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Danielle Fagan, Third Eye Mama

Danielle Fagan, author of Infinite Kingdom: Ignite the Night, conducts weekly angel videos where she intuitively channels angel messages, as well as answers your questions about soul purpose and intuition mastery. Growing up as a highly intuitive kid, I felt bombarded by other people’s energies most of the time. It wasn’t until years later that I actively tried to develop my gifts. I tried mantras, chanting, sound therapy, scalar technology, crystals, meditating, online courses… you name it. None of it worked. So I began to study and understand the signals my intuition was already giving me and EVERYTHING began to change. Since then, I’ve gone from feeling anxious and overwhelmed by my gifts to learning to use it for myself on a daily basis and I have helped over 2.5 million people learn how to accurately tune into their gifts through articles & more.

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