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How the Simulation Hypothesis Explains The Unexplainable: Ghosts, UFOs, ESP & More



Do we live in the Matrix? If so, it would explain many unexplainable things.

In this article, I will explore how The Simulation Hypothesis, the idea that we live inside a giant video game, can bring order to chaos by explaining unexplainable phenomena.

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These include  UFO reports (often by credible witnesses), mind over matter (including experiments with quantum random number generators and spoon bending), remote viewing, out of body experiences, accounts of telepathy, near death experience, even ghosts and other spectral phenomenon.

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For more about  whether these phenomena exist, there are thousands of reported cases, and studies as well as literature from from places like the University of Virgina, the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF), SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute) , The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), Princeton’s PEAR Lab, MUFON and many others.

For more about simulation theory itself, you can read my book, The Simulation Hypothesis: An MIT Computer Scientist Shows Why AI, Quantum Physics and Eastern Mystics Agree We Are In a Video Game, or read one of numerous interviews and articles.

When Our Existing Models Don’t Work

The standard scientific viewpoint is to ignore these phenomena because they cannot be reproduced or explained.  The Simulation Hypothesis, on the other hand, gives us a framework to understand how these things might not just be possible, but might be built into the fabric of what we call “physical reality”.

Several hundred years ago, scientists dismissed anecdotal evidence of “rocks falling from the sky.”  It was considered absurd because everyone knew that there were no “rocks in the sky”, so how could they possibly be falling to Earth?

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The problem wasn’t that there wasn’t any evidence, it was just anecdotal. In fact, there had been numerous reports of rocks falling from the sky since the beginning of time, and in some cases, there were even dark rocks as physical evidence (like the cornerstone of the Kaaba in Mecca, for example).  The real issue was that the most popular cosmological model bought into by the majority of scientists in those days didn’t have a mechanism or explanation for how such a thing could happen, so scientists dismissed it outright.

Figure 1: Scientists Didn’t Believe in Meteorites Until an 1803 Meteor Shower in France (source: Smithsonian Magazine)

It wasn’t until a widely seen meteor shower in 1803, with thousands of rocks falling from the sky in France, that the French National Academy of Science seriously investigated and was forced to reconsider its underlying assumptions. They had to admit that their prevailing model was incomplete.

The problem today is also not simply a lack of evidence. Once again, it is that our dominant cosmological model – the one favored by most scientists –  a type of realistic materialism, doesn’t provide a mechanism for these types of events – therefore it’s  absurd to think they could exist.

Even though the baffling findings of quantum mechanics have started to create cracks in the solidity of the wall of the current model, the meaning of its results are still being debated.  This means that in  the prevailing model, physicality, separateness and mind-body duality are the core obstacles in understanding unexplained phenomenon. Separateness assumes that physical objects and beings and locations across the galaxy are separate entities, separated by the gulfs of space and time. Mind-body duality implies, that there is no way that our consciousness or our thoughts can play a part in the clock-work like physical world.  And despite quantum physics findings tot he contrary, physicality assumes such a clock-like physical, material world.

Enter the Matrix

The model presented by simulation theory is that  we all live in inside a computer generated reality, like the sophisticated video game.  The operations system and commands render what we see around us based on information that lives “in the cloud” on a distant server somewhere, and each of us can access some subset of this information.

If we drill down on this model, one of the distinctions that becomes apparent is that there are really multiple versions of simulation theory. These are 1) the NPC version (non-player characters, or AIs within games) and 2) the RPG version (Role Playing Game) version, which I also like to call the Matrix Version.

In the NPC version, we are all simulated beings (AI) running on a sophisticated computer, and we have no independent existence outside of the running of the game.  In the RPG version, just as in the Matrix, the individual players exist outside the game, but play “avatars’ inside the simulation.

Figure 2: The Different Version of Simulation Theory: NPC vs. RPG

You’ll notice that these aren’t mutually exclusive (you can have both NPCs and Avatars in an MMORPG like World of Warcraft, for example).  Most academics who consider simulation theory – including Oxford’s Nick Bostrom, whose simulation argument in his 2003 paper, Are You Living in a Computer Simulation, kicked off the recent spate of interest in simulation theory –  imply strongly that we should focus on the NPC version. They don’t always say this outright, but the statistics at the core of the simulation argument imply that most, if not all of us, are NPCs.

On the other hand, the RPG version of simulation theory, where we exist as both “players” and “avatars”,  is potentially more interesting and explains many more things about our physical universe, so we can move beyond a statistical argument into a whole new way of looking at and understanding the world around us.

Armed with this new model, we can start to make sense of things which previously seemed “impossible” or “unexplainable”.

Let’s look at some of these phenomena and see how the Simulation Hypothesis might be the answer that we have been looking for all along, bringing explanations.

Remote Viewing, OBEs and Telepathy:

One area that is impossible according to the standard materialist model of the universe, is to perceive, without an apparent mechanism (like a telescope or a television) what is happening somewhere in the physical world other than where our physical body is.

Two areas that are related are “remote viewing” and “out of body experiences” (or OBE’s).  Again, despite there being quite a bit of information from experiments run by SRI (the Stanford Research Institute) in the 1970’s for the CIA that remote viewing sometimes works and has provided actionable data for both the intelligence community and local law enforcement which turned out to be correct, the standard response is to simply ignore or dismiss this evidence.

Similarly, there are many OBE cases, which is often, coincidentally, the first step in a Near Death Experience, where the person finds themselves out of their body, looking down on their body and the doctors and others in the room.  There is evidence that patients have been able to recall things being said by the doctors and nurses, and to describe scenes occurring both inside and outside of the room when they were under general anesthesia (including by some individuals that were born blind, describing objects on the outside of hte building that weren’t visible from the room).

However, when we adopt the Simulation Hypothesis, both of these experiences, OBEs and Remote Viewing, becomes not only easy to explain, but a natural consequence of how the “game” is implemented.

In video games, our character (or avatar) is located at a particular set of  x,y,z coordinates in an expansive three-dimensional world. The whole world consists of information and coordinates that theoretically go out to infinity, but our avatars are only able to perceive the coordinates around them.  However, in many video games, it turns out that it’s very possible to change the location of the virtual camera to any x,y,z coordinate in the entire 3d world.

The rendering engine doesn’t care which coordinates it is rendering, it’s just been told to render only the area around your avatar.  One very good explanation of how Remote viewing and OBE’s works is that our virtual camera is detached from our avatar, and we are able to move it around the three dimensional world and “see” what is happening elsewhere.

A related experience, and even more confounding experience is when a person gets knowledge of an event that is occurring many miles away in a dream. Interesting enough, one of the most common experiences of mental telepathy seems to happen around the death of a loved one.  In the RPG version of the simulation hypothesis, this means that one of your friends has left the game … and you are being notified in some way from those that run the game.  Since our “instant messaging” is clearer when we are in the dream state, they are visiting us there rather than in our waking life.

NDEs, the Life Review

There has been a considerable amount of research regarding Near Death Experiences- and much of the descriptions are similar. In his 1976 book, Life after Life, Raymond Moody catalogued a number of similar stages that were reported by people that had near death experiences.   Subsequent studies of thousands of cases, including those from different parts fo the world and from children, have confirmed many of the elements and stages that Moody found in his initial research.

One of the most commonly reported and most incredible aspects of NDE’s is the Life Review. When I wrote The Simulation Hypothesis, I interviewed Dannion Brinkley, who wrote Saved by the Light and described a particularly vivid NDE when he was struck by lightning.  He called it a “panoramic 360 degree life review” and said that he had to experience every moment in his life, but he had to experience it from the other persons perspective.  It is like a 3D broadcast where you can step into the emotions of others in your life. This was an incredible experience, which changed his perspective about the meaning and purpose of life.  He was in the military and had to actually experience what it was like to be the victim of a shooting.

This of course makes no sense from a materialist point of view. The materialist explanation is that NDE’s are just random neurons firing.  This doesn’t hold up when you look at the consistency of the reports and the testimony of neuroscientists who say that in some cases, there is no way there is any electrical activity in the brain whatsoever.

In the Simulation Hypothesis, particularly the RPG version, this could be easily explained by you “waking up” out of this simulated game, and that there have been processes which are running which have been recording not just our actions, but the results.  In computer science, we define daemons, using the Greek term for demons, which are processes which run on the server without needing any intervention. In video games, we can record every part of a 3D game like Call of Duty  or League of Legends.  In fact, a few years ago I was part of a video game company that recorded a 3D game, and you could put on virtual reality glasses and you could literally experience any scene, or ever scene of a gameplay that already happened.

In the western religious traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), this process is normally handled by recording angels, who write down in a “book” (the Book of Life or the Scroll of Deeds), everything that you have done. In the Islamic traditions these angels even have names and these deeds are reviewed with us after we die. Interestingly, we not only see the “deeds” we have done but their impact on those around us and how these deeds may have echoed in the lives of countless other people.  this sounds a lot like the Life Review that NDErs report.

In the Eastern religious traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism, there is also an idea that every act has been recorded and stored, and will have to be accounting for in the more complex version of Karma, stored in some incomprehensive global database called “the Akashic Records”.  Of course, 3d recording and video games didn’t exist at the times these philosophies were articulated, but if they were, they probably wouldn’t call it the Book of Life or the Scroll of Deeds, but rather the “database where scenes of the video game” are recorded.

Figure 3: A Depiction of a Recording Angel from Washington DC

The Life Review, whether that reported by NDErs or in the religious settings, sounds a lot like what we do when we review video game performance.  Clearly we don’t have the technology to understand how other players felt, but as video games introduce brain computer and haptic interfaces, the possibility that we might develop similar technology in the future is quite likely.

The Simulation Hypothesis provides us with the cosmological model that is the key to understanding what all of the religions have been telling us all along.  They have been telling us that there is a world beyond the physical, that we are being watched by supernatural beings, and that everything we do is being recorded, and that we will have to account for our actions after we die …

UFOs and UAPs:

One of the biggest mysteries since the end of World War II (and before) is the appearance of technological craft in the sky exhibiting behavior that seems to defy the laws of physics as we know them.  The subject is getting attention (again) since the New York Times did a prominent story in 2017, which included release of several unexplainable videos.   The Navy recently admitted that the items shown in the videos weren’t military technology and they were classified as UAPs (or Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon), the newer, less loaded term for UFOs.

In the materialistic worldview, there may be aliens on planets far far away, but it’s highly unlikely they are here.  Why not? Because our technology and understanding of the laws of physics does allow it! Once again, we are back to modern science ignoring things “in the sky” because they don’t’ fit our current cosmological model.

What might be needed to give the subject more serious consideration would be an event like the French meteor shower of 1803, which was witnessed by thousands of people.  Actually, it turns out it’s already happened, multiple times – in Washington DC in the 1950s and in Phoenix in the 1990s.  Even a little bit of serious investigation and talking to witnesses (which many materialists aren’t willing to do) of these two mass sightings (not to mention the recent Navy pilot sightings reported by the New York Times and others) would reveal that the conventional explanations (temperature inversions, flares) fall far short of the data.

Figure 4: In 1952, a whole fleet of UFOs flew over  Washington, DC and no adequate explanation was given.

However, one of the most troubling aspects of UFOs goes beyond the  fact that these craft exhibit properties that no known aircraft (based on our present understanding of aerodynamics and gravity) could achieve. These even more “absurd” or “baffling” elements come into play with reports of objects in the sky, and in the even stranger “abduction” reports, which were made famous in the 1990s in the X-Files.  In both of these types of alien-y experience, there seems to be a material as well as non-material aspect.  In the case of abduction reports, strange beings seem to “move through walls”, communicate with people telepathically and otherwise defy any ideas of our understanding of the material world.  This sounds so absurd that it’s no wonder that most scientists don’t take them seriously, right?

When I first met with Dr. Jacques Vallee, who has been investigating these phenomena longer than just about anyone else alive (he was involved with Project Blue Book, the Air Force’s investigation into UFOs in the 1960s), he explicitly made the point that UFO’s can not be seen only as a “nuts and bolts” phenomenon.  Many reports that he investigated seem to have a consciousness element to them.  He told me that there were many cases where two people standing together where one sees the UFO and one doesn’t, as if they can be seen “selectively”, and as if these events were being staged for us in some way to “gauge our reactions”.  He calls this a level of “absurdity” in UFO reports, which make them much harder to investigate and understand than even rocks falling from the sky were for eighteenth century scientists.

Even the “nuts and bolts” view of UFOs is too much outside of our existing cosmological model for most modern scientists to study it seriously.  In this view, UFOs are either advanced terrestrial or extra-terrestrial craft. But if, like Dr. Vallee, you start to look more deeply into UFO reports, you start to realize that we may need a bigger paradigm shift than that!

The conventional scientific model would be ascribe known airborne objects (weather balloons, swamp gas) to some reports, and discard the reports which involve an element of consciousness completely. After all, in a standard materialistic view of the universe, either an object is there, or it isn’t!

But this phenomenon is so widespread, and with such similar reports from around the globe, that it requires deeper investigation into what’s going on.  It occurred to me that this kind of “conditional rendering” is something we do often in video games and may not be so “absurd” after all.  If you are a level 30 character vs. a level 2 character, even if you are in the same scene, we might show your avatar something that the other avatar doesn’t see.  We might even send you a little private message (outside the rendered world) about this object, communication that would seem telepathic to another avatar since they couldn’t measure or observe it.

The idea that we are living in a world that is conditionally rendered fits the UFO data much better than either conventional explanation (that they don’t exist, or that they are misidentifications of terrestrial craft).

The rendering idea doesn’t contradict the materialist world view – once they are fully rendered, they are considered “physical” objects. And anyone who has played Second Life or an MMORPG can realize that sometimes you can move your hand through the wall or walk right through it, while the rendering process is still on-going.

When you have a better model, suddenly things go from “impossible” to almost “trivial”.  Armed with the simulation hypothesis, the most baffling and difficult to understand aspects of UFOs begin to make much more sense.

Ghosts and Apparitions

Ghosts and spectral phenomenon have been reported in almost every country on earth for thousands of years.  Sometimes, the reports include seeing the image of a person who died (often violently) at the particular location.

While some sightings might be classified as “interactive”, there are many more cases of sights and sounds which seem to come from another time, but the same place.  These reports often are related to a person who died and sound like seeing a “replay”.

Investigative journalist Leslie Kean, in her 2017 book, Surviving Death, provides many examples.  She says: “People perceive figures, sounds, and voices related to people or activity, smells, and even sensations that they conclude are caused by a ‘ghost’ …  However, these ghosts seem to be acting in a repetitive patterns and are essentially locked to a location such as a house, bar, restaurant, hotel, plot of land, or on rare occasion to an object … These phenomenon are called hauntings, or alternatively, place memory.”

In the materialistic world view, there is no basis for these reports, and so they should be ignored as “imagination”, a much less than satisfactory explanation (in fact, no explanation at all, really). But the universality of these reports is what makes them interesting.

The simulation hypothesis, on the other hand, provides a reasonable explanation of what is happening: the scene that is recorded is simply stuck in a “playback” mode, and the pixels/hologram of the scene are being projected into the same physical space. However, since the physical space doesn’t actually exist, but is being rendered by our brains based on data, it’s very possible that we are picking up data from another time – a bug in the system if you will.   Keane further explains: “However, these are more like holograms .. they are like a loop of a videotape playing itself over and over,” and she even refers to them as “recordings.”

One scientists who thinks this is possible is University of North Carolina at Wilmington computer scientist Curry Guinn, who made news in late 2019 by suggesting that ghosts could be “glitches in the matrix” from a simulated reality. “Glitches in the system. Deja Vu, such as in the Matrix movie when a character sees a cat crossing a doorway repeatedly, may be one glitch. Ghosts, ESP, coincidences may be others.” Curry said, according to WRAL Techwire.

But there are even stranger aspects to apparitions that are interactive and respond to living beings. In some cases, they apparitions are deceased family members who seem to be “looking in” on the grandkids, for example.  In general, children seem to be more susceptible to interacting with these apparitions.

As an example, Kean documents a case in Livermore, CA, of a family who moved into a house that they later learned was “haunted”. The son, Chris had been seeing and talking to the ghost of a woman, Lois.  Upon research, Lois turned out to be the previous owner of the house who had been born in the house in 1917 and died in 1980. The ghost even told Chris that she had “let” the parents see her sometimes, but not as often or as interactively as she did with Chris. This “friendly ghost” case got even more complicated when Kean brought in a psychic to communicate with Lois, and Lois said that she had the ability to decide if “everyone” could see her, or if only “certain people” can see her.

This seems to imply that, separate from the “playback” scenario, there is another scenario: where some players of the game are making decisions about who can see them or not. Based on their “advanced” level, they can decide who can see them, and who they can interact with. The Simulation Hypothesis provides a reasonable explanation of how this could work.

Mind over Matter, Telekinesis and Spoon Bending

Finally, we come to another baffling set of phenomena that are so outside of our standard model that scientists can clearly dismiss them without listening or investigating. Can consciousness actually influence physical objects and processes?

Of course, we don’t need to go back 200 years to find scientists who would dismiss this idea outright. Even 50 years ago, the idea that mental stress could impact a physical disease seemed “absurd”.  The “machine” model of the human body had no place for consciousness or stress or emotional states.  Everything was physical so of course your state of mind cannot play a role in whether you get a certain disease or not!   This model has, grudgingly started to change, with the acceptance that activities, including mental activities which reduce stress can influence the body. The mechanism isn’t fully understood, but at least there is a mechanism (thoughts influence the immune system, the immune system then influences the physical body). Alongside of this realization, western medical science is still (also very grudgingly) beginning to admit that practices that storied doctors of the past may have dismissed as “absurd”, like Meditation, Yoga, Visualization, as well as body oriented therapies like Acupuncture and Massage, could actually have a material impact on the body.

These results alone should give scientists pause with their certainly that consciousness is unable to influence matter. Of course, thus far we were only talking about influencing matter one’s own body, which is much easier to accept in the standard model.

In peer-reviewed research conducted at Princetons’ PEAR Lab, which was started to explore anomalies like telekinesis, experiments found that individuals could influence quantum random number generators. These are processes, which according to the laws of quantum mechanics might be the only true random things in our universe.

In the basic experiment, the quantum random number generators were translated into bits of information (simulating a quantum coin toss), which theoretically should even out over time to 50% for each value as the number of trials went up.  The experiments were run with control groups and with individuals who were told to try to “influence” the RNGs with just their thoughts.=

The results varied significantly from what chance might allow, varying from one in a million to one in a trillion.  The results of this experiment were not only peer reviewed, in some cases they were reproduced such as by Dr. Dean Radin at IONS.  In his experiments, the evidence that individuals can influence quantum states of matter with only thoughts is stronger, for example, than evidence that you should take a daily dose of aspirin to help prevent heart attacks.

To be clear, in both the Princeton and the IONs experiments , while the results exceeded what chance would allow, there was high variability based on the individual. Some people could influence quantum phenomenon in laboratory settings much more than others.  Our current scientific models of reality don’t allow for different effects based on individual talents or proclivities, which is why these results are still “controversial” in mainstream circles.

Speaking of controversial, this brings us to the most odd example of mind over matter that viewers of the Matrix will be most familiar with: the phenomenon of spoon-bending.  This phenomenon recalls the famous scene where Neo is trying to bend the spoon and is told by a young, bald kid the secret to spoon-bending: Remember, there is no spoon!

When I spoke at Google and showed a picture of this scene, it drew chuckles.  Then I showed a picture of a spoon-bending party that had been conducted at the IONS conference just the week before down the road in Santa Clara who writes about it (here ), there was shock and disbelief that I could be suggesting anything other than spoon-bending was all a hoax.

The protocol for PK Parties like this one was set up by aerospace engineer Jack Houck, who came up with the idea after meeting researchers from SRI and hearing about their results on remote viewing.

How does it work? The physics aren’t understood, but Houck claimed that there was something about a group intention that allowed the metal to become pliable for a “short period of time”. In fact, Houck states (on a website setup  that the “fun” of a party is important not just in having the intention but making it light and playful so that people can “let go” of their inner beliefs.

He states that the worst PK party he ever had was at Los Alamos, where there was a group of nine PhD physicists who worked together, along with their wives families.  He found that none of the physicists were able to achieve any results. At the same party, though, their wives, and many of their children, were able to bend the silverware!  He ascribes this not to their being physicists but the fact that they all worked together – since individually without their co-workers present, physicists didn’t have an issue producing results.

These results don’t make sense in a world fully described by the materialist point of view. On the other hand, if we are conscious agents playing a video game, rendering objects around us, then we can, with our thoughts, which exist outside of the rendered world, influence what gets rendered. It’s like issuing a super-user command into the game while watching the scene.

These anomalous results – the spoon bending, the quantum random number generators, and others like them, suggest that not only is our “material” reality not all there is, but that it can be manipulated by our thoughts.


In the Matrix, Neo was told to remember that the spoon doesn’t exist

Science has always relied on models of the universe to make sense of it. As we have been able to put together precise mathematical descriptions, we have been able to make incredible progress. Unfortunately, models are, by their nature, incomplete.  They try to describe some aspect of reality, and by doing so, almost always leave out other aspect of the real world that cannot be explained, reproduced.

The best example of this was rocks falling from the sky, which were dismissed outright by scientists because the models of the time didn’t acknowledge that there were any rocks in the sky – so of course they couldn’t be falling from the sky!   This is similar to the reaction that most scientists give to the unexplained phenomenon explored here – life after death, ESP, ghosts, remote viewing and even telekinesis.

The Simulation Hypothesis provides an alternate model that could push us light years forward in understanding these phenomena.  If we view “the physical universe” as a rendered version of information that is stored somewhere on the “cloud”, then many of the things which are currently labeled “impossible” or “unexplainable” become not only “possible” but “explainable”.

In other words, there is no matter, only information.

This would mean that there is no spoon, after all.  There never was.

Rizwan Virk is the founder of Play Labs @ MIT and the author of The Simulation Hypothesis: An MIT Computer Scientist Shows Why AI, Quantum Physics and Eastern Mystics All Agree We Are in a Video Game. Visit his website at

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Extraordinary Children Who Can Do “Impossible” Things: A Documented Reality



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    A document archived in the CIA's electronic reading room written by a University Professor details the reality of children, and adults, who have gifted abilities in the area of parapsychology.

  • Reflect On:

    Why has this kind of phenomena been ridiculed in the mainstream, yet vigorously and secretively studied at the highest levels of government?

Cassandra Vieten, PhD and current President/CEO at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), which was founded by astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, could not have put it any better. She said, “There seems to be a deep concern that the whole field (science) will be tarnished by studying phenomenon that is tainted by its association with superstition, spiritualism and magic. Protecting against this possibility sometimes seems more important than encouraging scientific exploration or protecting academic freedom. But this may be changing.”

The statement above is true, for years discoveries have been rejected simply because they are big time paradigm busters. No matter how much truth, validity and scientific backing they have, the simple fact that they conflict with long held belief systems is enough to brush them off. It’s great to see this changing, because it’s important to expand human consciousness, which is done so by pushing the boundaries of what we think we know and discovering new concepts of our reality that we once thought held no validity, but actually do.

How much scientific validity do topics like psychokinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy and remote viewing (all fit under the umbrella of parapsychology) have? Here is a great quote from Dr. Jessica Utts, the Chair of the Department of Statistics at the University of California, Irvine and a professor there since 2008.

“What convinced me was just the evidence, the accumulating evidence as I worked in this field and I got to see more and more of the evidence. I visited the laboratories, even beyond where I was working to see what they were doing and I could see that they had really tight controls…And so I got convinced by the good science that I saw being done. And in fact I will say as a statistician I’ve consulted in a lot of different areas of science; the methodology and the controls on these experiments are tighter than any other area of science where I’ve worked.”  (source)

China’s Psychic Children

Are there psychic children in China? It’s hard to believe that there are not after one dives into the documentation that’s been made available through the long process of declassification, or by Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) requests. One can simply examine the science of parapsychology alone and come to the conclusion that yes, something significant is going on here when it comes to the phenomena within the realm of parapsychology.

Not only is this type of phenomenon being reported today, but it’s been throughout history and across many cultures, this is evident in ancient literature, from the Vedic texts and the yoga sutras, to Jesus, Moses, Milarepa, Mohammed and more. Again, modern day evidence is suggesting that these abilities are much more than folklore.

One interesting article/document I cam across is titled “China’s Psychic Savants.” I accessed it from the CIA’s electronic reading room. It’s a document that was written by Marcel Truzzi, a former professor at Eastern Michigan University and founding co-chairman of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), and a founder of the Society for Scientific Exploration.

The introduction provides a good background of the lore from China regarding this phenomenon,

Eleven-year-old Tang Yu and his friend Chen Xioming were on their way home from school in the remote mountain village of Dazhu County when they began to wrestle. Tang brushed against Chen’s coat pocket, the story goes, and had the sudden vision of two Chinese symbols. He described the vivid symbols to Chen, who pulled a package of Flying Wild Goose cigarettes from his pocket. The label on the side of the package, the boys reported, consisted of the two symbols Tan Yu had “seen.”

Tang Yu was reluctant to share his discovery with Tang Keming, his fifty-year-old peasant father. He knew his claim would sound like a lie. Instead, he began to play guessing games with the villagers. He asked them to write random characters on pieces of paper, crumple the paper into balls, and let him hold each ball in turn next to his ear. Tang then guessed the message within, his guesses, it was said, always proved right. Word of the boy spread beyond his small town to all the Sichuan province in central China.

Soon the region’s science commission and its bureau of education and culture had asked to examine Tang, and researchers there confirmed his ability to identify words and colours on small wads of paper held to his ear. News reporters and awe-struck officials of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee quickly backed those results, and on March 11, 1979, this remarkable tale was published in Sichuan Daily.

Truzzi goes on,

Reports began coming in about children with powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, X-ray vision, and psychokinesis. The typical child was between the ages of nine and fourteen, but a few were as young as four or as old as twenty-five; and it was estimated by Feng Hua, a traditional Chinese physician, that there were about 2,000 such gifted children within the Chinese population of 1 billion.

By early 1980 these remarkable children had made their way to the pages of China’s prestigious Nature Journal. And that February the surge of interest prompted Nature Journal to sponsor a huge conference – the First Science Symposium on the Extraordinary Function of the Human Body – for participants from more than 20 colleges and medical schools. The proceedings were filmed by the Shanghai Science and Education Studio, and the film, called Do You Believe It? was shown over national television to millions of Chinese.

He then goes on to describe a number of cases and examples, it’s quite interesting, but there are many to choose from beyond this specific document that provide great examples. The facts Truzzi write about here were were also outlined in a declassified US Air Force report on teleportation, which was made available through the Federation of American Scientists. That document also touches upon China’s psychic children, mentioning, in this case, the ones that were able to teleport full objects from one location to another without touching them.

Another one, titled “Research into Paranormal Ability To Break Through Spatial Barriers”  touches upon the same thing, and also provides multiple examples of children and people being video tapped and documented, under double blind conditions, being able to do the same thing. This particular document, which was declassified through a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA), outlines specific people with very special abilities and how they’ve been studied by thousands of scientists and governments around the world for a very long time.

Pretty intriguing, isn’t it?

The Takeaway

It’s very interesting that studies regarding parapsychological phenomenon have been conducted at the highest levels of government, particularly within the defense department of multiple countries, with successful results. A great example from the United States was the remote viewing program, remote viewing refers to the ability to perceive a remote location other that the one the individual is located in, regardless of distance.

The success of this program is  outlined in a statement made by Dr. Hal Puthoff from a paper published after the program’s declassification in 1995:

“To summarize, over the years, the back-and-forth criticism of protocols, refinement of methods, and successful replication of this type of remote viewing in independent laboratories has yielded considerable scientific evidence for the reality of the [remote viewing] phenomenon. Adding to the strength of these results was the discovery that a growing number of individuals could be found to demonstrate high-quality remote viewing, often to their own surprise. . . . The development of this capability at SRI has evolved to the point where visiting CIA personnel with no previous exposure to such concepts have performed well under controlled laboratory conditions.” (source)(source)

Parapsychology is truly a consciousness expanding field that can really open up our minds to aspects of our reality that have, and continue to go largely ignored. There is much more to us as human beings than we’ve been made to believe, and if we stop, think, and do some research, it’s not hard to see how something significant has been overlooked.

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Extraordinary Cases of Children Remembering Their Past Lives & Proving It



Reincarnation is a fascinating subject that has remained on the fringe of scientific study for too long. Fortunately, it has recently begun to attract serious interest from the scientific community. Decades ago, American astronomer and astrobiologist Carl Sagan stated that “there are three claims in the [parapsychology] field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study,” with one being “that young children sometimes report details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any other way than reincarnation.” Fast forward to today, and amazing discoveries have been made, as multiple researchers have taken it upon themselves to study this intriguing and inexplicable — at least from a materialist scientific worldview — phenomenon. Subjects like reincarnation belong to the non-material sciences, an area of research that deserves more attention. As Nikola Tesla himself said, “the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

University of Virginia psychiatrist Jim Tucker is arguably the world’s leading researcher on this topic, and in 2008, he published a review of cases that were suggestive of reincarnation in the journal Explore.

A typical reincarnation case, described by Jim, includes subjects reporting a past life experience. The interesting thing is that 100 percent of subjects who report past life remembrance are children. The average age when they start remembering their past life is at 35 months, and their descriptions of events and experiences from their past life are often extensive and remarkably detailed. Tucker has pointed out that these children show very strong emotional involvement when they speak about their experiences; some actually cry and beg their parents to be taken to what they say is their previous family.

According to Tucker:

The subjects usually stop making their past-life statements by the age of six to seven, and most seem to lose the purported memories. This is the age when children start school and begin having more experiences in the current life, as well as when they tend to lose their early childhood memories.


Eli Lasch, a prominent physician in Israel who served as a senior consultant in the coordination of health services in the Gaza Strip. He passed away in 2009, but before he did, he was investigating a supposed reincarnation case in which a three-year old boy claimed to have remembered a past life. In this life, he remembered being struck by a big blow to the head with an axe, and having a long, red birthmark on his head.

The present-day boy, whose name remained confidential throughout the entire study, also had a birthmark in the exact same spot, which is interesting because multiple studies, like the one published in Explorepoint out how shared birthmarks are common to children who remember their past lives.

The boy’s father and a number of other relatives in the village decided to visit neighbouring communities to see if his past life identity could be established and Dr. Lasch was invited to join. On this journey, they visited multiple villages until the boy remembered the right one. He remembered his own first and last name, as well as the first and last name of his murderer.

According to the Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition, and Spirit:

A member of this community, who had heard the boy’s story, said that he had known the man that the boy said that he was in the past lifetime. This man had disappeared 4 years earlier and was never found. It was assumed that this person must have come to some misfortune as it was known that individuals were killed or taken prisoner in the border areas between Israel and Syria for being suspected of being spies.

The group went through the village and at one point the boy pointed out this past life house. Curious bystanders gathered around and suddenly the boy walked up to a man and called him by name. The man acknowledged that the boy correctly named him and the boy then said:

“I used to be your neighbor. We had a fight and you killed me with an ax.”

Dr. Lasch then observed that this man’s face suddenly became white as a sheet.  The 3-year-old than stated:

“I even know where he buried my body.”

The boy then led the group, which included the accused murderer, into fields that were located nearby. The boy stopped in front of a pile of stones and reported:

“He buried my body under these stones and the ax over there.”

Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor is one child Tucker studied and wrote about. Born 18 months after his paternal grandfather died, he first began recalling details of a past life when he was just over a year old:

When he was 1.5 years old, he looked up as his father was changing his diaper and said, “When I was your age, I used to change your diapers.” He began talking more about having been his grandfather. He eventually told details of his grandfather’s life that his parents felt certain he could not have learned through normal means, such as the fact that his grandfather’s sister had been murdered and that his grandmother had used a food processor to make milkshakes for his grandfather every day at the end of his life. (source)

Pretty remarkable, isn’t it?

Ryan – A Boy From The Midwest

Ryan’s story began when he was 4 years old, when he was experiencing frequent, horrible nightmares. Once he turned five, he made an announcement to his mother. He told her, “I used to be somebody else.”

He would often talk about “going home” to Hollywood and would beg his mother to take him there. He told her detailed stories about meeting stars like Rita Hayworth, dancing in Broadway productions, and working for an agency where people would frequently change their names. He even remembered that the name of the street he used to live on had the word “rock” in it.

Ryan’s mother Cyndi said that “his stories were so detailed and they were so extensive, that it just wasn’t like a child could have made it up.”

Cyndi decided to check out some books about Hollywood from her local library, thinking that maybe something inside would catch her son’s attention, and it did. Cyndi said that once she found the below picture — of the man Ryan claims to have been in his past life — everything changed.

They decided to seek Tucker’s help, who took on the case and started his research. After only approximately two weeks, a Hollywood film archivist was able to confirm the identity of the man in the photo. The picture was from a film titled “Night After Night,” and the man was Marty Martyn, who had been a movie extra and then later became a powerful Hollywood agent before passing away in 1964.

Martyn had in fact danced on Broadway, worked at an agency where stage names were often created for new clients, traveled overseas to Paris, and lived at 825 North Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills. These were all details that Ryan was able to communicate to Tucker before they learned the identity of who he described; for example, Ryan knew that the address had “Rox” in it. Ryan was also able to recall how many children Martyn had and how many times he was married. More remarkable still is the fact that Ryan knew Martyn had two sisters, but Martyn’s own daughter did not. Ryan also remembers an African-American maid; Marty and his wife employed several. These are just a few of 55 incredible facts that Ryan can remember from his previous life as Marty Martyn, though as he ages, his memories become increasingly dim.

Chanai Choomalaiwong

Chanai is a boy from Thailand, who, when he was three years old, began saying that he had been a teacher named Bua Kai who had been shot and killed as he rode his bike to school. He pleaded and begged to be taken to Bua Kai’s parents, who he felt were his own parents. He knew the village where they lived, and eventually convinced his grandmother to take him there. According to the research:

His grandmother reported that after they got off the bus, Chanai led her to a house where an older couple lived. Chanai appeared to recognize the couple, who were the parents of Bua Kai Lawnak, a teacher who had been shot and killed on the way to school five years before Chanai was born.

The fascinating thing is that Kai and Chanai had something in common. Kai, who was shot from behind, had small, round wounds on the back of his head, typical of an entry wound, and larger exit wounds on his forehead; Chanai was born with two birthmarks, a small, round birthmark on the back of his head, and a larger, irregularly shaped one towards the front.

The Case of P.M

P.M was a boy whose half brother had died from neuroblastoma 12 years before his birth. The half brother was diagnosed after he began limping, and then suffered a pathological fracture on his left tibia. He underwent a biopsy of a nodule on his scalp, just above his right ear, and received chemotherapy through a central line in his right external jugular vein. At the time of his death he was two years old, and blind in his left eye.

P.M was born with three birthmarks that match the lesions on his half brother, as well as with a swelling 1cm in diameter above his right ear and a dark, slanting mark on the lower right anterior surface of his neck. He also had what’s known as a ‘corneal leukoma,’ which caused him to be virtually blind in his left eye. As soon as P.M. started to walk, he did so with a limp, sparing his left side, and at around the age of 4.5 years he spoke to his mother about wanting to return to the family’s previous home, describing it with great accuracy. He also spoke of his brother’s scalp surgery even though he had never been told of it before.

Kendra Carter 

When Kendra began swimming lessons at the age of 4, she immediately developed an emotional attachment to her coach. Shortly after she started her lessons, she began saying that the coach’s baby had died and that the coach had been sick and pushed her baby out. Kendra’s mother was always at her lessons, and when she asked Kendra how she knew these things, her reply was, “I’m the baby that was in her tummy.” Kendra went on to describe an abortion, and her mother later found out that the coach had indeed had an abortion 9 years before Kendra was even born:

Kendra became happy and bubbly when she was with the coach but quiet otherwise, and her mother let her spend more and more time with the coach until she was staying with her three nights a week. Eventually, the coach had a falling out with Kendra’s mother and cut off contact with the family. Kendra then went into a depression and did not speak for 4.5 months. The coach reestablished more limited contact at that point, and Kendra slowly began talking again and participating in activities. (source)

James Leininger

At the time of this case, James was a 4 year old boy from Louisiana. And he believed he was once a World War II pilot who had been shot down over Iwo Jima, an island that the United States fought to capture in 1945.

His parents first realized this when James started to have nightmares, waking up and screaming “airplane crash” and “plane on fire.” He knew details about the WWII aircraft that would be impossible for a youngster to know. For example, when his mother referred to an object on the bottom of a model plane as a bomb, she was corrected by James, who informed her that it was a ‘drop tank.’ In anther instance, he and his parents were watching a documentary, and the narrator called a Japanese plane a Zero, when James insisted that it was Tony. In both cases, James turned out to be right.

James also insisted that in his previous life, he had flown off a ship named the Natoma, which, as the Leiningers discovered, was a WW11 aircraft carrier (USS Natoma Bay). James said that his previous name was also James, and shockingly, in the USS Natoma Bay squadron, there was a pilot names James Huston who had been killed in action over the Pacific ocean.

Dr. Tucker obtained additional documents for several of James Leininger’s statements, and they were made before anyone in the family had even heard of James Huston or the USS Natoma Baby.

Ask yourself, how could a two-year-old in Louisiana remember being a World War II pilot shot down over the Pacific?

The biggest skeptic of this case was the boy’s father, who remarked that he was “the original skeptic, but the information James gave us was so striking and unusual. If someone wants to look at the facts and challenge them, they’re welcome to examine everything we have.” (source)

An Explanation?

My Take On Reincarnation

I personally, wholeheartedly believe that reincarnation is real, but I don’t think it’s the only option for what takes place after death. I believe some souls can reincarnate, as we’ve seen above, into another life. I also believe some can reincarnate onto other planets, as beings we would consider to be alien. Furthermore, I believe reincarnation is just one option for a soul; perhaps they have the option to travel to other dimensions and experience a life there, or to completely forgo reincarnation and experience life in the non-physical realm, free from a physical body. Perhaps a soul must continue to reincarnate until certain lessons are learned to move to another ‘level?’ I also believe that there is a common place where all souls come from, so perhaps some of us go there. I believe, as Plato did, that when the soul enters into a physical body, it forgets where it came from, and has no recollection of that previous experience. I don’t believe this material world is the only one in existence; there are worlds out there that are beyond our physical senses. Perhaps we come to know them in the afterlife?

I can only speculate, of  course, but I truly don’t think reincarnation is the only option for a soul leaving its body. Perhaps the soul has a choice to reincarnate? Perhaps there are other options as well.


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How I Obtained A Conscientious Exemption From Mask-Wearing At School For My Child



In Brief

  • The Facts:

    I was able to obtain a conscientious exemption from mask-wearing in public school for my 6-year old son.

  • Reflect On:

    Will these Covid measures and the incoming promise of mandatory vaccines serve to push a critical mass of humanity to learn about, and ultimately stand up for, their natural and innate freedom of choice?

I have studied the principles of natural law, and I am clear that the inherent freedom of choice of every individual is the ultimate foundation of life on Earth. How these principles became the basis for real-world action occurred when I heard that my school board had decided, quite of their own accord, while professing to be ‘following the direction’ of the public health office of a neighboring district, that children in grades 1-3 in their schools would also be required to wear masks in school.

I will give you the whole story of my quest for a conscientious exemption from mask-wearing for my son as I am not entirely sure which of my actions actually turned the result in my favor. I do this to empower everyone with a full understanding of what we are dealing with in terms of school mask mandates and the manner in which school boards are trying to implement them. I am in Ontario, Canada so things might be different in different countries, but I believe that the ultimate application of natural law and our natural freedom of choice can and should be pursued anywhere in the world.

My journey began with an internet search of my school board, a phone number of the communications office which undersigned the announcement of the mandate, and my phone call to that office asking how I would apply for a conscientious exemption. Through voice mail the officer said I should be in touch with the principal, who said I should be in touch with the superintendent, who said I should speak to the trustee, who said I should go back to the superintendent. This is a process that went on for two weeks and ultimately gets us to the first day of school and this letter I sent to all the trustees who, it seemed to me, made up the school board and hence collectively made the ultimate decision that was affecting me.

My Letter to the Trustees

Dear Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board Trustees,

Here it is, Tuesday, September 8th, 2020, the day that DPCDSB schools open, and I have not received the information I need to make an informed decision on whether or not I should send my son to school. He is slated to begin the Grade 1 French Immersion program at St. Pio de Pietrelcina.

After initially voicing my concerns about mandatory masking and applying for an exemption on conscientious grounds to a school board representative I was directed to the principal of St. Pio de Pietrelcina. She was polite and took my concerns seriously, but said that she had no latitude to make any decisions on exemptions on conscientious grounds. She suggested I speak to the superintendant.

I spoke first to the superintendant’s assistant, who was polite and took my concerns seriously, and said I would have to speak to the superintendant.

I spoke to the superintendant, who was polite and took my concerns seriously, but said that they had not received any ‘direction’ from health officials about qualification for medical exemptions. When I reiterated the point that I am seeking a conscientious, and not a medical exemption, she said that I should talk to the trustee for my school’s area.

I spoke to the trustee, who was polite and took my concerns seriously, but didn’t feel he was in any position to advance my cause. He referred me back to the superintendant, who, according to him, would contact me to let me know how I can make my request for an exemption to the school board.

I understand that these are trying times and things are changing rapidly, but I still believe you would agree that I’m getting the runaround. And the school year has already started.

So I will simply make my case in this letter, and I hope this letter will be able to cut through the bureaucracy and be read by all DPCDSB trustees, to whom it is addressed. I am requesting an official response undersigned by at least a majority of the school board members, who are directly responsible for the fact that, at present, my son is being forced to wear a mask at school in order to receive a public education.

Request for a Conscientious Exemption for my son from wearing a mask in school  

My fervent belief is that all directives related to ‘mandatory’ mask wearing in Canada are illegal and infringe on the rights of individual Canadians, based on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

However, in this letter I will speak specifically to my son’s case. At present, the DPCDSB has decided to unilaterally mandate mask-wearing for Grade 1 students (this particular decision was not imposed upon them by Peel Public Health). And so my son, who is supposed to begin the Grade 1 French Immersion program at St. Pio de Pietrelcina in a few days, is being forced to wear a mask in order to get a public education.

I will cite a small portion of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and explain how it applies in this case:

1.      The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

2.       Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion;

I believe that forcing my 6-year old son to wear a mask may cause psychological and physical harm to him. Therefore, as his legal guardian, I cannot in good conscience allow this to happen. In mandating mask-wearing for my son, you violate my freedom of conscience as well as my son’s freedom of conscience, as he does not want to wear a mask.

Two more points, while not essential to my argument, serve to highlight my belief that the decision by the DPCDSB to mandate masks for young children in school shows an egregious lack of responsibility and concern for the health and well-being of the children who have been entrusted under their care:

1.       There is NO science, meaning no randomized control trials, which suggest that wearing a mask might have any impact in reducing the spread of a virus. In fact, any studies investigating the ability of masks to stop the spread of a virus have concluded that masks are not effective at all in this regard. (source) Mask mandates are based on the ‘opinions’ of Public Health Officers (political appointees) that ‘mask-wearing may have benefits’, opinions which are not grounded in the science.

2.       The statistics, which clearly show that low infectivity rates and a virtually zero mortality rate among children, would suggest that what would really be in the best interest of children’s health and well-being would be a normal return to school, without masks, distancing, cohorting, sanitizing, and any other measures. This has been the belief of many researchers and scientists in that very field of study whose views have been suppressed or marginalized in the media.

In other words, going back to section 1 of the Charter, I do not believe these measures have been ‘demonstrably justified.’

That being said, the main point of this letter is to get an answer to my request that my son be permitted to attend school without a mask, based on my conscientious objection. If denied, my son will not be going to school and I will begin to consider notices of liability to those on the DPCDSB responsible for implementing policy, who in my opinion have far overstepped their authority in attempting to enforce mandatory masking in their schools, especially for students in Grades 1-3 which was not imposed upon them by Peel Public Health and was a unilateral decision.

Thank you,

Richard Enos

The Response

Now it becomes interesting, when you are going about the business of standing up for your inherent rights, to wonder what drives otherwise busy and difficult-to-reach people into responding and suddenly having answers.

It was either the same day or the next morning that the vice-principal of the school contacted me and told me he was going to send the exemption form to me and that I should fill it out. I made it clear to him that I was requesting a conscientious and not a medical exemption, and he told me that I should fill it out nonetheless so that the school authority would have on record exactly what kind of exemption I am seeking, and I agreed I would do so.

Meanwhile, one of the trustees forwarded my email to the school board’s director of education, saying that this would end the ‘runaround’ I had been experiencing. And sure enough, the director of education sent me an email the same day, saying the following:

I am aware that the school has recently reached out to you to provide you with the documentation required to request an exemption. Given that you have identified the adverse negative psychological impact of wearing a mask on your child, I would encourage you to request an exemption.

Now I was intrigued by the phrasing ‘you have identified the adverse negative psychological impact…’ given that all I said was that I believed wearing a mask ‘may cause psychological and physical harm to him.’ So in essence, she reframes my conscientious exemption as a medical exemption.

I nonetheless filled out my exemption form, being as explicit as I possibly could that I was filing a conscientious objection. In fact, reading it, I don’t think that anyone can confuse this with a ‘medical’ exemption (the part I wrote is in bold and italics).

My Exemption Request


I am requesting an exemption for my child from wearing a non-medical face mask while at school, (which includes indoor during the school day, transportation and in any before and after school program for the following reason(s):


I believe wearing a mask is potentially harmful to my son’s psychological and physical health. I cannot in good conscience allow my son to be required to wear a mask while in school. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms indicates the following:

  1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.
  2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: a) freedom of conscience and religion;

Based on the current science and current statistics I have researched (I do not include them here but would be willing to provide them if requested), I contend that mandating mask-wearing for children in school has not been ‘demonstrably justified,’ thereby liberating me to act in good conscience and demand that my son be exempt from having to wear a mask while in school.

ⅅ I have attached supporting documentation (please note that medical documentation is not required)

The Response

I sent the document and reminded the vice-principal in my email that my son would not be attending school until this exemption had been confirmed.

Lo and behold, this message from the school was in my inbox the next morning:


Kellen’s mask exemption has been approved.

His first day back at school will be Monday September 14th 2020

But this is not the end of the story. I found this email to be oddly informal for a matter of such obvious importance to me. It was not undersigned by anyone, only the school signature was underneath, and there was no signed copy of the exemption form attached, which on the second page had checkboxes indicating who had been informed of my son’s exemption (teacher, bus driver, librarian, etc.)

This was Wednesday, September 9th, and because of staggered entry my son was only to start the following Monday, having already missed his orientation day. I immediately sent a reply stating that I wanted to know who actually sent me the email, and who had approved the exemption. By Monday I had not heard back from the school, and consequently I kept my son home. The school called and left a message inquiring about my son’s absence. In response, I wrote a rather sharply-worded email explaining that I will not be sending my son to school until my questions were answered.

I received a phone call a few hours later from a very agitated principal. I got her to say that the email was ‘from the school,’ and therefore, yes, ‘from her’. As to who approved the exemption, she said she didn’t know. She said she sent the exemption form to the superintendent and was later sent a curt email that the exemption had been ‘approved’. That’s all she knew. She was not at all happy with the general lack of information she was receiving from the school board. I did my best to help bring a conciliatory tone to the conversation and noted that it seemed like the principal was more a victim than a cause of this confusion.

And so I was left to assume that the Director of Education must have approved the exemption, since the Superintendent told me that she herself didn’t have the power to approve an exemption based on conscience. I sent an email to the Director of Education, demanding to know who had approved my son’s exemption. You wouldn’t believe what her answer was:

I regret the experience you are having regarding your request for a mask exemption.  The principal is the individual who has the authority to approve a mask exemption.  That said, it is ultimately my responsibility to ensure principals have all the necessary information to carry out the responsibilities we task them with.  I will continue to work to ensure that our principals have a fulsome understanding of the process and support them in implementation.

Where I am at Now

This email was the final nail in the coffin for me. I spoke with my wife and we both agreed that we didn’t feel comfortable having my son in an institution that demonstrated such a lack of accountability from top to bottom. We have pulled our son out of public school and have begun homeschooling him. However, I know this is not an option for many, especially for those whose children indicate that they want to go to school and see their friends. So this article is more for those parents, to come to an understanding of what they are dealing with and what their rights are.

The way I see it, these bureaucrats are all part of a top-down control structure, from the Ministry of Education through the public health offices, and down through the school boards’ director of education, trustees, superintendents, and principals. One of the necessary qualifications for these jobs is a willingness to take and implement orders from above, rather than asserting critical and independent thought. At all levels people know that opposing directives from above based on their independent thought would likely mean termination.

Consequently, I see these people are acting (and reacting) from the state of fear that they have been subjected to. I’m not really interested in continuing to investigate these people to try to figure out who is lying and who might be liable for damages. My experience confirms for me the reality that this whole interlocked, top-down system of education, as with other systems under government control, has a clear and specific agenda to augment their control and to willingly deceive people about their rights and freedoms protected by the charter.

The way they are doing it is by forcing those lower down the ladder to actually assume the legal responsibility for enacting and enforcing these measures, without giving those people any choice as to whether or not they actually believe it is good to implement them. Speaking to all levels of the school board was an exercise in a perpetual ‘passing of the buck’ where I could not find a single person willing to stand behind or take ownership of any of these mandates or the justification for them.

The good news here is that this is a situation ripe for all individuals, and particularly parents of young children, to exercise their rights of conscience and request (read: demand) a conscientious exemption from mask-wearing for their child. Of course it requires courage and persistence, and perhaps even a willingness to keep their child out of school as I did until the matter is resolved. But if you feel within you a burning desire to stand up for your rights under these circumstances, I hope my story has helped to equip you to do just that.

This article was originally published on my own website

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