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Ep. 71 – The Metaphysics of Impeachment



[DOWNLOAD EPISODE] Trump’s presidency has people all over the map, and this is not a bad thing! The purpose of him being in front of everyone’s attention serves in a lot of ways to see the nature of politics, what happens during power struggles, where humanity’s shadow can be observed, and ultimately it begs us to ask whether it’s time for a new approach to how we work to solve challenges in society.

The tempting approach many are taking is to get emotionally, judgementally and fearfully engaged in what’s happening politically – and to be fair, this is the socially engineered response that has been trained into us collectively, but as we wake up from that programming, we can take a new approach. In fact, it’s time that we HAVE to take that new approach, and many can feel this deep within themselves.

In this podcast, Joe will explore:

  • An article published in CNN that makes an important point about current power struggles
  • What Trump’s presidency represents in reflection individual and collective shadows we hold
  • How we can truly change within ourselves to shift how we our world functions
  • Why now is the most important time to begin waking up to the conscious YOU
  • How Q may be a distraction to get people re-engaged in a dying  and destructive political process

This episode is a deep dive into the consciousness playing out in our collective right now, and it’s on display for us to see and learn from. Right now, we need more than just viewing things from the mind and emotions, it’s time to truly become conscious and wake up into our personal and collective empowerment.

This episode is consciousness IN action.

Source: CNN Story

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The Collective Evolution show, hosted by CE's founder Joe Martino, is where we use current events to talk about the human condition and how we can evolve to solve the challenges we face. Explore consciousness, disclosure, health, mystery and the future of humanity! You'll also get updates on everything going on behind the scenes inside CE. No matter what we talk about, we'll always explore the deeper conscious reason why it's playing out and what we can do about it.

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