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So it’s time to begin making new choices and begin opting out of the system we currently operate within. Since it is unlikely that those at the top will simply be willing to walk away, we must take action ourselves and leave their game behind. So how can we do this?

These actions will seem small at first but as we unite and as we bring our ideas together, more mass scale change will begin to come together. We need to start somewhere and without coming together how can we communicate our ideas with one another? We can’t wait for those at the top to do it, so let’s begin taking this into our own hands. The time is now to begin!


[tabs style=”2″][tab title=”1.”]Inform Yourself About What is Taking Place
It is very clear that there is a lot taking place on the planet right now. A powerful way to begin knowing where we want to go and what we want to create is by understanding where we are at and what is going on with the consciousness shift taking place across the whole planet. There are so many resources out there right now that are sharing valuable information, including what we do at Collective Evolution. Use these resources to inform yourself about what is happening. Once we know what is going on, we can begin taking the next step.
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[tab title=”2.”]Begin to Speak Up, Spread The Word & Connect With People
Now that we have an understanding of what is taking place and we are continuing to discover more each day, start speaking up to others about it. While it may seem taboo to bring up certain subjects, you will be surprised to see how many people are feeling a lot of this stuff behind the scenes. Share this information as this is how we will get more people informing themselves and thinking about things. You can share our websites, documentaries and whatever other resources you may use to find this information. Get creative with it. Use photos on Facebook, put posters in your community or go big and pull off a community event like free hugs in a public area. These actions turn heads and get people asking what it’s all about. A great way to spread the word. Connect with others in your community. By starting a Meetup group or connecting with others in your area on a regular basis, people can begin to unite their ideas and see how they can assist each other to begin moving forward. You will be very surprised to find out how we are all a key piece of the puzzle in any given group. Together we can achieve big things.[/tab]

[tab title=”3.”]Observe Your Own Thoughts and Actions
For us to communicate with others from a standpoint that is productive and in line with expanding our consciousness, we have to observe our perceptions and how we are bringing in our ideas. Remember this change and movement isn’t about judging what is currently in place, being angry at it and changing it to make it better. It’s about choosing to step out and expand our possibility of what can be. Our belief systems of how things must be need to be left behind if we really want to open things up and move beyond our current way of experiencing. By us shifting our own consciousness and way of seeing things, it will reflect powerfully onto others and will act as a powerful example for more people to begin changing. Believe it or not, shifting our own thinking is one of the most powerful things we can do.[/tab]

[tab title=”4.”]Support Local, Organic Farming/Community Gardens
Food is something we can begin taking into our own hands a lot more than we might think. As we inform ourselves and become aware of what is going on, it is quite often that our food choices change quite drastically and we begin realizing that many of the foods we now want to eat can be purchased from local organic farmers. As we purchase food we are basically continuing to support whatever food we choose to buy. If we all began buying organic food from local farmers only, what do you think will happen to conventional food in grocery stores? There will be much less support for it and it will begin to dissolve more and more. We can also begin growing a lot of our food quite easily depending on our climate and what we are able to create within our communities. Community gardens are popping up all over the place as citizens are choosing to put their support in their own organic gardens rather than handing their money to the grocery store. Unite with others in your community, pool some resources and begin working together to get this going.[/tab]

[tab title=”5.”]Purchase Products More Consciously
As we spend money on products we are supporting it. Begin making more conscious choices on what we choose buy. Are we buying random goods we don’t really need? Are we purchasing to fill voids within ourselves? Are we choosing toxic products vs environmentally friendly and harmonious products? Are we able to DIY many of the things we buy? Often times a little bit of research can go a long way to realizing that by reusing or recycling an existing product, we can replace the need to purchase more goods. Thinking before we buy is another small step we can take collectively to begin removing our support from non-harmonious products.[/tab]

[tab title=”6.”] Support Independent Media Outlets
It is no secret that mainstream media is there for one reason and one reason only: to feed the version of reality the Elite want us to know. There are numerous media outlets, including what we do here at CE and TSP, that are covering stories that are unbiased and full of useful facts vs. political bias in order to create a certain perception. These media outlets are a much better way for us to get our information about what is going on and what choices we can make when it comes to so many facets of our everyday living. Supporting mainstream media by watching it or purchasing newspapers, only continues to perpetuate what they do. Give your support to independent media for your own benefit and so they can continue bringing valuable information to the public.[/tab][/tabs]

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