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Ep. 72 – Can Universal Basic Income Really Work?



[DOWNLOAD EPISODE] Idealistic thinking? Socialism? Resemblance to communist ideas? These are some of the initial reactions to universal basic income.

But are they accurate? Can this system really work? Does it address the root cause of some societal challenges we face as Andrew Yang suggests? Are this is another symptom management idea?

The truth is, automation is going to replace jobs, and we’ll have to figure out how we’re going to deal with that. The question is, how far are we willing to re-imagine what our world can truly look like?

This conversation is here, and although the mainstream media is avoiding it to some extent, there is a big take away here we can recognize. As I always say, it’s time to start changing the conversation… and expanding our view of what we think is possible.

In this podcast, Joe will explore:

  •  What universal basic income is and why Andrew Yang is proposing it
  •  How Yang feels it could be paid for
  • What our near future will look like when it comes to job loss
  • How this is really just a transition step or symptom management solution, not a root cause fix
  • How we can think more deeply about creating a plan for our future

Sources: Yang’s Website, NPR Podcast, Finnish Study

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The Collective Evolution show, hosted by CE's founder Joe Martino, is where we use current events to talk about the human condition and how we can evolve to solve the challenges we face. Explore consciousness, disclosure, health, mystery and the future of humanity! You'll also get updates on everything going on behind the scenes inside CE. No matter what we talk about, we'll always explore the deeper conscious reason why it's playing out and what we can do about it.

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