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Nadine Mercey

Blessed with extraordinary high perception of awareness, Nadine devotes a portion of her practice to coaching. She started out as a medical intuitive, empowering people to self heal. Currently Nadine is actively working to change the way people think about mental health in Western Canada. Nadine’s resume is supported by leading doctors and directors of the current health care model. Nadine has a talent for gathering global leaders, scientists and researchers in forming new business models to help people change their communities. Partner of the World Council for Alternative Medicine Director of the Canadian National Autistic Foundation The first natural healer to be recognized by leading directors and scientists of the Canadian Mental Health Association Offers to work with leading psychologist researcher in North America out of U of T, presentations to Canadian Government, National Institution of Health of the United State Government She is adorned in media in main stream TV in dozens of countries. Author ~ Deeper Souls Less Shoes Currently writing 2 other books. TV shows, Documentaries, Film

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