Igniting Conversation & Action Toward A Thriving Future

Collective Evolution creates content and projects that re-imagines our existing way of life. We feel it’s time to transition to a thriving societal design. The questions of who we are, what shapes culture, and what we’re capable of, are on the table for us to re-approach.

We feel it isn’t through our existing political or economic structures that we will create meaningful change. There is enough evidence to support this idea. Instead, let’s move out of dualistic and dominant thinking, and into a holistic understanding of the problems we face. Let’s embrace a sense that we are one in more ways than we realize.

Effective conversation, embodiment, and curiosity will be driving factors that move us forward. It’s in these areas we also focus our work.

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Project: The Pulse – Media for Improved Sensemaking

After 15 years in media our team built The Pulse with may of the values and philosophies CE holds in mind.

The Pulse is built on an evolutionary approach to media. It’s approach moves beyond political sides and seeks to offer ideas outside our existing systems.

We make an effort to explore ideas and current events in a way that can unite and bridge gaps in societal divide. While seeking to identify core issues down to system and structural levels.

By nature, personal transformation is built within how we frame our stories.

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