When Things Feel Hopeless & Chaotic…

Near the beginning of the COVID lockdowns back in late March, I remember the social climate around me well – it was a frenzy of “What’s going on? Where are things headed? Should I panic?” for many people. Myself, I was very curious to explore what was happening, and while I wasn’t worried per se, I definitely felt a bit unsettled. Regardless, the journalist aspect of myself wasn’t overly moved to create much content around COVID.

A few weeks into it all, I started to receive messages and calls from friends and colleagues. Most were on deep research binges and admittedly were obsessing over trying to find out what’s going on – the truth.

Pretty quickly, chaos ensued, more events happened, hopelessness and helplessness became prominent feelings, and people began to divide.

As mentioned, at the beginning of it all I wasn’t producing a ton of COVID related content for CE, and I was starting to feel a bit ‘left out’ of the conversation and wondered whether I should be covering it more. But my intuition was saying otherwise. Every time I would meditate or even tune in for a moment to gain clarity on my work, the answer came clear: “No one knows what’s going on, and that’s the point. The uncertainty is important. This is going to serve on many levels to ‘shake up’ what we call normal.”

So at the time, most of the content I created around COVID was all geared towards helping others find calm, question what is important to them, question whether they enjoy “normal,” and question what they truly want their world to look like.

Time passed and it started to truly become clear just how much COVID was truly serving people. For some, it driving them into obsession later had them reflect on what’s truly important to them. Others reflected on death and felt like it was staring them in the face. Others looked at their health and questioned whether they were taking as good care of themselves as they should be. Others wondered whether they have enjoyed their job, want to make a change and questioned whether things like living in the city was really what they wanted.

Reflections all over the place, exactly what our world needs right now.

For some of us, we have dug ourselves deeper and deeper into needing to know what’s going on. Perhaps diving deeper and deeper into ideology, and it’s revealing our thought processes, bias’ and difficulty with accepting uncertainty – providing we even take the time to reflect on that.

For me, eventually I found myself inspired to cover more of the data and reality around what has been going on with COVID. This came when things began to be more clear and the panic settled. Even though it would be easy to get views, build our business and make money focusing on the news cycle of COVID 24/7, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I remember telling my wife a few months back, “watch, although it seems like it’s business suicide not to focus every day on COVID, this obsession will wear people out, they will get tired and eventually feel burnt out enough that silence will be a desire, and there, clarity will be found.” (Perhaps not those exact words, but pretty much lol)

Today, I’m getting ready to take my first extended break in over 3 years. I’ve spent the last few years recovering our company from big tech demonetization efforts that wiped out over 85% of our revenue. We had to rebuild from scratch almost. And in the spirit of this break, I decided to share some thoughts, observations and reflections I’ve collected and shared over the past few months.

If you’re feeling tired, confused, burnt out or unsure how to make sense of what’s going on in our world, this video will likely resonate with you.

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