the healing of these two polarities is well underway.

In our society, what is occurring in the healing arts and sciences themselves is a prime example of how this synthesis is taking place. The ways we seek to cure what ails us, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, have started to converge. This is notwithstanding the fact that many proponents of the Western medical model have been fighting the rise of Eastern medicine in our society at every turn. Our health coverage is still designed to advantage practitioners and patients of Western medicine over the so-called ‘alternative’ modalities offered by Eastern practitioners. But over the last few decades, Eastern modalities are no longer considered ‘alternative’ as such, and are ever gaining on Western medicine as the preferred choice for treatment and prevention. Note that the term ‘alternative’ was first popularized when people who had been given no hope by Western doctors for chronic and often life-threatening illnesses searched for an alternative approach.

Western medicine is atomistic, based on the principle of dividing an organism into its component parts and dealing directly with the part that is diseased, so that this inherently bad part can be eradicated. Cancer, for example, has generally been treated in one way: if a tumor is found, the doctor will look for ways to excise it, shrink it, or render it inert and stop its growth. There has been little consideration given to the complex organism—the human being—that the cancer emerges out of. Now truth be told, the undistracted attention on the part rather than the whole has led to significant expertise in some areas. Surgical techniques that have saved the lives of many and improved the quality of life of countless others are the product of a Western mindset. So is the development of prosthetics, hearing aids and artificial organs, to name just a few important innovations. The focus of Western thought on the individual and the separateness of all things has honed the skill of the Western doctor in dealing with the minutest detail of an individual event or symptom—at the expense of gaining expertise on how to deal with the person as a whole.

Eastern medicine, by contrast, is holistic. That means that any organism is considered to be more than the sum of its parts. The interrelationships of the parts with one another and with the organism as a whole are the focal points. For this reason, the Eastern practitioner may treat identical cancer tumors located in exactly the same spot in two patients quite differently. The tumor itself is not the focus of treatment, since the tumor is considered a symptom of a deeper illness. The focus is the state of the organism and the conditions that gave rise to the tumor in the first place. The tumor itself is not considered bad; it is simply the manifestation of dis-ease, a message from the consciousness of the organism that its system is out of balance. And so the Eastern practitioner strives to help bring the organism back into balance, such that once the balance is restored, the organism is empowered to deal with the symptom of imbalance, in this case the cancerous tumor.

Up until very recently in the West, we only saw the doctor as a kind of ‘fixer’, a dispassionate expert whose words and prescriptions were not to be questioned. He was somehow above us rather than in some kind of relationship with us. It is not a surprise that Western doctors were typically known to have very poor bedside manner, and would speak to us about our disease conditions impassively or at best with misguided sympathy. There was no relation, for the Western doctor, between our condition and the emotional impact of the doctor’s behavior towards us or the actual manner in which the treatment was conducted. If there is cancer, it was thought that it will either grow or be killed off solely based on the efficacy of the radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery.

In contrast, the Eastern doctor is the ‘healer’ who forms a partnership with us to restore balance. It is more common for the Eastern practitioner to get to know us in areas other than those directly related to our medical condition. Their concern tends to be not only our physical but also our mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. The manner in which treatment is administered is often an essential aspect of the treatment itself.

The proposition that Eastern and Western modalities could work together, hand in hand, has only started to come about recently. On the one hand, many Eastern practices have been modernized and enhanced by Western technology and diagnostics methods. On the other hand, there have been a growing number of pioneers in the West who, while still grounded in the practice of Western medicine, believe that Eastern practices and techniques can be used in conjunction as complementary modalities. As an example, Western-based Cancer Centers are popping up that understand that illness must be addressed on the multi-dimensional levels that make up a complete human being—not just because it is what patients want, but because treating a patient as a whole person and not just a collection of body parts is becoming recognized as an effective component of healing. This is backed up, by the way, in clinical studies.

Individually we are becoming aware that healing is not just taking a pill or applying a cream to mask symptoms or give temporary relief. It is not painting a happy face over a legacy of pain and sorrow. And so too in the world, healing does not take place when one force tries to annihilate another, or when a society’s external order masks the internal suffering that rises from discrimination and intolerance. Healing is really getting to the source of our pain, bringing our darkness out into the open so that we can look at it and allow it to be. It is in acknowledging that we have fear and giving ourselves the opportunity to shine our love on it that healing occurs, for in submitting our fear to the light of love, it suddenly is transformed.

The transformation of our fear is complex, and occurs at many levels. If we follow the Eastern vision, the universe is a single living organism that we as human beings are a part of. We are also ourselves an organism made up of smaller organisms—heart cells and liver cells and blood cells, all with a life of their own but which contribute to the functioning of the larger organism. These organisms are therefore all interrelated by purpose. That is why our own personal path is inextricably linked with the journey of humanity, and the destiny of the universe. We are all on a common path—a healing path—back to the full unity of the Dao. We each have a unique pattern of light and darkness, of Love and Fear, and are on a path to let go of our darkness. When we have let go of all of our darkness then we will have let go of our individuality too, for our individuality is the ultimate illusion. As a being of pure light we would become self-identical with the Dao. This is the melting of the island into the ocean from whence it came.

But the Western vision sees the transformation of our fear differently. From the mechanistic standpoint we are separate and distinct. Our evolution is certainly not driving to dissolve our individuality but rather is seen as strengthening it. We wear the overcoming of our fear like a badge of courage, emblematic of our personal growth. We are not going back but rather we are going forward, evolving on the leading edge of consciousness.

In the final synthesis of East and West there must be a sacred merger of both of these visions into one. Perhaps our path is not simply a return of the island back to the ocean, but also the flowering of the island into increasing complexity. When a part of us heals, we could say at one level that we let go of darkness, but at another level we could say the darkness is transformed. We can see it as a maturing of the character of our Ego Self, making the veil of the illusion of our individuality finer, more transparent, and yet at the same time stronger and more sophisticated. In this way it is possible to move towards greater individuality while moving closer to a unity with the Dao at the same time.

It is as though we are each a sacred abode for the Dao, and our maturation moves us from simple to complex. At one time in our history we could be compared to simple caves and now are each becoming magnificent cathedrals. As caves, it would have been very difficult for the light of the Dao to penetrate into our limited consciousness. In fact we would practically have to go outside ourselves to become aware of the light of the Dao. But imagine us now becoming grand cathedrals, vast, spacious, with colorful stained glass windows on all the walls, letting in the light of the Dao. Our expansion from the cave to the cathedral is our move towards enlightenment. It is the march of consciousness. As our abodes become more complex, more intricate, more sophisticated, the more they allow in the light of the Dao. And so the more they become cherished houses for the Dao to experience itself from a particular perspective—our individuality.

As the flow of life moves us into ever-greater complexity, we will experience our grandeur as never before. If the purpose of life is to provide each one of us with the most exquisite experience possible, one could equally say the purpose of life is to provide the Dao with the most exquisite experience of itself through us. We are at a time in history where our cathedrals are undergoing major transformations, to give us more space and bring in more light for our experiences.

For now, it is enough to be aware that we stand on one side knowing that part of the truth is held on the other side. And if we can begin to see the possibility of having a foot in both camps, of thinking two ways in parallel, then we are indeed participating in bringing humanity through a watershed in the evolution of our consciousness. To get there we must become beings who can stand comfortably in discomfort, loving our own fear and accepting our own judgment. This move to greater complexity is our true coming-into-balance, the healing of the dichotomy that makes up who we are. And the more we are healed, the better we are placed to allow the source of all Creation to shine through us and fulfill the highest expression of ourselves, as beings of boundless creativity.

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Can We Expect Peace Between Nations When Our Most Basic Relationships Fail?



To say that I’m tired of hearing about politics is an understatement. I’ve pondered wearing earplugs to muffle the pundits. I’ve considered using Google glasses to program “Trump” and “Democrats” and “Republicans” out of my visual spectrum.

Perhaps there’s one issue that must come before politics…

It’s marriage.

Our romantic relationships are the basic unit of civilization. Men and women have children and build families, which make up neighbourhoods, communities, cities, states, and nations. Basic logic, right?

And it takes civilized people to make a civilization. So how can we expect to have peaceful nations when our most basic relationships are downright crude? We have missions to Mars and particle colliders that are rumoured to open portals to new dimensions. But, when it comes to love… we’re dragging our knuckles on a flat Earth.

Our version of love is a cycle of insecurity

We can’t stand to be alone. But rather than learning to love our lives and find meaning alone, we place impossible standards for fulfillment on our lovers. We get a little security, and a lot of pleasure. But when the chemicals wear off, we’re left with the truth: We don’t know anything about our lovers.

And when we do get to know each other, we hate what we find. Then we split. But each split tears a thread in the fabric of our society, because family is our foundation.

We can thrust ourselves into heady political conversations, and pretend that our red (or blue) rage is going to build a better world. But those political solutions aren’t addressing the root cause of our pain. We just need to fix how we love first.

Foundations of love

Foundations are, well, foundational to success. So we pave them for our houses, we practice scales before learning a difficult piece of music, and we learn the fundamentals of math before going on to algebra and calculus. We know that we need a strong foundation for successful relationships, too. But who actually takes the time to build one?

Loving responsibly is hard. It seems outdated or religiously nonsensical by today’s standards (getting to know someone inside and out before you take them to bed?), but if you don’t have a strong foundation, you’ve got a house of cards. Just like every one of my previous relationships.

From age 12 I trained myself to objectify women by watching porn. And until my early twenties, I was more concerned about my next sexual fix than my career. I hooked up with girlfriends not because I wanted to love them with all my heart, but because they were my key to security and satisfaction — which I got, for a time. But the net result was an increasingly lonely, unfulfilled, and depressed version of me.

By the end of my last relationship, I seriously considered taking my own life. What was I doing wrong? After picking up reflective habits like journaling and meditation, I figured it out.

I wasn’t fulfilled alone. I was bored alone. And I was unsuccessful alone. But in my mind, relationships were magical things that would wash all the bad stuff away and make me happy — kind of like a drug. In reality, for each desire that I lacked on my own, like joy, or security, I was strangling my relationships with conditions.

I’d “love” a girl until I was no longer joyful with her, or until she bored me. Then, for each condition that she failed to meet — no one can be perfect 100% of the time — I withdrew my love from her, bit by bit. The withdrawals happened on her side, too.

By the end of my relationships, whether they were six-month flings or two-year engagements, the end was predictably uncivil. We abused each other with our language. We cheated on each other, and betrayed each other’s trust. We blamed each other on and on for what the other had failed to do. Almost sounds like our relationships with other countries…

But the real failure was in choosing each other as romantic partners. It was in pursuing love without getting to know each other’s values and character traits first — before we built a foundation. We gambled on placing our faith in each other. And, like most people, we lost. Big time.

Rather than castrating myself, or settling for an endless string of heartaches — somebody shoot me — I worked on the foundation of my next relationship. I worked on me.

I learned to lean into my insecurity

Instead of running for another girl when I got lonely, I leaned into my insecurity and learned more about me. I developed a prayer life and a relationship with God. And I stuck to my new habits of journaling and meditation.

Through mindfulness, I channeled my sexual desire into my goals and self improvement. I felt the urge to ogle gorgeous women, of course, and at 27, their beauty moves me now more than ever. But I trained myself to move in a positive direction, to express healthy emotions at a woman’s beauty — like gratitude, inspiration, and awe — instead of imagining how she could please me.

Then I took it a step further.

I disciplined myself to think of a woman’s future husband. Would he respect me for the way I was thinking about her? And then I’d think of my future wife. If I couldn’t expect myself to view other wives with dignity and respect, how could I expect that of other men in looking at mine?

In my new way of thinking, I shed my selfish ways and became a man — and a neighbour, and a lover. A year into the habit I became independent for the first time in my life. I discovered my writing career and found success in it. And I became a role model for other people.

My dramatic life change happened because I figured out how to harness my sexual desire in an uplifting way. And in learning how to love civilly, I became a functioning part of civilization. *But people still call me out for not voting…

How you can love civilly

The way we think about each other determines how we act: civil, or uncivil. So you’ve got to train yourself to think respectful and positive thoughts — especially when it comes to beautiful men and women.

No matter how much we hope, the magical love chemicals can’t erase reality: We either love each other with respect, or we don’t. And if we don’t, our relationships will degrade, and our families will degrade. And as our broken relationships pick up steam down the social gradient, our communities degrade, and our cities degrade. And if the cycle of uncivil romance continues, states and nations will degrade as well. It’s basic logic.

So, you can talk about what these morons in office are doing to feel important and keep you occupied… or you can do something that actually makes a difference. You can learn to love like a human-fucking-being. Pardon my crude language.

Learn to love for the long term. Build faith in yourself. Quit porn and casual sex. Become so joyful and inspired by your own life that you couldn’t imagine expecting anyone else to be responsible for your happiness. Channel your sexual desire into your highest self. Use those urges to remind yourself of the things you haven’t done yet to become the person you want to be. Direct that energy into a future you would admire, and a person you’d be proud of.

And when you’ve changed the way you live and think, you’ll change the way you love. You’ll love civilly.

By your example, you’ll inspire others to take the harder path and to love civilly themselves. And when enough people do that… I won’t ever have to hear another political pundit for as long as I shall live. And I’ll thank you.

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Are You Sure You Want To Cancel 2020?



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Many people have been wanting to cancel 2020 given all of the challenges that have arisen this year, but are these challenges not what we need to wake up?

  • Reflect On:

    Is humanity living in a way we are truly capable of? Are we really going to change and create a world where we can thrive if we all remain in 'normal' with our heads down just getting by? Perhaps we need a shake up!

A massive evolution in the way we think and live is long overdue, and now the environment is perfectly set for it to happen. Many call this process ‘raising collective consciousness.’ It’s no secret, 2020 has been a intense year, and you may have noticed that many are creating memes calling for the cancellation of 2020. This comes from the idea of ‘cancel culture’ which is an ideology whereby anything we don’t like, even if it’s only some of us, has to be shamed into cancellation as opposed to dealing with what it truly says about us and why we’re triggered by it. But more on this in a moment.

Deep down I imagine you feel it. What we are doing on a day-to-day basis in our lives feels limiting and it feels like we are capable of much more. This feeling comes from an innate desire within the deepest aspect of who we are, our soul, to continually evolve and expand as a being. It’s almost as if we begin to feel uncomfortable when we become stagnant and stop evolving or growing.

Right now, our current way of living societally and our current mass unconsciousness is causing us to push away that deep desire. We do this because we have become so identified with thought, that if a desire to shift or change comes up, and we cannot rationalize nor see how we can change, and in turn, we push that desire away to hold onto what we have grown comfortable with.

Thus, intensity and chaos have ensued in our world in an attempt to wake us up. Perhaps it’s time to embrace this desire for change. Do we really want our world to simply go back to normal? Was normal truly allowing us to thrive?

Ridding 2020?

A lot of people have been sharing the idea that we want to get rid of or cancel 2020 because it has been such a ‘bad year.’ I understand what train of thought can lead here, and I understand what way of being can lead here, but regardless, I feel it’s an important time to embrace what’s going on and ask big questions about what we’re doing as a collective – living life so disconnected from anything that deeply resonates with us. What we call ‘chaos’ has always been a potent tool for evolution, only, we often get in the way of that evolution by remaining asleep to what’s really going on around us, and continually pushing away that knowing that we can create meaningful change.

Most of what is rising to the surface right now, in terms of truths regarding current events, are all realities that people have been telling others about for years – and yet most of us just went on our merry way, heads down, living life as if none of it was happening. For example, elite child sex trafficking is one collective trauma being faced right now by many, and every day I hear of more and more people facing this reality, unsure of what to do about it as they feel despair. I cannot blame anyone for wanting to hide from this information. Life can be tough and very demanding simply to get by, so questioning our reality and why it is the way it is may not be at the top of our priority list. It may feel easier to just go on with our lives as if it’s not real, continually voting, putting these ‘corrupt’ individuals in power and accepting life as it is.

But if life is providing experiences that give us a chance to evolve beyond this old paradigm, is it perhaps time we listen? Can we truly just keep our heads down as we watch our collective uncomfort rise and mental health decline as our world no longer resonates with our being?

Just because the truth makes us uncomfortable, doesn’t mean we don’t need to address it, it just means we are avoiding it, and if we continue to choose not to look, it will ‘blow up in our face’ – just as it is right now.

May years ago people would ask me ‘Joe, do you think people will one day know about all that is going on behind the scenes?’ I said yes, there are collective truths and traumas people will HAVE to face, there is no avoiding it. This is why so many people are doing their inner work and becoming helpful members of the global community who will be able to help others through their emotional upheavals when more of this truth continues to come out, just like it is right now.

The human race has been oppressed for centuries. At the core, is the suppression of human consciousness. The less we know who we truly are and what we are truly capable of, the more we can be coddled and controlled into living lives that serve a few. The reality of this is coming to the surface.

So should we cancel 2020? Or embrace what it’s trying to bring up on a deeper level, and choose to focus on inner work, personal transformation ad collective transformation? This, as opposed to mentally and emotionally running around trying to say why everything is wrong and bad, will this truly bring about meaningful change?

We’re All Playing Roles

With that said, instead of looking at who the good guys are and who the bad guys are, I challenge others to think of it in terms of roles. What role are people playing for one another that allows us to question what’s going on, learn a lesson, and change? Do you want the world as it is today to continue in this manner? Do you feel we are capable of harmony and thrivability? What do you want the world to look like?

Viewing it in this manner will bring us to solutions as opposed to arguing about what the problems are from our political point of view. Staying within the paradigm of our current world, where we create sides, argue, and remain in a political landscape, will always create more separation and will limit our potential, won’t it? It’s time for a new perspective, a new way of looking at things, and in order for that to happen we must come to terms with what not paying attention has created in our reality.

When we live in this manner, are we living life fully? Or are we just getting by? Are we caught up in the future or the past, trying to live in those states? Or are we fully living now? Are we ready to move from a state of being where we are identified with our thoughts and ego constantly, and move to a state where we are truly who we are, our awareness, living fully?

This is what this transition is about. This is what 2020 is helping to bring forth: the necessary events and revelations that push us deeply to question our lives and society. Start dreaming again, start thinking outside the box. Whatever world you choose to plug into is the one we will actively create. If you feel humanity is capable of something different, or better, beyond just the changing of a president, then now is the time to truly put your intention and action into that.

It’s a potent time for change. Perhaps we don’t want to wish normal back into existence?

Explore this process more deeply here.

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Full Moon In Aquarius: Erratic Progression



We are having a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd/4th, it will appear the fullest on night of the 2nd in Western North America. This is the peak of the Lunar cycle that began with a New Moon in Cancer on July 20th/21st, as some of the themes mentioned in that article are still in effect.

The energies of a Full Moon are strongest in the days surrounding it yet its astrological configurations also play a part over the following two weeks. You may start to see its effects slowly build up after the New Moon prior to it.

Full Moons are a period in which we feel a push-pull between two opposing signs, in this case being the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo. It can play out as either a conflict, an integration, or some sort of dynamic playing out between the energies of both signs. The Moon reflects the expression of feeling and emotion while the Sun reflects the expression of ego and conscious self.

We may feel this opposition happening individually within us and/or we can also experience it play out around us with some people (or circumstances) expressing the Aquarius side and others expressing the Leo side. In some cases, Full Moons can also reflect/trigger some sort of change or release.

Full Moon In Aquarius Opposite Sun In Leo

We have been in Leo season since July 22nd and will continue until August 22nd/23rd. This is the sign of self-expression, creativity, love, affection, children, courage, vitality, passion, leadership, generosity, and playfulness. Ruled by the Sun, it is also about shining in our power and being in alignment with what really lights us up and gets us excited.

The negative expressions of Leo can be egotistical, self-absorbed, authoritarian, dramatic, stubborn, jealous, and hot-tempered.  As it is associated with seeking praise and attention, it can be demanding of respect and be boisterous without considering or caring about how others respond to that.

The Full Moon highlights and brings the energies of the opposing sign of Aquarius into this Leo backdrop. This is the sign of friends, networks, social dynamics, the group, the team, humanity, and being in the best interest of the collective. Associated with Uranus, it can be unconventional, idealistic, innovative, progressive, original, inventive, technological, reforming, and even revolutionary.

Negatively, Aquarius can be overly detached, aloof, unemotional, and very invested in the mind at the expense of the heart. Traditionally ruled by Saturn, it can also be unyielding when it comes to the ideas and perspectives that it has already decided on.

Both Leo and Aquarius have some similarities. They are ‘Fixed’ signs and therefore can both be determined yet stubborn. They are also both associated with originality and authenticity. In Aquarius, this comes from its unconventional and innovative Uranian attributes while in Leo it comes from being inspired by its Solar heart centred self-expression.

Full Moon Square Uranus, Sextile Chiron

The Sun and Moon are in a T-square aspect with Uranus bringing its energy strongly into the equation. This planet is associated with Aquarius and viewed as a modern ruler of this sign, therefore it emphasizes some of the Aquarian themes mentioned above.

This can also reflect an energy that is disruptive, unpredictable, erratic, nonconforming, and rebellious. It can be hard to focus and more prone to sudden changes, accidents, loss, or separations. However, it can also reflect liberation, breakthroughs, excitement, and is a good time to shake things up and try new approaches to things.

This Full Moon is in a supportive sextile with Chiron which shares unorthodox and innovative qualities with Uranus. Chiron is also about bringing healing and wholeness to a situation and is associated with personal growth. It brings a potential for integration, learning, problem solving, finding solutions, purpose, and the elevation of consciousness.

Full Moon Sextile Mars, Squaring Jupiter & Pluto During Pre-Retrograde Shadow

The Sun-Moon opposition is in a harmonious aspect with Mars which can bring an active, asserting, energetic, sexual, or even a competitive or fighting energy. Mars is also in its own sign of Aries as it slows down to go retrograde on September 9th/10th. We will be experiencing a period of adjustments over the coming months in how we apply Mars in certain areas of our lives depending on our personal birth charts. Some of the things that are happening this month, leading up to it, will contribute to that process.

At the time of this Full Moon, Mars is also in a tight square with Jupiter which has been building up in the days prior. It also moves towards a square with Pluto over the following two weeks. We may overextend ourselves during this time or do things in an excessive, overconfident, compulsive or obsessive way.

Conflicts around beliefs, perspectives, hidden matters, or abuse can also arise. As we get closer to mid-August the energy becomes more intense with an increased potential of power struggles. This aspect can trigger passion and is good for strategic actions. All of these factors mentioned in this section are cranking up Mars energy overall. I will be writing a separate article on the upcoming retrograde as we get closer to it, join my mailing list here to ensure that you receive it.

Mercury & Venus In Hard Aspects With Saturn, Venus Conjunct North Node

Mercury is in a tight opposition with Saturn. This can reflect thoughts or conversations that are cautious, hesitant, pessimistic, or limiting. We may experience delays or obstacles around commuting or communications with others.  The need to be realistic around certain issues may also come up.

Like Mercury, Venus has social qualities and is also in a hard aspect with Saturn, this one being a frustrating quincunx. It can be hard to integrate or juggle Saturnian areas of responsibilities, commitments, boundaries, discipline, and structures with Venus areas of friendships, love, pleasures, sensuality, values, money, attraction, or other things that are aesthetic related. We may need to be extra adaptable or make adjustments.

Venus is also moving towards a conjunction with the Lunar North Node in Gemini in the days following this Full Moon. New relations, or developments around past relations, could have a fated quality that can bring growth and help us to move forward in a better or constructive way.  Our perception or approach to Venus ruled areas (mentioned in above paragraph) may evolve in a helpful manner.

Things To Consider

In what areas of your life should you try new approaches? What can you do to shake things up? What are some potential solutions for issues you are facing? How can you use your creativity in an innovative way? What are your relations with others pushing you towards? How can you be more of a team player? How can you better balance needs of self with the needs of the group?   What parts of your life are calling for originality and authenticity?

These are just some examples of themes that could come up during this period; however, there may be other variations of this energy playing out as well.  If you wish to do any sort of intentional release connected to what has come up at this Full Moon, it is best to do so anytime over the two weeks following when it is waning. The exact moment of this Full Moon is on August 3rd at 3:59pm Universal Time. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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