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Dr. Tomasz Kopec

I enjoy helping people and making the Universe a happier place. Fortunately, I work as a family doctor and this is in my job description :) For many years I had some questions at the back of my head like what is happiness, what is love, who we are, where we go after death, where this all suffering is coming from... I know many people would not be bothered with it but somehow I was. I was a regular meditator (mostly ZEN tradition) and I was searching for answers in my mind and in my heart. My turning point was reading a book The Open Focus Brain by Dr Lester Fehmi. Dr Fehmi runs a neurofeedback clinic for attention disorders based in Princeton, New Jersey, US. I enrolled an Open Focus workshop and I became a true enthusiast of his approach. I love it because it beautifully connects the western scientific way of thinking with far east approach to reality. It also gives a very simple, practical solutions to a physical pan, anxiety, insomnia, creativity etc. I believe, a healthy lifestyle includes - physical activity, a good diet and flexible attention. I would like to make Open Focus a lot more recognizable because it is worth it!

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