Why Is The UFO Discussion Even Important? How Does It Impact Our Lives?

At CE we’ve covered this topic a great deal over the last 12 years. It’s actually quite astonishing to see how there has been an almost complete flip in culture over the last 4 years or so, where it’s not longer fringe and laughable by all to be discussing the topic. We’ve literally had people decline interviews with us in the past because our publication spoke about UFOs, yet now, there isn’t any publication you can go to that isn’t talking about it regularly.

For myself personally, I became passionate the subject when I was a kid. I used to watch the show X-Files with my family on Friday nights, and I always found it to be intriguing. The many episodes on ETs and UFOs piqued an interest within me that seemed deep and natural – an innate curiosity towards ‘what else is out there’ that also happened to draw me towards anything supernatural or paranormal.

As I got older and I was able to look more closely at evidence for these ideas and I began learning a few key things. One being that these subjects are ridiculed by mass culture and so it’s often a bit tricky to talk about. Another being that the science and evidence behind the study of paranormal ideas is actually quite rigorous and plentiful. Finally, that what these topics reveal about life as we know it, and how we understand it, is that perhaps we don’t quite acknowledge reality to the fullest. Sure, an obvious statement in some senses. Of course we don’t understand all of reality to the fullest, but the question is: have we made big missteps in our collective worldview that has us having a hard time opening up to the reality of subjects like ETs, UFOs or the paranormal?

I debated whether to write this piece as more of an essay or lean on what I already have that’s a bit more of a video essay. I asked myself this because when I watched back an interview I gave in 2019 for the then upcoming film Close Encounters of The Fifth Kind by Dr. Steven Greer, I realized the interview turned out to touch on most of the key points surrounding why I feel the discussion of UFOs and ET life are important. As I was writing this piece I felt it would be more meaningful to lean on the video essay-ish version. Not just because I already have it but because there is an energy in it that I have been told is quite impactful by those who have already seen it. Just before we jump into it I wanted to share a bit more background.

At first glance, many feel the topic is one of people interested in the ‘nuts and bolts’ of it all. We want to know the details about what the craft are, how they move, what ET bodies might look like, and what technology brings them here. We pay attention to every government disclosure that comes out about UFOs. Sure, this is one small piece but certainly not the entire story. For myself and many others, our interest has also deeply included the realm of consciousness and it’s non-local nature.

In 2008 and 2009 I began experimenting with initiating contact through meditation-like practices with what we, my friends and I, felt were ETs. We’d go out to a park near lake Ontario on clear summer nights, and intentionally seek to have a communication or connection with ‘what’s out there.’ On many nights we saw anywhere between 5 and 15 craft show up. No, not satellites that we trained ourselves to identify, and not planes with their flashing aviation lights. I’m talking about star filled skies where you intentionally make ‘contact’ and over a short period of time those skies begin to fill with objects you cannot explain. I’m talking craft coming down slowly to the horizon, moving toward us, glowing with incredible light, dimming down slowly, moving across the horizon left, then right, then up, then back down. All with no sound and all while you are having an experience of connection that you can only quite understand when you engage in it.

To me, it is not a connection fuelled by entertainment value and other beings being ‘above’ humans or anything like that, it’s one of mutual respect and curiosity.

And of course, no, we were not drunk or high while doing this. Me feeling inclined to mention that fact often relates to the societal judgement that often exists around this topic, and the quickness to want to lend any petty explanation to something we don’t understand. And it’s in THIS that I feel this discussion is so important.

In the video piece below, I will go on to discuss how and why the mainstream is now covering the ET subject. The importance of the rise of post material science as it relates to this discussion. Why consciousness is extremely important in the ET/UFO discussion. Why the ET and UFO phenomenon plays a role in humanity’s evolution – in consciousness, society and technology. How people can observe and engage in an evolution of their own consciousness. And how this all deeply relates to a deep and meaningful change in overall worldview and paradigm.

These in fact are the key reason as to why UFO and ET disclosure is important in my view. It’s a subject that does not have to be guided by what government or mainstream media deem is what’s important about it.

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