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John Holloway

I am a Nashvillian, a health guide and I love life. I healed myself of Chronic Lyme Disease naturally, after the most transformational 4 years of my life. I am pursuing studies in psychology. I am graduating soon and plan to enter the field of Clinical Health Psych with a tinge of Transpersonal influence. Once I finish my degrees I will do whatever strikes my passion in that time. Until then, I write, am a lover of nature and creative expression, and music/transformation festival goer. I help coordinate the annual International Amazonian Shamanism Conference that is an amazing experience in the Amazon everyone should have. For more info feel free to email me at any point in time for discussion, questions, or anything of the sort! I love making new connections with individuals. I have a personal website for Natural Health & Wellness Optimization, plus Nootropics. ---Keep Growing

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