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Special Report: Gaining Clarity On the COVID-19 Vaccine





Joe sits down with Dr. Madhava Setty to explore 9 key facts and questions pertaining to the COVID vaccine. This vaccine has been one rife with controversy and hesitancy, and for good reason – it’s new, rushed, and has not received testing rigor like is normally seen with vaccines. Further, a lack of honest conversation around vaccines in general has caused a great deal of public doubt around vaccines, which is reasonably being applied to the COVID-19 vaccine.

As we explore the available evidence and questions, we hope this episode will help gain clarity on whether the vaccine is safe, effective, can change your DNA and much more.

Show notes:

CDC says severe allergic reactions to the Covid vaccine run 10 times reactions to the flu shot but they’re still rare

WHO changes definition of ‘herd immunity’ to only include vaccination, removes community immunity


Table from vaccine study showing similar proteins in human body. Taken from here:

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The Collective Evolution show, hosted by CE's founder Joe Martino, is a podcast designed to explore culture, society and self in a new light. We live in a time where virtually every aspect of our society is crumbling or transitioning – media, technology, consciousness, economies, education, relationships and more. Power is shifting and old ways of looking at and understanding our world are no longer working. New conversations are emerging that encourage us to look more deeply at why our world is the way it is, and what about us creates it to be this way. The questions of who we are, why we are here and what world we truly wish to create, are on the table for us to re-approach.

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