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With this new funding campaign you are now given 3 options to help us bring our projects to life:

(1) CONTRIBUTE: By clicking the ‘Contribute’ button next to one of the items below, you will be brought to a PayPal page where you will be able to donate any amount of the purchase price to help us in purchasing that particular item.

(2) FUND FULLY: By clicking the ‘Fund Fully’ button next to one of the items below, you will be brought to a PayPal page where you will be set-up to donate the full purchase price of that particular item. (This option disappears once a contribution is made)

(3) GENERAL DONATION: By clicking HERE you are still able to make a general donation to CE. Your general donation will be used to help cover miscellaneous costs such as: travel expenses, seminar location rentals and much more.

NOTE:You do not need a Paypal account. A credit card can be used by clicking the buttons below. To send check or money order contact us at

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With every donation you make there are 2 levels of incentive you have the opportunity to receive:

(1) A Special Thanks Credit: Every donor –no matter the size of their donation –will have the option to receive a ‘Special Thanks’ credit at the end of The Collective Evolution III: The Shift, as well as a thanks on the official website for The SHIFT Project (upon completion)

(2) Free DVD: Every donor that donates $50 or more or funds an item fully will receive a DVD copy of The Collective Evolution III: The Shift in the mail upon completion.

(3) Your Name Labeled: Every donor that is able to donate 25% or more of the full purchase price of any item –no matter its price –will have the option to have their name placed on the item itself. Meaning everywhere we film, every event we hold, you and your contribution will be recognized. (For examples of this, refer to the ‘Previously Funded Items’ tab)

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How will I know you actually used the donation I make to purchase that item? Once the funding goal is reached and the item is bought, a picture will be posted online showing both the item and the labeled names of those who contributed 25% or more.

I’ve donated in the past, where did my donation go? Every donation made through the either our IndieGoGo campaign, or our ‘Donate’ page has helped. To see some of the items you helped us get, check out the ‘Previously Funded Items’ tab.

How can you label my name on a small item such as a memory card? In the case of small items such as memory cards, the item itself will be named after you. Meaning whenever we insert that card into a computer the name of all the main contributors would be visible (ex. John Smith-Jane Doe)

Can I donate but still remain anonymous? Absolutely, the incentives are your choice. [/tab]

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Every donation previously made through either our IndieGoGo campaign, or our ‘Donate’ page has been used to assist our work. Here is the most recent item we were able to purchase with your help:

SONY FS100-U Video Camera


For a full listing and pictures of all the previously funded items click HERE.


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 The SHIFT Project is designed to assist in creating a shift in each and every one of us, bridging the gap between that which we have been experiencing and a completely new reality. A reality without limitation, without separation, and with a realization that each and every one of us plays an integral role in shaping a world based on Sustenance, Harmony, Inner-peace, and Freedom Together.  The SHIFT Project does this through four progressive modules.

The project will be a fully interactive website which is still in development, as well as a live seminar series over the course of 2012 and beyond.


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The Collective Evolution III: The Shift is the third chapter to the CE Documentary series. The Collective Evolution III: The Shift is powerful documentary that lays out a plan of action that humanity can begin taking to drastically change our world. By uncovering why we currently operate the way we do and bringing an understanding to it, CE3 presents very real and practical solutions to begin shifting not only ourselves but our external world also. Combined with The SHIFT Project, CE3 explores advanced technologies, consciousness, and our natural state to create a bridge from our current world to a bright limitless future.

This film, like its two predecessors, will be made available for FREE online upon its completion.



General Donation for TSP/CE3

Putting our documentaries and The SHIFT Project together is a full-time job, so it’s your donations that make our continued ability to work on them possible. By making a general donation you help us fund necessary expenses such as travel, seminar location rental fees and much more!

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7″ Marshall HDMI Field Monitor

The external monitor lets us easily view what we are filming in outdoor and interview settings. The LCD’s on cameras are OK but the image is very small and if sunlight hits the LCD nothing can be seen. This external monitor allows us to properly focus our shots and see them in heavy light situations.

[button color=”blue” link=””]Contribute[/button][button color=”blue” link=””]Fund Fully[/button]

PROGRESS | 50% | $200 of $400


Apple Mac Pro 8

Why Mac? We have always used Macs for our work and our entire editing suite for video and audio is all Apple software. The Apple Mac Pro 8 computer would give us the ability to run all of the necessary programs we need to create, edit and produce our projects with incredible ease. It would virtually eliminate most of the problems we regularly face with our current equipment, allowing us to work that much quicker.

[button color=”blue” link=”″]Contribute[/button]

PROGRESS | 6% | $175 of $3600


(1) Transcend 32GB Class 10 Memory Cards

32GB Memory Cards would simply allow us to capture more footage. This would be particularly helpful when filming The SHIFT Project seminars, since their long durations require us to have memory cards of a certain size to allow us to be able to share them online for free.


PROGRESS | 100% | $45 of $45 (2 Funded!)


(2) Western Digital 2TB Hard Drive

Hard Drives would allow to properly store footage both as we initially work on it, and to keep it on hand for potential future usage.  File sizes are growing and the length of a lot our footage is long in nature (seminars, interviews) so having sufficient storage for the work is more than essential.

PROGRESS | 100% | $200 of $200


Thermaltake Hard Drive Docking Station

The Thermaltake Docking Station will allow us to increase our storage capacity in the most efficient way both technically and financially. It eliminates a lot of the costs normally added to stand alone drives and is necessary to make the Western Digital Drives usable.

PROGRESS | 100% | $70 of $70


Metabones Lens Adapter

The Metabones Lens Adapter would allow us to use the Canon lenses we already own on our new video camera the Sony FS100-U. By having all of our current lenses usable we would be able to better capture all of the footage we require for both CEIII: The Shift & The SHIFT Project.

PROGRESS | 100% | $400 of $400


K-Tek KE-69 Boom Pole

The K-Tek Boom Pole would allow us to better capture audio when on location. Its lightweight design would make recording long exterior interviews or dialogue pieces much easier, ensuring that we are able to create our projects with the best sound quality possible.

PROGRESS | 100% | $140 of $140


Behringer Xenyx 1204 Mixer

The Behringer Mixer would allow us to properly capture, transfer and project audio. This would be helpful at each of our live seminars, as well in filming our projects to ensure we are able to produce and deliver our message in the clearest and best sound quality possible.

PROGRESS | 100% | $190 of $190


190XB Tripod With 701HDV Head

The Manfrotto Tripod would give us the ability to set-up a stationary shot for both of our current cameras. This would greatly assist in capturing interview footage for both CEIII: The Shift & The SHIFT Project, as well as in the web series You4You.

PROGRESS | 100% | $250 of $250



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