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When The ‘Mass Arrests’ Don’t Happen, Will We Realize We Can’t Wait For A Saviour?



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Many are claiming that under the guise of the coronavirus lockdown, an alliance is preparing to arrest deep state players and that we will see 3 - 10 days of darkness. This narrative does not seem to be truly empowering humanity.

  • Reflect On:

    Do you truly resonate with these predictions? Is this what will bring about a world where we thrive? Or is this perhaps still focused on blaming others without looking at the role wee play in why our world is the way it is?

A few weeks ago, a great deal of strong and widely shared predictions began to once again surface that the mass arrest of the Deep State and it’s players is going to occur under the guise of this coronavirus lockdown. Specifically, people claim we are going to see full internet outages for 3 – 10 days, where the mass arrest of these high profile figures will be carried out by the US military in April 2020. Immediately when I heard these predictions once again, I felt within myself that this is the moment, this is when the focus on these decade long predictions may finally come to an end and we can begin doing the ‘real work.’ I felt this because I truly don’t feel this is going to occur.

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Now I want to be clear, it’s not that I feel no big name political official will be arrested from now until the end of time or anything of that nature, I simply just do not feel that this idea that the deep state will be defeated and a solar flash will evolve everyone’s consciousness is what is going to move humanity forward to a world where we truly thrive. To me, this is a narrative built out of the idea that we can’t possibly do this ourselves, so someone or something has to do it for us. The key missing ingredient here is: there is no learned self-empowerment.

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As a quick note for those who are curious, the deep state is essentially groups of unelected individuals who own and control politicians and governments. More on that here.

For the last 3 years, perhaps millions have hung on to the words of Q, an alleged insider connected to Trump and an alliance of ‘good guys’ that provides intel drops on 4chan and 8chan boards. Qanons work to decipher these drops and link them to current events to explore what they really mean and what might be happening next in the ‘battle against the deep state.’ The interesting part is, most of what Q posts about are in fact real events, and are in fact helping people awaken to the reality of the deep state. The challenge is, the drops of information could easily be posted by anyone who is already well researched into alternative ideas about how the world functions.

Does that make this false? No, but it’s something to think about. Still, for many, there is an addictive-like quality to the Q drops as the narrative has presented the age old idea that a saviour figure is coming to save America, and then the world, and these people have it all taken care of. Thus, people sit back, grab their popcorn and watch, continuing to believe that the issues and challenges of our world stem solely from the systems and infrastructures we live with, and not the state of human beings and human consciousness. How we think, how we feel, how we relate to one another and our planet, as well as the programs in our minds that create our world through actions- these apparently, are not important.

My goal here isn’t to discuss who’s right and who’s wrong, I feel that is yet again an addictive path that doesn’t always lead to greater peace and potential. Instead, my intention is to bring people together and encourage us to look at consciousness and our state of being as the driver of what will bring about actionable change.

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The formula to my work has always been: look at current events to help understand the consciousness and state of thinking that is creating our world via our actions. From there, we can understand why we not only must shift our physical world, but also our ways of thinking and being so we can create a world that aligns with a new state of being/consciousness. Within that state of being, we take different actions that are founded in a different story, not the same old one. By exploring current events, we can see more clearly that we are at a time where we must wake up from the illusion we have chosen to accept about ‘what life is’ so we can expand our mind to possibility once again.

That said, as we explore this today, remember to observe where your narrative might be holding you back from reflecting on the deeper aspects of what opportunity we have here to truly change the way we think and create in our world.

The Saviour Complex

Within the Q narrative, Trump is the figure that is helping to bring this Great Awakening about with the backing of his military and intel connections. He challenges parts, not all, of an old regime that was very totalitarian in its approach. We have reported on many of the things they have focused on like going after child and human trafficking, something that is the backbone of some deep state groups and is a shakeup to the old guard. He is clearly a threat to some powerful people, but is he and his connections the threat that will completely end their position of power? Is he someone about to bring about a world we truly know is possible in our hearts? Or is he simply a new leader that may do much of the very same stuff the ‘old guard’ did?

I’m not going to speculate too much as to how and why these predictive narratives get passed around so much on the internet and so forth, I feel ‘insiders’ can be passing ‘false intel’ to prominent voices in the alternative news space and they spread it… it can literally be that simple. But perhaps the more important aspect of this I want to bring forth is: what state of thinking, being and consciousness encourages us to put all our faith into these ideas? An idea that someone is coming to save us? Are we truly feeling empowered? Are we stuck on the idea of defeating an enemy? Where does that story come from? Does it lead us to neutrality, or are we still in the paradigm of polarity?

This idea of the positive people vs the negative people is the story humanity seems trapped in. To explain why this is a ‘trap’, let’s look a little deeper. Let’s say the deep state is removed, what do you want your world to look like? What does that world feel like? What state of thinking and being will you be envisioning and creating that world from? What are the features of this world? Have you thought about this? Is it informed by the ideas and programming you have learned to accept all these years? How much of it truly comes from your heart and own creativity vs what modern society has told you? Can we truly blame our inability to lovingly connect with fellow humans and create an incredible world solely on the deep state? Or is it something that is actually in our control, but we don’t do much about?

How about if these arrests do happen, what then? Who do we listen to when it comes to who creates and shifts our world? Do we wait for the alliance to tell us what to do? Have we learned a sense of empowerment through this process? Are we thinking that our empowerment will come from someone else giving it to us?

Herein lies the missing ingredient to this entire narrative that I feel is the powerful key to the change we all know is possible deep down inside. Regardless of whether we wish to believe in any of these predictions and narratives that have been forecasted for over 11 years, if self-empowerment, self-responsibility and a shift in consciousness is what will change this world, these arrests are completely unnecessary, and perhaps it’s time to explore our choices again. Instead of sitting back, writing articles, social media posts and watching youtube videos about it, what if we focused within and began to explore who we truly are, what thoughts, programs, belief systems and ideas make up how our thinking and consciousness create this world?

Would this not be more powerful and empowering than someone simply doing the work for us to save the world?

What we begin to realize is, it doesn’t matter if this Q narrative is in fact true or false, or whether these events will or will not happen. The strict focus on it is not letting us see the truth as to what we really must do – shift our consciousness and way of thinking and seeing ourselves and our world. Because the Q narrative often pulls people away from that, one can begin to explore whether or not Q is actually a well designed distraction to suppress humanity from becoming self-empowered.

A note before we continue, some have also suggested that extraterrestrials are taking care of these arrests, in this, I would ask people reflect as to whether or not this is the same saviour like narrative.

Reflection of Consciousness

What I have been observing for the past 2 years is a power struggle within the deep state. Imagine the mafia families of New York and the wars they have amongst one another when one family, or two, decide they want to go after the family that has been in power for quite some time. All hell breaks loose. Within the deep state, I have been feeling as though Trump and the group he is the public face for is simply warring with another group within the deep state, a power struggle of multiple groups. This is not a good guys vs bad guys, alliance vs the bad guys etc. It’s simply a power struggle within multiple factions of powerful people. Just like organized crime.

What’s interesting about this is that typically the deep state has been very united in their work to maintain power and control over billions of people in the world. Don’t think a small group of people can control billions? What about the fact that a tiny group of people just put everyone on lockdown in their homes for this pandemic? They absolutely can control mass perception and mass action, but we have to agree, we have to actually listen and give away our power. And for centuries we have.

Back to the deep state, their unity has been their strength, but one thing people have done is they have dehumanized those in positions of power. Somehow seeing them as something magical, something unattainable, something we can’t relate to. And in that, we don’t feel they are part of this dance we’re having together on this planet as humans. The sense is they have ultimate power, are not affected by anything and in no way would be experiencing some of the similar thought and emotional based struggles the average person deals with. This way of thinking comes from the simple process of dehumanization. It represents disconnection. After all, isn’t the story of disconnection the overwhelming paradigm of our world today? Whether you choose to blame the deep state or not for that, look at your everyday life and how you act, do you not make choices and actions that come from a state of disconnection from others? I’m sure we all will find examples of that until we have shifted our state of being, and that’s just the point, we all share this planet and are connected to the same collective consciousness – deep state included. And so the underlying consciousness that drives them, also drives the masses. We are all humanity.

So what does this mean in relation to how the deep state is unravelling? Their lack of unity, perhaps war that they are experiencing,  resembles the same disconnection we often experience in our society. Instead of it just happening in ‘societal culture,’ it’s also happening to the most powerful, people who have long been unified. This level of polarity and disconnection is on display for all to see as a mirror that reflects back saying, see what this looks like? I mean, think of how absurd news and politics has become over the few years? You can take one route and blame it on Trump, or you explore the idea that the level of immaturity, identity politics and insanity that has ensued is simply one of an adolescent state of thinking and consciousness that pits us against one another over petty issues. What more do we need to see to begin realizing that the change that is needed here is one of the basic foundation of who we are? The way we think, relate to this world, and each other etc.

When you witness all the clashes, does it not give you a chance to ask: Do you see what this feels like? Is this the choice you still want to make? The world you wish to live in? Is this all humanity is capable of? Is it time for a new approach? Is what I’m partaking in with polarity and identity politics making things peaceful or more intense?

Our Opportunity

Will these events happen? Time will tell, but if they don’t, just like with past predictions, those who choose the path of sticking to these narratives will find an excuse as to why this didn’t happen in April, and may push the prediction out a few months. While others may say it happened behind the scenes and we just won’t find out. Either way, it’s time to do the inner work.

In case I wasn’t clear, it doesn’t overly matter whether arrests happen one day or not, even if they were to, I believe they would happen at a time where humanity’s consciousness was at a point where upon the ‘removal’ of such a deep state, we would already be empowered within enough to be peaceful, unite, come together, and create our world in a way that truly resembles something incredible.

But to be honest with how I feel, if humanity was truly individually empowered, aware of who we truly are and the connectedness to all that we truly have, we would simply walk away from the game the deep state is playing and they would have no power. we GIVE them their power, putting them in jail doesn’t remove the consciousness within humans that will suddenly GIVE power to a new set of leaders.

This is less about swapping one set of leaders for better leaders, and about a shift in human consciousness that opens us up to who we truly are and what we are truly capable of. It’s a change in how we think, feel, relate to our world, and relate to each other. When we shift the way we think and shift our state of being, that informs a new way of creating within our physical world. THIS is what this shift is about. Does that happen with an addictive focus on the mass arrests? That’s a question for you to explore.

Our opportunity here, especially as we have a major interruption in what we call ‘normal life’, is to slow life down, and truly begin asking who we truly are and what type of world we want to create. Exploring that is possibly the most powerful and impactful thing we can truly do right now.

To explore this more deeply, process it more deeply, check out this free video series I put together that dives into the key mechanisms and concepts involved in creating a world where we can truly thrive.

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Are You Sure You Want To Cancel 2020?



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Many people have been wanting to cancel 2020 given all of the challenges that have arisen this year, but are these challenges not what we need to wake up?

  • Reflect On:

    Is humanity living in a way we are truly capable of? Are we really going to change and create a world where we can thrive if we all remain in 'normal' with our heads down just getting by? Perhaps we need a shake up!

A massive evolution in the way we think and live is long overdue, and now the environment is perfectly set for it to happen. Many call this process ‘raising collective consciousness.’ It’s no secret, 2020 has been a intense year, and you may have noticed that many are creating memes calling for the cancellation of 2020. This comes from the idea of ‘cancel culture’ which is an ideology whereby anything we don’t like, even if it’s only some of us, has to be shamed into cancellation as opposed to dealing with what it truly says about us and why we’re triggered by it. But more on this in a moment.

Deep down I imagine you feel it. What we are doing on a day-to-day basis in our lives feels limiting and it feels like we are capable of much more. This feeling comes from an innate desire within the deepest aspect of who we are, our soul, to continually evolve and expand as a being. It’s almost as if we begin to feel uncomfortable when we become stagnant and stop evolving or growing.

Right now, our current way of living societally and our current mass unconsciousness is causing us to push away that deep desire. We do this because we have become so identified with thought, that if a desire to shift or change comes up, and we cannot rationalize nor see how we can change, and in turn, we push that desire away to hold onto what we have grown comfortable with.

Thus, intensity and chaos have ensued in our world in an attempt to wake us up. Perhaps it’s time to embrace this desire for change. Do we really want our world to simply go back to normal? Was normal truly allowing us to thrive?

Ridding 2020?

A lot of people have been sharing the idea that we want to get rid of or cancel 2020 because it has been such a ‘bad year.’ I understand what train of thought can lead here, and I understand what way of being can lead here, but regardless, I feel it’s an important time to embrace what’s going on and ask big questions about what we’re doing as a collective – living life so disconnected from anything that deeply resonates with us. What we call ‘chaos’ has always been a potent tool for evolution, only, we often get in the way of that evolution by remaining asleep to what’s really going on around us, and continually pushing away that knowing that we can create meaningful change.

Most of what is rising to the surface right now, in terms of truths regarding current events, are all realities that people have been telling others about for years – and yet most of us just went on our merry way, heads down, living life as if none of it was happening. For example, elite child sex trafficking is one collective trauma being faced right now by many, and every day I hear of more and more people facing this reality, unsure of what to do about it as they feel despair. I cannot blame anyone for wanting to hide from this information. Life can be tough and very demanding simply to get by, so questioning our reality and why it is the way it is may not be at the top of our priority list. It may feel easier to just go on with our lives as if it’s not real, continually voting, putting these ‘corrupt’ individuals in power and accepting life as it is.

But if life is providing experiences that give us a chance to evolve beyond this old paradigm, is it perhaps time we listen? Can we truly just keep our heads down as we watch our collective uncomfort rise and mental health decline as our world no longer resonates with our being?

Just because the truth makes us uncomfortable, doesn’t mean we don’t need to address it, it just means we are avoiding it, and if we continue to choose not to look, it will ‘blow up in our face’ – just as it is right now.

May years ago people would ask me ‘Joe, do you think people will one day know about all that is going on behind the scenes?’ I said yes, there are collective truths and traumas people will HAVE to face, there is no avoiding it. This is why so many people are doing their inner work and becoming helpful members of the global community who will be able to help others through their emotional upheavals when more of this truth continues to come out, just like it is right now.

The human race has been oppressed for centuries. At the core, is the suppression of human consciousness. The less we know who we truly are and what we are truly capable of, the more we can be coddled and controlled into living lives that serve a few. The reality of this is coming to the surface.

So should we cancel 2020? Or embrace what it’s trying to bring up on a deeper level, and choose to focus on inner work, personal transformation ad collective transformation? This, as opposed to mentally and emotionally running around trying to say why everything is wrong and bad, will this truly bring about meaningful change?

We’re All Playing Roles

With that said, instead of looking at who the good guys are and who the bad guys are, I challenge others to think of it in terms of roles. What role are people playing for one another that allows us to question what’s going on, learn a lesson, and change? Do you want the world as it is today to continue in this manner? Do you feel we are capable of harmony and thrivability? What do you want the world to look like?

Viewing it in this manner will bring us to solutions as opposed to arguing about what the problems are from our political point of view. Staying within the paradigm of our current world, where we create sides, argue, and remain in a political landscape, will always create more separation and will limit our potential, won’t it? It’s time for a new perspective, a new way of looking at things, and in order for that to happen we must come to terms with what not paying attention has created in our reality.

When we live in this manner, are we living life fully? Or are we just getting by? Are we caught up in the future or the past, trying to live in those states? Or are we fully living now? Are we ready to move from a state of being where we are identified with our thoughts and ego constantly, and move to a state where we are truly who we are, our awareness, living fully?

This is what this transition is about. This is what 2020 is helping to bring forth: the necessary events and revelations that push us deeply to question our lives and society. Start dreaming again, start thinking outside the box. Whatever world you choose to plug into is the one we will actively create. If you feel humanity is capable of something different, or better, beyond just the changing of a president, then now is the time to truly put your intention and action into that.

It’s a potent time for change. Perhaps we don’t want to wish normal back into existence?

Explore this process more deeply here.

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Full Moon In Aquarius: Erratic Progression



We are having a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd/4th, it will appear the fullest on night of the 2nd in Western North America. This is the peak of the Lunar cycle that began with a New Moon in Cancer on July 20th/21st, as some of the themes mentioned in that article are still in effect.

The energies of a Full Moon are strongest in the days surrounding it yet its astrological configurations also play a part over the following two weeks. You may start to see its effects slowly build up after the New Moon prior to it.

Full Moons are a period in which we feel a push-pull between two opposing signs, in this case being the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo. It can play out as either a conflict, an integration, or some sort of dynamic playing out between the energies of both signs. The Moon reflects the expression of feeling and emotion while the Sun reflects the expression of ego and conscious self.

We may feel this opposition happening individually within us and/or we can also experience it play out around us with some people (or circumstances) expressing the Aquarius side and others expressing the Leo side. In some cases, Full Moons can also reflect/trigger some sort of change or release.

Full Moon In Aquarius Opposite Sun In Leo

We have been in Leo season since July 22nd and will continue until August 22nd/23rd. This is the sign of self-expression, creativity, love, affection, children, courage, vitality, passion, leadership, generosity, and playfulness. Ruled by the Sun, it is also about shining in our power and being in alignment with what really lights us up and gets us excited.

The negative expressions of Leo can be egotistical, self-absorbed, authoritarian, dramatic, stubborn, jealous, and hot-tempered.  As it is associated with seeking praise and attention, it can be demanding of respect and be boisterous without considering or caring about how others respond to that.

The Full Moon highlights and brings the energies of the opposing sign of Aquarius into this Leo backdrop. This is the sign of friends, networks, social dynamics, the group, the team, humanity, and being in the best interest of the collective. Associated with Uranus, it can be unconventional, idealistic, innovative, progressive, original, inventive, technological, reforming, and even revolutionary.

Negatively, Aquarius can be overly detached, aloof, unemotional, and very invested in the mind at the expense of the heart. Traditionally ruled by Saturn, it can also be unyielding when it comes to the ideas and perspectives that it has already decided on.

Both Leo and Aquarius have some similarities. They are ‘Fixed’ signs and therefore can both be determined yet stubborn. They are also both associated with originality and authenticity. In Aquarius, this comes from its unconventional and innovative Uranian attributes while in Leo it comes from being inspired by its Solar heart centred self-expression.

Full Moon Square Uranus, Sextile Chiron

The Sun and Moon are in a T-square aspect with Uranus bringing its energy strongly into the equation. This planet is associated with Aquarius and viewed as a modern ruler of this sign, therefore it emphasizes some of the Aquarian themes mentioned above.

This can also reflect an energy that is disruptive, unpredictable, erratic, nonconforming, and rebellious. It can be hard to focus and more prone to sudden changes, accidents, loss, or separations. However, it can also reflect liberation, breakthroughs, excitement, and is a good time to shake things up and try new approaches to things.

This Full Moon is in a supportive sextile with Chiron which shares unorthodox and innovative qualities with Uranus. Chiron is also about bringing healing and wholeness to a situation and is associated with personal growth. It brings a potential for integration, learning, problem solving, finding solutions, purpose, and the elevation of consciousness.

Full Moon Sextile Mars, Squaring Jupiter & Pluto During Pre-Retrograde Shadow

The Sun-Moon opposition is in a harmonious aspect with Mars which can bring an active, asserting, energetic, sexual, or even a competitive or fighting energy. Mars is also in its own sign of Aries as it slows down to go retrograde on September 9th/10th. We will be experiencing a period of adjustments over the coming months in how we apply Mars in certain areas of our lives depending on our personal birth charts. Some of the things that are happening this month, leading up to it, will contribute to that process.

At the time of this Full Moon, Mars is also in a tight square with Jupiter which has been building up in the days prior. It also moves towards a square with Pluto over the following two weeks. We may overextend ourselves during this time or do things in an excessive, overconfident, compulsive or obsessive way.

Conflicts around beliefs, perspectives, hidden matters, or abuse can also arise. As we get closer to mid-August the energy becomes more intense with an increased potential of power struggles. This aspect can trigger passion and is good for strategic actions. All of these factors mentioned in this section are cranking up Mars energy overall. I will be writing a separate article on the upcoming retrograde as we get closer to it, join my mailing list here to ensure that you receive it.

Mercury & Venus In Hard Aspects With Saturn, Venus Conjunct North Node

Mercury is in a tight opposition with Saturn. This can reflect thoughts or conversations that are cautious, hesitant, pessimistic, or limiting. We may experience delays or obstacles around commuting or communications with others.  The need to be realistic around certain issues may also come up.

Like Mercury, Venus has social qualities and is also in a hard aspect with Saturn, this one being a frustrating quincunx. It can be hard to integrate or juggle Saturnian areas of responsibilities, commitments, boundaries, discipline, and structures with Venus areas of friendships, love, pleasures, sensuality, values, money, attraction, or other things that are aesthetic related. We may need to be extra adaptable or make adjustments.

Venus is also moving towards a conjunction with the Lunar North Node in Gemini in the days following this Full Moon. New relations, or developments around past relations, could have a fated quality that can bring growth and help us to move forward in a better or constructive way.  Our perception or approach to Venus ruled areas (mentioned in above paragraph) may evolve in a helpful manner.

Things To Consider

In what areas of your life should you try new approaches? What can you do to shake things up? What are some potential solutions for issues you are facing? How can you use your creativity in an innovative way? What are your relations with others pushing you towards? How can you be more of a team player? How can you better balance needs of self with the needs of the group?   What parts of your life are calling for originality and authenticity?

These are just some examples of themes that could come up during this period; however, there may be other variations of this energy playing out as well.  If you wish to do any sort of intentional release connected to what has come up at this Full Moon, it is best to do so anytime over the two weeks following when it is waning. The exact moment of this Full Moon is on August 3rd at 3:59pm Universal Time. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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The Benefits of Keeping A Dream Journal



Recently, scientists from Caltech university proved that an ancient species of jellyfish has a sleep cycle. All known mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish on planet earth sleep, but this finding means sleep does not require a brain, and is one of the most ancient evolutionary traits around. So, a very important one.

If sleep is so important, could dreams be too? Dreams aren’t given much importance in modern society. In fact, dream sharing is considered oversharing around most office water coolers. But there are big benefits to taking your dreams seriously, and to keeping a dream journal. Even the Ancient Egyptians were known to keep “dream books.”

Faster Problem Solving

Many studies show that a well-rested mind is a smarter one. Students preparing for a test, for example, scored better when they dreamed about the test beforehand. Every night when you dream, your brain processes and categorizes all the day’s events. Your brain needs to dream to make sense of your waking life. But sleeping is not all you can do. By taking the extra step to remember and interpret your dreams upon waking, you are telling your brain that dreams are important to you. As a result, your dreams will take on a much more educational and beneficial role in your life.

Overcoming Anxiety

Nightmares are no fun, but they serve a purpose. Even rats have nightmares! A bad dream can help reveal your innermost fears, and give you a way to cope with them safely. If you’re like most people, you forget your dreams whenever you wake up. A dream journal will help you develop dream recall, causing you to notice different dream patterns, including reoccurring nightmares. This will give you valuable insight into all the anxieties that are holding you back in life, and give you a head start on addressing them. If you are having a reoccurring nightmare about being fired from your job, for example, you should practice positive thinking at work and confront any workplace challenges you have sooner than later.

Opportunity to Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming, or becoming aware during a dream, can be induced by dream journaling. Lucid dreaming is a relatively fun and healthy hobby that has its own set of powerful mental health benefits. Many lucid dreamers regularly converse with “spirit guides” that give them advice and predictions to be used in the real world.

Better Spiritual Awareness

Ancient Egyptians believed that dreams contained messages from the gods, and so kept a careful record of them. The Egyptians weren’t the first to come up with this concept, and certainly weren’t the last. Every culture, it seems, from the Greeks to the Native Americans, have had similar beliefs about dreams.

Modern day mystics, including the late psychic Edgar Cayce, often focus on dreams as a way to remember past lives. Unbelievably, scientists have proven that memories and dreams can be inherited, passed on from generation to generation just like eye colour.

Whatever your belief system, keeping a dream journal forces you into a daily habit of thoughtful reflection, making you more aware of your deeper, wiser self over time.

Deciding to keep a dream journal could be one of the easiest, yet more life-changing decisions you’ve ever made! Luckily, there are many resources online to help get you started with a dream diary. Here are some beginner’s tips for keeping a dream journal:
•    Write in your dream journal every morning after you wake up
•    Don’t worry about stylist things like grammar, punctuation, or spelling
•    Keep your dream journal next to your bedside
•    Focus on dreams that are reoccurring
•    Remember to bring your dream journal with you when you travel

Before radio, television, and the Internet, people relied heavily on the dream world for entertainment and guidance, and this may have helped them to be more in touch with their inner self and spiritual side. By keeping a dream journal, you too can learn to tune out the outside world and tune up our own inner, conscious self.

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