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Button-access-iconJoe here! At various times throughout each week I have decided to devote some time to help others. I have set aside a few hours over a couple days each week for anyone to sign up for a 30-minute slot where they are able to ask for help or even have a good convo! I have a lot of experience or skills in assisting with the following topics so if you are looking for help in anything here I would be more than happy to be there.
* 1-on-1 assistance with personal challenges, relationships, discovering purpose, understanding emotions, tough decisions, awakening, “conspiracies,” meditation & anything else that may be going on in personal life
* Diet & health advice, I have done a lot of research over the years on both topics
* I come from a business and IT background so if you have trouble with a computer, want some website help, FB marketing help or technical questions I can answer those as well
* If you have a project idea and want to run it by someone I would love to hear it! If you want to collaborate with CE with it, we can discuss that too
* I have done a lot of video editing & film making and while not an industry pro on the subject I can answer a lot of questions about the technical side of film making and editing including some audio questions and workflows.
* If good convo is what you are after that is cool too! I have seen and done many things up to this point in my journey and would love the opportunity to hear some cool experiences and stories from you too.
* If something isn’t listed feel free to ask anyway as I may be able to lend a hand still or at the very least just get to know each other and connect

This is all free and available for anyone. I was inspired to do this based on others work and so here I am doing it myself to help pay it forward. I think it is important for us to connect more with one another, help each other and share ideas, so here is my action step on that.

You can use the simple widget below to sign up!

Please Note: I am based out of Toronto and my timezone is EST. If you do not see any available times it means things are all booked up for the week. You can check for another week or come back another time.

Since there are times where both you or I have important things come up during a potential booked time, I will email you with plenty of notice or if you need to cancel please do so using the link in the email that gets sent to you.


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