Day 1

Setting The Intention


Today is all about getting the ball rolling on our YOU time and inching into the challenge slowly.

We’ll focus on doing a short neurosensory exercise that you will do each day of the challenge, and we’ll set one key intention for what we wish to explore during this challenge.

The exercise is designed to get you to be with your internal awareness while you hold awareness of your external environment. This exercise will promote an awareness of self and nervous system regulation.

A quick practice tip: have fun and be playful with the exercise. If you have to listen to it a couple of times to get used to it, go for it!  

What To Do Today :

1. Watch today’s short video.

2. To kick off your YOU time, do the 8 minute audio exercise. You can listen to the exercise below.

3. During your YOU time, spend some time reflecting on the one thing you wish to shift about yourself and complete the worksheet (download below).

For the rest of your YOU time, do whatever you wish within the guidelines. Journaling is always good!

4. Share some thoughts in the comments below the video if you wish.

Download Day 1 Worksheet
Audio Exercise
8 Minute Neurosensory Exercise