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Personal Assistance

Along with running the website, making documentaries, and holding events, we assist individuals on both a one-on-one and group level.

To find out more about one-on-one assistance or to book group sessions or gatherings please email us at

One-On-One Assistance

  • We focus on allowing others to see beyond the surface of the challenges being faced and get to the root cause
  • Challenges such as addictions, confusion, relationships, fears, life purpose, stress, life choices, self consciousness, depression, family, change, love, emotions and  limiting belief systems are all examples of what we assist others with
  • We recognize each individual is unique, so assistance is based around the individuals unique situation
  • Real action steps are given to allow others to begin making changes right away
  • We assist in creates awareness around the challenges so that the individual can gain strength within themselves to help identify further challenges as they may present in the future

It is important to note we offer assistance to individuals as facilitators in bringing clarity to help make sense of what is playing out. We only guide the individual to see their own answers inside, we do not tell others what choices to make or what to do as this doesn’t empower the individual or address the deeper concerns.

Getting Assistance
Our assistance is limitless. We are open to talking about any topic of your choosing, no limitations, boxes, or exclusions. We also offer a more formal information session if you prefer to receive a more general backing to who we are and what we can provide you with. Our assistance is available in 4 ways:

  • In Person
    We are available on a face to face basis, individually or in groups.
  • By Phone
  • E-Mail
  • Skype

To get more information or to arrange for assistance, please contact us at

The suggested rate for our services is $30 per hour. However, since we do not wish to deny anyone that feels inclined to attain our services, we also offer the opportunity to pay what you can.

We Also Recommend

20130524lululemon_Vaughan_VanessaPetronelli_LauraBarillari_JackieQuinellVanessa Petronelli B.A., W.W.H.P. & Certified Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

From an early age Vanessa Petronelli knew that her path in life would revolve around specializing in several areas of human growth and development. Vanessa provides coaching services, energy work, teaches yoga and meditation as well as facilitates workshops and retreats.

Her services include the discovery and understanding of the root causes of behaviors, patterns, cycles, addictions and choices which block an individual from reaching their potential, “deprogramming,” and, “reprogramming,” the mind from limiting belief systems and fears, understanding the spiritual awakening process, taming the ego-mind, removing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks on an energetic level and developing self-love. Her purpose is to assist humanity in connecting to the Essence of who they are by helping them to develop a deeper level of self-awareness and an expansion of consciousness.

Vanessa is sponsored by Lululemon as a Yoga Ambassador, is trained and certified in yoga and mindfulness meditation and is a writer for Collective Evolution’s online community and magazine.

You can read more about Vanessa’s services by viewing her website here:

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