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Diane Kazer

My background in fitness and health is vast. Pro soccer player subsisting on gluten, dairy, alcohol and birth control turned over exercising body builder, now yoga teacher and functional medicine nutritionist studying to be a naturopath. I've had every health issue in the book, and believe I dodged cancer by cleaning out my body from the toxins that caused the auto immune disease and viral infections I put into remission. We all have this WARRIOR ability within us, we just have to know how to turn it on. I blog about it at and video with passion and humor at I'm super passionate about cleansing, have lead them for half a decade, and recently took my 'best of' 4 wellness certifications and put it into one program, called I love and live in Orange County, dig nature on the trail with my horse and dog, Disneyland and boarding in the ocean with dolphins! World travel is pretty rad too! I'm all about truth and transparency. Let's fly Warriors!

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