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Ep. 73 – Keys To Conscious Awakening



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What does it mean to truly awaken? This might mean something different for everyone, but in the context of this episode of The Collective Evolution Show, we are going to look at what it means to consciously awaken in a practical sense that ties in with our everyday world around us.

As aligned with the core mission of CE, we are in a time of great transition, and when we are talking about what it means to awaken not only to the true nature of ourselves but also the truth of the world around us, it’s important to view the metaphysical nature of this process and how the physical world is merely an external representation of our internal consciousness. Simply said, everything happening in your individual life, including what you see in global current events of politics and worldly infrastructures are the result of your individual state, and the collective state, of consciousness.

In this episode we’re going to discuss the formula I built, through my own experience and journey, to help shift consciousness individually and collectively so we can re-wire how the human experience functions at its core.

This process is one of the most important aspects of my work and what we do at CE as a whole because it focuses on getting to the core Joe discusses the formula he has identified to help create the state of being necessary to not only shift consciousness but create a new world from that new state of consciousness.

In this episode:

  • The process of seeing through the matrix/illusion that has been used to limit our consciousness
  • Recognizing the role shadow government/deep state/controllers have played in our experience
  • The importance of neutrality and taking a step back into non judgement
  • Seeing how we learn, grow and evolve from our experiences
  • The importance of letting go of the illusion and habits learned from the matrix
  • Awakening as the process of becoming conscious, present and in tune with self
  • Living aligned with oneness consciousness
  • Why we must go beyond our thoughts and visions of our current world to create a new world
  • How we can begin this process on a practical level

Resources: 5 Days of You Challenge

About The Show

The Collective Evolution show, hosted by CE's founder Joe Martino, is where we use current events to talk about the human condition and how we can evolve to solve the challenges we face. Explore consciousness, disclosure, health, mystery and the future of humanity! You'll also get updates on everything going on behind the scenes inside CE. No matter what we talk about, we'll always explore the deeper conscious reason why it's playing out and what we can do about it.

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