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What The Heck Is Going On?

The question so many of us are asking, “What the heck is going on in our world?” Do you feel like something isn’t quite right with the world? Or can you see that something isn’t working? If so, you are certainly feeling the shift in consciousness taking place across the world.

In Short

Many people are feeling confused and uncertain about the state of our world. As we look at the nature of the various societal structures around us and how they function today, we quickly realize that instability is a term that can so easily describe them. Whether it be the natural flow of where they are headed or the population induced direction due to unrest, our economic, governmental, political environmental and healthcare models (etc.) are clearly in a state of decline and transition as the population begins to wake up to the true nature of each structure. This awakening is being driven by a shift in consciousness, cosmic factors such as cosmic rays and solar activity, and by a soul decision each one of us is making out of a greater realization that we have out grown our current experience we are co-creating here on earth. This can be seen and felt by how little sense the world seems to make these days and by feeling the need to change it. That change is coming from within and is tough for many of us to ignore.

We have the science, ancient knowledge and spiritual confirmations that what is taking place here is the mass awakening of the entire population that will cause unprecedented change on the planet. It’s not a matter of if this is happening, but when we are willing to accept and embrace the reality. Millions are already engaged in this shift and each day, as more and more become aware of what is happening, we open ourselves up to a world of possibility.

Simplified stages of the shift we are moving through.

Simplified stages of the shift we are moving through.

A Deeper Understanding

As The Collective Evolution III: The Shift discusses, humanity is not just experiencing unrest in certain areas of the world. As we look across each continent, we see very clear signs of people who are not only becoming unhappy with our current state of living, but they are also doing something about it in unprecedented numbers. Sure, the idea of protesting is not new, but the scale at which it is being done in every continent, and the solutions that are breaking through suppression to become more public are what is driving people to begin to see that something huge is taking place on earth.

Definition Note: Consciousness – an awareness of how we function as beings. The way humanity interprets our world, views our world and creates our world. It can refer to seeing things from new perspectives. Ex. By humanity changing our consciousness, we will see the world differently.

Scientific View

What is causing all of it? CE3 explores the link that exists between human consciousness and solar activity, and how that is what is causing the social uprising we are seeing today.

To first understand how solar activity can affect us, we must understand what quantum physics shows us about our world and what it is made up of. “Quantum physics discovered that physical atoms are vortices of energy that are constantly vibrating. So every material structure in the Universe including you and me radiates a unique energy signature.” – Bruce Lipton.

What this means is that we are all made up of energy. In fact, everything in our Universe is made of of energy and is not actually physical at its core. At the same time, Einstein recognized that everything in our Universe, including us, is connected to each other at all times. When you affect one thing in the Universe, everything else is affected in some way. This can be understood through non-locality or quantum entanglement.

Even further, quantum physics shows us that our consciousness directly creates what we see in our reality. One of the most famous experiments that explores this concept is called The Double Slit Experiment. It essentially illustrates that everything in our Universe is all complete potentiality until it is defined by consciousness viewing it. This means that as we define how our world should be and should look, we are actually helping to co-create that reality together.

Thousands of years of data illustrate that within solar cycles there are periods where humanity is at great unrest and times change. The specific period where most change is seen to happen is called the solar maximum. This is the period where the suns activity is at its peak. Russian scientist Alexander Chishevsky has provided years of data that clearly illustrates how these solar cycles and cosmic rays effect human consciousness. The graph below shows this correlation.


Graph illustrates the relationship between sunspots and world events.

Review this section in CE3: The Shift

Ancient Knowledge

Ancient cultures foretold this great shift in consciousness many, many years ago. The Mayans & Egyptians both spoke of a shifting of world ages that would take place beginning around the year 2012. This is why such great amount of attention was put towards December 21st 2012 by many over the past couple of years. It wasn’t to say that on that day, something would happen instantly, but rather, it was the hinge point of a greater change that would take place over several years.

The Mayans and Egyptians used astrology to determine these cycles and it is clear their knowledge was correct given that we can verify their astrological explanations through advanced technology we have today. They essentially stated that every 26,000 years or so, the earth moves into a new World Age. Our previous world age, the one that ended in late 2012, was characterized by separation, scarcity, survivalism and materialism. This is why the world that we saw, and are still seeing, was so much based around every man for themselves, greed, power, destruction and so on. It was the state of consciousness humanity was in during that period and it provided us with a series of powerful lessons for us to move forward.

Now we have stepped into the beginning of a new world age. The Mayans and Egyptians call it ‘The Aquarian Age.’ This age is characterized by peace, unity, community, and harmony. This essentially states that humanity is now in a period of transition where the way we structure our world will be based around these new ideals. It is not something we simply will start creating new rules with, but it is something that is coming from within each of us. This is why we are seeing such an upheaval in our world. Millions of people’s consciousness’ are already transitioning into a new state of being, making the old obsolete which is why we are seeing the crumbling and collapsing of our old world. Protests, unrest, lack of peace, instability in our world structures, the rise of new solutions, and feelings from within that it is time for things to change, are all signs of our old world collapsing.

Review this section in CE3: The Shift

Spiritual View

From a spiritual view, we can see clear links between what the Mayans and science is saying and what is happening in our world now. Many in the spiritual community claim a shift in consciousness is taking place. Much of this wisdom comes from an inner knowing that follows a feeling that something isn’t quite right with our world. While stigma’s towards spirituality make it challenging for people to relate to, a spiritual understanding of what is happening is realizing we have an awareness beyond the physical body and the mind, and it is driving feelings of change.

One of the most suppressed aspects of each human is the relationship they have with their inner self or higher self. This may sound foreign when reading this, but that is due to how disconnected we have truly become from our own being-ness. One of the great transformations we are going through is the process of reawakening to or re-connecting to our higher self or true self. This self can be seen as who we truly are.

Currently, human ego has been at the forefront of driving our world. Ideas of who we think we are, separation, competition, greed, power and survivalism, has been sitting in the drivers seat for centuries and has created a world that reflects these ideals. It is important to realize is, this is not who we truly are, nor is it our true nature and many people are realizing this. As we shift from having our ego and false sense of self from being in the driver seat, and we begin to connect with our hearts, inner knowing and true understanding of who we are, our perception, priorities, beliefs, and understandings about our world all change as we are no longer seeing through our social conditioning and learned behaviours.

Review this section in CE3: The Shift

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