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Monday June 27th 2011: The Biggest Secret About Why Fluoride is used
With the recent release of our short documentary ‘Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth’ we have come across a few questions from people and felt we wanted to make something very clear and to the point regarding the absolute most important reason why Fluoride, along with many other things, are used.

This information is something not talked about very often and is often overlooked when brought up but is very important in understanding our reality here and what is playing out.

You can check out the doc here:

Thursday June 30th 2011: The Great Lie – ADD & ADHD
Is ADD & ADHD a real medical disorder? Or has it been made up to medicate kids who are not interested in maintaining the system in place?

There are many kids today being labeled with this disorder because they are not interested or do not want to pay attention in school. They “can’t focus on things they find are boring or repetitive but can give full attention to things they are interested in”… doesn’t matter, they are still ADD or ADHD! Let’s medicate them! They aren’t following our rules!


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