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6 Steps To Begin Making Change Now

We have created 6 early steps to begin moving towards a new world. These are things that you can begin doing today that will make a huge impact on our world as we all start doing them. Don’t underestimate the power of small actions. We will be expanding and adding more information to this resource center as time goes on, so check back often.

1. Continue Learning & Spreading Awareness

The reality is, the more we learn about how our world really works and spread this awareness and information to others, the easier it will be to create a critical mass of people with the knowledge to begin doing things differently. Most of us are still unaware of the fact that things can be different and that the way things are currently is not of the best interest of all.

How: Share the documentary you just watched with others. Use alternative news sources like and others, and get access to information that reveals important information we need to know. Use social media and conversation to spread this awareness to others.

2. Vote With Your Dollars. Use Your Money To Show Support.

Every time we spend money on something we are casting a vote. By supporting companies, products and organizations that are not in alignment with creating a clean and peaceful world, we are essentially voting for what they represent and for the world they are creating with their products.

For example: If we support GMO foods in any form, we are voting not only for unhealthy foods but for environmental degradation and the empowerment of companies who do not care about our world. Or, if a company is creating products with materials that are harmful to environment and we buy them, we are keeping them in business and are essentially voting for this to continue. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on the products of companies who are doing things harmoniously, this assists everyone in the long run.

It is also good to consider not buying needlessly. It is easy for us to always want to latest greatest of certain products, but do we really need them? If we can ask ourselves whether or not we truly need to buy a product it gives us the extra chance to truly think about what we are buying and what impact that has.

How: Support organic and local foods as much as you can. Don’t buy products that test on animals. Try and stay away from companies who support slave labour. Think before you buy certain products and perform some quick research into how certain products are made. In some cases we have no sustainable option yet, but in many cases we do, seek them out.

3. Use & Embrace The Power Of The People!

If you look around the world at all the protests that have taken place and what they achieved, you find out very quickly that the people have a lot of power. Whether it be in our own communities or on a global scale, the people have the right and power to choose what kind of world we want to create. Begin creating groups, meetups, communities and so forth, that are geared towards creating change.

One very powerful example of group related change was when 22 million people from around the world marched against Monsanto. these protests played a large role in raising awareness about GMO’s and could have played a large role in having GMO’s banned in many countries around the world. Awareness can be raised on a number of issues like free energy, government corruption, new societal ideas etc. We have the power, lets use it!

How: Use social media and Meetup’s to get together under various causes. Be a leader in organizing something and you will find many other leaders will join you.

4. Get Together With Those In Your Community To Create Change.

Creating communities and using them effectively is a big part of our future. Right now, many of us think about our own lives and do what we can as an individual. While this can be helpful, getting together in communities and utilizing resources, skills and ideas of a group can get things done much faster, more effectively and on a larger scale. There is so much that we can learn from one another and the reality is, many people around you are probably having the same thoughts about creating change that you are, they don’t speak about it for the same reasons you might not, people might think they are too ‘out there.’  The reality is, millions of people are having these thoughts and its time to put them out in the open and begin working together.

How: Create community gardens. Build greenhouse projects or work on new ideas together. As we bring together our ideas and resources, we not only spread knowledge about new ideas but also bring them into being faster.

5. Opt Out Of The System Any Way You Can.

Our participation in the system is like voting for it to stick around the way it is. Instead of fighting it, we can simply opt out and leave it behind. There are a number of ways to opt out including many of the things discussed above. The more we don’t play within the confines of the system, the less power it has.

How: Until voting actually changes something, don’t vote. Begin carpooling and sharing resources so we don’t require as much from the system. Utilize means to get off the grid as much as possible. Collecting rain water is one example of this. Growing your own food also removes your dependancies from the system.

6. Start With You. Reflect On & Be Open To Shifting Your Consciousness Or Worldview.

Anytime we start from within by changing our own views, perception and consciousness around an issue, we not only change the energy around the situation, but we also affect others as they see and feel our new perceptions. In this way, we are a lot more powerful than we think as we are literally being and emanating change. Our world manifests and adjusts very quickly in our current times. Time seems to speed up and move very quickly, this allows even small changes in consciousness and the way people think to begin creating new systems and structures in our world.

Our consciousness and worldview created our world today. By shifting our consciousness, it begins to shift our physical world as the old world begins to not make sense any longer. Many people around the world are already feeling that the world today does not make sense, this is what it feels like to have your consciousness shift. Like quantum physics is showing us, shifting our consciousness or world view is a key facet to creating change in our world.

How: Practice individual reflection simply by seeing how you think and react in various situations. Question your beliefs about your perceptions of yourself and the world around you. Practice meditation and learning to connect with your inner self. Write in a journal to put your feelings and thoughts on paper, sometimes this is very helpful in expressing and seeing how you feel inside. Look into quantum physics to see first hand how this works.

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