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Niki Norlock

Niki Norlock is an artist, indie film producer, author, and a Fibromyalgia Feenx Rising from the illness ashes. Since 2009, Niki has been writing books and articles to inspire and motivate readers to take an in-depth journey into self. Through her use of a multitude of communication techniques, including her work as a radio show host with Everyday Connection, and her work as a producer on the soon to be released documentary Beyond Strength, Niki has covered a multitude of social awareness topics. With the film nearing completion, she is now turning to a topic that hits much closer to home. Since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, she has been fighting her way back to health by working closely with both mainstream medical doctors and alternative medical practitioners to find relief from debilitating effects of this seriously misunderstood disease. All that she has learned through her last 4 years of personal trial and error she is now prepared to share with the hopes that she can assist others in taking the incredibly uplifting journey back to health and wellness. To learn more about her work with Fibromyalgia, you can visit her at or To learn more about her work as an author - To learn more about her work as a socially conscious film producer – To hear any of her archived shows as host of EC radio –

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